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4.6 out of 5 stars
Witches' Key to Terror
Format: Mass Market Paperback|Change
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on February 3, 2002
When Bethany Salem and her two beast friends, Nam and Tillie, start to work on a farm they have no idea the kind of mystery they'll find. The people on the farm are odd. An overprotective father, a pair of home-schooled twins, an ex-marine that walks around with a shot-gun, a girl around their age that will do anything to make them miserable becasue their witches... But these people are nothing compared to the dangerous things that start to happen. A poisioned apple, a string of accidents, magickal charms ment to bring negative energy and much more. Even after the WNO crew has been fired they find themselves drawn to the farm and the mystery underneath. But are they getting involved in something too deadly?
I haven't read a Witches Night Out book in a while but I was happy to read this one. Once again Bethany, Nam, Tillie, and Sidney get themselves involved with a mystery that is both intrigueing and dangerous. The only complaint I have is the book was rather predictable in some moments, but not in others. If you're a fan of such teen series as the Daughters of the Moon, or the Circle of Three series, I recomend this series to you.
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on January 4, 2003
I found this book quite entertaining. Readable, quick-moving, and fun. This book toned down the gratutitous death of the prior two -- enough to make it a murder mystery, not enough to kill people unnecessarily (as in NIGHT OF FEAR, near the end). It was also more believable than the ending of #1 and had a far better resolution to the actions and fates of the minor characters who WEREN'T the murderer. I look forward to reading the upcoming fourth book in the series.
As I've said before, this is a thriller series first, and a portrayal of life as a Wiccan teenager second. If you want realism, check out Isobel Bird's CIRCLE OF THREE. But as a murder-mystery, this is a fun one.
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on November 10, 2001
I really enjoyed all three Witches' Chillers books. They are immensely fun to read, with likeable but realistic characters. Silver Ravenwolf's writing style is easy to read, and she does a great job at setting up a scene and crafting a mood. All of the books in the series have twists and turns throughout, but this one in particular had several surprises. Although these books are geared for the teen set, I would recommend these books to both teens and adults who like a good, suspenseful read. One caveat: remember that these books are fiction and that the portrayal of Witchcraft in them might not always be exactly true-to-life.
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on November 6, 2001
I liked the books because it potrays Wicca as a religion. Other fantasy books do that too, but they deal with more magical thing like witch fire, etc. Witches Night Out series do have some supernatural tendecies. But Silver Ravenwolf is being very cool about it. If you like this but want to read a book series with magical powers check out Cate Tiernan's Sweep. I hope Silver Ravenwolf writes another one because I am caught up in the lives of the characters.
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on May 13, 2001
Alot of people dont like Mama Silver in any way. I do. I also appreciate these books for teens. Bethany, Tillie, Nam, and Sidney get caught up in the hauntings of an Orchard outside of town. Little do they know there is a practicing murderer stalking them and threatening their life.
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