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Wwe Tlc: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2010 [Import]

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  • Format: AC-3, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC, Import
  • Language: English
  • Number of discs: 1
  • MPAA Rating: PG
  • Studio: World Wrestling
  • Release Date: Jan. 18 2011
  • Run Time: 360 minutes
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  • ASIN: B00465I1EC
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HASH(0xa6523f30) out of 5 stars Has WWE Overused The Gimmick? April 5 2011
By R.A. McKenzie - Published on
"Gimmick PPVs" from the WWE are risky ventures. Most of the time, the WWE gets away with these concepts (two Elimination Chamber Matches, two Money-In-The-Bank Matches, two Fatal 4-Way Matches, etc.). However, this "TLC 2010" PPV had me worried, because every single match was advertised to feature Tables, Ladders, and/or Chairs. As it turns out, the production team and the WWE wrestlers are talented enough to pull this off.

1) Ladder Match
Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston v. Jack Swagger v.
Dolph Ziggler (champion - w/ Vickie Guerrero)
---Of all the matches on the card, this opener is the toughest one for me to score. The whole affair lasts about 10 minutes, which is disappointing considering the talent involved here. But when the action is as hard-hitting as this, who cares? I continue to be surprised at how versatile Swagger really is, because he shows that a larger & more powerful athlete has a place in Ladder Matches. Kofi continues to be one of the more creative innovators with Ladder Matches, while Dolph Ziggler seems to adapt to just about anything these days. I wish this match would've made more of an impression on me, but the action is fast & furious, and there are a few unique spots that I still liked it quite a bit.
"7.0 / 10"


2) Table Match
Team Lay-Cool v. Beth Phoenix & Natalya (Divas champion)
---I'm about to give this match its fair share of compliments, but first a challenge: Does anyone else wish WWE and these 4 ladies took the chance of working a Chairs or a Ladder Match? Anyway, this tag team Table Match isn't the greatest, but I have to give these women a ton of credit for making this a believable fight with some real intensity and strategy. Beth Phoenix in particular takes some nasty bumps, though the other 3 are no slouches. The pink table is a bit much, but it gives the grudge match a nice image to take home with you. I think if the finish had more "oomph!" to it, I'd give this more of a recommendation. Botched or not, the match ended rather soft. Still, give this one a look.
"6.5 / 10"


3) WWE Tag Team Championships
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (champions)
v. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (w/ The Nexus)
---There are many viewers (mostly hardcore fans) who believe WWE has totally given up on a legitimate tag team division. While I share those sentiments, I don't think this particular match deserves to be pounced on. For starters, the match was a last-minute bonus. Furthermore, if one of your champions is Santino Marella, do you really expect much of a serious physical contest? Well oddly enough, Marella adds some sensible mat wrestling to his goofy persona, while Kozlov is always an impressive physical presence. The real stars to me though are The Nexus challengers, especially Justin Gabriel. These WWE newcomers can definitely provide some solid in-ring action, while their characters are developed. This is a fun little match that won't change anyone's minds about the current state of WWE tag team wrestling, but for the time being, it works well enough.
"6.5 / 10"


4) Ladder Match
#1 Contender Match
Sheamus v. John Morrison
---Holy Crap! Give both of these men a title shot after this amazing contest! I'm serious. The level of violence, intensity, and creativity on display here is magnificent. The two styles between these men are so different, but it works so well because both men show a drive to amaze us, and yet remain smart enough to keep things sensible. You never stop believing that Sheamus and Morrison are trying win. Everyone is going to sing praises about Morrison's unparalleled athletic ability, and rightfully so considering the insane stunts he pulls off here. But Sheamus also deserves credit for providing a brutal edge to it all; the damage he inflicts on Morrison becomes more and more vicious. As the match goes on, the agony only gets worse. No one man deserves the credit here; this Ladder Match is one of those rare occasions where everything just meshes well between the two wrestlers and the referee (Refs don't get enough credit for what they do). After all this endless praise, I don't know why I wouldn't give this a Perfect 10. But I can't wait to watch this match again and again. This is the absolute best WWE match from 2010, and one of the greatest Ladder Matches in WWE history.
"9.0 / 10" (I have a feeling this score will go nowhere up)


5) Table Match
WWE Championship
Randy Orton v. The Miz (champion - w/ Alex Riley)
---I still have a hard time accepting Orton as a good guy, but I have no problem accepting The Miz as a cocky young champion. Thankfully, there is competitive chemistry between these two men, even if the characters don't create a very compelling story for me. The match is very good on an action level, but the psychology of it all lacks. Until the very end, that is. The finish for this Table Match is one of the more inventive I've seen from WWE. I think The Miz has a very bright future. I also Randy Orton is making the best of a very questionable character arc. If you're looking for a good physical fight, this Table Match might work for you. But if you want a good storyline to go with it, you won't find it until the very end. A mixed review from me, but overall, I liked it quite a bit even as I wished for something more substantial.
"7.0 / 10"


6) TLC Match
World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio v. Alberto Del Rio v. Edge v. Kane (champion)
---This is the match from "TLC 2010" that is getting the most fan praise. While I think it's a good match worth seeing, I didn't find it to be as great as others. The 4-way title bout starts solid, as each wrestler uses a variety of offense, and with different alliances forming throughout the ordeal. Like all other TLC Matches, there are some hard falls and hard hits that the superstars put themselves through for us. The big problems I have with this match are the numerous goofs (aka "botches"), and that Edge won the title. Don't get me wrong, Edge is one of my all-time favorites. But this was his 10th world title. Imagine the possibilities if Rey Mysterio had been given a 3rd title reign (his first 2 were very short), or if Del Rio had won the coveted prize, or if Kane's successful title run had been allowed to continue. Of all the 4 possible winners, I believe they chose the worst. I don't mean to turn people off of this TLC Match, because it's a good one. I just think the tremendous praise bestowed up on this one is too generous.
"7.0 / 10"


It's worth noting that after Edge wins the title, there is about 15 minutes of stalling before we get to our main event. `Dashing' Cody Rhodes comes out to talk trash to the Houston crowd, which was pretty amusing for a while. But then it started to drag, and when Big Show came out dressed as Santa Claus, I think everyone knew how this would turn out 5 minutes before it went down. I don't mind comedy sketches or talking segments if they're entertaining, but this one was a waste of time.


7) Chairs Match
Wade Barrett v. John Cena
---I've heard some criticisms that this shouldn't have been the main event. I don't share those feelings because this was one of the most well-done stories from "RAW", and one of Cena's most unique angles. For 4 months, The Nexus had made John Cena's life a living hell, and it was time for the sendoff. The match starts off very well, with some methodical psychology involving the Chairs. The fight spills to ringside and the entrance ramp, with some unique spots. But once the action returns to the ring, the brutal action becomes very predictable. To make matters worse, it takes a while for the high impact moves to be delivered, which means there's way too much time for the already-predictable stuff to take place. And when Barrett's crushing pinfall victory and post-match beatdown take place, we are treated to one of the silliest finishes ever. I won't give it away, but ask yourself when you see it, "Was that supposed to `HURT'"? I kinda feel bad, because this is a good match with a poor sense of timing. It's worth a watch, but it needed to hurry up to be more effective.
"6.5 / 10"


"TLC 2010" is a good PPV overall. The matches are all decent, with no stinkers. The two Tables Matches are solid, commendable showings. The Chairs Match main event is a bit of a letdown, but it's okay. The WWE Tag Titles Match is perhaps forgettable, but way better than people have given it credit for. The real showcases are the Ladder Matches, and each reviewer & fan has a favorite. I think the Sheamus/Morrison Ladder Match is one of the greatest in recent memory, though most people would tell you the TLC Match is the one to buy this DVD for. "TLC 2010" is worth buying for a little less than retail price.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa65ab960) out of 5 stars T.L.C.=Semi-O.M.G. March 19 2012
By Jonnathan Ritland - Published on
The one night where every WWE match has a little more spice to it as each match features either chairs, tables, ladders or all three. Its TLC and on a side note I loved the opening video package along with the song as it was awesome and really lended a cool feel to start off the event.

-Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Dolph Ziggler (Champion) w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston: Not a bad opening contest here, the pace stays fast, the unique styles of each guy really gel well together. Swagger seemed to suffer and injury to his wrist when Kofi throws a ladder at him, Dolph also makes good use of the ladders while Kofi does some great moves involving ladders. Great funny moment where Vickie climbs the ladder but Kofi lifts it and frightens her. The closing minutes are great where each guy prevents the other from getting the belt, Swagger and Kingston are up top, the belt falls to the ground and Ziggler grabs it and is declared the winner. 6/10.

-Diva's Table Match, Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. Laycool: Shockingly not a bad Diva's match as it was all about whether Beth and Natalya could get revenge on Laycool for their actions over the past few months. Beth & Natalya used plenty of power moves, Layla and Michelle hit some quick moves and the tables got set up to be used but it wasn't until Natalya hit a huge splash onto both Layla and Michelle crashing them through a table to win. 5/10.

-WWE Tag Team Championship Match, Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov (Champions) vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/Nexus: A bonus match that isn't great but its a way to cool down the crowd, who did cheer Santino's antics. There was some good mat wrestling, but it was mostly a comedic match that saw Marella go for the cobra but Nexus interferes causing a DQ. 3/10. Barrett comes down with a chair and beats up both tag champs with it.

-Number One Contender's Ladder Match, Sheamus vs. John Morrison: Show stealing match here, Sheamus uses his power and also makes good use of the ladder being that this was is first ladder match. Morrison was the real star here as he broke out in this match as no matter how badly he was beat down he wouldn't quit. There were tons of close calls, the ladder usage was well timed and Morrison ends up springing off the ropes and hitting a huge running kick, then climbs the ladder and grabs the contract to become the number one contender. 10/10.

-Tables Match for the WWE Championship, The Miz (Champion) w/Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton: After cashing in Money in the Bank on Orton and winning the title a few weeks before, we have the rematch that is good to a point but didn't exactly flow well mainly cause you knew Orton wasn't going to win. There were some hard hits and some close calls with the tables, the pace is good but the chemistry is lacking, the end however is unique as Orton puts Alex Riley through a table, but Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale and puts Randy on the broken table. The ref comes to and awards the match to Miz before seeing the replay and restarts the match, however soon after Orton is put through a table on the outside and Miz wins. 6/10.

-Fatal 4-Way TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Kane (Champion) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio: This is a clustered up match with some great spots and some that are botched, one good one sees Rey hit a dive off a ladder onto Kane and Edge on the outside. The shining star here was Del Rio as he was able to counter a lot of the other's moves, though he does take a massive fall from a ladder going through a table on the outside. The problem with the match is as great as it is at its peak there are a few too many botches for this to be considered an all time classic. Though the closing moments are good, Rey gets Tombstoned, Kane goes for the title but Edge slams a chair into his leg a few times then spears him off the apron sending him through a table. Edge ends up climbing the ladder and grabs the belt to win his 10th title. 8/10 for the effort.

-Some segment happens where Cody Rhodes comes out and runs down the crowd in Houston, a big ol' Santa comes out whose of course Big Show. Its runs a bit too long and Show ends up beating up Cody who leaves the ring humilated.

-Chairs Match, Wade Barrett vs. John Cena: CM Punk comes out to join the commentary team for this main event. For months Cena had been the target of Nexus and this was the way to end this long running rivalry. Its not a bad match, the fight goes all over the ringside area and onto the entrance ramp, once the chairs start swinging things pick up however it does take a little too long to get there. Cena takes some hard shots, Wade does shine at parts in this match but of course Cena ends up making his comeback and hits a massive AA onto some chairs and covers to win. 6/10. The thing that brings down the score a tad is the goofy but loud aftermath as Cena wheels Wade on a cart to the entrance way and drops a tons of chairs on him.

While the scores don't exactly reflect it this was a good PPV, all the guys tried hard and the showstealing Sheamus/Morrison match is worth buying this for alone.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa6f2e7f8) out of 5 stars WWE TLC 2010 June 14 2011
By A. Pierre - Published on
Not every WWE PPV these days can deliver but TLC usually does. That being said, this diffently delivered. It has one of the best dvd menus of any WWE dvd and I love the set they used for this event. I can remember what happened in WWF circa 1993 but I can barely remember what happened in WWE a week ago. Anyways, here's my review of matches at this event

Kofi Kingston VS Dolph Ziggler VS Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Ladder match for the Intercontinental title: A good way to kick off the PPV as all three men deliver. I wished Vickie would have taken a bump of the ladder but oh well. The ending was cheap but didnt take away from the entire match.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix VS Lay Cool in a Tables match: I rarely watch a women's match but for some reason I wanted to view this. The double sharpshooter from Natalya was pretty awesome and the ending was pretty good. I really cant say anything bad about it, surprisingly.

Santino and Vladimir Kozlov (Tag Team Champions) VS Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater: If one match stinks, it'll have to be this one. Despite Santino showing a bit of improvement in the ring, he is still looked as a clown. Sure enough, this match is like anything they've done on Raw and the ending sucked.

Sheamus VS John Morrison: Morrison is the modern day Shawn Michaels, but WWE seems to put him on the backburner. That being said, match of the night. Cannot say how awesome this match was. Morrison wins in a great back and fourth encounter.

Randy Orton VS Miz in a Tables match: AThe ref gets knocked out and Miz retains the belt after Orton powerbombs Alex Riley thru a table, Miz hits a skull crushing finale on Orton, and places him on the broken table. Smart but could careless about either of these wrestlers.

TLC match for the World Heavyweight Champion with Rey Mysterio VS Alberto Del Rio VS Edge VS Kane: Once again Smackdown puts on the best matches for the title but no one ever seems to watch the show. Very good match with many good spots. Edge captures his 10th world title in the end.

Dashing Cody Rhodes in the ring giving grooming tips. Big Show comes out dressed as Santa with the Bella Twins and hands out copies of his dvd Knuckleheads. Show then attacks Rhodes to end the segement.

John Cena VS Wade Barrett: What the hell is a chair match? I hate Cena but will admit I do enjoy him in hardcore matches. This was Super Cena and had some unique moments. I did like the attitude adjustment onto the chairs. Cena beats down Barrett to end the show.

Overall, one of the better WWE PPV's you'll see of late. The card was soild top to bottom and none of the matches were bad. A must see event.
3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa65ab984) out of 5 stars T.L.C. = QUALITY Dec 25 2010
By D.P. - Published on
Ladder Match: Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger - After weeks of controversy between Kofi & Swagger over who was the rightful #1 contender for Dolph's championship, we get a triple threat ladder match. Various moments include Dolph being slingshot into a ladder, Kofi delivering a dropkick through the ladder, Dolph delivering Billy Gunn's fameasser on Kofi onto the ladder...with Swagger underneath it, Kofi attempting to climb the ladder while in Swagger's anklelock, Vickie Guerrero's involvement leading to a spat between Lawler & Cole, and Dolph intercepting a fumble. This was a fun way to kick off the show with extra credit going to Swagger for working through his hand being injured so early.

Tables Match: Natayla & Beth Phoenix vs. LayCool - On the previous SmackDown, Natayla & Beth revealed a customized table for LayCool which was out at ringside. LayCool tried to go for the "divide & conquer strategy with constantly trying to keep the stronger Beth Phoenix out of the ring to the point where Beth took a nasty fall to the outside hitting her ribs on the apron & landing on her neck. Natayla & Beth fought back with both women taking some punishment like Beth getting a hard facial kick to the face & giving it out like Natayla executing a double sharpshooter on LayCool along with delivering a big splash on LayCool through a table. As much criticism as the divas gets for their performances, this was a very entertaining match with all four girls working hard.

Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Keith Slater & Justin Gabriel - A last minute bonus here with Santino & Kozlov meeting the "Lexus" a rematch for the tag team titles here at "Total Lethal Cobra." If you watch the prematch promo, you'll get the jokes but that's really the only thing noteworthy about the actual match itself as it wasn't anything special but was more of a backdrop to put over Wade Barrett going into the main event along with setting up what would happen throughout the rest of the night to Nexus.

Ladder Match: John Morrison vs. Sheamus - This was the "rubber" match between the two with Morrison winning at Survivor Series while Sheamus defeated Morrison afterwords to become King Of The Ring. You saw various spots & highlight moments such as Morrison's corkscrew dive over a ladder, a dueling ladder fight, and both falling off the ladder over the top rope to the ringside floor with Sheamus crashing through a ladder on the way down. Along with these moments came a great story being told with Morrison hurting his knee with Sheamus punishing & focusing on it non-stop throughout the match using the ladder along with out moves like snapping Morrison over his back via his leg. Anyone who's seen their series of matches for the past few months (look up the "Falls Count Anywhere" from RAW back in Sept.) knows that these two go hard & deliver quality with this being no exception. I wouldn't go as far as to put this ladder match in the same level as Shawn/Razor from WrestleMania X but definitely on the level of Rock/Triple H from SummerSlam '98 as a standout performance for both men's career.

Tables Match: WWE Champion The Miz vs. Randy Orton - The night after Survivor Series, Miz finally cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Orton to win the championship so this was Orton's rematch & it should be noted to pay attention to the pop Orton gets on his way to the ring as that's the loudest I can remember for him. Orton dominated early here with Alex Riley constantly getting involved by removing the tables whenever Orton had set them up for Miz to go through while Miz was able to get some offense in & even using the steel steps at one point. I have to give credit here in that the way they setup the ending with Alex Riley's involvement, the timing of what happened regarding with the referee, and everything afterwords was creative & kept both men strong. This was a real good match between both men but as usual, if you find Michael Cole annoying with his heavy praising of The Miz then put the volume on mute.

T.L.C. Match: World Champion Kane vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio - This was originally suppose to be a singles T.L.C. match between Kane & Edge while Mysterio & Del Rio meeting in a Tables match but both matches were merged together only a few days earlier while it should be noted that Mysterio's outfit was a nice tribute to the rock band KISS. As expected with a multiman T.L.C. match, this was full of action such as Rey pushed off a ladder onto Kane & Edge on the outside, Del Rio being tossed around on the outside by both Kane & Edge, Kane's dominance at one point leading to double & triple teaming, Kane being put through a table more than once, a double spear by Edge, Mysterio using a table from the stage, how Edge was able to block the 619, the nasty face first fall from the ladder by Edge & Mysterio, Del Rio's fall off the ladder through a table, and Ricardo Rodriquez (or "Eddie Munster" as Striker likes to call him) getting involved. Excellent match if you just love clusters of hard hitting spots & bumps with everyone at various times looking like they were capable of winning the championship.

Right around here was a segment between Cody Rhodes & the "Knucklehead" himself in Big Show along with the Bella's being Santa's little helpers. Normally I find Big Show funny but this segment just didn't do it for me.

Chairs Match: John Cena vs. Wade Barrett - For those who remember the Chairs Match between Undertaker & Batista last year remember that the rules were that it was a normal rules match with the only exception that chairs are legal however the rules for this match are that there are no disqualifications & chairs are not only legal but setup all around the ringside & stage to be used & it should be noted that C.M. Punk replaced Matt Striker for commentary for this match. Due to what happened to Nexus all night backstage, Barrett was all alone here & went for the chairs right away with Cena being able to keep blocking him from getting them. Barrett eventually got a hold of a chair with Cena being able to keep avoiding Barrett's swings before Cena got a chair himself & having a dueling chairs battle. Cena was able to use the chairs in unique ways to make this regular movesets more impactful like Cena's trademark face drop & his top rope legdrop (Sabu fans would get a kick out of that) & Attitude Adjustment while also using a rolling office chair from backstage. Barrett also used the chairs to target Cena's neck such as wrapping the chair around his neck & ramming it into the post or sitting on the chair with the chair choking Cena while also using it against Cena while he was in the ropes. I enjoyed this more than their previous match at Hell In A Cell as they utilized the chairs concept very well & was a great match to close the show with the aftermath being one heck of a visual.

In the end, the only things on this card I didn't enjoy was the tag title match & the Big Show skit but everything else where was quality. I said this about the T.L.C. PPV last year in that out of all the "themed" PPV's WWE has done this year, this was my favorite one as it wasn't a classic but came off like everyone stepped their game up & had a good mix of in-ring action (wrestling & hardcore) along with establishing stars in the process so this is one PPV I would recommend checking.
HASH(0xb2a01888) out of 5 stars Tables and ladders and chairs...OH MY! Dec 27 2012
By Joseph McDonald - Published on
Verified Purchase
This WWE PPV originated on December 19, 2010 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Matches on the card included the following:

* Dolph Ziggler, WWE Intercontinental Champion, facing Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

*Natalya and Beth Phoenix meeting Layla and Michelle McCool in a first ever Tag team Tables match

*Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, WWE Tag Team Champions, meeting Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater for the WWE Tag Team Championship

*John Morrison facing King Sheamus in a ladder match for the number one contender to the WWE Championship

*The Miz, WWE Champion, meeting Randy Orton in a tables match for the WWE Championship

*Kane, World Heavyweight Champion, meeting Edge, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio in a Fatal Four-Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

*John Cena facing Wade Barrett in a Chairs Match

It's grunts, groans and table, ladders and chairs in this extravaganza

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