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Xenosaga Episode III - PlayStation 2

Platform : PlayStation2
Rated: Teen
3.8 out of 5 stars 4 customer reviews

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  • For the PlayStation2
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Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation2
  • ESRB Rating: Teen Teen
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product Details

  • ASIN: B000G82R20
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 13.3 x 1.3 cm ; 113 g
  • Release Date: Aug. 29 2006
  • Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars 4 customer reviews
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #9,060 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes
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Product Description

Xenosaga Episode III [PlayStation2] Unknown For the PlayStation2

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3.8 out of 5 stars
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If nothing else, the Xenosaga series has been defined by how tumultuous its design decisions have been. The original introduced a likable cast into a futuristic, psychological romp that was marred by its mediocre combat. Its sequel lavished in changes, some necessary (combat) and some strange (a decidedly apathetic voice cast). The final entry truly rounds the experience, bringing a beautiful close to a contemplative, adult trilogy (which is more than I can say for upwards to 80% of JRPGs out there). If you have a passing interest in this series, start with the first one.
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One of the best game ever made on PS2 and definitively the best of the 3 Xenosaga games, for both graphics and gameplay. The story that was going in every direction now all make sense to a final and unique point. The musics are awesomes, the new gameplay gives the caracters more personnality in combat than the previous two ones. A must-have.
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The game I received was in "Nearly Mint" condition, (Used) but was missing its User Manual. There was no indication that the copy I requested was not going to include it. There were other entries on the Amazon page that specified "No Manual" which I bypassed for one with a Manual.
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"Howdy Hey, there, Everyone. I want to warn in a loving way about a Video Game that Christians should avoid, because the Game series is considered as a Deceptive Cult. The Game in itself seems Christian, but its not at all. The name of the game is: "Xenosaga". Xenosaga games takes Christian concepts and twists it into confusion..
This Christian phrase is true:
"Satan, the Devil is most Satanic and Deceptive, when He Holds and uses the Bible". The Third game basically teached that "We can trap Jesus and Use him as a Tool".

Xenosaga is Truly Devilish and came from the Devil himself, Because it totally Blasphemy God with its Teachings it contains in the Game series.Understand, If someone Blasphemy God is to Blasphemy the Holy Spirit, I sincerely Believe this is the Unpardonable Sin, That God refuses to forgive, the teaching about the Unpardonable Sin is located in Mark 3:28-29.
1 John 3:7 says: "Little Children, Let No One Mislead You.".
The Religious Teaching in all the Xenosaga games are sincerely Iffy and Spurious(Not Genuine, False) and are not true with God's Word.
I will also take it deeper of saying: "God condemns Xenosaga", because with its Spurious Christian teaching, that would be against Revelation 22:18-19. Revelation 22:18-19 warns about God will condemn any Spurious Christian concepts, teaching, or any taken away or adding to God's word.
Xenosaga is not just Blaspheming God, It is a Game series that is Anti-Christ.
In Matthew 24:24 warns Christians about "False Christs will arise, and mislead". In the Third Xenosaga Game, They created their own Christ, who was Chaos who dressed as Christ and appeared to be Christ. So, there was a False Christ who arised in the third game.
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Amazon.com: HASH(0xa215f60c) out of 5 stars 64 reviews
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HASH(0xa1f337a4) out of 5 stars A brilliant addition (and finish) to the Xenosaga series! Sept. 3 2006
By James Head - Published on Amazon.com
Xenosaga: Episode 3 (Also sprach Zarathustra) brings back the magic of Episode 1 and fixes the vast majority of the problems that occurred in Episode 2. The story here, as rich and complex as ever, is brought to an appropriate and moving close as Shion and company battle to uncover a deep-seated conspiracy unlike anything else they've ever encountered. The fabric of the story itself, the voice acting, and the cutscenes are all truly superb - it's remarkable that the makers at Namco/Bandai managed to pull all of the loose ends together to make the story finally make sense. To boot, it's a pleasure to watch and listen to -- who could ask for more?

As for the battle system, it finally regains its fun in Episode 3. I simply wasn't a fan of Episode 2's system, so the return to "basics" was a blessing in my mind. The characters still do battle in their unique ways, as each has his/her own customizable skills to obtain, but long gone are the days of ridiculously long battles against painfully weak enemies. Here, in both ground and E.S. (mech) battles, your ability to strengthen and customize your party shines through and you are always rewarded for your hard work. Replay value is moderate-to-high as well, since your party consists of all the familiar players for most of the game; if you have a habit of using the same three or four people (like me; yay for chaos!), you can always play through again with a different group.

Shops return in this Episode, making buying and selling your merchandise once again possible. The only thing lacking is this game is a little more in the "extras/side quests" department, of which this game only offers a handful. While some of these take longer than others, a few more side quests would have been nice, particularly since this is the last in the series.

I can't rave enough about how impressed I was with this title. It rivals Episode 1 in every way possible, and the trilogy's epic story outstrips other RPG competition without question. If you're looking for fun battles, a fantastic story, and beautiful graphics, then look no further; Xenosaga: Episode 3 is for you.

I can only hope that someone changes their mind and decides to make another one -- after this exceptional closing Episode, it's hard not to wish for another game to come along in the future. Very highly recommended.

Story: A+
Cutscenes: A
Graphics/Rendering: A
Battle/Skill System: A
Extras/Side Quests: A-
Replay Value: Moderate-to-High
28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa1da293c) out of 5 stars Best Game in the Series Sept. 10 2006
By citan-uzuki - Published on Amazon.com
In my opinion, this is the best game in the Xenosaga series. The first game received a lot of well-deserved praise and recognition. However, I believe this third game is better in just about every aspect.

The battle system is new and introduces the concept of Break. The idea is to place your opponent in that state, and avoiding it for your characters. The turn-based battle system is also very quick. You don't have to wait 30 seconds for your characters to execute their battle moves. The playable characters respond and attack as soon as you choose the type of attack that you want to perform. As in the previous games, you either fight on foot or aboard the giant E.S. humanoid machines.

Item and Equipment shops are back, as well as the ability to customize your characters to a fine level. You won't have as much options to choose as the first game, but the ability is very close.

The best part of this game though is the story. I am forty years old and have read many novels, watched many great movies, and played lots of video games. In my opinion, the story being told in this game surpasses anything that I have ever come across. The plot is that good. The characters are very well-developed and seem to take on life as you play the game and watch the plot unfold. There's action, drama, and revelations in just about every scene. Each of the main plot from the previous episodes are brought to conclusion.

This is truly a masterpiece of story-telling. I can only hope that one day, this very moving, thought-provoking, captivating, and uplifting story will be more accessible to people who don't play video games. A lot of people will find it spiritual and philosophical. Yes, the theme is very serious and dramatic. Unlike the more common whimsical theme of most games. But trust me, you will play for many hours non-stop just to watch the plot unfold. The concepts of destiny, purpose, free will, choices, life, afterlife, beliefs, love, despair, and consequences are constantly present in the story.

The central character is Shion Uzuki, the designer of the amazing android KOS-MOS. Allen and the rest of the supporting cast are back. This time, they are out to uncover a plot by Vector that could put the future of the universe in danger.

The mini-game is there in case you want to take a break from the main story and enjoy a fun game of Hackox. This is actually a fun game, with a lot of depth. Ofcourse, you have The Professor, Jr. and Allen to lighten things up just a bit also.

UPDATE 3/14/2007

There is a rumor circulating around on the various internet message boards dedicated to RPGs that Namco-Bandai is currently developing an action game, based on Xenosaga and KOS-MOS will be the main character.
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HASH(0xa20e2f54) out of 5 stars Fantastic Addition to a Great Series Aug. 30 2006
By Tsanche - Published on Amazon.com
Xenosaga is a great series. Known for it's high cinematic quality, deep storyline and intricate battle system. The first Xenosaga was met with all around praise. Episode II was widely mixed. Episode III, however, is a fine welcome to the series that far surpasses Episode II in places where it counts. The storyline is still brilliant, and the characters return. Xenosaga Episode III is definitely for Xenosaga fans.

The storyline is rather complex. It takes place from where Episode II ends. If you've never played a Xenosaga game before, fear not, there is a database that summarizes the first two episodes for you. It also serves as a handy refresher for those who have played the game. Still, it's much better if you've actually played the first two games in the series. In Episode III, the story goes deeper. It begins with Shion getting involved in a break in to the Vector Corporation Facility. What she discovers will shock her, and will certainly shock Xenosaga fans. Right from the get go, the story grabs your attention.

The storyline is carried out in brilliant cutscenes that look absolutely stunning. This is no surprise to anyone who has played Xenosaga before. The game is full of cutscenes every now and then. Just like the previous two installments the game has long cutscenes, which actually could try even the most patient of gamers. Some cutscenes last for longer than twenty minutes. All in all there are nearly ten hours of cutscenes. For the most part, though, they sound good at least. The voice acting is good and there's true depth and emotion to the characters. There are moments when the voice isn't as strong in some spots as it is others, but thankfully these moments don't populate most of the game. With some cutscenes, though, you'll wonder just when you can start playing the game again, and it's been a problem in Xenosaga ever since the very first version. When you do get to play the game, however, it's pretty interesting.

There are no random encounters in Xenosaga. You can see all your enemies running around. These battles are all contact based. When in battle, the dynamic battle system takes over. In battle your characters will be able to attack and use special magic skills. These attacks fill up a boost gauge which you can use to give your characters extra turns in battle. The battle system is deep, yet very easy to learn and not too complex at all. There's a new addition to the battle system. The "break" meter. This meter fills up as you take damage. When this meter is full your character essentially takes a break for two or three turns. The good news is your enemies also have a break meter so it works both ways. It puts a new twist on battling and calls for a bit more strategy. As with the other Xenosaga games, you can call on giant robots to help you in battle.

The game isn't overly difficult... at first, that is. As you go on in the game the battles begin to get harder, and that's how it should be. For Xenosaga, it begins to get a little hard a little early, though. The game compensates by giving you lots of healing items. So even if you manage to get to the point where your characters are getting low on health rather fast, you can heal them instantly.

Xenosaga also introduces a way of developing your characters. Through this system you can give your characters skill points and abilities. You can choose to give them offensive or defensive skills. Once you start on one path you can also switch and go to the other if you want. Essentially, you could go down one path and start on the other later. It's not really deep, but it does make you think about how to develop your characters.

Xenosaga Episode III also has a few sidequests and extras. There's a mini-game that acts like Lumines and you can even play that with a friend if you wish. You can also go around and collect swimsuits for your characters and complete your database. The game lasts for a long time (about fifty hours or so). There's much to explore, but the heart of the game lies within its storyline. If you were scratching your head at the end of Xenosaga Episode I or II, then Episode III will tie up most lose ends for you.

Xenosaga Episode III manages to be a great game after all. Although, much like the games before it in the series, you've really got to love RPGs and anime to get into the massive cutscenes. It doesn't surpass the first game in the series by any means, but it comes awfully close to reinventing the same magic found within the first game.

The Good

+Fantastic cutscenes

+Good voice acting

+Great battle system

+Engaging and involving storyline

+Beautiful graphics

+The cast of characters returns

The Bad

-The cutsenes are very long, so there are many more moments of watching rather than playing. The storyline is good, but even the most patient of gamers will find themselves waiting for some of these overly long cutscenes to end
9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa1f3396c) out of 5 stars Xenosaga did it right this time! Sept. 1 2006
By Douglas R. Gustafson - Published on Amazon.com
The first Xenosaga was amazing to me, I thought it had a wonderful storyline, good battle system, and other mechanics were good. Episode II kind of felt like a really unpolished, not yet ready for release Xenosaga. Xenosaga III however, does not disappoint. While the game does have a lower budget, and one can see this, this gave the programmers the ability to focus on what really matters, the gameplay, and the storyline. The storyline in this is awesome, and what one comes to expect when dealing with a Xenosaga game. The gameplay like the other Xenosagas is a little weak, but still much better than Episode II. Also, since this game was kind of forced to be the last game in the series before its time, the story has absolutely NO FILLER. Its one exciting story after another. Trust me, for Xenosaga fans/Sci-Fi RPG fans, you will love this game, for RPG fans that also tend to focus on storyline rather than gameplay will love this also. If you love dungeons, and skip cutscenes, than this game probably isnt for you.

Awesome game! pick it up, you wont be disappointed, also its only 40 bucks so what do you have to lose?
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa2357f00) out of 5 stars Xenosaga III: Completely Unexpected, The best story-driven RPG Nov. 24 2006
By Aegharis - Published on Amazon.com
Late one night after coming home from work, I noticed a little package, a package I thought would be another disappointment, like Xenosaga II. Even though I was in the middle of playing another story-driven RPG, I decided to give Xenosaga III a little test-drive just to see what it was like, never thinking I'd actually find a game worth stopping all other activities and losing sleep over. But, I did.

Graphics - BEAUTIFUL! Every screen is unique, and the game features locations you could just stare at and admire forever. These locations have such an amazing amount of detail I have never seen in a game, Imagine staring out at the ocean horizon, with seagulls flying in the air, with clouds floating past a beautiful blue sky on a sandy shore with palm trees bearing coconuts and the sound of the sea breathing into your ears. Imagine yourself sitting in a futuristic nano-cleaned park, overlooking a vast, futuristic city, you can see twisting highways, tall skyscrapers, and hover-mobiles all below a setting sun. The graphics are stunning for the PS 2.

Music - One of the best RPG soundtracks I've ever had the joy of hearing, it fits perfectly with the serious and emotional tone of the game. The soundtrack features many sad, sombre themes, complimenting their cutscenes as well as futuristically epic overtures that are matched with their cutscenes which portray tragedy, and some unique-to-their-boss, battle themes which are fast-paced and empowering.

Story- If you're a nut for story-based RPGs, Xenosaga III is not to be missed, this could potentially be the most favorite RPG of most of those who play it. Xenogear fans, Final Fantasy Fans, Xenosaga I fans, must play this game. Otherwise, you might be missing out on what could be your favorite game. XS III answers all of the questions from the previous installments.

-Traditional turn based battles, with tons of skills and techniques to master.
-Earn experience points and skill points to customize your character through the skill tree.
-Level up special attacks through constant use to make them even more powerful.
-Use these special attacks to defeat your enemy to earn a large experience and cash bonus.

Xenosaga III is a work of art. It hits the mark on all elements vital to a good RPG, Story, music, graphics, gameplay, never before have I been so impressed by a game.

Xenosaga III is the perfect formula for future RPGs, telling an engrossing, epic story.

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