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On average, Canadian SMBs sell more than 110 products a minute in our stores.
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Fresh new startups and Fortune 500s. B2B and B2C. Brand owners and resellers. Independent third-party sellers sold more than a billion items during the 2019 holiday season alone.
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Leave the shipping, returns, and customer service to us with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It’s the easiest way to reach 150 million paid Prime members around the world.
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In 2019, nearly 225,000 Amazon sellers worldwide eclipsed $100,000 in sales, up from nearly 200,000 in 2018—and 30,000 CA businesses grossed more than $1 billion on
My advice is to definitely start selling on Amazon. The opportunity is endless. The sky is the limit.
Ralph DeRuiterCo-Founder, GOWOOD
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CDN $29.99 a month + selling fees
Important Notice for International Sellers: As an international seller there are important steps you must take before selling on our website to ensure a great experience for you and for customers. Please read this important information for international sellers for more details of your obligations as a seller on