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Week 29

Week 29 | Choosing baby’s first outfits

Is there anything sweeter than picking out tiny baby clothes? From classic soft hues to retro throwbacks, your baby’s wardrobe is a reflection of your personal style, creativity, and sense of humour.

Shopping for baby is not only fun, it’s also a great way to mentally prepare for your baby’s impending arrival. Purchasing clothes early means you’ll be ready in the case of an early delivery, and it gives you time to prewash clothing in infant detergent if you choose to do so. When it comes to picking out your newborn layette, there are many things to consider.


So, are you having a summer baby, or a winter baby? Your needs will vary as much as the Canadian seasons. Young infants often can’t easily regulate their body temperatures, so clothing should prevent them from becoming too hot or too cold. A general rule of thumb is that your baby will need one more layer than an adult to feel comfortable. If you’re expecting to give birth in the summertime, make sure to have light, breathable clothing and blankets available. For winter babies, stock up on fleece all-in-ones and a bundle-bag to keep your little one toasty warm on walks. Keep in mind that puffy snowsuits that can compress are not safe for use in car seats; a fleece suit layered with a blanket is a much better option.


Consider practicality when dressing your little one. The combination of spit up and leaky diapers can make for frequent wardrobe changes. One of the best clothing items for newborns are the long nightgowns. They’re comfortable and offer easy access to diapers, which is much easier than doing up a dozen snaps multiple times a night!

Special Occasions

Of course, you’ll want a few fancy outfits for special occasions and photoshoots. Many parents select a special coming-home outfit, which can then be kept as a keepsake or even framed. Celebrations like baby-naming ceremonies and family birthdays offer great opportunities for dressing up and taking lots of pictures, so make the most of them. You’ll be glad you did!

Every pregnancy and baby is unique. Your baby’s measurements and milestones may vary from the information provided. Always refer to the advice of your healthcare professional.