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Week 30

Week 30 | Giving your pregnancy a natural touch

When it comes to pregnancy discomfort, some can feel that their options for relief are limited. Many common over-the-counter pain relievers (like Aspirin and Advil) are generally discouraged, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Speak to your doctor or midwife, and consider trying these natural remedies that can ease pregnancy-related pain without the use of drugs. With a little TLC, chances are you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Healing hands

Prenatal massage focuses on repairing the physical and mental fatigue of a pregnant woman. Many massage therapists have special tables that allow space for the pregnant belly so the woman is able to lay on her stomach. (Remember that feeling?) Studies indicate that prenatal massage can help with muscle and joint pain, but also reduce signs of depression and anxiety, and ultimately improve labour outcomes.

While many provincial medical plans do not cover holistic treatments, you may have additional coverage with your employee benefits, so it’s worth looking into. Your partner can also give it a try; massage is a great way to stay connected to your partner and maintain intimacy during a time when you may or may not be sexually active.

Pump some iron

Iron deficiency is common in pregnancy; look for ingredients rich in iron, such as red meat or leafy greens. Your doctor or midwife may suggest you take an iron supplement. Make sure to avoid caffeine with your iron-rich meal or while taking your supplement, as it can reduce absorption. And don’t forget to keep your fibre intake up to prevent constipation, which can be an unwelcome side effect of iron supplements.

Sweet dreams are made of this

A good night’s sleep really brightens your day, and a good pillow can make a world of difference.

Sleeping on your back is a recipe for heartburn if you’re prone to it. Prop up your upper back with pillows to avoid this. Experts recommend sleeping on your left side, if possible, and accommodating and supporting your belly with extra pillows. Investing in a good pregnancy pillow can be a game-changer!

Every pregnancy and baby is unique. Your baby’s measurements and milestones may vary from the information provided. Always refer to the advice of your healthcare professional.