Spring Cleaning at Amazon

Keeping all your spaces clean, fresh, and organized is a big task. Amazon is here to help you with everything you need. When you read about tips and tricks for cleaning, we will have all the supplies necessary for these cleaning hacks. We have paper towels, cleaning supplies, vacuums, storage items for your home, and more. During our Spring Cleaning event, you can save across Amazon.ca and shop for essentials for your home, car, patio, garden, pets, and garage including paper products, storage, organization, cleaning supplies, natural cleaning solutions, vacuums, floor care, pet shampoo, air fresheners, lawn mowers and more. At times, Amazon.ca offers extra savings, deals and coupon, to shoppers. We also give discounts of up to 15% off Subscribe and Save items so you never run out of the cleaning supplies that you need when you sign up for regular delivery. Imagine having your favourite products delivered to your home or office regularly, you can have that, and get a discount on the products you use everyday with our Subscribe and Save program that re-orders your home's top products for you. Subscribe and Save does not require a coupon code, discount code or promo code it automatically applies the discount to eligible orders.