Python: Learn Python in One Day and...
LCF Publishing, Jamie Chan
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Kindle price: CDN$ 3.71
The Bestseller Code
Jodie Archer, Matthew L. Jockers
List price: CDN$ 36.99
Kindle price: CDN$ 13.99
Working Effectively with Legacy Code
Michael Feathers
List price: CDN$ 67.99
Kindle price: CDN$ 41.07

The Art of Invisibility: The World's...
Kevin Mitnick
List price: CDN$ 36.50
Kindle price: CDN$ 18.99
Memes: Funny Memes For 2016 XL...
Kindle price: CDN$ 13.16
SAP Plant Maintenance Configuration...
Karl Liebstückel
Kindle price: CDN$ 9.99

Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and...
Antonio Garcia Martinez
List price: CDN$ 36.99
Kindle price: CDN$ 18.99
Ask : The counterintuitive online...
Ryan Levesque
List price: CDN$ 16.84
Kindle price: CDN$ 7.99
DotCom Secrets: The Underground...
Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy
List price: CDN$ 25.87
Kindle price: CDN$ 10.79