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Coin collecting, model train building, slot car racing and rocket-launching can be very relaxing and rewarding hobbies. At Amazon.ca, we carry all the supplies and kits you need to start a new and fulfilling pastime. Driving RC cars, planes and helicopters inspire hours of play outdoors, and the world of collecting is a great place to meet others who share your hobbies.

For collectors of baseball cards, Magic the Gathering cards, paper money, vintage photographs, postcards and manuscript rejection slips, we carry every size of plastic binder slips you could need. They’re perfectly clear and sturdy so your treasures stay easy-to-see and protected. Whether you’re just drawn to the esthetics of coins or you just plain love money, we also carry a variety of coin collecting supplies to make sure your Buffalo Nickel stays penned in and safe.

Browse our die-cast vehicle collection and you’ll find aircrafts, excavators, military vehicles, Harley Davidson models and more. Or if you need a little more horse-power from your hobbies, check out our radio controlled vehicles. Our wide selection of RC vehicles includes helicopters, cars, planes, boats, motorcycles and more. Driving and flying RC vehicles are the perfect hobbies for young racing enthusiasts. Bring your vehicles to a skate park and see how many jumps and flips you can perform with them.

But once you sign for all the supplies you need for your hobbies, what’s there to look forward to in the mail? Now you can replay the experience of receiving your Amazon.ca packages again and again with our model UPS and USPS vehicles. Relive the excitement and anticipation whenever you need a pick-me-up with our highly detailed mail trucks.

Immersing yourself in your hobbies is a great way to unwind after a long work day. Hobbies can even open new worlds for you, like meeting fellow enthusiasts, developing common pastimes with loved ones, and even inspiring new careers.