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Our fulfilment network enables us to bring you benefits, such as Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping and FREE Shipping for eligible orders, at competitive prices. Explore this section to understand how Fulfilment by Amazon's fees apply.

All fees payable to Amazon do not include taxes. You will be responsible for paying any applicable taxes on these fees.

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Rates below apply to standard-size¹ items.
On-Amazon Fulfilment² for orders placed on
First 100 g
Each additional 100 g
CAD $3.37
CAD $0.31
Standard fulfilment fee
First 250 g
250-500 g
500-1,000 g
1,000-1,500 g
Each additional 500 g
CAD $5.44
CAD $5.57
CAD $6.40
CAD $7.06
CAD $0.43
Rates below apply to any oversize¹ product.
On-Amazon Fulfilment² for orders placed on
First 1,000 g
Each additional 500 g
CAD $9.71
CAD $0.44
Special handling applies to large-screen televisions⁴ and other items that:
1. Exceed 270 cm on the longest side; or
2. Exceed 419 cm for the longest side + 2x height + 2x width; or
3. Exceed an outbound shipping weight of 69 kg.
CAD $125.00
Monthly inventory storage fee
Standard size
January - September
CAD $24 per cubic metre per month
CAD $17 per cubic metre per month
October - December
CAD $33 per cubic metre per month
CAD $23 per cubic metre per month
Other fees may apply, such as prep service fees, processing fees for customer returns in specific categories, and long-term storage fees.

Calculating the outbound shipping weight

For orders on
The outbound shipping weight is calculated for each individual unit by adding the packaging weight to the greater of the unit weight or the dimensional weight. The total for each unit is rounded up to the nearest 100 g for envelope shipments, 250 g for standard shipments, and 500 g for oversize shipments. The outbound shipping weight is then used to calculate the fulfilment fee based on the rate card. A packaging weight of 25 g is used for envelope shipments and 500 g is used for oversize shipments. For standard shipments, a packaging weight of 40 g is used for items less than 250 g, 60 g for items between 250 and 500 g, and 125 g for items over 500 g.
For Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders:
The outbound shipping weight is calculated by adding a dunnage factor of 10% to the combined total of the individual unit weight of each unit in the shipment, then rounding up to the nearest 500 g.
Dimensional weight:
Following industry practices, the billable product weight will be the greater of the product's actual weight and its dimensional weight where dimensional weight is calculated as the product's volume (length x width x height) in centimetres³ divided by 5,000. This provides the billable product weight in kilograms.
Multi-Channel Fulfilment standard-size and oversize fees and shipping methods
Weight Handling per g
First 500g
Each additional 500g
CAD $4.50
CAD $0.37
CAD $6.75
CAD $0.37
CAD $13.75
CAD $1.00
Pick and Pack per unit
Standard-size media
Standard-size non-media
CAD $1.35
CAD $3.15
CAD $4.65
¹ Standard-size includes any packaged unit that is 9 kg or less with its longest side 45 cm or less, its shortest side 20 cm or less, and its median side 35 cm or less. A unit exceeding any of these dimensions is oversize.

² For orders on, the usual Selling on Amazon fees apply.

³ Envelopes can hold packaged units with the following weight and dimensions: 500 g or less, 38 cm or less on its longest side, 27 cm or less on its median side, 2 cm or less on its shortest side. A unit exceeding any of these measurements is standard-size.

⁴ Large-screen televisions refer to TVs with screens 106.7 cm or larger. However, smaller televisions could qualify for the special handling surcharge based on other factors such as weight and how delicate the TV is.

For per-unit pricing of removal orders, see FBA removal order fees.

FBA fees are subject to Canadian taxes such as GST/HST (Goods and Services Tax/ Harmonized Sales Tax). The amounts shown on the FBA fee schedule on Seller Central and above do not include these taxes. Please be aware that we automatically collect tax for FBA fees in Canada. See your Payments reports for the amounts of tax collected. You are responsible for all applicable taxes on FBA fees.

Important Notice for International Sellers
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