Il Postino (Widescreen) (Version fran├žaise) (DVD)

Such sweet sarrow mixes humility with heroism
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
June 24 2002 By Lawrence Walker

A painfully humble postman, who longs to hone his inarticulate desires, and a famous poet, a world-renowned master of romantic and sensual words.
A bicycle, a pen and paper, a village, a country house, a view of the sea - and what might be... Il Postino juxtaposes bumbling murmurs and ingenius metaphors, knowing and wanting to know, confidence and overwhelming insecurity. It helps that I love bicycles and the coast of Italy as well as the poetry of Pablo Neruda, one of the greatest (and most widely read) poets of the 20th century. Il Postino is a wonderful fable of longing and lust, stolen glances, shyness and gambles, reading and risk taking.
And as Pablo Neruda himself made clear, Il Postino reminds us that poetry and politics are for peasants and well as the powerful, perhaps even more so. We peasants need to be engaged in expressing ourselves and, even if we're shy, even if we shake in our shoes, standing for passion and principle.
Il Postino is one of my very favorite movies of the 1990s. It makes a worthy Italian double feature with Life is Beautiful.

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