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Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Panel For Dining Room Light Blue,52x63-In
Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Panel For Dining Room Light Blue,52x63-In
Offered by Deconovo
Price: CDN$ 25.49

2.0 out of 5 stars Two Stars, April 30 2016
They let a lot of light in, and not at the edges, but straight through the curtain.

Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights
Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights
by Ezra Levant
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 17.90
24 used & new from CDN$ 7.44

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5.0 out of 5 stars He Shoots Back. He Scores., April 1 2015
"Shakedown" exposes Canada's "Human Rights Commission" - an Orwellian misnomer if ever there was one - as an intrusive menace. It's like a Canadian Inquisition. You may be dragged before it on anyone's whim, and made to answer for someone else's feelings. Your accuser will suffer no expenses. You will. Its techniques are intimidating to anyone less intrepid than Mr. Levant, but in his case, they picked the wrong victim. This kitty has claws. It's such a joy to watch him dismantle his accusers' "case," it almost makes up for the outrage of the situation. Ezra Levant is a freedom fighter in the true sense, as well as a journalist of the highest calibre. His clearsightedness is refreshing. His determination is inspiring. If you cherish liberty and free speech, read and learn about the bullies who don't, and how to defy them.

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
DVD ~ Johnny Depp
Price: CDN$ 10.96
46 used & new from CDN$ 2.17

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1.0 out of 5 stars Mangled and Charmless, June 15 2010
This review is from: Alice in Wonderland (DVD)
Tim Burton plus Alice in Wonderland should equal movie magic. Instead, this movie is a mess. Its stunning visuals are ruined by a daft script that wanders needlessly beyond the original story and thoroughly lacks its charm. Alice has not just grown a few years older, she has apparently had a complete DNA transplant. Gone is the spunky little girl who reacts normally to the bizarre characters and situations she encounters - the girl with boundless curiosity, thoughtful reasoning, and respectable outrage at injustice. In her place is this insipid older Alice, dull as a sloth on Valium. The tone is all wrong. Lewis Carroll's fantastical silliness is replaced with dull drama. Unnecessary elements are inserted, from seduction and infidelity, to a tense execution scene, and the sickening spectacle of Alice slicing Jabberwocky limbs with a sword, gladiator-style. This is a shameless ripoff of a classic book, using its elements and characters without respecting its integrity.

Price: CDN$ 13.26
17 used & new from CDN$ 6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Acoustic Jewel, April 2 2008
This review is from: Live! (Audio CD)
Gordon Lightfoot is a mesmerising minstral with poetic lyrics. All he needs to captivate an audience are his voice, his songs, and an acoustic guitar. The songs here are all his own compositions, and he performs them flawlessly. There are no introductions, no between-songs chatter, no audience coughs or comments or other distractions; just an occasional burst of applause as unobtrusive as waves washing to shore. This CD is also known as "Sunday Concert." It was recorded in 1969 at one of his favourite haunts, Massey Hall in Toronto. It's a jewel.

Best of
Best of

4.0 out of 5 stars More Talent Than Fame, April 1 2008
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Best of (Audio CD)
Catchy, punchy, and pretty tunes are all over this CD - a mixture of pop/folk-rock harmonies from the late 1960s. This band was good. And versatile. In style and sound, they resemble aspects of The Mamas & Papas (especially in "You Don't Love Her Like I Do;") and of Peter, Paul & Mary (in "Springtime Meadow" and "Four in the Morning;") and of The Association (in "Blue May" and "I, To We, and Back Again;") and of The Seekers (in "Just Beyond Your Smile" and "It's Sunday;")... Near the end of "Wingate Square," you will notice a riff very like one in "Gloria" by Them/The Doors. There are bursts of psychedelic guitar in "Love That's Where It Is" and the otherwise folksy "Four in the Morning." Yet somehow, it all fits together. I love this disc. I just wish it included The Sunshine Company's version of "Up Up and Away," which might have been a hit for them had not the Fifth Dimension taken it up the charts first.

Best Of The Love And Sunshine
Best Of The Love And Sunshine
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
Price: CDN$ 212.47
2 used & new from CDN$ 95.05

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3.0 out of 5 stars Flower Power, Some of It Wilted, March 30 2008
If you are nostalgic about The Love Generation, you'll love this collection. If not, you might laugh. Some of the songs sound sadly dated; even flat-out dippy. (If you think "It's a Sunshine Day" by the Brady Bunch is hyper-chipper-cheery, wait 'til you hear the Love Generation do "Love & Sunshine," or "Groovy Summertime.") The Love Generation's vocals are beautifully harmonious, but often mannequin-stiff: They sound like the background singers they are. Still, some of the songs in this collection are respectable representations of the flower power joyfest; for four, "The Love in Me," "Let the Good Times In," "Love is a Rainy Sunday," and "You." The somber "Leaves Grow Grey" is haunting. Likewise, "Epitaph: A World Without Love," with its pretty orchestral strings. Over all, this CD is a nifty little time trip.

No Country for Old Men
No Country for Old Men
DVD ~ Tommy Lee Jones
Price: CDN$ 3.97
35 used & new from CDN$ 0.31

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4.0 out of 5 stars Stark and Bleak Realism, March 29 2008
This review is from: No Country for Old Men (DVD)
This is not an easy movie to watch - it is rife with tension and gore - but it is a thought-provoking one. With stark and bleak realism, it shows what can happen when criminals clash with other criminals, law-enforcers, crafty wild cards, and naive bystanders sucked into the criminal vortex. It shows what can happen when a relatively good man succumbs to the temptation to take an illegal route out of poverty, and, crafty though he is, finds himself up against a diabolically smart and ruthless sociopath - someone not likewise burdened by such distractions as a conscience or concern for loved ones. It shows how utterly cold a sociopath can be, and what a trail of destruction he can leave in his wake. Nothing is glossed here. The good guys are not better shots. Bodies do not conveniently disappear. Killings are not veiled or glorified or antiseptic, but graphic, tragic, and messy. Unlike so many action movies, this one does not lean on a punchy soundtrack or quick scene changes to heighten its impact. Rather, it moves in relative real time, and its quietness and its unblinking stare at events are quite dramatic enough. The ending is atypical, too - more of a whimper than a bang - and I think that to be disappointed by this is to miss the movie's point. In this movie, brutality is not depicted as rollicking entertainment, but as the messy, ugly, unfair, disgusting, and just plain depressing thing that it is.

Puffin Classics Moonfleet
Puffin Classics Moonfleet
by John Meade Falkner
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 7.50
54 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars On par with "Treasure Island", Aug. 16 2005
It's 1757. Fifteen-year old John Trenchard is bored living with his Aunt Jane in the shoreline village of Moonfleet in England - unitl his discovery of a secret thrusts him into a fugitive existence. The relatively dullish opening sets you up for a rivetting adventure, complete with "ghosts," an underground tunnel, smugglers, and the quest for a pirate's jewel treasure. Exciting and intriguing.

Catherine Mckinnon/ Both Sides Now
Catherine Mckinnon/ Both Sides Now
Offered by KELINDO²
Price: CDN$ 65.08
4 used & new from CDN$ 8.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous voice!, Aug. 11 2005
If you like listening to Judy Collins or Mary Hopkin, you will like listening to Catherine McKinnon. Her singing is clear, crisp, celestial.

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