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Tracy Talley "Book Addict & Makeup Junkie" (Boston, MA USA)

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Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen
by Scott Ciencin
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 8.50
18 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Plot with Great Twists...but...a line is out of place., June 19 2003
What I mean by that is in this book the author takes a quote from the episode 'The Gift' from Season 5 and twists it. The original quote from Spike to Buffy in the episode went, 'I know I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man.' It was one of the most emotional moments of the season and showed us how Spike had evolved from something evil and hateful to something good and promising. It was a defining comment from him and was a preview of what was to come in the 6th and 7th seasons.
The author butchered the moment and morphed it into a new one he created himself of Spike telling Buffy in this book, 'I know I'm a monster, but your mom treated me like a man.' I mean, why would he do something like that? It didn't even make sense! Ugh, that being the only thing that ruined a 5 star rating, the rest of the book was pretty well written.
Dawn overhears a girl in school being mistreated by the infamous 'sweater mafia', or in other words, the popular girls and steps in.
Dawn becomes a target for the group as they seek revenge and Dawn begins to discover weird things about her new friend Arianna. For one, she can lift a thousand pounds without breaking a sweat and can take on her big sis The Slayer with no problem.
The more the gang tries to fing out about the mysterious girl the more they become confused. With unusual superstrength and healing power unknown to a Slayer, Arianna is harboring a dark secret and a dangerous legacy that could destroy soon as she becomes 16....
Written after Joyce's death and Dawn's revelation of being The Key, somewhere in the middle of the 5th season. Good portrayal of Buffy's struggle to deal with her mom's death and her guardianship of Dawn and her fear of the season's villian, the hellgod Glory finding Dawn finally. The author also touches on Spike's deep love for Buffy and his struggle to protect her and Dawn and how Buffy doesn't seem to want any of it.
Extremely good plot, just get rid of the twisted moment with Spike and Buffy.....
Tracy Talley~@

The Queen of the Damned
The Queen of the Damned
by Anne Rice
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 9.41
108 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Akasha has awoken after 6,000 out!, June 16 2003
The Mother of all vampires, literally has been asleep for nearly 6,000 years, give or take a thousand. Akasha, Queen of the Damned and former Queen of the Nile in Ancient Egypt has woken from her slumber mysteriously after hearing the music from another vampire singing in a rock group calling themselves The Vampire Lestat.
Lestat, or known among the vampire circle as 'the brat prince' has made it his mission to wake Akasha from her sleep and take on the world's vampires. Lestat is tired of this life and his neverending quest for good and redemption. What he doesn't know is that Akasha was better off asleep.
What Lestat dreams of her being and what she truly is are two very different things.
Evil in the purest word is what she is.
Kept asleep with her husband and fellow vampire Enkil, King and Queen, or as all seem to know them as, Those Who Must Be Kept, the vampire Marius tells us how he came to get them and how he kept watch for nearly 2,000 years until Akasha awakens.
Going back 6,000 years the story of Akasha and Enkil and how vampires began is told in detail. Along with the Legend of the Twins and how they seem to be forgotten after all these years.
Fascinating work here. More fasinating than the previous books.
Creepy and truly frightening at times, this one is a keeper.
Will Lestat find Louis after nearly a hundred years? Will the older ones seek to destroy him? What does Akasha intend to do now that she is awake?
I was torn at times on who I felt sorry for and in the end I was shocked. Unbelievable read.
Tracy Talley~@

The Vampire Lestat
The Vampire Lestat
by Anne Rice
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 8.87
107 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Eye opening look into the notorious vampire Lestat...., June 16 2003
Ths is an eye-opener. In the first book of the series(Interview), we see through Louis's eyes. Lestat as an unfeeling and cruel monster feeding off of humans. Not so we find out in the second book here.
Lestat sees the book Louis has written about him on the bookshelves and is shocked that his beloved Louis would see him as such a monster and even more stunned that he would dare print such a true account of a vampire's life with names attached. Such a thing is a sure ticket to destruction by the old ones of their kind.
Wanting to set the record straight to Louis and us the readers, he has put together an account of his life in his own words. Braving the wrath of the old ones also and willing it to protect Louis.
We see him as a mortal living as a marquis's son in pre-revolutionary France. No love from his father and a cool reception from his mother, he takes us through those hard years when he turned 21 and killed a pack of wolves and barely survived. The killing of the wolves set into motion what would happen to him a year later.
Going out on his own in Paris to be in the theatre with his best friend Nick, fate steps in. Just a year later Lestat loving life and living his dream, yet scorned by his family is chosen by one of the old ones for the Dark Gift.
Loving it at first, soon he realizes he cannot live as a mortal any longer and hatred soon eats at him. He longs to be one of the humans. He misses Nick. He misses his life. He feeds reluctantly at first, only on evildoers and the like, then becomes bored and lonely.
Years pass and he becomes lonely and frightened of forever. Nearly 300 years and still he is lonely. Tragedy and heartbreak shape the life of a talented actor, now turned killer.
He tells of those days with Louis and Claudia and her deception. His wanderings and run ins with other vampires like Armand, Marius, and Those Who Must be Kept. The oldest of all vampires. The story ends with Lestats fascination with The Queen of the Damned and waking her from her slumber of 4,000 years.
He is a marquis's son, an actor, a vampire, a business man, a rockstar in the 1980's and in the end, a lonely soul looking for redemption.
Well worth the time reading. Sometimes frightening and sometimes romantic, Lestat brings us a thrill ride through time and space.
Tracy Talley~@

Interview with the Vampire (Vampire Chronicles, Book 1)
Interview with the Vampire (Vampire Chronicles, Book 1)
by Anne Rice
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
118 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating glimpse into the mind of a tortured vampire..., June 16 2003
First book in the Vampire Chronicles, Ms Rice introduces to us a tortured vampire named Louis.
Louis was made in 1794 by a notorious vampire named Lestat. Lestat was notorious for not following the 'rules' and known amongst other vampires as the 'brat prince'.
Louis opens up to an interviewer after nearly 200 years of silence and tells his story of torment and loneliness in which the writer publishes named...Interview with the Vampire.
Louis is a soulful vampire looking for redemption and forgiveness in a cold world that loathes him and his kind. He hates the kill, lives nearly off of the blood of rats and evildoers. He hates what he had become but lacks the courage to kill himself, because, where would he go? What is out there beyond this world?
Telling the sad tale of his undead life with his sire Lestat and how he sees his sire as the brutal and cold soul he is. Heartlessly killing and feeding off of human misery until Louis cannot take anymore and takes off.
Lestat has no patience for the 'child' and seems to be vicious and deadly. We feel for the gentle soul of Louis. Yet we see the enormous love Lestat feels for Louis and does indeed understand his torment.
Through the wild streets of New Orleans during the 18th century to the opulence of Paris and beyond, we are taken on a journey like no other. Louis tells of his 'sunshine' when Lestat makes another vampire, this time a child of 6 named Claudia and how they become inseparable.
65 years they live, hunt and travel together as a family, until tragedy strikes and Louis cannnot go on. Driving a knife right through the bond they shared, Louis sets out on his own for the last hundred years alone, looking for meaning in his cursed life and finding none.
Make sure to read this one first and then the next one called 'The Vampire Lestat', 'The Queen of the Damned', 'Tale of the Body Thief' and so on.

Nerd in Shining Armor (The Nerd Series)
Nerd in Shining Armor (The Nerd Series)
by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 10.99
37 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

2.0 out of 5 stars Wow...big let down...not what I was led to believe...., June 16 2003
I was thrilled to finally read a 'stranded on a deserted island' book at last, (they are hard to come by)and was immensely let down.
Slow and off-track, the story begins okay, then takes a sharp nosedive in which it never recovers.
Too many secondary characters getting the limelight for too long.
The humor was forced and frankly...not funny.(wince, sorry) Too many hillbilly jokes and talk, reminded me of a certain Beverly Hills? Hillbillies...hmmm...
The hero was supposed to be a nerd, that I expected, but he was just plain dorky, feminine and weak. Not hero material. He whined and complained like a teenage boy at times and I wanted to strangle him, lol. Ther heroine was the true 'hero' of the story.
Not that she was such a deep character herself. She patronized the hero to death and spoke to him as if she were above him. Frankly she irritated me to no end. They didn't belong together. It was far from the sexy stranded on a deserted island story I was expecting.
I struggled through this one, or waded so to speak.
In short, its about a nerd who gets stranded with his dream woman from work on an island in the South Pacific and finds out she is all the woman he ever dreamed she'd be and she finds out he is no nerd who works in the computer room at work, but a sexy and great guy she needs to catch.
Fair warning, the book is taken halfway with her mother's romance and her boss's lives. Not much 'screen time' for the main characters.
Tracy Talley~@

Blood and Fog
Blood and Fog
by Nancy Holder
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
28 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars A Twist on the Butcher of Whitechapel...Definate 5 Stars!!!!, June 16 2003
Wow...a unique and I mean unique twist on an old legend. I am talking about the infamous Jack the Ripper. Nancy Holder does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the characters in true form and the shaky season(6) the story takes place in. One of the BEST writers of this series in my opinion...
Buffy takes in the help of Spike to track down a killer who appears to be a demon in Sunnydale. But this is no 'ordinary' demon, remember, this is Sunnydale, the Hellmouth, lol. Anyways, this demon appears in fog and cold fog. So cold and dreary that it bufuddles the mind into uncontrollable fear.
The strongest magick ever made is somewhere in Sunnydale and the deadliest butcher ever to roam the streets of London is not far behind. What are the connections?
Glimpsing a horrific time in England's past, two times and worlds collide as Spike remembers a time when a killer walked the streets of London and got a little too close to he, Drusilla, Angelus and Darla.
Taking up with the Slayer of 1888, Spike and his twisted little 'family' of vampires find themselves desperate to help the Slayer bring down this menace threatening them all.
Buffy sticks by Spike's side needing his help with this new enemy or is it old? Older than anyone thought... We get an inside look into Spike's mind of that time and his uneasy alliance with the Slayer Elizabeth. Why he helped her and how he felt about her.
We also get a small glimpse into the mind of the present-day Slayer Buffy and her feelings about all that's happened since she became the chosen one and her feelings for the badboy vamp Spike.
Very detailed and fascinating. I couldn't put this one down to save my life. A sure read for those of us who are Buffy fanatics :) Well worth the time and money. And oh, did I mention Spike is in it? he he he he..... ;)

Desert Ecstasy
Desert Ecstasy
15 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Kismet? Not for me...mediocre at best..., June 16 2003
Hard to knock a Mason book, but this one is no masterpiece in my humble opinion. One of her less than steller books to date. Too many contrived situations and obvious plot twists. No spark or chemistry between the main characters.
Heroine was too boring and the hero was too broody and 'baggage carrying' for my tastes. This one fell flat in the sand...
Lady Christa Horton became a helpless prisoner in an exotic and troublesome land, destined for slavery in the bey's harem until fate stepped in in the image of the elusive Desert Hawk.
Hawk took what he wanted, always. This was no different. Wanted and chased all across Algiers, he made the sultan angry with his attacks on caravans. But the Hawk was no thief, he had motive.
This was revenge.
He just didn't expect a lady like Christa to be thrown into the dangerous game. Well, he wanted her and he took her.
The well-bred English lady finds herself caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse but she can't help but yearn for the dangerous man playing the game.
Kismet? You decide....
Tracy Talley~@

by Connie Mason
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
30 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars 4 1/2 Stars for an interesting journey through the desert..., June 16 2003
This review is from: Sheik (Mass Market Paperback)
A classic love story between two people who were born of very different worlds and are thrown together and then torn apart.
A Princess and a Sheik.
Morocco 1673,
Raised a Berber warrior to fight at her father's side, Princess Zara was taught to fight the blood thirsty Arabs who stole her people's land.
In a simple, but effective raid one night in the desert, Zara was taken prisoner to be used as a bargaining chip against her father, the cadi of the tribe. Her captor? Sheik Jamal abd Thabit; the sultan's favorite warrior.
Sent to destroy the 'blue men' as they were called, the wandering desert nomads who struck fear into the hearts of many Arabs eluded the powerful sultan for too long. Jamal was determined to catch them, but failed he did, until he caught the princess and vowed to deliver her instead to the sultan. He didn't wager he'd fall in love with the headstrong woman or that he risk everything including his life for her either.
A richly told tale of love, power and desperation that only Ms Mason can tell. Through the burning sands of Morocco to the marketplaces of a distant time and place, love finds a way.
Tracy Talley~@

Never Too Much
Never Too Much
by Lori Foster
Edition: Paperback
26 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Sequel to 'Too Much Temptation'...., June 16 2003
This review is from: Never Too Much (Paperback)
Well, we met Noah Badwin and his brother Ben in the first book; 'Too Much Temptation' and went on a unique ride with the sexy brother who couldn't stop himself from falling in love with his and Ben's grandmother's secretary, now in the second installment we get to go along for another sexy read with the 'badboy'Romeo brother Ben.
Ben is known for his prowess for the ladies and gets into a few scrapes here and there, not to mention his mutual fights with his grandmother. In sum, Ben is used to getting his way and no one stands in his path for what he wants...until now.
In comes this fiesty woman who's dirty and a little too wholesome for his randy tastes. Walking into his diner with a chip on her shoulder, she challenges his maleness in ways he didn't imagine anyone could, just with her snide comments and sarcastic wit.
Ben finds himself thinking of ways to show her his most prized skills...his sensual bedroom skills that is. But the fiercely independant Sierra has her own plans, that do NOT include some Romeo who thinks he can show her a thing or two. She's got a landscaping business to start and run. Ben is more of an irritation she doesn't have the patience or time for...or does she?
The more he comes around, the more distance she puts up between them and in the end decides to make him a proposition. One night of unbridled passion to get him out of her system. Will it work? Or will it make things harder? Past memories come flashing by and Sierra must make a decision...
Extremely good sequel, but my only complaint? A tiny one...Ben seems to fall too fast too hard and I was a little thrown for it. The elusive badboy bachelor suddenly falls and begins to resemble a puppy looking for scraps of affection. A little more resistance would have been good; some hesitation and whatnot to live up to his reputation.
Tracy Talley~@

Too Much Temptation
Too Much Temptation
by Lori Foster
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
24 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars An Average-sized heroine! Unique! Outstanding!, March 17 2003
A first for me! A romance book with a real life heroine! Sound impossible? I thought so too until I read it! The heroine, Grace, is pleasingly plump and shy and can't fathom why a gorgeous guy like Noah Harper, 6'4 with rock-hard abs and muscles, not to mention black hair and penetrating blue eyes would take notice in her.
Noah, seeing shy Grace as a very sexy and curvy woman without much confidence in herself sets to make her feel like the gorgeous and voluptuous woman she is. The problem? He can't detach the unbelievable sex from the intense emotions he is feeling for her.
Begun as a way of forgetting his ex fiancee's dalliance with another man and moving on, Noah, former badboy, now reformed by his grandmother to be a well dressed businessman sees his grandmother's secretary as a challenge.
Grace doesn't see it coming and is too late when the badboy sets his sights on her. Nearly causing a scandal in the small southern town, they heat up the pages and set a firestorm of gossip and anger that will leave you turning the pages for more!
Can a little pact for fun and sex turn into something more? Can two friends walk away in the end with their hearts intact?
Whew, unbelievable and outstanding, my first from Ms. Foster and DEFINITELY not my last!!!
Kudos to an author who is brave enough to write about a heroine that is true to life and feels good about herself. So refreshing to see a gorgeous hero in a book take notice of the wallflower and make her feel sexy and gorgeous and like the real woman she is. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, thanks Ms. Foster!!!
The sequel to this book is 'Never Too Much,' Noah's brother's story.
Tracy Talley~@

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