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Gunsmith 195 Criminal Kin
Gunsmith 195 Criminal Kin
by J R Roberts
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
14 used & new from CDN$ 0.56

5.0 out of 5 stars In the end,who'll be left standing??, Feb. 11 2015
This episode finds Adams getting mixed up with a family of bank robbers.The town doesn't have any confidence in the young Deputy Sheriff who is wounded by one of the gang.Luckily, Adams takes him under his wing,and the long chase begins to bring the robbers to justice.This episode is overflowing wiith characters as the chase proceeds from one small town to the next.Unbeknownst to the robbers,they leave an easy trail for Adams to follow.Greed rules the leader of the "family",and while the posse is whittlled down,so is the family.There are some interesting characters,not much gunfighting,or fighting of any sort;but still the storyline will keep the reader interested.

Gunsmith 193 Texas Wind
Gunsmith 193 Texas Wind
by J R Roberts
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
8 used & new from CDN$ 0.39

5.0 out of 5 stars "Just from the way the man spoke,he seemed to be filled with the milkb of human kindness.", Feb. 8 2015
Clint is in Hampton,Missouri when he is confronted by three no-goods.They decide to draw on him,which ,as usual is a bad choice;,as two of them end up dead and the third is injured.
The three are from a family of Jensons who are notoriously known for never forgetting a wrong,regardless who is at wrong.The family is determined to kill Adams and the gang of them chase the Gunsmith "to the end of the earth",being Labyrinth, to kill him.
This ends up being a long,eventful chase.Duke getting seriously injured by stepping in a hole and later both Clint and Duke get caught in a wind storm of gigantean intensity.
The story has a lot of characters,but only a couple are well developed.
It is a good read,the reader is kept interested;but as with many novels by this author,things are left in the air in the end

Dwarf Planets and Asteroids : Minor Bodies of the Solar System
Dwarf Planets and Asteroids : Minor Bodies of the Solar System
Price: CDN$ 9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A good referance for a serious Astronomer., Feb. 8 2015
I have a paper copy of this book.It is 8 1/2 " X 11" ,has a soft cover and is about 70 pages.
It is an excellent reference for Dwarf Planets and Asteroids.It gives brief deaailsabout the names,the searches that have taken place,definitions,designations and naming,orbits,types,families and collectives.There is an Index of the asteroids covered by names.There vare other listings such as Dwarf Planets,Trojans,Co-Orbital,Objects with Resonances to Planetary Orbits,Objects that cross Planatary Objects,Objects with Moons,and Spectral Classes.At the end there is a list bof other books by thre author.
The author has worked on the Apollo Project and spent 32 years teaching astronomy,and even has an Asteroid 4897 namedr in his honor,called Tomhamilton.
As I said this is basically a reference ,that gives a lot of detail about these Asteroids;and there are a few photographs,though small.
In my opinion,this book is more suitable to a serious student or a person that has studied Asteroids for a long time.It is too technical for youth who want a simple basic introduction to Asteroids.

Loncraine Broxton Crazy Maze - Circuit (difficulty 7 of 10)
Loncraine Broxton Crazy Maze - Circuit (difficulty 7 of 10)

5.0 out of 5 stars Try this to test your skill and patience., Dec 21 2014
This is an excellent dexterity puzzle ,made by one of the primier makers of such puzzles,Loncraine Broxton.It reminds one of the small similar puzzles that have been around for years,but very cheaply made and with something simple such as a clown face and 3 balls that you tried to get in the eyes and mouth.Those sold for a few cents ,but this one is totally different.It is made of high quality acrylic and is very durable.The price here is considerably greater, reflecting not only the quality,but also the hours of entertainment and challenge it will give.
There are a total of 20 small steel balls, and the challenge is to get them in the 10 tiny holes around the outside of the maze,and 10 that need to be placed in the rounded ends of each maze section..To increase the challenge,. there are also 5 large steel balls that can move back and forth in each of the 5 sections of the maze.They don't have to be placed in holes,but they act as obstructions while attempting to get the small balls into place.It is a tough puzzle that'll require patience and dexterity to solve but it will give lots of satisfaction when completed.I would make a great stocking stuffer and be enjoyed by all ages.
It has a Difficulty Level of 7 out of 10.

Disaster Canada
Disaster Canada
by Janet Looker
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 42.00
21 used & new from CDN$ 14.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Who ever heard of anything major happening in Canada?, April 19 2012
This review is from: Disaster Canada (Paperback)
This is an excllent account of some of the major disasters that have happened in Canada.It not only covers many of the biggest disasters,but many of the smaller ones as well.It no means covers all the disasters that have happened over Canada's relatively short history.Just the disasters and loss of lives on the oceans along Canada's coastlines would fill volumes,let alone those on the Great Lakes.
What the book does is cover many of the better known disasters under 5 sections; Nautical Disasters (11),Earth,Underground & Slides,(12),Fires (11),Weather,Wind,Water & Ice,(14),and Technology and Human Error,Trains,Bridges,Airlines,(14). With some there were large loss of lives,while others had few and even none.Therefore ,since the author has had to be selective,there are many ,many others that are not mentioned;but the more "famous" are generally there.
It is surprising how few Canadians know anything at all about Canadian Disasters,particularly if they are anytime in the past.This book fills a great void in one's knowledge of Canadian history.The reason for this lack of knowledge has several reasons.I don't recall any of these disasters ever being covered in our school history;the Media does a very poor job of keeping these events alive,except for the short time when they happened,through movies and literature,while Canada is swamped by what is produced in the US.Patriotism and History is much more prominent in the US ,throughout education and various forms of Media and Entertainment.Nationalism and Politics replaces Patriotism and History in Canada as compared to the US.The concepts of Life,Liberty,and the Pursuit of Happiness in the US ;and the concepts of Peace,Order and Good Government in Canada; are founding principles,and to a large degeree result in Canadians lack of knowledge of their history.Even in our education system,much more emphasis was placed on European and particularly British History,and our literature was even called English Literature.

For instance,one would be hard pressed to find many Canadians who could even name more than a handful of Prime Ministers .
So it's not surprising that few Canadians have any idea if of the Sinking of the "Empress of Ireland",a sister ship of the Titanic,which sank in Canadian waters (Gulf of St Lawrence),2 years after the Titanic,with the loss of 1012 lives,and actually more passengers than the Titanic,which had a much larger complement of crew and service personal ,which resulted in a larger overall loss.Most people have a little idea that there was a a major disaster called "The Halifax Explosion in 1917,but not really aware of any details.Two ships collided in Halifax Harbor,one loaded with explosives;resulting in 1963 dead,9000 injured,and 25000 homeless.This was the largest man made explosion in history,prior to the Atomc Bomb dropped on Hiroshima.And who ever heard of a Tsunami,with 100foot waves in Canada? Everybody knows of the great Dust Bowl and Locust Plagues of the midwest and Oklahoma,from the many movies and Steinbeck's "East Of Eden" ;but did you know what happened in Alberta,Manitoba and Saskatchewan during those 1930's?
Maybe the time is long past when the Canadian educational system deals with what happened here in Canada and the rest of North America,instead of ignoring it in favor of British and European history and Literature.

Old Canadian Cemeteries: Places of Memory
Old Canadian Cemeteries: Places of Memory
by Jane Irwin
Edition: Hardcover
Offered by russell-books
Price: CDN$ 40.00
15 used & new from CDN$ 32.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Give me your arm,old toad,Help me down Cemetary Road.".."Toads Revisited" (1964) Philip Larkin, Jan. 7 2011
We have all been to a cemetery for a funeral,but a cemetery is a wonderful,interesting place to visit at any time.I have spent many hours wandering around in cemetaries all over the country and at all times of the year.If you have any curiosity,I doubt that you can spend more than a few minutes in a cemetery before you will come across a gravestone or monument that will make you wonder what was the story behind it.
This is an excellent book that will explain many things that you might have wondered about.Over the years I have attended many funerals,and without doubt,on those occasions it is all about sorrow and death.But a visit on another time you will quickly realize that a cemetery is really all about remembering people and the lives they lived.Of course,if you visit large cemeteries in cities,you will undoubtably come across the graves of famous people and names made famous in history.This book explains many of the types of monuments,structures ,inscriptions,symbols,etc.that you will recognize and often come across.Even small villages and town graveyards are very interesting sites that tell you about their history and the trials,suffering,heartache,joy and successes that took place.Sometimes you will come across monuments that will hit you very enmotionally ,even if you had never heard of or known of the people buried there.It is hard not to feel deep emotion when you come across a stone listing several deaths in a family,several even childern all within a few days ,obviously from sickness(flu,diptheria,scarlet fever,etc.)Particularly when it occurred in winter,maybe in the 1800's and what a great sadness it must have been.Then there are those graves of the young men and women who lost their lives fighting for their country.In the towns ads villages near the oceans and lakes with monuments to those "lost at sea"
I have come across many interesting things visiting cemeteries,never knowing what to expect,if anything.One day in Galway,Ireland,I decided to visit an old cemetery near the center of the city.I was amazed.I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who had just placed some flowers on a grave.Unbeknownst to me,he was a very famous sports figure in his youth and now was serving on a crmetery committee.He spent over an hour explaining many things about this site.It had originally been a Monestary,but destroyed by the English.He explained the huge Celtic Cross at the Synge gravesite.It was the world's largest,had been made for and erected at the World's Fair in Chicago,then later brought back here.He showed me a plaque in honor to a large number of Spanish Sailors who were part of The Spanish Armada,and got shipwrecked off the Irish coast.They managed to get to shore,but only to be killed by the British.Their bodies had been thrown in a mass grave which later served as a garbage dump.I was curious about the iron bar and padlocks on the end of several above ground crypts.He explained that nobody was in that structure,but that it covered the stairs that led down to the crypt where there was space for three coffins on each side.And there I thought the coffin was in the crypt above ground.
So,if you find cemeteries interesting,you'll find this a wonderful book and a great reference;I know I did.

At San Quentin: 1969 (Remastered / Expanded)
At San Quentin: 1969 (Remastered / Expanded)
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
Price: CDN$ 37.54
12 used & new from CDN$ 0.85

5.0 out of 5 stars Johnny Cash over 40 years ago., Dec 19 2010
This is the original recording at San Quentin that was recorded live at the prison in 1969 and has been re- issued with additional sosgs.It is one of the most famous and best loved albums in Country Music.Even though it was done over 40 years ago,it still ranks up there with the best of Country albums.
I am not going into a lot of detail about this recording;but only wish to say that it still sends chills up my spine each time I play it.This album has 37, 5 * ratings,most of them written a long time ago;but the surprising thing is that so many of them have recieved no votes either helpful or otherwise.After reading the reviews,I felt that about all that could be said has already been said.However;I would like to point out 3 reviews that deserve to to be highlited.
Lawrence Bernabo,of Zenith City,Duluth,Mimmesota (Top 10 Reviewer),Sept 16,2003;Decendo Discimus (Top 500)Reviewer),November 29,2003; and Bill Monroe,New York,(Top 100 Reviewer)July 13,2003) are all excellent Reviews and should be read.
After reading them;you will see why I think they leave me little to add.
So I'll simply list the 9 songs that were on the original album,which by the way had the same cover as this re-issued album.In addition,on the back of the cover, there were 12 colored photographs taken during the recording,6 of Cash and 6 of the prisoners.These photographs really convey the feeling that this was a recording session that involved not only Cash but the participation of the prisoners as well.

Wanted Man
Wreck Of The Old 97
I walk The Line
Darling Companion
Starkville City Jail
San Quentin
A Boy Named Sue
Peace In ZThye Valley
Folsom Prison Jail

Years of Minutes: The Best of Rooney from 60 Minutes
Years of Minutes: The Best of Rooney from 60 Minutes
by Andy Rooney
Edition: Hardcover
Offered by Orion, LLC
Price: CDN$ 38.00
30 used & new from CDN$ 4.66

5.0 out of 5 stars God Bless America...including Andy Rooney!, July 16 2004
I dont know about the rest of the readers,David,but I just finished it and heres is my two bits.
What we have here is a selection of the best of Andy's rants from 22 years on 60 Minutes.
If youve ever watched Andy,I dont need to tell you what theyre like;youll know.
I liked his intro to one in 1998 titled "Differences": "Tonight,in an effort to promote discord ,I propose to take a stand on a number of vital issues about which most Americans are always disagreeing."
"What tastes best ,chocolate or vanilla?
Ans.A Chocolate is a bold,strong taste.Vanilla is namby-pamby.
B Vanilla is more popular.
Andy: I like chocolate better and I like people who like chocolate better than I like people who like vanilla."
He did one in 2001 on the theme of "God Bless America"
He asked the question "Do people who ask God to bless America believe that a just and caring God who has the power to make things better or worse for a country,would really choose to make things better for America than for the people of say,Canada or Botswana?Why would God do that?" That same year he did one with the theme "I get Letters".Carol Deverick ,Fresno,California provided Andy with this answer.
God doesnt bless the whole world because he doesnt go where he's not wanted."
If youre wondering why so many apostrophes are missing in this review youll have to read Andy's Foreword.I think hes onto something.
A great collection of thoughts ;maybe we'd all be a bit better off if we thought about things the way Andy does.

Trailsman 243 West Texas Uprising
Trailsman 243 West Texas Uprising
by Jon Sharpe
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
15 used & new from CDN$ 0.72

5.0 out of 5 stars "Well there's always another chance,"he told the Ovaro., July 8 2004
A good all round Western and great read for under a shade tree in July. In this episode Sharpe gives us everything from a train robbery to Indians,owlhoots to shootouts, soiled doves to cavalry,a high society gal from Boston and the always dependable Skye Fargo resolving all the problems;while enjoying life to the limits in the Old West of the early 1860's.
The Trailsman series always comes up with a fast paced yarn;and this one holds true to form.

The Ultimate Marilyn: All the Facts, Fantasies, and Scandals about the World's Best-Known Sex Symbol
The Ultimate Marilyn: All the Facts, Fantasies, and Scandals about the World's Best-Known Sex Symbol
by Ernest W. Cunningham
Edition: Paperback
16 used & new from CDN$ 2.38

5.0 out of 5 stars "The people made me a star." Marilyn, July 6 2004
This is a very good effort of pullimg together many facts about Marilyn.Her movies,books friends,photographers,lovers,fan clubs,web sites,etc.,etc.It is a very good collection of information and as a reference book ,very handy to have for further reading about her and her career.
It does not,however;shed any real light on Marilyn herself;but tells you where to find just about anything that is available about her.
There is very little depth about anything covered in the book;but taking it for what was intended; a collection of information,it is very good.The photos are poorly chosen and even more poorly printed;except for the cover.But then again,this is not a photo album,but does reference the many excellent ones that have been published.
It is not a biography;it is a reference book.
If one were to looking for one book to read on Marilyn and her career;this would not be the one to get.However; if you've seen most of her movies,read several books on her and been treated to a few of the excellent photo books;you'd probably find this book very valuable.Anyway,that's my take on this book.

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