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Rust (Sous-titres français)
Rust (Sous-titres français)
DVD ~ Corbin Bernsen
Price: CDN$ 9.83
19 used & new from CDN$ 6.51

4.0 out of 5 stars A quest for resoltion and enlightenment., Oct. 22 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Rust (Sous-titres français) (DVD)
Rust(released Oct/10)stars,among others,Corbin Bernsen as James Moore, Lloyd Allen Warner as Travis,Frank Gall as Glen Moore,Audrey Tennant as Mary,Kirsten Collins as Amanda and Judith Davies as Mrs. Wexler.
The story finds hometown boy Berenson coming back to Kipling.He has been away for years and is a preacher with a crisis of faith.Soon after his arrival he finds out that a nearby farmhouse was burned to the ground,taking all its occupants with it.An old friend who has always had social and mental issues,has been accused of the fire setting,and has been locked up in a mental facility.On top of this Berenson has issues with his sister(who is now divorced)and his father(who wonders when,if ever,he will see his son see any one thing through to the end).
Through a lot of conversations and observations he tweaks on to the possibility that his friend is not to blame for the fire.He checks with the fire department,then the witness who called it in,then personally rides the distance to the farmhouse twice.He finds out that his friend could not have been there at the start of the fire.It seems there has been a little bit of a conspiracy amongst some of the townsfolk as he finally uncovers the fact that it was a group of local kids who did it.They were there trying to entice the farmer's daughter to hang out,but couldn't.One who smoked unwittingly threw his lit cigarette onto the very dry grass near the house.With nothing they could do,they left.His friend arrived on his bike just as the kids were leaving.On the scene when the fire department arrived,then police, he thought of two things:everyone did not like him and would be better off without him ,and that he didn't want to see the kids lives ruined like his had been through bad public scrutiny.Berenson gets all the appropriate folks together at the police department to exonerate his friend.
With Berenson's faith now restored the film ends with him giving a homily before his hometown, and with most issues resolved.
This is a heartwarming tale of a man with lost faith who finds it again.It also touches on a man's personal dealing's with a father who's standards his son cannot seemingly meet.Berenson was the films writer,director and producer.There is no reference to this being a Canadian town,but it was filmed in Kipling......Saskatchewan.Much of it shot in the winter;you can almost feel the cold wind.Mother Nature sure didn't cooperate, as much the film was shot during snow showers.The actors in the film are certainly not Hollywood pros,but because of that they lend this film an authentic small town charm.The film opens slowly but steadily builds as it goes along.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:78:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include several featurettes.One such called The Father is especially revealing and I would recommend you watch that for a more complete understanding of Berenson's motives for shooting this film in the first place.
Shot in the dead of winter,with wonderful cinematography,this film about a crisis of faith and the resolution of personal issues.It all rings true due to it capturing a bit of real small town life in the process.It has a certain j'un a c'est quoi,and after reflecting I realized what it had heart.If you look closely, you can see it was Berenson's heart.

The Family / La Famille
The Family / La Famille
DVD ~ Robert De Niro
Price: CDN$ 5.00
22 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Directed by Luc Besson this is a film that tries to be smart but fails in its attempt, Oct. 8 2016
This review is from: The Family / La Famille (DVD)
The Family(released Sept/13)stars,among others, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones,Dianna Agron and John D'Leo.Directed by Luc Besson this is a film that tries to be smart but fails in its attempt.
The story finds DeNiro as an ex crime boss who has ratted out some of his colleagues,which has put he and his family into witness protection.They have moved frequently over time and this film puts them in a French village called Cholong.DeNiro has a quick temper and will take no garbage from anyone;then he acts on his impulse of the moment.His wife also has a temper but hers takes a little longer to surface.When it does it can be as devastating as DeNiro's.Their son is a player and hustler and smart.Their daughter is a chip off the old mother.Through an inadvertent slip up the hit men eventually track the family down, but ultimately fail in their mission,as the family packs up and heads into the setting sun to yet another town.
All of the leads are solid in their portrayals,the kids especially.This is not a stretch part for Deniro, as he has played similar characters during his career.Pfeiffer's Brooklyn-ese comes and goes,but she is generally good.Besson has seemed to have gone for a less is more approach with the whole tone of the film.However that is its downfall.As the movie meanders along I just couldn't get into it for any length of time.Added to this is the sub par script.Just as it would get interesting,the film would veer off the track ,go somewhere else to pick up another piece of the puzzle,go back to yet another part,and on and on..It just couldn't build up a steady stream of steam to sustain itself for the entire length of the film.Did it want to be a comedy? Serious? It couldn't make up its mind.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:40:1 and is clear and crisp.The trailer is the one extra.Whoopee.
All in all a top notch cast is wasted in this wandering and slow paced time waster.They do their best, but it is beyond their grasp to save it.2 1/2-3 stars.

Children of Divorce [Blu-ray] [Import]
Children of Divorce [Blu-ray] [Import]
Price: CDN$ 55.20

5.0 out of 5 stars narrated by Courtney Love. It is a steep price to be sure, Oct. 3 2016
This is not a review,as that will come when the film is released after Dec.13th/16.This is just an FYI to all those considering buying it.This is a dual release,DVD & Blu-Ray combo.The film has been restored and scanned in 4K.It will also contain a booklet with notes by author David Stenn and the hour long special Discovering the It Girl,narrated by Courtney Love.It is a steep price to be sure.Let's see if it is worth it.

Dirty Grandpa (Bilingual)
Dirty Grandpa (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Robert De Niro
Price: CDN$ 8.00
4 used & new from CDN$ 6.95

1.0 out of 5 stars A must to avoid!, Oct. 2 2016
This review is from: Dirty Grandpa (Bilingual) (DVD)
Dirty Grandpa(release Jan/16)stars,among others, Robert De Niro,Zac Efron,Aubrey Plaza and Julianne Hough.
The plot is a total see through and predictable mess.
Grandfather Deniro has lost his wife of many years and he wants his grandson Effron(much to his chagrin)to drive him to Boca Raton,Fla.When Effron arrives the next day to pick Deniro up, his grandfather is masturbating to a porn flick.In the car the two discuss Effron's early ambitions as a photog(an obvious setup for future usage),who is now a lawyer;the job being obtained by his lawyer father.It is not too soon after they leave town that they run into....surprise,surprise.....Effron's old girlfriend who was in his photography classes way back when.Traveling with her is a girl who wants to get laid by a professor,who Deniro just happens to brag that he is;coincidences of coincidences.
Effron,besides everything else, is supposed to be getting married back home.The longer the roadtrip gets the more Deniro and his wild ways get to Effron and start him realizing the marriage is not for him.When he gets home finally he cannot see himself with his intended but with his old school mate he met on the road.In the end they embark on a photog romance together,while Deniro settles in a retirement community with Effron's school mate's road friend,who is pregnant and appoints Effron as the godfather.
Besides many idiotic scenes such as the biker gang who Deniro single handedly takes down and then becomes friends with,this film is FILLED to the brim with double entendre's,nudity and above all foul,foul language.It is in total bad taste(the understatement of the decade) and it would seem they got a drunk college kid to write the script...if one could intelligently call this film scripted......which I cannot.
In conclusion I cannot see Deniro ever signing on to do a tasteless turkey like this unless something untoward happened to him.To be nice I will call it his worst "senior moment",ever.Avoid this god awful sophomoric movie at all costs.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Bilingual)
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Lily James
Price: CDN$ 15.00
7 used & new from CDN$ 11.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A well played film set in a Jane Austen background, Oct. 1 2016
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies(released Feb/16)stars,among others, Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote, Douglas Booth, Matt Smith and Charles Dance.Much like Abraham Lincoln:Zombie Hunter,P&P&Z's works along the same lines.The exception of course being this film's prim and proper setting of high English society of the 19th century.
It seems a dark(Zombie)plaque has descended over time on dear old England.A giant moat was built far into the English countryside,then another moat called the Royal moat built farther in surrounding London.The area between the two being called the "in between" .The story centres around the Bennett family whose five daughters are all young and of a marrying age.Their mother is extremely anxious to marry them off lest they become penniless spinsters,as per the thinking of the time.Balls are attended,suitors come and go,hearts are broken and later loves are won.Concurrent with this look into upper crust English society is the Zombie plague which menaces and intrudes on everyone's day to day existence.The Bennett girls are all highly trained in the fine art of self defense and thus constitute a mini Zombie killing army onto themselves.
One day one suitor takes one of the Bennett girls to a church in the "in between".In this area the Zombies come to receive communion and thus drink from pigs brains,not human brains.which appeases their thirst while not fully turning them into outright human eating creatures.They are therefore a race of"in between's" themselves;a group able to reason and interact with the uninfected.Later on we find,as we have suspected,that this man has ulterior motives.He not only has a personal grudge against another suitor to this same girl,but he has been long infected and has all along planned to lead a Zombie attack against London itself.To this end he later kidnaps another Bennett girl,taking her to the Church, and lures the other suitor to come and take her back;which he does.However the other suitor turns the tables and substitutes human brains for pigs brains which immediately turns the attending congregation into full fledged Zombies.
The now free Bennett girl flees on horseback to the last remaining bridge over the Royal canal, while the now Zombie leader and suitor fight it out.Just as it looks like the leader is going to win,along comes the suitor's lady love to turn the tide and kill him.They both flee to the bridge and barely make it over before it is blown beneath the horse upon which they ride.London behind them is ablaze and is infested with Zombies that have infiltrated London and attacked it.That story is for another day ,as the film ends with a double wedding as two Bennett girls are betrothed to their loves.
I compare this film favourably with Abraham Lincoln;Zombie Hunter.It stays true to the period in which it takes place and the society in which it takes place.The cast is a fine English group of thespians,with veteran Charles Smith on hand as the Bennett father and former Dr Who Matt Smith as the witless preacher.All play their parts exceptionally well.The film fails in two areas:First is the entire makeup of the English countryside and its barriers:,beyond the "in between",the "in between",the area between the Royal Canal and London,then London,which had a high wall surrounding the entire city.We sometimes get a visual cue as to where the folks are traveling to, but I had to really pay attention to get where exactly the action was taking place.And sometimes I was wrong.Secondly there is the ending.London,as I said,was burning as it fought off Zombies that somehow infiltrated its surrounding high wall.And that is the question.How they got in we are never privy to exactly.Furthermore the film ends just as the plot thread of the Zombie battle in London is about to be resolved.
Technically speaking the film is in its original w/s a/r of 2:40:1 and is clear and crisp.The DVD is loaded with extras such as bloopers,deleted scenes and several featurettes.
All in all a pleasing mixture of a Zombie film mixed in with a Jane Austen-ish background of English Society,replete with balls,19th century English manners and morals,and loves lost and won.Sometimes the locations could be confusing, and the ending was a bit on the unsatisfying side for me.Overall though it was well played by its fine English cast.A shout out goes to its costume designers and cinematographer.3 1/2-4 stars.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan Bilingual
Here Comes Mr. Jordan Bilingual
DVD ~ Evelyn Keyes
Price: CDN$ 6.99
10 used & new from CDN$ 6.98

5.0 out of 5 stars A winner through and through, Sept. 4 2016
Here Comes Mr.Jordan(released Aug/41)stars,among others,Robert Montgomery as Joe Pendleton,Evelyn Keyes as Bette Logan,Claude Rains as Mr. Jordan,Rita Johnson as Julia Farnsworth,Edward Everett Horton as Messenger 7013 and James Gleason as Max Corkle. This is a thoroughly delightful and touching film about life,and life during and after death.
The story finds Pendleton as an up and coming prize fighter,who also happens to be a flyer.Against his managers suggestion(Gleason),Pendleton flies to NYC for his up coming bout.On the way his plane crashes and the next thing Joe knows is he is walking beside Horton(an angel) in the clouds.They walk until they meet Mr.Jordan(Rains),the man in charge.The two are at first unable to persuade Joe he is really dead.Eventually Rains hits home to Joe, but when the list for new arrivals is checked there is no mark in it for Joe at all.It seems Horton pulled Joe out before the plane crash.Big mistake.Rains orders Horton to take Joe back and put him back into his body.Off the two go but unfortunately his body has been removed from the crash site and cremated! Back the two go to Mr.Jordan who is now quite perturbed and decides he must take on this foul up personally.
Both Rains and Montgomery comb the Earth for a suitable host but none is found, until they reach the home of a rich business man in NYC known as Farnsworth. It seems his business dealings aren't exactly on the up and up and Joe is told Farnsworth is about to be murdered(by his wife and male secretary,who are in love).Joe and Jordan are about to leave when Keyes walks in wanting to speak (to a now dead)Farnsworth.Joe is instantly smitten.Farnsworth's wife asks the butler to summon his employer.This he does.In the time it takes the butler to arrive and knock on the bathroom door,Joe makes his mind up to temporarily take over Farnsworth's body in order to help out Keyes.When Joe/Farnsworth arrives downstairs to talk to Keyes,his "wife" faints dead away.The two discuss her father who has been swindled,set up and arrested by Farnsworth's own company.As this is Joe's first major conversation in his new host it doesn't go as planned, and she walks out.However Joe vows to help her,and he also vows to get Farnsworth into fighting shape in order to go back into the ring to get his shot at the title.
Next day is a busy one.First,,he tells his secretary he is going to pay back all the money he has taken from investors(about $5 million!) to save Keye's father.It is a stormy meeting he ends up having with his stockholders later.Secondly, he summons his old manager Max(Gleason).Somehow Joe/Farnsworth manages to convince him that he is really Joe.The clincher is when he plays his saxophone,the one Max himself gave him.Joe writes Max a $25,000 cheque to pay to get a fight arranged between himself and the champ.Everything is going smoothly until he receives a visit first from Horton then Mr.Jordan.It seems he can no longer stay in the body.Joe implores him to stay after all he's done to straighten things out and all the preparation he has done for the fight.When Mr.Jordan will not be swayed he leaves the room,then a shot rings out.Montgomery stumbles back in and dies on the floor.
The hunt for another body starts again.Just as Joe arrives with Mr.Jordan to see the fight he should have been in, he remembers his sax that he left on the piano back at Farnsworth's place.They return to retrieve it only to find a policeman interrogating the entire Farnsworth household,Keyes and Max.They listen in for a bit .When Joe wills Max to turn the fight on on the radio,they hear the contender,a guy by the name of Murdoch,suddenly go down for no reason.It seems he had been shot by someone who saw he wasn't throwing the fight the way Murdoch said he would.Mr.Jordan tells Joe that he could become Murdoch,finish the fight and become the new champ;the way it was ordained to be.Joe agrees to step in and he ends up winning the fight and becoming champ.After the fight as Joe/Murdoch is taking a shower Mr.Jordan tells Joe(he cannot hear it)that he is now Murdoch and he will now live out the rest of his life as it was meant to be,with no more memories of his previous life.
Out of the shower Max comes in to see Murdoch,but he soon sees that Joe is gone.However Murdoch fires his crooked manager and hires Max instead.Max asks if the sax is his,and hesitantly he says yes,but asks Max to look after it for him.On the way out of the arena he bumps into Keyes.The two have a quiet conversation and looking into each others eyes know there is a connection there somehow.They walk to a cafe Murdoch frequents and,presumably,the rest of their lives together.
This film is a winner through and through.It is one of those feel good films and typical of what 40s Hollywood was capable of when they were firing on all cylinders.The film won two Academy awards in the screenplay and writing departments.Montgomery wasn't exactly fighter fit,even by 40s standards,however his personality soon wins you over.He is ably supported by Rains and Keyes and also by two superb character actors Horton and Gleason.
Technically speaking the film is in full screen mode and is generally clear and crisp but does have some graininess.This is the only movie on DVD I own(and I own a LOT) that does not have any scene selection on it.When the DVD starts you are taken to a screen menu that gives you a subtitle choice and"play"...that is it.A first.
All in all a wonderful film that will leave you with a smile and maybe a tear on your face at the end.The film is fit for any age of viewer and crosses a myriad of religious viewpoints without treading on any.Highly recommended.

50th Anniversary Anthology
50th Anniversary Anthology
Price: CDN$ 46.41
22 used & new from CDN$ 25.88

5.0 out of 5 stars Listen and hear that the the sole owners of the 60s weren't the Beatles and Stones., Sept. 2 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
What can one say about this two CD set from Bear records?Bear, who has set many the sound standard for releases of a myriad of genres of music,have come through once more.Fans of the group will be absolutely delighted at the 139 page booklet included,with notes from Noone himself,but most especially with,well, the sound itself.You will hear these records like you have never heard them before,all in true stereo.You also get single versions and LP versions which may differ from releases you heard in your country of origin.There is also pre music chatter on some.One version has me stumped.Leaning on the Lamp Post here is supposedly the single version.Yet on another 2 disc set by the Hermits released by EMI recently ,it lists its release as the single version,which is different than the Bear release, and FAR better,in my opinion.Another song Bus Stop, is the same milquetoast version released countless times before.The best version is on the Best of album,Vol#2, released by MGM.Far gutsier and tighter.
Like most 60s music history in general,it has been re-written to say that if you were not the Beatles or Stones,you were less than the best.Well for those that lived through it,they know groups like the Dave Clark Five and Herman's Hermits were there countering everything and even bettering those aforementioned groups at every turn.Not too far into the first disc you realize just how good the Hermits were and why.Little quibbles aside, they couldn't get a much better retrospective than this 66 song two disc set.Thank you to Bear and the team that made it possible.

Ash vs. Evil Dead SN1 DVD
Ash vs. Evil Dead SN1 DVD
DVD ~ Bruce Campbell
Offered by Zaytoun
Price: CDN$ 28.99
19 used & new from CDN$ 22.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The Evil Dead franchise is alive and well !, Aug. 31 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Ash vs. Evil Dead SN1 DVD (DVD)
This is the release onto DVD of the same named series from specialty cable,and boy is it a blast.Watching this show,in which one ep strings into the other,is like watching an extended version of a new Evil Dead film.It is shot in hi def widescreen and looks beautiful.The very same crew is back that did Hercules and Xena;Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.And we all know what superb shows they were.And,although I cannot confirm this as I write this,I believe this is shot in New Zealand, as in the second last ep some kids hiking in the woods sound an awful like Kiwi's to me.
Of course the star and our main man from the Evil Dead films is here,Bruce Campbell.As is his self absorbed and lazy character Ash.However as push comes to shove(and there's a LOT of pushing that is needed)Ash realizes he is the only man that can cure the Deadite plague and save the Earth from that scourge.The show also showcases Ash's flaws such as his using shoe polish to dye his hair, and his false teeth, to name just two.That kind of self deprecating writing is just what fans want to see.My main hope is as this series progresses that the writing remains up to snuff and they never lose sight of what they have laid down in this first season.They have been so careful re-creating everything that references the past films and they need to keep those core values uppermost in their minds at all time,or it will sink faster than a lousy Ash one-liner.
I am writing this review from the perspective of someone who has never seen the show on TV,so I can tell you that from what I see,Campbell has slipped back into his character as easily as putting on one's favourite shirt.I also have never seen a television show as "raw" as this.Raimi and Tapert have pushed it all to the limit and hold nothing back, in so far as blood and gore and salty language in the form of "F" bombs, go.And you know...... I LOVE IT! I thought the minute I heard this show was being put together, that the TV format and "rules" would just water the whole thing down and it would be just a ghost of its former self;in other words,a piece of crap.Not so,my friends.
For extras there are two promo trailers,one featurette and commentary with each ep.However there are no scene selections on any ep.The only big drawback to this set is that there are only 10 eps in total.Not much bang for your buck at all,but essential viewing for Dead fans none the less.
In conclusion,if you love the Evil Dead franchise as I much as I do and have longed for more of it,but were afraid of what TV would do to it,I am here to tell you to not worry one iota.It's all here for your guilty pleasure.You will also see old Xena herself,Lucy Lawless, popping in to do some scenes and even Hercule's sidekick Iolous,in the form of actor Michael Hurst ,directing an ep or two.All the eps are well helmed,the SFx's are top notch and the whole experience is what any Evil Dead fan would want. Highly recommended.

The Big Short
The Big Short
DVD ~ Christian Bale
Price: CDN$ 10.88
10 used & new from CDN$ 8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST see film., Aug. 7 2016
This review is from: The Big Short (DVD)
The Big Short,released Nov./15,features an all star cast with the likes of Christian Bale,Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt and many more.This is a tell it like it is,hard boiled looked at the true story of the financial collapse and its causes in 2008.It sounds boring, but it is a well told tale in terms everyone can understand.
The story is told through the perspective of a select few "players" in the larger financial game.First up is Bale as one Dr.Burry .He is one of the first to detect a weakness in the housing market in 2005 and he concocts a plan to bet against Government backed mortgages,so when they collapse,not if,he will rake in the profits big time.To do this means playing with his companies gazillions of dollars of investment funds(pension money,etc) and paying out until the collapse comes,then sell to make even more back.
Of course the inside word manages to leak to others who also latch on to the concept and work the corrupt and dysfunctional system to their own advantage.Even the bond rating agencies are all in on the scam, as they rate artificially high,unwilling to upset the status quo.The story proceeds as big money ebbs and flows and the moral implications of all of this eventually hits home when the housing market does collapse in 2008.Carrell is one who all along has been warning all who will listen how morally reprehensible it all is,but when in the end push comes to shove,he too eventually succumbs to the big dollar and sells for a $billion profit.
The fallout of course,as we all know,led to trillions of dollars being lost in an instant(pension money,savings accounts,mortgages going default,etc),thousands upon thousands of jobs lost and almost no one on Wall street being held accountable.Was it an exploitable flaw in the system that the Big Banks didn't know about? To some lower players in the system....yes.But to the higher ups in the big boardrooms,it was something they didn't care about and were more than willing to exploit when some started picking up the ball and running with it.And guess what? Little has changed today,as the same type of sub par mortgages/hedge funds running wild that led to the 2008 crisis,have just been repackaged and renamed and are still going strong!
Christian Bales performance is of OSCAR calibre,as the brilliant but eccentric Dr.Burry.Carrell also gives a top notch performance as trader Mark Baum who is constantly conflicted and aware of the moral implications of the whole "shorting"(betting against)scenario.Gosling crashes through the fourth wall often,talking to us directly and giving us his take on what is taking place on screen.Another well done acting job.Pitt is,thankfully,not on screen much so his retired and introverted ex-trader character is much more believable.And the cast list goes on and on,all totally believable and on point.The film explains every technical term either on screen or through the explanation of a star or expert in a cameo role.
Technically the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1 ,but the DVD has no extras.
All in all a,to me,surprisingly good film about the 2008 wall street collapse and resulting"depression",which in my opinion is still more or less with us today.It's an insider and true look at the causes and loopholes in the system,those who played the system and the system that didn't care because they knew the public purse would bail them out in the end.It is all shot with a you-are-there camera technique,giving everything an immediacy and greater impact.The financial stage post-2008 has changed very little,with pretty much the same actors in place today.Pathetic.4 1/2-5 stars.Highly recommended viewing.

Criminal (Bilingual)
Criminal (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Ryan Reynolds
Price: CDN$ 10.00
5 used & new from CDN$ 9.90

1.0 out of 5 stars What a waste of space!, Aug. 6 2016
This review is from: Criminal (Bilingual) (DVD)
Criminal, released April/16 stars,among others,Kevin Costner,Ryan Reynolds,Gary Oldman,Tommy Lee Jones and Scott Adkins.What should have been a powerful film with a powerhouse cast is a total and boring waste of almost two hours of film.
The plot finds Oldman as the head of a CIA unit in London.His operative Reynolds is trying to get a man called the Dutchman to deliver him a bag of cash for his seems has secured the launch codes to the world's nuclear arsenals and his hack code is why he is such a high priority.A Spanish nutball also has designs on Mr.D.In fact he wants his former employee back into his heinous fold.Reynolds is caught by the Spaniard and is tortured to death before his CIA buddies can get to him.
Back at CIA HQ Oldman gets into contact with Jones who is a scientist who has experimented with the transference of thought patterns from one life form into another.His only success has been in mice.Now it's showtime,and Oldman wants Reynolds thoughts transferred into another human so they can find the whereabouts of the cash.The human they pick is a totally mind bent mother played by Costner,straight out of prison.
The procedure goes off and Costner feigns any knowledge of new thoughts and feelings on the outside,while inside his head is filled with all sorts of memories from Reynolds.On his way back to prison Costner escapes and he tries to figure out the location of the money for himself.
Costner makes a trip to Reynolds house once,then later comes back to explain the crazy situation to Reynolds wife.She figures the cash must be in the museum where she works.All would seem to be alright if it were not for the fact the the Spaniard nutball has also been tracking Costner along with the CIA.He eventually intervenes threatening to kill Reynolds wife and daughter if he doesn't come up with the dough.
The Spaniard sends his female hench-girl to locate Costner and Mr.D.She shoots Mr.D.while Costner kills her.He retrieves the program from the computer and delivers it to the Spaniard at the airport and saves Reynolds wife and daughter.Oldman is totally beside himself because the program is in the wrong hands.Costner tells him to chill,as Mr.D.reprogrammed the software to cause an explosion with the start of any nearby transmission.And of course the inevitable explosion finds one less nut job in the world.
The film ends as Costner gets one of his wishes and that is to stand on the beach where Reynolds and his wife had their honeymoon.Reynolds wife and daughter join him there courtesy of Oldman, who posits that he may offer him a job.
Olman's charcater in this film is in a perpetual state of anxiety and foaming at the mouth whenever provoked,which doesn't take much.Poor Tommy Lee has absolutely no where to go in the film and he seems to be almost on the verge of walking out of every scene in embarrassment.Costner has played these strong silent types in films like The Postman and Waterworld.At least in those there was a bit of depth and we had some empathy for his characters.In this film,he is as wooden as a tree stump.I feel the worst for Scott Akins.A great action star who had absolutely zip to do except to stand and looked concerned whenever the director yelled"action".Kind of an oxymoron,wouldn't you say? Lastly,the film as a whole runs FAR too long and after about the first 10-15 minutes leaves you wanting to go away....anywhere but in front of the set.The movie delves into detail after unwanted detail and as a result it's a stop and go ride that is about as appealing as anal surgery.And supposedly half smart people pick a raving criminal psycho to put a man's thoughts into....? Does anyone see some kind of problem with that outcome?The characters in this film didn't think so!
Technically the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1,but there are no extras.
In conclusion save your money for this total borefest.Each character portrayal is like a card board cut out;all look,no depth.The plot is windy and confusing and is far too long.The editor should be strung up and fed to the birds.Not recommended to any one at anytime.

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