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Radio (Bilingual) [Import]
Radio (Bilingual) [Import]
Offered by Treatspree Canada
Price: CDN$ 69.99
26 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars I'm Speachless..., July 11 2004
This review is from: Radio (Bilingual) [Import] (DVD)
Words can't possibly describe the heartwarming value of this movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays an African-American teenage boy with Down Syndrome, under the alias "Radio" on account of his large radio collection. He is tormented by some highschool football players who tied his hands, and locked him in a shed for taking their ball (without knowing it was theirs). The coach sees Radio around that area often, and gives him a job helping him with his duties. The coach even convinces the Principal of the Highschool to let Radio attend school. But once the team was going on a trip to play somewhere, but the principal wouldn't let Radio go with them. Heartbroken; Radio practices kicking a football in the rain. He finally makes a decent kick, and it regains his confidence. A while later, Radio's mother dies of a heart attack. The coach let's Radio stay with him. The football team, and the entire school finally opens up to Radio. Radio kept playing with the football team even after fifty years.
In Conclusion: This is definatly a film for the entire family; even if your kids are too young to understand everything, they will learn the values of accepting other people who are different.

The Song Remains the Same
The Song Remains the Same
Offered by megahitrecords canada
Price: CDN$ 36.99
44 used & new from CDN$ 7.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Why Buy Just The Audio, When You Can Get The Movie?, July 5 2004
I already have the DVD showing all these songs live. It's not really worth it, nor logical to buy the soundtrack when you can just buy the DVD. The DVD is much better than the CD. You'll probably get bored with Moby Dick (Bonham's drum solo)if you just have the CD, when it's more entertaining/interesting to see his different methods of drumming live (Playing with his hands). Dazed & Confused will make you lose your patience fast on the CD, when on the DVD... You can see Jimmy Page do his little neat tricks on the guitar (playing it with a violin bow).
No Quarter was done great, so was The Rain Song. Stairway to Heaven was worth listening to just for Page's solos. Black Dog was done well instrumentally, but Robert Plant got a little stale. John Paul Jone's bass was phenomonal during the intro of Dazed & Confused, as was his Keyboard skills during No Quarter. Plant was also a little stale during Rock And Roll. Overall the movie is better. Use your money wisly and buy the better of the two (The DVD). Zeppelin forever!
P.S. Rest in peace John Bonham...

Marilyn Manson - God Is in the TV [Import]
Marilyn Manson - God Is in the TV [Import]
3 used & new from CDN$ 51.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Marilyn Manson's Essential Item to a Diehard Fan, July 3 2004
I first bought this VHS used because it was out of print. A long while later, I saw it at Hastings for sale; Which brought me comfort knowing that now Manson fans won't have to search hard for a copy. This is Manson way giving us exactly what we wanted. This is an essential for Manson fans. It includes all his videos from Portrait of an American Family (1st album) all the way to Mechanical Animals (4th album). I have seen his newer videos, and would be a happy happy person if he would release a DVD with his videos. But I have heard that sometime He going to relese a "Greatest Hits" album with a bonus DVD with all his videos. I don't know how he can manage to decide what to put on his GH album seeing as how all his songs are great! Anywhoo this VHS is the greatest thing ever invented since buttered toast! Here's all his videos:
COMA WHITE ~ A beautiful song with a beautiful video that makes you feel emotional inside like you want to cry. This song was based on one of Manson's dearest friends who commited suicide because she was abused, and resorted to drugs. I almost can feel Manson's pain. I'm speachless...
ROCK IS DEAD ~ This isn't like the butchered version you saw on MTV with all the clips of The Matrix. This is just the views of Manson and the band jaming on that set. That may make it sound boring, but it's alot better than the Matrix Promo version. Ginger Fish (Drummer) really glistened in this video. Interesting and a good catchy song.
I DON'T LIKE THE DRUGS ~ One of the best videos on here. It's nice Jazzy R&B Glamour styled song goes perfectly with the scenes of Manson showing his creativity making this video seem almost like a movie with a plot. A definate reason to rewind the tape.
THE DOPE SHOW ~ Manson with breasts being captured and exploited by the evil Music Industry; giving Manson everything he wants, but not what he truly want. Which unfortunatly I am not witty enough to interprate. You'll need to see the video. I can't possibly describe it. One of Mansons best! I love it!
LONG HARD ROAD OUT OF HELL ~ Manson crossdressed, and making love with mannequins in still scenes. This was on the extras on the Spawn DVD if you have it. A catchy song which the video personifies that Manson is not afraid of what people think of him. He is a true role model if you truly know his person
CRYPTORCHILD ~ A kooky Manson song with lots of grotesque imagry and electric sounds. Shot in a fuzzy black and white mode. Making this a true macabre Manson masterpiece.
MAN THAT YOU FEAR ~ Another beautiful Manson song that has a video that is almost funny; how a trailor park village, in a remote dessert where everyone dresses fancy. And Manson leads them down a trail where you'll notice the members playing their instruments (Notice Zimzum playing a Tuba). Another good video
TOURNIQUET ~ One of my favorite Manson songs with a video that may seem a little disgusting with the bug eating and all, but somehow the charm of Manson's music makes it all so poetic.
THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ~ A weird Manson video presenting one of his most powerful songs. The scenery must have cost alot, but Manson spared no expense to make a classic song that will make you break something on account of the adrenaline rush of power you get from hearing this song! I love this song, but I'm a little pissed that the audio is edited. I'm not saying that I MUST hear Manson dropping F-bombs in his lyrics. But I feel cencorship mutes a little bit of the art of lyric writting.
SWEET DREAMS ~ It's shot with a fish-eye lense to make everything look distorted in some scenes, which is cool. This song makes me happy for some reasons. I like to listen to this song in the dark with a candle lit, and just relax. You'll love this song, trust me. How could you not?
DOPE HAT ~ The best video on here! Like watching Saturday-Moring Cartoons while tripping out on Acid! I like how kooky Manson made this video. How can you not enjoy this video?! This video is a parody of the boatride through the tunnel in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory except for Manson play Wonka, and the Kids aboard are tied to the Mast. You'll see the Oompa Loompas drink whiskey, and things like that. Kick-ass!!
LUNCHBOX ~ A power anthem for kids getting picked on at school. Another entertaining video, It's cool to see Manson without his makeup on. The little kid is funny. It's funny when he goes into the rollarskating rink to see Manson, and trips all the skaters. Ends with a view of a burning lunchbox. Manson 4ever!!
GET YOUR GUNN ~ A good Manson video. He's dressed like a pilgrim on the TV screen. Not his most creative, but a good one. And hey, this was earlier. So the band probably just didn't have enough money to make it more juicy. Still a good one and Manson went far far far with the idea.
UNCUT DOPE SHOW ~ A little pointless. just Twiggy R. and M.W. Gacy in the car fondling the woman in The Dope Show. Then the woman dancing for about a minute, then it cuts.
FOOTAGE ~ The funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I don't want to give anything away. So buy the VHS and see for yourself.

No pads, no helmets..just balls
No pads, no helmets..just balls
Offered by Fulfillment Express CA
Price: CDN$ 20.97
85 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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1.0 out of 5 stars You Call These "Balls"?!?, June 28 2004
Ahh... The passion, the elegence, the art of mainstream pop-punk. Crap!! This band is worse then Blink-182, worse than Sum41, and hell... They're worse than motherfxxking Good Charlotte! How in hell these jackasses got a record label to sign them is beyond me. Atleast Blink-182 has a decent drummer, and Sum41 can write decent lyrics occasionally. But goddamn! These douchbags can't even be more creative than three different guitar riffs a song! I hate how every month or so, a shixxty new pop-punk band arises claiming to be the next big thing. Well guess what? You arn't! You are the scum of the music industry. This music is for those annoying agsty-teenage girls who complain about life all the time, and need a brainless boy-band to sooth their tortured teenage soul. If I hope these guys die in a plane crash. Here's my thoughts:
Vocals: Like a squirrel with a lisp, being squeezed in the balls (if it had any)
Guitar: Three riffs a song, how deep
Bass: Is he even plugged in?
Drums: Equal to hitting a microphone against a wall
Lyrics: A three-year-old could write a better chorus
Harmony: No
Real punk is: Sex Pistols; Dead Kennedys; Misfits; Casualties; Iggy Pop; Operation Ivy
Real Punk isn't: Simple Plan, BLink-182; Sum41; and any other mainstream band.

Cowboy Bebop: Perfect Collection [Import]
Cowboy Bebop: Perfect Collection [Import]
DVD ~ Kôichi Yamadera
6 used & new from CDN$ 87.89

5.0 out of 5 stars Pure Masterpiece..., June 16 2004
Cowboy Bebop. The jazzy series that has anything I could possible want in an anime. This is the kind of thing you'd like to watch after you invite a few friends over to spend the night, play Nintendo, talk about boobs, indulge all the junk-food you have, and then watch this late at night. It's one of those movies like Young Frankenstein that is funny in a way that makes you think. Not like sooo much bubblegum-anime on the market today that just tries to be funny by making bad puns, and saying retarded things. I enjoy the factor that the cast of characters is such a dysfunctional motley assort of people. The story is as good as I expected it to be, I like every bit of the storyline and how it sometimes purposly went out of context.
I like how it went like a duality of two faces: Sweet, and Sorrow. First the Sweet lures you into the story and makes you happy. Then when your inside, The Sorrow stabs you with a knife making you sad.... (My analogies rock!). This anime is for everybody, even (some) adults like it! I'm going to buy the soundtrack when I get enough money, It's like Hellsing which has a kick-ass soundtrack! Jazzy and up-beat. Yet melodic and sadening. The ending ephisode is heart wrenching to me atleast.
This anime is for everyone and anyone! Get it, you won't be dissapointed!

DVD ~ Slipknot
Price: CDN$ 21.66
34 used & new from CDN$ 8.67

5.0 out of 5 stars SlipKnot's Generous Tribute To The Maggots, June 6 2004
This review is from: Disasterpieces (DVD)
I've been a "Maggot" for about a year now. SlipKnot is one of those bands like Metallica, or Iron Maiden that when live, sounds almost identically to the studio version (Well Okay.. Corey's vocals can be a little blabbery at times). Here's how I'd rate the member's performence:
0 Sid (Turntable DJ) - Very interactive. He did a very good job. He mooned the crowd. It was cool!
1 Joey (Main Drums) - Stunning... Kick-ass solo!
2 Paul (Bass) - The true pulse of Slipknot!
3 Chris (Custom Percussion) - Custom Percussion has greatly imroved. Good work!
4 James (Guitar) - Not nearly loud enough. But good.
5 Craig (Samples) - Not used as much as I thought. Sid did more.
6 Shawn (Custom Percussion) - Same stats as Chris, Shawn is better though!
7 Mick (Guitar) - Better than James, but the amps were still too friggin' quiet!
8 Corey (Vocals) - Very good. He was enegetic through the whole concert. Really great job!
People = (...)- Very electrifying. 5/5
Liberate - Another good song. 5/5
Left Behind - A favorite off IOWA. 5/5
Eeyore - Heavy as Corey promises. 5/5
Disasterpiece - Another hit. 5/5
Purity - Nicely done. 4.5/5
Gently - Not my favorite, but good. 4/5
Eyeless - My second favorite! 6/5
My Plauge - Iddentical to studio version! Awsome! 6/5
New Abortion - Powerful. 5/5
The Heretic Anthem - Another IOWA favorite! 5/5
Spit it Out - My favorite! Sid & Corey were very interactive with the crowd. 7/5
Wait and Bleed - Another favorite. 5/5
(Sic) - Nicely done again. 5/5
Surfacing - SweEeEet! 5/5
*Joey's Drum solo - Ground breakingly god-like awsome! 25/5
*Sid's DJ solo - Good, but can get boring. 3.75/5
My Plauge - From the Resident Evil soundtrack. Awsome! 5/5
Left Behind - A confusing plotless video, but a good song! 5/5
Wait and Bleed - A good SlipKnot song. 5/5
Wait and Bleed Claymation - Loved It!!! Very Cool!!! 6/5
Spit it Out - Very Good!! I Loved it! So Intersting... 6/5
Performance - Awsome as expected.
DVD Features - Multi-angle views are awsome! Very deep DVD!
Sound Quality - Almost like you were there!
Picture Quality - Sometimes it's hard to see because it's at night. But very clear!
Menu Setup - Ummm... Pretty good(?) I dunno...
DVD Overall - A Maggot's fantasy made reality... Thank you, SlipKnot!
If you're a maggot, you'll love this!

Price: CDN$ 10.00
67 used & new from CDN$ 3.94

5.0 out of 5 stars S L I P K N O T = ( S I C ), May 24 2004
This review is from: Slipknot (Audio CD)
Corey: Vocals - Good vocalist, best screams ever! (Leather w/ dreadlocks mask)
Mick: Guitar - An agressive guitarist. (Iron Mask)
Jim: Guitar - Mick's other half. (Zombie/harliquin mask)
Paul: Bass - Better than most bass player. (Pig Mask)
Joey: Drums - The main drummer, the fastest too. (White tribal mask)
Chris: Percussion - Custom percussionist. (Long-nosed white mask)
Shawn: Percussion - Same profile as Chris. (Clown Maks)
Sid: Turntables - Not the best DJ, but a good one. (Gasmask)
Craig: Sampler - Electronically well-done (Black Helmet w/ spikes)
742617000027 - An interesting intro done by Craig 4/5
(Sic) - The first heavy song, Nice percussion. 3rd best. 5/5
Eyeless - Corey's vocals are awsome on this song! Good chorus. Creative guitar riff. BEST SONG!!! 6/5
Wait and Bleed - A more well-known softer Slipknot song. Corey's vocals are very melodic. 5/5
Surfacing - Nice intro. A painfuly good song. 5/5
Spit it Out - Second best, I loved the video! Sort of rapping done by Corey. 6/5
Tattered & Torn - Sid's scratchong through the whole song is pretty neat, Sid & Craig worked well together. 4.75/5
Me Inside - Sid & Craig were being used again. This song is like T&T pt. 2, better than T&T though 5/5
Liberate - (Sic) pt. 2... 4.25/5
Prosthetics - Raw agression in human form. Thats the best I can describe it. 4.5/5
No Life - Heaviest on the album. I love it! 5/5
Diluted - Fine...I lied... This is the heaviest on the album. 5/5
Only One - Weakest song on the album. 3/5
Scissors - You can feel Corey's pain. Good lyrics. 5/5
Eeyore - The hidden track after Scissors. It's really heavy after we hear a long conversation of the band mates. 4.75/5
Vocals - Interesting.
Lyrics - Okay, maybe Corey dosen't write the best lyrics. But he sings them in an interesting way.
Guitar - Moderatly well-done.
Bass - Awsome!
Drums - With three drummers, It gives what it promises....
Electronics - Pretty Good
Overall - 4.75 Stars
IF you are into really heavy nu-metal, you'll love this!

Ernest Goes to Camp (Widescreen)
Ernest Goes to Camp (Widescreen)
DVD ~ Jim Varney
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 37.66
23 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars One Of My Favorite Movies Ever!!! (For Some Sick Reason), March 25 2004
"Ernest Goes To Camp" You just can't say that phrase, and not crack a smile! Jim Varney (Rest In Peace) Is my second favorite actor, next to Jack Nicelson. This is one of my favorite things do do at school:
[Go up to someone and ask:]
Me: "Have you ever seen "Ernest Goes To Camp"?
[They responed either "Uhh... Yes" or "Uhh... No".]
Me: "Oh, well I could get a projector, and show it on my butt."
I guess you had to be there... Anyway. I love this movie. If you love stupid/funny/retarded people doing/saying stupid/funny/retarded things. you'll love this movie!!!
P.S. Jim Varney, We hardly knew ye.

Offered by marvelio-ca
Price: CDN$ 7.88
51 used & new from CDN$ 1.28

5.0 out of 5 stars Korn's Best Ever, March 12 2004
This review is from: Korn (Audio CD)
Okay. I'll tell you the truth... I used to despise Korn. I thought they just got their kicks from saying bad word. But now that I really listened to their music. They're my third favorite band now! I've seen them live at Ozzfest 2003. And boy, did they jam! Anyway... Here my opinion (If you care):
Blind - "R U READY?!?" Hell yes!!! This song sums up the whole album. Fieldy, Munky, and Head really harmonized in this sing. 5/5
Ball Tongue - My third favorite song on the album! Very heavy and obnoxious. Yet it's still awsome! 6/5
Need To - I haven't listened to this song very much, but it's still really good. I wouldn't say it's worth skipping. 4.75/5
Clown - My second favorite! My friends, and I can really relate to the lyrics. It'll possibly make you cry, if your an outcast in school. 6/5
Divine - I loved the intro David! The kind of song you really headbang to. 5/5
Faget - NOT BASHING GAYS!!! This is my favorite Korn song ever! This song is about when Jonathan Davis was called gay at school for dressing like Duran Duran. They called him "Faget", and "HIV". Thats why He has HIV tattooed on his left shoulder. This song tells no lies at how homosexuals are discrimianted against in society everyday. Fieldy really glistened on this song. 1,000/5
Shoots And Ladders - Despite the ridiculously long bagpipe intro. This song is awsome!! I can't resist soinging along when Jonathan D starts singing "Nick Nack, Paddywack. Give A Dog A Bone, This Old Man Came Rolling Home." 5/5
Predictable - Need To Pt. 2. 4.75/5
Fake - Okay, Need To Pt. 3. 4.75/5
Lies - The only weak song on the album. I can't get into this for some reason. 3.75/5
Helmet In The Bush - "El Caco?", this song is about Jonathan D's old speed addictions. He said he wrote it also because If your a male on speed. It'll make your Penis contract severly. 5/5
Daddy - A song about when Jonathan D was a little kid, Somone moleasted him, but when He told his parents they didn't belive him. So basically it was as well as his father did it. He sings like a Budist Monk at the beggining, then He has a nervous break-down. He starts crying for a long time at the end. The band members seem to cradle him with soft music. This song has only been played twice. 5/5
In conclusion... GET IT! GET IT! GET IT!

St. Anger
St. Anger
Price: CDN$ 9.51
28 used & new from CDN$ 1.82

1.0 out of 5 stars Metallica Neutered, March 11 2004
This review is from: St. Anger (Audio CD)
C'mon James!!! We all know you can do better. This was Metallica's last cry for breath before it all hit the fan. Their biggest mistake was trying to turn "Nu-Metal". I'm a HUGE fan of Nu-metal. But for God's sake... What the hell was this?!? Don't get me wrong, I still love Metallica. But even Garage Inc. just barely passed. Lars' drums sounded like he was banging on an upside-down trash can in which a cat, being tortured by james, was lurking underneath. Another reviewer called them "$elloutica". Now thats just plain funny... James used to write the most beautiful, poetic lyrics i've ever heard. Now it's "My lifestyle, determines my deathstyle". WTF?!? Funny how cheap it is even with the bonus DVD that includ the WHOLE concert. I know all you die-hard Metallica fans out there are thinking "Metallica's not dead, they live forever, man!" Well... It's time to move out of your parent's basement, because you suck at guitar, and your 80's style mullet is the reason your girlfriend left you. Metallica friggin' went on a tour with LINKIN PARK, and LIMP BIZKIT!!! Metallica shouldn't even have to look Fred Durst in the eyes!
KoRn's version of One however... sounded practicly just like Metaliica's (Despite Jonathan Davis's vocals differ from James's). In conclusion...
If your a Metallica fan. Skip it. This i'll only crush your spirit. And you'll have a nervous breakdown. When Metallica lived, they changed the world. Now that they've died... Well... Lets just pretend that they've litteraly died. That'll help give us closure for this backfired project.

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