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Cheers: Season 8
Cheers: Season 8
DVD ~ Ted Danson
Price: CDN$ 15.99
21 used & new from CDN$ 11.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Great BUT!!!!, Jan. 14 2008
This review is from: Cheers: Season 8 (DVD)
My fav TV show of all time, I've watched entirely too much CHEERS episodes to be healthy.
The box graphic is horribly grainy & looks very cheap. You have to wonder how these things get printed.
'Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh' is edited!!!
In this episode the Cheers gang mistakenly prank Gary thinking that he has stolen Tecumseh. When they find out he actually had nothing to do with it they decide to preemptively prank themselves so Gary will leave them alone. In the original episode (which I still have on VHS) Cliff suggests they follow the actions of the American gov't from the movie 'Fail-Safe' where after accidently bombing Moscow they decide to bomb NEW York to avoid retaliation. In the original episode Cliff comments on Moscow & NY getting bombed by saying;
'Ha, not that those pink devils didn't deserve it.'
Ha, not that those rude, loud-mouthed jerks didn't deserve it.'
In a post 9/11 world I guess the powers that be at CBS/Paramount thought that these comments were insensitive . . . what a disappointment!!!
I'm glad I still have the original episode on VHS at least but I don't appreciate paying top-dollar for original episodes only to find they've been edited by PC-minded gutless executives.

When the Levee Breaks: Mississippi Blues Rare Cuts 1926-41
When the Levee Breaks: Mississippi Blues Rare Cuts 1926-41
Price: CDN$ 24.37
25 used & new from CDN$ 14.80

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4.0 out of 5 stars Powerful Music, Jan. 14 2008
Besides offering the usual caveats for a JSP box set collection (somewhat muddied sound, mistakes in labelling & recording info - for instance, CD D has a song listed as Arthur Petties' 'Good Boy' when it's actually Webster Taylor's 'Sunny Southern Blues') this is a damn cheap collection with some of the most obscure & powerful blues music you will ever hear. If you have never heard King Solomon Hill, Geeshie Wiley, Garfield Akers, Bo Weavil Jackson, Arthur Petties, Freddie Spruell, Sam Collins, William Harris, Willie '61' Blackwell etc. & are a fan of the more famous Son House, Charlie Patton or Robert Johnson then RUN out & get this collection. This set is worth the price for the King Solomon & Geeshie Wiley tracks alone. Intense, deep, incendiary tunes played in a manner virtually lost to the present generation of humankind, this is a collection of historical recordings that will never get old or stale. The set also contains the 2 newest discovered Son House tracks from his debut 1930 session & the lastest Robert Johnson discovery: an alternate take of his masterful 'Traveling Riverside Blues' which offered the world 'Squeeze my lemon til the juice run down my leg'

Mother of the Blues
Mother of the Blues
Price: CDN$ 30.07
30 used & new from CDN$ 20.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good But Not As Good As It Could Be, Jan. 6 2008
This review is from: Mother of the Blues (Audio CD)
Well, great as far as Ma's music is . . . but only good as a 'complete' effort. This collection got a glowing review by a customer on the board but there were several mistakes in the review that I'd like to clear up here . . . This is indeed not a complete collection altho' it's close. Document's 'Too Late, Too Late' vols. 11 & 13 (I believe) offer 3-4 alt takes of Ma songs that are not here. Also, this may have the best sound for a complete Ma Rainey collection out there (Document is the only other 'complete' collection as far as I know) but it is not as good as it gets. JSP tend to dampen & muddy the audio of their recordings to get rid of surface noise from old 78s (pops & scratches) & really do take life out of the original recordings . . . I have several Ma songs from John Tefteller's Blues Images, Songs of the 1920s Cds, mastered by the venerable Richard Nevins, & they are highly superior to the the versions on this JSP box.
But . . . this is damned cheap, it's most of Ma's output, & she really is the glorious emperess of the blues. Her work with the jazz bands, the jug bands, the string players (Pruitt Twins, Blind Blake, Tampa Red, Papa Charlie Jackson) is top quality, altho' certainly not for everyone. These recordings are from 1924-1928.

Price: CDN$ 50.52
29 used & new from CDN$ 10.77

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3.0 out of 5 stars Lotsa music For Cheap . . . but, cheap., Sept. 2 2007
I got this box mostly because it had a few stray items that could not be found on other compilations & now that I have them I am happy but I am a completist . . . if you are a casual fan or don't need everything Blind Willie recorded than this may not be for you . . . there are a lot of doubled takes & etc. which can be a bit much for some listeners . . . But the main problem is that there are glitches in several of the songs that make the songs skip . . . there are also loud digital scratches in some of the songs & I've heard from someone else that the sequencing on Cds 5 & 6 is wrong & will not upload correctly on their Ipod er something . . . so buyer beware, it is what it is, very cheap for this much music (only one Blind Willie photo is used in the 30+ page booklet & Cd slips & 'period' photos are used to fill up the space)& the mastering is OK but mostly because Blind Willie's recorded material sounds much better than many of his 20s & 30s contemporaries . . .

Founder Of The Delta Blues
Founder Of The Delta Blues
Price: CDN$ 46.69
6 used & new from CDN$ 11.93

5.0 out of 5 stars A Materpiece but Perhaps not for the General Music Fan, July 25 2007
OK, here's the straight skinny: This is the absolute best Charlie Patton CD that exists . . . it has over 20 of his greatest, original tunes & has THE best sound quality . . . the situation with the transfers, the pops & scratches is this: if you are a fan of prewar acoustic blues you are used to recordings that sound old & scratchy, IF you're not this might not appeal to you. But there IS a reason Yazoo did not erase them because in doing so they would have taken all the high-end & richness out of the actual voice & guitar of Patton. Some companies, like Columbia, reissue their prewar blues with a dampened, 'cleaned-up' sound because they know the general buyer does not like the scratchy, old record sound, but, believe me, the music itself suffers, it's lifeless & muted . . . So, buyer beware, but understand that this is a well thought-out collection issued by people who actually understand the music & you WILL get used to pops & scratches if you are an earnest fan of this music. I am a prewar blues nerd & am in the process of buying the complete recordings of all my blues heros (Yazoo doesn't issue complete recordings generally) . . . but even then I will be buying Yazoo compilations of songs I already have because they are sonically the BEST sounding reissues of this material, bar-none. So are you serious about some of the deepest, most powerful music ever recorded by mankind or are you a joker?

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