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Accident Of Birth
Accident Of Birth
Offered by Vanderbilt CA
Price: CDN$ 40.95
15 used & new from CDN$ 9.43

5.0 out of 5 stars Iron What!?, July 10 2004
This review is from: Accident Of Birth (Audio CD)
Accident of Birth (1997) is Bruce Dickinson's third studio outing, and at this point in time, arguably his best. With fellow former Iron Maiden member Adrian Smith on guitar, along with Roy Z (who also produced Accident of Birth) Bruce has a killer axe combo that makes this album really great. Let's get to the songs...
Freak - 100% The second you hear the intro riff to "Freak" you realize that this album is not going to sound like any of the previous Bruce Dickinson solo albums. His albums before this (Tattooed Millionaire, Balls to Picasso, and Skunkworks) explored styles that were new to Bruce, but still retained a metal edge (most of the time). Accident of Birth, however, kicks off with one of Bruce's heaviest songs at that point! Easily heavier than what he was doing in Maiden, before departing. Freak is a great opener with a catchy chorus.
Toltec 7 Arrival - This is an intro to Starchildren, and is only 37 seconds long... doesn't really need a review.
Starchildren - 95% Accident of Birth continues its heavy metal assault, with great results.
Taking the Queen - 100% Acoustic intro... we've calmed down a bit now. Great bass line in the intro. This song smashes into some heavy guitars a little ways into it, and throughout the whole thing Bruce sounds amazing. Easily one of the best songs on this album.
Darkside of Aquarius - 100% The end of "Taking the Queen" is the intro for "Darkside of Aquarius" This is another highlight of the album, with a soft intro that just slams into fast-paced guitarin'. This song continues the heavy assault of Accident of Birth. This song is extremely enjoyable, and I'm sure you'll find yourself listening to it a lot.
Road to Hell - 90% While this a major highlight for most folks, I don't think it's quite as great as the other songs on Accident of Birth. Some quality input from Adrian Smith though.
Man of Sorrows - 100% If you are a non-believer in the vocal talent of Bruce Dickinson, do yourself a favor, and listen to "Man of Sorrows." This is definitely a candidate for one of his best vocal performances ever; the emotion he manages to convey makes this song an excellent addition to Accident of Birth (even if it doesn't continue the heavy metal assault as much.)
Accident of Birth - 100% The title track! An obvious highlight. Bruce has said that around the time of this album his mother told him that he was the result of a failed abortion; he shouldn't have been (an accident of birth, if you will.) How anyone can cope with hearing something like that, especially at a later stage in your life... is really beyond me, and Bruce does sound a touch angry on this song. This is probably the heaviest song on the album, and features some great guitar work from both Smith and Z.
The Magician - 85% This is a decent track, but not one of my favorites.
Welcome to the Pit - 85% Pretty much what I said for "The Magician."
The Ghost of Cain - 100% A great guitar intro! I love this song, it's a little bit different form most of the material on Accident of Birth, but certainly good. More great work from Bruce, and a great chorus. This is an underrated highlight from Accident of Birth...
Omega - 100% Bruce has a gentle side. This song is another highlight (OK... this entire album is a highlight!) But still, it's got some interesting writing from Bruce, along with another stellar vocal performance. "Take a look at your burning sky." Great song!
Arc of Space - 100% Acoustic. Great guitar work. Soaring vocals. What a way to end one of Bruce's best albums of his career. Amazing.
Accident of Birth is easily one of my favorite works to feature Bruce Dickinson. When I first started listening to Iron Maiden, it took me at least 3 months just to tolerate Bruce's voice. I just could not stand it. Overtime, I grew to really appreciate his voice and talent, and absolutely love his solo work. He sounds so such more energized here than on his last two efforts with Maiden. While I'm glad to have him back in Maiden these days, I'm glad he hasn't given up his solo career.
You can't go wrong by picking up this album!

Brave New World
Brave New World
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
Price: CDN$ 64.10
8 used & new from CDN$ 11.81

5.0 out of 5 stars Iron Maiden Back on Top!, July 7 2004
This review is from: Brave New World (Audio CD)
Brave New World (2000) is the first Iron Maiden studio album with Bruce Dickinson on vocals since 1992's Fear of the Dark, and the first Maiden album with Adrian Smith on guitar since 1988's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Retaining guitarist Janick Gers (whose Maiden debut was 1990's No Prayer for the Dying) and longtime guitarist Dave Murray, Iron Maiden now features a "three axe attack." Rounding the rhythm is founder Steve Harris on Bass, and Nicko McBrain on drums.
The Wicker Man - 100% Brave New World starts off with an instant classic! The Wicker Man is easily one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs, and features an excellent solo from Adrian Smith. This is Iron Maiden's triumphant return to the top!
Ghost of the Navigator - 100% With a building intro and that crashes into the verse, this song is head-banging heaven, and by now, any doubts that Iron Maiden could ever re-capture their former glory are laid to rest.
Brave New World - 100% The first three songs on Brave New World are one heck of a winning streak. Brave New World starts slow, and builds into a made-for-concert sing-a-long chorus. The title track builds into quite a heavy track, featuring great performances by the entire band.
Blood Brothers - 100% Iron Maiden is really on a roll. Blood Brothers, the only track on Brave New World penned exclusively by Steve Harris, slows things down a bit. Said to be written about his late-father, this song is emotionally charged, and features some great vocals by Bruce. The last solo, by Janick Gers, is one of my favorite moments of the entire album, it just carries the song forward so perfectly.
The Mercenary - 90% This song charges forward at a feverish pace, completely forgetting our few minutes of slow down with Blood Brothers. While this song doesn't quite live up to the standards of the first four, it's still quite good.
Dream of Mirrors - 85% I've really grown to dislike this song over the course of listening to this album. It suffers from the same things that made The X Factor (1995) and Virtual XI (1998) so un-enjoyable... the song wanders on aimlessly, and is too repetitious. While there is some really good music here, the lyrics are just repeated over, and over, and never really go anywhere. If this song were 3 or 4 minutes shorter, it would've been a lot stronger.
The Fallen Angel - 80% This isn't what I'd call a clunker, but it's still not very good. It sounds very similar to The Mercenary, it's just not quite as good.
The Nomad - 60% Nomad only earns 60% because it's got some good instrumentation. It's otherwise a pointless, wandering song, suffering the same fate as Dream of Mirrors. It's rumored that three or four songs on Brave New World were leftovers from Virtual XI, I'm guessing this song, and Dream of Mirrors are two of them. The lyrics, and overall theme of this song, are quite frankly, pretty stupid. I'm glad this song was never played live.
Out of the Silent Planet - 95% - Thankfully, things really pick back up with Out of the Silent Planet. While the lyrics aren't anything to celebrate over, there is some good music here, and a great guitar intro by Janick. This song, the second single from Brave New World, is fast paced, in your face Iron Maiden.
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate - 100% This is an ultimate closer. While it's not really in the vein of the traditional Iron Maiden epic closer of the 80's, it's still quite good. This is hands down one of Bruce's best vocal performances of his career, and there's some good three axe attackin' here too.
Brave New World, along with 2003's Dance of Death, are quite simply two of the best Iron Maiden albums ever. I highly recommend Brave New World for someone just getting into Maiden, a lot of the songs are pretty easy to listen to and quite enjoyable. The only thing I'd change about this album is The Nomad and The Fallen Angel, both of which would've been better suited as quite decent b-sides to the two singles from this album. If you like these songs, be sure to pick up Rock in Rio (2001) on either CD or DVD, because there's eight or so (going by memory here) Brave New World, and some of them, like the title track, shine even more live than in the studio.

Price: CDN$ 15.60
12 used & new from CDN$ 6.66

4.0 out of 5 stars 9/10 � C�mon Down!, July 6 2004
This review is from: Dragontown (Audio CD)
Dragontown is the follow-up to the Coop's new direction on 2000's Brutal Planet. Brutal Planet was an excellent album, and following it up is definitely a difficult task, but Cooper does so, and with flying colors.
Triggerman - 100% This song is excellent. Great guitar intro, lyrics, chorus. It's not as noticeably heavy or angry as the opener/title track of Brutal Planet, but it works, and makes a good opener.
Deeper - 95% We'll, we're goin' deeper into Brutal Planet down to Dragontown now. Good percussive work at the beginning. We got the Cooper lyrics here, and the way he "sings" this song really fits the atmosphere.
Dragontown - 100% Oriental sounding intro. This song, is a lot like the title track to Brutal Planet, even though they don't sound similar. The same basic theme is there, and it worked before, and it works again. "You're really going to like this." Darn right you will. Did I mention it's got a good chorus?
Sex, Death, and Money - 95% Bass intro. This song is a little weird. First pass just seems like Cooper wants to toss out Sex and Death and Money all together, but, somehow, it works. This is one of the heavier tracks off of the album, and fits well with the overall theme of the album.
Fantasy Man - 85% Cooper's humor resurfaces from "It's The Little Things" on Brutal Planet on this song "Don't send flowers/or take showers" - well even with the lack of bathing, this song certainly doesn't stink, it's just one of my personal favorites, but a welcome song on the album at any rate.
Somewhere in Jungle - 90% I like the "feel" of this song, it works well. It's not really angry, nothing on this album really is like on Brutal Planet, everything here is more just a look at this Dragontown place. This song does a good job. Another great chorus.
Disgraceland - 100% Where the heck did this come from? This song is easily my favorite off the album, and was wonderful live. This song really doesn't fit the theme of the album... although, it's not too far off the mark. Not that it would matter. It's a good song. Cooper does an awesome Elvis impersonation (even live.) Cooper's humor is definitely out in force on this song, making it quite enjoyable. "He ate his weight in country ham" He sure did.
Sister Sara - 95% Starts off nice and heavy. Has Brutal Planet-esque female vocals, that work well with Cooper's voice in telling the story of a "nun havin' fun."
Every Woman Has A Name - 90% Yet another ballad from the Coop. Much in the same vein as "Take it Like A Woman" from Brutal Planet, yet different enough to be enjoyable. Cooper once again proves that he's a proficient ballad writer.
I Just Wanna Be God - 90% This is an interesting song. Nice and heavy, with some intriguing lyrics. Basically: Satan wants to be God. That's really all you need to know.
It's Much Too Late - 85% The style of this song is quite different then the prevailing style on Dragontown. It's lighter and peppier, if you will. His singing style is a bit different here. In fact, this song would probably fit on The Eyes of Cooper... right there with "Man of the Year." This is a good song, with a good chorus, and lyrically, it mostly fits with the theme of Dragontown.
The Sentinel - 95% Nice closer. Heavy, with something interesting lyrics about terrorists. Interesting is used loosely. "Connect the green wire here/or was it red?" Another great chorus from Cooper.
Dragontown concludes the intertwined concepts of Brutal Planet and Dragontown. It also marks the end of Cooper's heavier direction, as Eyes harkened back to his garage days. At least he created two solid albums that, in my opinion, are some of his best.
One note that I forgot to mention on my Brutal Planet review is the production of these two albums. Absolutely fantastic. Every instrument is clear, and Cooper's voice is never buried in the mix. Good production also creates a better listening to experience, and the production on these two albums don't leave much to be desired.
My final score is a 9/10, which of course Amazon doesn't account for.

Brutal Planet
Brutal Planet
Offered by Vanderbilt CA
Price: CDN$ 31.90
13 used & new from CDN$ 8.88

4.0 out of 5 stars 9 out of 10 � Gimme Indeed!, July 5 2004
This review is from: Brutal Planet (Audio CD)
Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet is his first release of the 00's, and it's fantastic! It's an entirely new direction for the Wicked One, and he used it to create one of his best albums.
Brutal Planet - 100% This is by the far the best song on the album! Who knew Cooper was so angry? "Here's where we starve the hungry, here's where we cheat the poor" etc. Brutal indeed. And it works so well. This track mixes Cooper's anger, with a female-voiced chorus. Killer opening track.
Wicked Young Man - 95% This track carries the momentum (and anger) of the opening track. While Cooper's not a young man anymore, I think we can forgive him for thinking he's still 18, for fear of what he might do to us if we don't! (He's got a pocket full of bullets.)
Sanctuary - 85% Sanctuary isn't nearly as impressive as the one-two punch of the first two tracks. Good lyrics, but musically, it doesn't do enough for me. Although, it's got a pretty good chorus.
Blow Me A Kiss - 90% Nice little opening guitar riff. No frills here. More angry lyrics from Cooper, executed with great results. Another great chorus.
Eat Some More - 95% The title says it all. I love the song just for the title. This song gets off to a nice slow, chugging start, which fits the song well. There are some particularly creative lyrics from Cooper in this song "Do you like the taste?/Stuff it in your face."
Pick the Bones - 100% Probably the best song here after the title track. A nice slow, acoustic, intro, that builds with a second electric guitar over top, and then eventually the song comes crashing into the chorus. Cooper's never been known for having a fantastic voice, but he really puts his emotion through in the song. This song paints a picture of a planet more brutal, then the title track. "There are holes in the wall/bloody hair on the bricks/and the smell of this hell/is makin' me sick."
Pessi-Mystic - 10% If I cut make one change to this album, I'd remove this song. I just don't like it. Sorry folks, I just don't find anything redeeming about this song. I can excuse it though, since the rest of the album is just fantastic.
Gimme - 100% This song was a single, and a has a pretty decent music video. Starts off with a great riff, and really makes up for the clunker that is Pessi-Mystic. Another great chorus. "Gimme this/gimme that/gimme this/gimme that." That's society in a nutshell. Nicely done.
It's The Little Things - 90% This song features Cooper's great sense of humor. "You can burn my house/you can cut my hair/you can make me wrestle naked with a grizzly bear/you can poison my cat/baby I don't care/but if you talk in the movies/I'll kill you right there." It's a little bit weaker than Gimme, but overall, a very welcome song on this album.
Take it Like a Woman - 95% Nobody knows how to write a ballad quite like Cooper. The man's been churnin' 'em out consistently for over 30 years. This is another great addition to his arsenal, although it sounds a bit out of place on the album. Oh well, a good song is a good song.
Cold Machines - 95% What? Last song? Nooo I was enjoying this album so much... the album finishes with Cold Machines, another great chorus from the Coop.
Overall, this album is a strong 9/10, but that's not how Amazon works. But, 9/10 is my real score. After a great follow-up (Dragontown) I was a bit disappointed that Cooper abandoned this direction with 2003's The Eyes of Alice Cooper. At least Brutal Planet will stand out as one of the best albums in Cooper's huge catalogue.

Dance of Death
Dance of Death
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
Price: CDN$ 67.26
8 used & new from CDN$ 24.14

5.0 out of 5 stars One of Iron Maiden's finest!, March 25 2004
This review is from: Dance of Death (Audio CD)
The album starts off with Nicko McBrain counting the lead-in to "Wildest Dreams." The other notable time that Nicko started off an album was Piece of Mind, with the awesome drum intro of "Where Eagles Dare." Wildest Dreams is a typical Iron Maiden rocker. Adrian Smith contributes a lot to this song, and certainly the highlight of Wildest Dreams is his solo. With that said, Wildest Dreams is probably the second worst track on this album. There's just not really anything too memorable going on here.
The second song, "Rainmaker" is far superior to "Wildest Dreams" and I'm glad they released this is a single, although in my opinion it should've been the first single. This is mostly Dave Murray's song, and it features an excellent solo by him. Rainmaker is not your typical Iron Maiden rocker, it's a little bit lighter, but it's very fast paced. Certainly a welcome addition to the album, after getting off with a rocky start, this song gets the album on track for the next song.
"No More Lies" is the only song entirely written by Steve Harris on Dance of Death. I would say No More Lies is a fairly average song. It has your typical "Fear of the Dark" song style of starting off slow and quiet, then getting loud and fast, and then ending slow and quiet. This is definitely a crowd sing-a-long type song, as the chorus is the phrase "No More Lies" screamed over and over again. It takes some getting used to, but I wouldn't have the chorus any other way, and No More Lies is certainly a better song than Wildest Dreams.
With the next song "Montsegur" we are treated to the heaviest song on Dance of Death. This song is, quiet frankly, perfect. It's heavy, and fast, with some wonderful historical lyrics, and a great guitar solo by Janick Gers. The three-axe attack shines on this song, and it's a shame this wasn't played live on the Dance of Death tour.
"Dance of Death" is, obviously, the title track off the album. This is one of Janick Ger's best slices of writing he's done in Iron Maiden. This is one killer song. The lyrics are a little weak, and I cringe when I hear Bruce sing, "I danced and I pranced," but I'm just going to chalk that up to the boys having a sense of humor. The acoustic intro is wonderful, and the three solos (one by every guitarist!) are hair-raising. I hope this song stays in their live set for future tours.
"Gates of Tomorrow" is up next, and is the weakest song on the album. It's got a horrible guitar intro, which would be much more suitable on an AC/DC album. Bruce has several vocal lines in the chorus, and none of them are especially memorable. If anything on Dance of Death can be called filler, it is this!
McBrain gets his firsting writing credit! Yes, it's true! Nicko wrote "New Frontier" the first writing credit he's ever had on an Iron Maiden studio album. Way to go Nicko! This is an excellent song, and if No More Lies wasn't being released as an EP, I think this would've made a great single.
It's time for your epic. "Paschendale" is... marvelous. The three-axe attack is out in full force on this song. Nicko and his trusty hi-hat start us off, and then Adrian comes in with his soft little guitar intro. This song is jam packed, and the first time you listen to it, it might sound like a mish-mash of sorts, but after a few listens, the splendor begins to sink in. This is probably Bruce's best vocal performance on Dance of Death, and the guitar solos leave nothing to be desired! The lyrics make this song even better.
The next two songs, "Face in the Sand" and "Age of Innocence" sound a little similar to each other, and that's just fine, because they're very good! Face in the Sand is the only time Nicko has recorded a song with a double bass drum, and its sounds fantastic. Some people might be a little upset that Iron Maiden have recorded a politically motivated song like Age of Innocence, but I have no problem with it. I think it's only right for them to express their views.
Dance of Death ends with "Journeyman" originally an electric song, but here an acoustic song. Iron Maiden's first acoustic song to appear on an album! What a great closer! Maybe I'm wrong about Bruce's best performance being Paschendale, it could really be on here! This too needs to stay in their live set. A fantastic ending to a fantastic album.
While Brave New World was good, Dance of Death is better, and far better at that. The band seems to be working very well together, and the songs are all very, very strong. It's not hard to see that Iron Maiden are still on top of their game. I also feel that the production of this album is wrong criticized. It's not as polished sounding as Brave New World, but the rawer feel seems to fit well with the songs. I bought this album the day it came out, over six months ago, and I still listen to it regularly. This album does not leave much to be desired, except perhaps another release from Iron Maiden...

Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology (2CD)
Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology (2CD)
Price: CDN$ 21.48
24 used & new from CDN$ 11.73

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent overiew of Dio's work, June 2 2003
First of all, this would be 5 stars, but I having just got The Very Beast of Dio not that long ago... well, there's a lot of Dio collections out there already, but this is very excellent!
I will go over the packaging first. It, like a lot of releases these days, is cardboard. The liner notes are very well done, provide a nice overview/commentary on Dio's career, which you probably already know all about. That's not the highlight though, the highlight is Dio's track-by-track commentary. Sure some of these things have been said, but it's really nice to read his own thoughts about the tracks while you're listening to them. There are a lot of nice photos in the notes. Very Beast's notes don't even compare!
The content... this is the first Dio anthology to contain his Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and solo releases. You will notice however this release does not cover any of his work after he left Warner Bros. (the first album away was Angry Machines.) This is unfortunate, because there are a lot of good tracks off the four albums he's released since.
The quality of the songs is by the far best. The remasters are very nice, and since I don't yet have all the Castle remasters for Sabbath, even better. Originally I was hoping this release would contain bonus stuff, like unreleased live tracks, or other songs (like the other song from Lock up the Wolves that wasn't on the studio release.) The release does contain some live songs Voodoo by Black Sabbath (off of Live Evil, the end banter is cut off, but that's probably because Dio is introducing the next song, which of course, isn't included on this release.) The song "Sacred Heart" is also live on here, and it's from Intermission.
Overall this is a very good collection, right up there with the recent release of Sympton of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath, which was also released by Warner, so if you have that, you can expect about the same (not quite as massive liner notes however.)
If you've never listened to Dio, you should pick this up immediately! If you're just a casual fan and arleady have some of his albums, or other greatest hits collection than this isn't for you, but I'm sure the big Dio fans (like me) won't have a hard time enjoying this new collection!

Headless Cross
Headless Cross
Offered by Vanderbilt CA
Price: CDN$ 59.31
3 used & new from CDN$ 59.31

5.0 out of 5 stars Iommi and Martin Team With Powell For Super Album, March 19 2003
This review is from: Headless Cross (Audio CD)
Black Sabbath - Headless Cross
1989. Tony Iommi wanted to build up Black Sabbath's credibility, and being the sole, original member, he recruited Cozy Powell on Drums. Together with Tony Martin on vocals, and session bassist Laurence Cottle, Headless Cross was recorded. Released in 1989, this is what Sabbath's all a about. Crunchy riffs, and scary lyrics. Cozy's drumming is very powerful as well. While some might find the lryics as a detterent, or a reason to "question the relegious views of the band" you're better off not even paying attention. Tony Martin even said in a recent interview, "there's nothing in there that is gonna make you spontaneously combust or anything" so don't worry about it :) I think Headless Cross is the best Tony Martin Black Sabbath album, and marginally better than 1987's Eternal Idol. This was the first Tony Martin album I bought, and it hooked me.
1. Gates of Hell - Instrumental that leads into Headless Cross. Used as a taped intro for some Tony Martin-era Sabbath concerts.
2. Headless Cross - The title track, and easily the best song on the album. Thundering guitar riff, some of the best work ever by Cozy on drums, and Martin's voice shines. This is one song you don't want to miss. 100%
3. Devil and Daughter - Released as a single (so was Headless Cross, the song) it's a very good song, fast paced, good riff, good everything, of course. 95%
4. When Death Calls - Best one word description "epic." Features a guest solo by guitarist Brian May (Queen) - a very good song. Very emotional, full of energy. 100%
5. Kill in the Spirit World - Lighter, fast paced rocker. One of my favorite tracks on this album. Another good Iommi riff and solo. 95%
6. Call of the Wild - Originally called "Hero" but changed because Ozzy's No Rest for the Wicked had a hidden track titled that. A decent song, similiar to KITSW. 90%
7. Black Moon - A very good rocker. Riff, vocals, drums, and everything... sound great. 95%
8. Nightwing - A very good closer. Iommi playing acoustic and electric parts, sounds awesome. Very emotional. Strong vocals by Martin. 100%
Easily the best Black Sabbath album with Tony Martin. Black Sabbath left the 80's with a bang. I highly recommend this album to any opened minded Sabbath fan, definitely a great place to start if you want to listen to Martin. Great listen, don't miss it.

Ozzmosis (+Bonus Tracks)
Ozzmosis (+Bonus Tracks)
Price: CDN$ 15.00
13 used & new from CDN$ 6.30

5.0 out of 5 stars Different, but one of Ozzy's best!, Jan. 6 2003
Ozzmosis (1995) is one of my favorite Ozzy Osbourne albums, and the new 2002 remaster is makes it even better! First, what sets this apart from it's 1995 brethren is new liner notes, and the inclusion of two bonus tracks ("Aimee" and "Whole Worlds Fallin' Down.) This is one of Ozzy's softer albums, and he's always called it a "lazy" album, but I think the songs are emotional and feature some of Zakk's best guitar work.
1. Perry Mason - This is the hard rocking opening for a great album, and it sets an informal tone. Check out the excellent music video for this song as well. 100%
2. I Just Want You - One of the songs that turned me on to Ozzy's music was this. Some
of the best lyrics ever, and a great riff to spare. A great song all around! 100%
3. Ghost Behind My Eyes - While the first two songs weren't slow or soft, this one is both. It's a great song none-the-less. 90%
4. Thunder Underground - With half of the original Black Sabbath (Ozzy, and Geezer on bass) it's no surprise we get a song that definitely has a Sabbath core to it. Thunder Underground is a great song. 95%
5. See You On The Other Side - Another single, and another softer song. This is definitely a great ballad though, about being together in death. Slow, but good! 95%
6. Tomorrow - I own the entire Ozzy catalogue and can honestly say that "Tomorrow" is my favorite song. It's a dark and heavy song with spooky lyrics, and an excellent guitar solo in the middle (and an eerie message in the middle which I believe says "I never killed anybody... it was a gun..) Anyways this song is killer. 110%
7. Denial - Softer, sort of "I'm not a bad guy" type songs ("I ain't no Black Messiah,") it's one of the better songs on Ozzmosis in my opinion. 100%
8. My Little Man - Originally this album was to be recorded with Steve Vai, and one track with him survived. "My Little Man" which is a song about his song Jack features Steven Vai on guitar.
9. My Jekyll Doesn't Hide - One can only assume this song is about his on-stage/off-stage personality, or how he changes when he drinks. It's an excellent song, though a little bit different than the other Ozzmosis tracks. 90%
10. Old L.A. Tonight - An excellent closer, features a good piano part. A slower rocker, but definitely good. 95%
11. Whole World's Fallin' Down - A great, heavy, doomsday song. 95%
12. Aimee - A slow ballad named after his oldest daughter with Sharon (he has another daughter from a previous marriage.) This song, while slow and soft, is really good. I definitely like this song. 100%
Overall, while Ozzmosis is a change of pace from previous Ozzy albums (and softer than Down to Earth) I think it is definitely a great release, even if I Ozz doesn't feel that way. Songs off of here are rarely played on live sets, but they're good. The 2002 remaster took a great album, added to songs, and managed to make it even better.

Killing the Dragon
Killing the Dragon
Price: CDN$ 19.41
22 used & new from CDN$ 14.33

4.0 out of 5 stars Great album, excellent bonuses, Jan. 6 2003
This review is from: Killing the Dragon (Audio CD)
When Killing the Dragon was released in May I was hearing about how there was going to be tour edition, so I decided to wait to purchase the album until the edition came out. Of course they wait ended up being quite long, and the album didn't penetrate stores around here for over a month after release. However in October I got a copy of Killing the Dragon Limited Edition. The album is great, it's not Holy Diver, but it's another great album from Dio. There are two bonus live tracks (featuring Ronnie with Deep Purple.) The two songs are "Fever Dreams" and of course "Rainbow in the Dark." I especially like the live version of "Rainbow in the Dark" but "Fever Dreams" is excellent also. The Limited Edition also includes a screen saver for your computer (which isn't too great, but still pretty neat) and the music video for "Push." "Push" is a decent song, and the video is pretty good, and if you want to see it you'll probably have to get it here, since MTV never plays good music. Anyways, it features Tenacious D in the beginning playing an acoustical parody of "Heaven and Hell" VERY funny, especially if you have heard their song about Dio. At the end they try to mimic the music video, also very funny.
If you already own Killing the Dragon, you should only pick up the Limited Edition if you really want to see the music video, or if you're a completist or big fan, you'll probably find it's worth it for the added goodies. It comes in a cardboard covering which is a close-up of the dragon, and then the jewel case features the same cover, and everything is pretty much identical except the CD says "Limited Edition" and the track listing on the back is different, the CD looks the same as the original, except a different tint, but nothing major.
1. Killing the Dragon - One of the best on here, hard rocking riff, great lyrics (anti computer, reminiscent of "Computer God" from Dehumanizer.) Excellent song! 100%
2. Along Comes a Spider- A decent song, pretty face paced. Good riff. 90%
3. Scream - Good song, love the chorus. 90%
4. Better In the Dark - Great song, "monsters always know it's better in the dark" - a song you'd expect from Dio, and he delivers! 95%
5. Rock and Roll - Ok be honest, this riff is almost identical to that found on Rage Against The Machine's song "Wake Up" (not the entire song, but a good chunk.) Anyways this song is really good, it's Dio's response to the music industry for banning him after September 11 on some stations (he found this out by calling to express his sympathy for victims and being told they weren't playing any Black Sabbath or Dio.) Anyways, this song is really great, but it doesn't get 100% because I have to wonder about the riff. 95%
6. Push - The single off Killing the Dragon, a good song, a little bit slower, but I don't see why some people don't like it, one of the better tracks on this album. 100%
7. Guilty - This song is alright, a good chorus, good lyrics. 90%
8. Throw Away Children - This song was supposed to feature guest musicians, but the record wouldn't allow it (something along the line the song would be too depressing.) Anyways it's a great heart-felt song about abused children. Dio supports the Children of the Night foundation, and that's what this song is for. 95%
9. Before the Fall - Decent enough, nothing spectacular though. 85%
10. Cold Feet - A different, slower, more keyboard-heavy song. It's not bad, not a typical Dio song. I like it though. 90%
11. Fever Dreams [Live] - Excellent, Dio sounds great! 95%
12. Rainbow in the Dark [Live] - One of the better live versions of this song I have heard. 95%
Overall if you don't have Killing the Dragon yet, be sure to get this one, and if you really want to see that music video, or hear the lives tracks, it's probably worth it to get this album again (if you're a big Dio fan!)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Worthy, But No Classic, Jan. 6 2003
This review is from: Forbidden (Audio CD)
Forbidden (1995) is Black Sabbath's last studio album up to this point; it featured the Headless Cross Tour/TYR album line-up of Tony Martin (vocals) Tony Iommi (guitar) Neil Murray (bass guitar) Cozy Powell (drums) Geoff Nicholls (keyboards.) This was also the last studio release on the now defunct IRS label. Forbidden is not "classic" Sabbath ,and probably won't appeal to many, but if you're a Martin fan, or heavy metal fan in general you will probably like this album. Most Ozzy fans need not apply.
1. The Illusion of Power - One of the better tracks on the album, features guest vocalist Ice T, so this song has more of a rap feel to it, but they did a decent job. 90%
2. Get a Grip - Fast paced rocker, seems a little like filler though. 70%
3. Can't Get Close Enough - Slower, but Iommi shines enough on this song to make it worth lisetening to. 85%
4. Shaking Off The Chains - Similar to Get a Grip, fast paced, a sounds a little like filler. Not a highlight from this album. 75%
5. I Won't Cry For You - A great song, the ballad of Forbidden. One of the better songs on this album. 90%
6. Guilty As Hell - Fast paced rocker, but much more enjoyable than Get a Grip and Shaking Off The Chains. 90%
7. Sick And Tired - Sadly the title describes this piece of filler. Worth listening to for Iommi though. 70%
8. Rusty Angels - Another highlight worth listening to. This is a mid-tempo rocker. 90%
9. Forbidden - The title track, the second best song on this album. Cozy sounds great, and Iommi has a cool solo (but it's too short!) Martin's vocals don't impress me on this song, but this song still shines. 95%
10. Kiss of Death - Hands down best track on this album! Absolutely excellent the whole way through, nice little tempo change in the song harkening back to the earlier days of Sabbath. Coated in a great riff you don't want to miss this song! 100%!
11. Loser Gets it All - This song is only on the Japanese import edition of Forbidden, or on the 1996 compilation The Sabbath Stones (IRS - last Sabbath album on IRS.) It's a short fast paced rocker. The Sabbath Stone liner notes say this song was a personal favorite of Iommi's. 90%
Overall this album isn't bad, it just doesn't live up to expectations you'd have for Black Sabbath. It's much weaker than other Tony Martin albums. If you like it, you'll probably like Cross Purposes (1994) and Headless Cross (1989) or any other Black Sabbath album with Tony Martin on it.

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