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Forever Freed
Forever Freed
by Laura Kaye
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 19.45
9 used & new from CDN$ 1.86

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4.0 out of 5 stars A TRUE VAMPIRE ROMANCE, June 4 2012
This review is from: Forever Freed (Paperback)
Lucien Demarco is hungry. We join him (in 1st person POV) seeking out a blood source after a long dry spell. One night he runs into an old vampire friend who ironically is now director of the Detroit blood bank. All our hero can think is perfect, guilt free sustenance, freedom from the weak blood of animals and evil men he's been forced to feed on. As Lucien wanders the hospital corridors a couple of days later, anticipating his next meal he's stopped in his tracks by an approaching nurse. This woman is exuding joy, pure blissful joy. And because Lucian can read emotions she smells sweet to him, like dessert. His hunger suddenly takes on a whole new meaning because if he were to take her blood those innocent, carefree emotions would seep into him eradicating the constant sorrow he feels and destroying the evil he has ingested from feeding on murderers. And so the hunt begins.

It doesn't take long for Lucien to learn where Samantha lives and buy a house within the neighbourhood, then like the predator he is, he stalks her. It's during this hunt that Lucien meets a young girl, throwing himself in front of a car to protect her. Surprisingly she is not afraid of him (most humans instinctively fear vampires), but this girl calls him her angel and holds his hand. Lucien is moved and vows to always protect her. Now imagine the tricky situation that arises when he learns that this child is the daughter of his intended prey.

The premise here is fantastic; a hungry vampire stalking his neighbours only to fall in love with them, however after a slow start (which I expected based on other reviews) this still never completly grabbed me. I think the romance angle was just too sweet, I kept waiting for some conflict, but for 90% of Lucien, Samantha (and Ollie's) story it was just sweetness and light, a fairy tale romance.

I also found Samantha (and Lucien for that matter) to be immature and there were moments, dare I say, when I felt like I was reading something from the Twilight universe. Our hero all self loathing and overtly agreeable to anything Sam wants or needs because he feels guilty lying about what he is. They also wait six months to have sex, I mean these are experienced adults who are having sleepovers and into each other, I just felt this was a stretch.

And as much as I enjoyed Lucien's "family" I was constantly reminded of the Cullen's especially during their Christmas visit where everyone tries to act human in a comical sort of way for the sake of the girlfriend (they also have healing and telepathic powers and are often called in as back up to fix things) For some weird reason it's also when our couple decides to consummate their relationship, all within prying, super vampire ears.

I'm excited to read more from Laura Kaye though, I loved HEARTS IN DARKNESS, can't wait to read North of Need and love the world she created here. Her vampire characteristics were, can I say realistic? More practical then magical, more predatory, which is how I always imagined a vampire would be , much like a lion or bear who is excited by fear and will instinctively take chase if you run. Anyways I'm so far off topic. Cheers.

by Shiloh Walker
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 18.50
49 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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This review is from: Broken (Paperback)
This was really good and because I picked it up on a whim (without reading book 1Fragile) first I went in without any expectations regarding the hero. -Some of the other reviewers hinted at being disappointed after anticipating his story and I think this might actually have read better as a stand alone.

Speaking of the hero, Quinn Rafferty what's not to like there? Brooding, super sexy, wounded warrior-ish, bounty hunter who falls hard and then lets his internal dialogue betray his true self to the reader. Yeah I fell a little bit in love with him. Why is it that these emotionally scared, menacing, I am an island so back the hell off men get me so hot and bothered? Anyways there's lots of stuff to like here besides Quinn... Mysterious heroine on the run, (who is pretty interesting and likable in her own right), suspense, plot twists and off the charts sexual chemistry leading to some seriously good sex scenes. Yup this was almost perfect.

I did have a couple issues though, like the mystery aspect going on too long and then getting wrapped up way too easily and the H/h never talked to each other. I mean at a certain point after you start sleeping together you usually ask questions, pillow talk comes into play. Oh well it added to the mystique.

Quinn Rafferty's story starts with a flash back to his horrendous childhood. The latchkey kid of an abusive alcoholic/junkie mother and absent father, His 11 years old POV is fantastic and it went a long way into explaining why he became the sort of emotionally shut off adult he did, with an inability to trust or form close relationships. Quinn lives a solitary life, working as a bondsman (when he feels like it) he doesn't want or need anyone (except the odd phone call to his twin brother) Everything changes however when Sara moves into the apartment upstairs, she makes his mouth go dry and want things he hasn`t wanted in a long time.

The attraction between our couple is immediate but getting involved is the last thing Sara Davis should do. She's been on the run for 2 years now, working under the table and moving every couple of months, trying to stay invisible. The problem is Quinn see's her. There's a feeling of suspense throughout this story because we never really get a true grasp of Sara. Even her intermittent flashbacks just serve as a teaser and I found her both intriguing and frustrating because she's kept so purposely misleading and vague.

The romance is where Broken really shines though with beautifully written, heart wrenching scenes mostly where the internal conflict is concerned; I love you, I hate you, I can't be with you, I'm going to do you up against this wall. So hott!

"Sam stood there numb and frozen. Her mouth opened.
"You can't love me" she said her voice rusty.
"Not your call, Sam."


Stand-in Groom: A Novel
Stand-in Groom: A Novel
by Suzanne Brockmann
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 9.85
41 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars ENJOYABLE MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE-where do the "Johnnies" exist in the real world?,, May 29 2012
This was a sweet little read despite the somewhat fluffy, marriage of convenience storyline. Sometimes Brockmann just hit's the spot though, so comfortable, and easy, the perfect interim books when nothing else suits the mood. I'd forgotten how perfect some of her older romances can be. SB's writing is just so damn good, the way she makes each character familiar yet unique, all their little quirks, the light humour and sexual chemistry -the fact that the hero usually cries *sigh*. Sadly some of the older stand alones are starting to feel a little dated now but I still highly recommend them.

Chelsea Spencer has just been mugged. As she scrambles down the Boston street after her purse we meet Giovanni "Johnny" Anziano; Hero, rescuer, bad guy bringer downer, chef extraordinaire, meals on wheels driver (did I mention gorgeous?) and all-round perfect man. Where do these guys exist in the real world? Oh right they only live in romance novels.

Anyways Johnny saves the day then offers Chelsea a ride back to where she left her shoes or a medical clinic, whatever it doesn't matter, the attraction between them is immediate. Yet despite his chocolate eyes, easy smile, (great butt) and persistence Chelsea can't agree to go on a date with him, she's getting married in less then a week. It appears this romance is already doomed.

A few days later Johnny receives a phone call, Chelsea has business proposition for him, will she meet him for coffee. A big hell yeah. Johnny can't stop thinking about her, what might have been and all that. Her proposal leaves his head spinning however. She wants to marry him. It seems that Chelsea's "fiancée" has pulled out of their wedding at the last minute and in order to get her grandfathers trust fund (and keep her business afloat) she needs to be married. Chelsea will pay Johnny 250,000 if he marries her for a matter of weeks including a nice trip to the Caribbean for their pretend honeymoon after which it can all be annulled and everybody walks away happy. Sounds easy right? Welcome to romancelandia.

The problems start right after their first kiss -which takes place at the alter and is totally hot. Talk about embarrassing now they can't keep their hands (or mouths) off each other. How are they going to get an annulment if they consummate the business deal? Problem solved, they'll just avoid each other; separate rooms for the honeymoon, out of sight out of mind. And that's when the phone sex comes into play. Phew! *wipes sweat off brow*

This is a great story, as overused as the plot device is Brockmann still manages to make it believable and interesting. Johnny is just the perfect, nice guy hero, the sexual tension is off the charts and both characters are well developed and interesting. I particularly liked how Johnny wasn't quite who he seemed to be, with his past slowly being revealed. I also got a kick out of how Chelsea was the one who most wanted to break her own rules and get-it-on! So no, this isn't groundbreaking buts it's everything I look for in a light romance and I'll probably read it again one day. Cheers

Chase in Shadow
Chase in Shadow
by Amy Lane
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 23.25
16 used & new from CDN$ 9.73

5.0 out of 5 stars AMY LANE'S GOT HERSELF A NEW FAN, May 26 2012
This review is from: Chase in Shadow (Paperback)
Wow, what an emotionally draining, yet ultimately amazing read. My first from author Amy Lane but not my last for sure, however it may take a while before I'm up to facing this sort of angst again. Yeah Chase In Shadow is heartbreaking and beautiful and damaged and gorgeous and just such a freaking hot mess, I won't be forgetting him for a long time to come.

As much as I came to love this story I should tell you though that I had a hell of a time getting into it, and quite honestly almost gave up more than once. My initial problem was sorting out the huge cast of characters, most of whom had two names (which wasn't explained right away) Chase is also Chance, his love interest is Tommy or Tango then we have childhood friends, porn industry friends, directors, fiancées, it took me ages to figure who was who. Compile that with a very unique style of writing that jumps from past to present with real events, dreamed events, desired events and directors cut type filmed events. The dialogue also takes some getting used to because in almost every circumstance Chase includes a "wished" internal response to what he actually says.

"Is there something wrong?" Donnie asked, like he was afraid of the answer.

I fell in love with a guy I met on a gay-for-pay porn set, and he cheated on me when we weren't really a couple, because I had to leave him for my girlfriend

"Mercy had my dad over last night. didn't go real f'n well."

At some point though everything just clicked for me and fell in love with both the story and the uniqueness of the writing. Add to that one of the most emotionally damaged, frustrating, contradictory characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading, a heartbreaking romance including love scenes that defy a hotness category and well, Amy Lane`s got herself a new fan-girl.

Chase "Chance" Summers has it all....from the outside He's young, popular, good looking and athletic with a beautiful fiancée and supportive friends. Which is just how he planned it. In between studying for his engineering degree, playing baseball and saving for a house Chase has also managed to hide an abusive, messed up childhood behind the red door (in his mind) -which, throughout the course of the book slowly gets opened. His farce of a life seems to going along just fine until he adds one more lie to his already toppling house of cards. Telling himself that it's for the money and that he's straight, I mean he's got a fiancée right? Chase decides to try out the gay porn industry.

Entering "Johnnies" is a revelation because for the first time in his life Chase "Chance" feels free. In fact when he's with another man he's flying, but the house of cards is starting to sway. Keeping his alternate life from his girlfriend is almost too easy, which of course just makes him feel like a dick but then again he can hardly contain himself once he starts thinking about who and what he's going to be doing during the next shoot.

Enter Tommy "Tango" Hallaron, fellow porn actor and the one Chase has been inadvertently waiting for his entire life. They fall fast and hard and Chase's life trisects, and the house of cards shakes a bit more. His abusive father, his mother's suicide, his porn life, his straight friends, the fact that he's really gay, the cheating on both Mercy and Tommy. Secrets upon secrets upon secrets, something's got to give. Throughout the utter chaos of Chase's `perfect' life he hates what he's doing to those he loves but can't stop, can't change and he hates himself more and the house of cards falls and the red door opens.

As you've assumed this story goes to some very dark places, I mean on page one he's attempting suicide so you know you're in for a roller coaster ride. But I never really expected the level of grief, torment and self abuse that we get to see here. Towards the end there's a huge surprise (that I didn't see coming) and it helps in what (Thank God) is a well, well earned HEA. Cheers

In My Skin: A Memoir
In My Skin: A Memoir
by Kate Holden
Edition: Paperback
39 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: In My Skin: A Memoir (Paperback)
In My Skin is the harrowing true story of Kate Holden; an average, middle class university girl from the Melbourne (Australia) suburbs who on a whim decides to give heroin a try. We then follow Kate on a five year journey into hell as she slides into the horrors of addiction and then out of desperation prostitution to fund her growing habit.

This is a candid, gripping, graphic and well written story, although not entirely what I was expecting from a "drug memoir" Ultimately it's more of a peek into the secret world of prostitution and high class brothels then anything else. Yes the heroin is always present but it becomes almost a nagging afterthought as Kate aka "Lucy" spends a majority of the book giving us an unflinching look into everything you didn`t know you wanted to know about prostitution.

"Lucy" makes no excuses for her choices however and her accounts are often told with an odd sort of pride. As she describes how good she gets at her job, how in demand she becomes. With a stable full of regular Johns, men willing to wait hours for her, buying gifts and professing their love. Of course there are still the rough tricks, the fights with the other girls and the slow nights when she hasn't made enough money for her next fix or to pay off her dealer or catch up on the rent. And then there's the abuse to her body -frankly I wondered how she could go on in this lifestyle for years without, well, dieing.

In fact she's not even getting high anymore, now its just matter of trying to stave off the sickness she's only ever one step ahead of. Because she can't work if she's dope sick and she can't buy drugs if she can't work. It's a vicious never ending, insane cycle.

I found it interesting how Kate started on the streets and worked her way up to the brothels, almost like a right of passage. After losing her job (for stealing) and a couple of failed attempts at rehab Kate/Lucy is desperate for cash (she's now also supporting her deadbeat boyfriend) so she starts working for her dealer/pimp. Walking the streets night after night, in an endless loop of nameless, faceless grunting men, its almost too easy. BJ's in cars, hotels that rent by the hour anything for some cash, to get that next hit.

Throughout everything Kate's family stand by her, even at her worst she still visits for the occasional Sunday dinner. Emotionally they're no longer invested, they've had to let her go, unable to bare the lies, disappointments or thievery any longer but they're still always there for her. Still hoping she will come back to them, maybe one more trip to rehab, maybe a methadone program. They never admit to knowing how she's supporting herself but don`t interfere either.

Thankfully there is a happy ending to this story but honestly I don't know how one could ever live a normal life again after this kind of interruption. I do wish this author the best though and hope to read more from her in the future because she has a real gift.

The Edge of Courage: Red Team Book 1
The Edge of Courage: Red Team Book 1
by Elaine Levine
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 20.66
19 used & new from CDN$ 7.33

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
~4.5 stars~ Ladies if you're looking for a new tortured hero to fall for then I've found him. Rocco Silas would have to be one of the most heartbreaking, damaged, seriously shut-off romantic leads I've come across since JR Ward's Zsadist, and that's not a bad thing. This is the first book from Elaine Levine's new romantic suspense series Red Team and its a great read; filled with hunky, wisecracking ex-counter terror operatives, smoking hot love scenes, a western vibe and a new addition to my top tortured heroes of all time list.

Rocco is broken; struggling to function as a civilian after spending the past 7 years deep undercover on special assignment in Afghanistan. He's just been released from a military hospital but his PTSD is far from under control. Suffering from nightmares, hallucinations and a paralyzing fear of being touched (because of what he sees on his skin) he's also keeping himself just on the edge of starvation so he can feel... something. At this point suicide is becoming a fairly reasonable option.

Enter Mandy Fielding, the half sister of one of his fellow Red Team operatives. Mandy is in the process of opening a therapeutic riding center but due to a string of weird accidents she can't get any of her ranch hands to stick around long enough to actually get it open. She promised her brother that she'd take Rocco on but honestly she's not thrilled with the idea of having a dangerous ex soldier on her payroll. One look into Rocco's haunted eyes though and her compassionate side takes over, she always did have a soft spot for the wounded strays.

The first half of this story focuses almost exclusively on Rocco and Mandy's blossoming romance, and it's a beautiful thing to watch unfold. Because Rocco is such a mess (at times he's almost more animal then man) witnessing him learn to trust, to touch, to feel again is just amazing.

"I'm not afraid of you." His head lifted, his hard gaze levelling her. "You should be. I'm afraid of me."

A couple of sigh worthy moments come to mind; There's a very BDB reminiscent scene in the shower where Rocco is trying to scrub his skin clean and later a flashback that has Mandy finding him in town just staring down main street where he's been for hours (the reason why is gut wrenching) My favourite scene though would have to be when Mandy finally gets him to eat, feeding him bite after bite from her fork. It is so raw, so sensual and heartbreakingly sexy. Yeah, The Edge of Courage gave me several re-readable moments. Oh the sexy time ain't too shabby either!

Around the half way mark the rest of the boys from Red Team show up to help take out terrorist Ebsan Asir -He's set up a faction in the US, seeking retribution for prior events in Afghanistan. And while I loved the first part of this book its here that the story begins to suffer somewhat from first-book-in series-syndrome. With our H/h getting lost between a massive influx of very witty, very sexy secondary characters, fading into the background while we get to know the heroes of future books. Its also when all the action takes place and while its exciting and non stop it also heads into OTT territory, where I had to treat it like an action movie and just shut off my brain to enjoy the ride. We're left with a couple of loose ends but even without those I would be excited about the next instalment from what promises to be a great series.

I received an e copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I should tell you though that I'll be buying it in PB as well because this is one for the keeper shelf. Cheers

The Bartered Bride
The Bartered Bride
by Mary Jo Putney
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 9.99
35 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars LOVED IT BUT THEN AGAIN I'M NEW TO THE AUTHOR, May 2 2012
I'm a little surprised at the bad to mediocre reviews for The Bartered Bride because I absolutely loved it, getting completely drawn into the sweeping adventure. Although in saying that I'm brand new to author Mary Jo Putney and don't generally read a lot of historical romances so I can't make any real comparisons either. What I can say is that I couldn't put this book down; I loved MJP's style of writing, the depth of her characters, the original story ideas, the suspense, the exotic locations and the absence of any TSTL moments.

This was a couple that actually talked to each other, so that the conflict here wasn't based on silly secrets or misunderstandings. Gavin and Alex are both adults carrying scars and they dealt with things sensibly. (i.e. they don't jump each others bones and fall in love within a matter of days) They get to know each other, they disagree, and they have issues that need time and patience to work through.

And speaking of patience what a superb hero we get in in Gavin, he's just, well...such a nice guy. I fell a little bit in love with him even though I prefer my heroes more on the alpha side. And without going into detail I also have to give credit to the research into the time, it felt very authentic. I even learned me a thing or two.

Alexandra Warren and her young daughter are returning from Australia after the death of her husband when their ship is attacked by pirates. Captured, separated and sold into slavery its going to be 6 months before Alex gets her first glimpse at rescue in that of Captain Elliot.

American shipping merchant Gavin Elliot has built a fortune in the Far East but his adventures are coming to en end. En route to England he has one last anchor drop before he starts a new life. Whilst being shown around the (make believe) Indonesian island of Maduri by the ruling Sultan, Gavin is appalled to see a European woman being auctioned off in a slave market. Before he can buy her freedom the sultan acquires the woman for himself, (to use against Gavin as a means of blackmail and to acquire his shipping fleet.) The Sultan then offers a wager; if Gavin can beat him in "the lion's game"- a series of tests decided on by the role of the dice, the woman is his; if Gavin loses he gives up his fleet and ten years of his life in servitude.

The first half of this book is just awesome, I never knew what contest the role of the dice would bring next, I defiantly didn't expect "worshipping the goddess" however. And while this enters into bodice ripper territory its handled here with ... can I get away with sensitivity? Yeah it's still rape no matter how you look at it but remember Gavin is a nice guy and kinda forced into it.

Okay anyways, the second half of the book takes place in England and while very different its no less enthralling. We have a marriage of convenience, two strangers getting to know and trust each other, a forced lordship, a kidnapping, some surprising sex scenes and charges of murder.

While others have complained about the predictability of the plot here it didn't bother me. Yeah the villains were a bit cartoonish but I found it clever how the story opens with Gavin awaiting trial in the tower of London and then makes its way back to how he got there (big surprise who he "murdered") Towards the end of the story I had forgotten all about his fate and was then on absolute pins as he walks to the hangman's noose, assured of certain death. His inner thoughts here were real and heart wrenching. I'm just so happy to have found a new author with such a huge backlist for me to discover. Adventure and romance await. Cheers

Somewhere In Time
Somewhere In Time
by Richard Matheson
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 8.10
56 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars A CLASSIC HEARTBREAKING ROMANCE, April 24 2012
This week has been one filled with romantic tragedies for me. First I went to the see the re-release of Titanic in 3D (oh Jack) and then because I hadn't had quite enough heartache I decided to revisit one of my all time favourite romances with Somewhere In Time (Bid Time Return) It's been years since I first read this as a teenager, -god only knows how many times I watched the movie version starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve (another tragedy there) and I wasn't sure if I'd feel the same about it now. Really the only difference this time around was that I was able to appreciate the quality of the writing and amount of research that must have gone into making this tale of time travel, well, believable. The romance is still as moving as it was. And yes much like Titanic even though I knew what was coming I still shed a tear at the end.

Told from a first person narrative and written as if you were reading a journal, we meet Richard Collier, A 30ish Los Angeles screenwriter with an inoperable brain tumour. Not wanting to burden his family Richard packs up his life and decides to end his days wherever the road takes him. These beginning chapters are fast moving, choppy and written with short slightly erratic paragraphs as Richard dictates into an audio diary. In the second half the journal entries become longer and more detailed and quite honestly a little dry in places.

Through the fate of a coin toss Richard finds himself at the Hotel Del Coronado, a grand seaside resort, steeped in history that manages to become a character onto itself here. It's within the hotel museum that Richard comes across a turn of the century photograph of an actress named Elise McKenna, and at that moment everything else in Richard's life ceases to exist. He can't stop thinking about the beautiful woman, or the look in her eyes, becoming obsessed with her and the time she lived in. Richard then begins to research her life and in every instance notes a complete change in her character after her acting troupe left the hotel 75 years before. If only he could meet her, if only he could get to her and find out what made her so sad, why she never married.

Its then that Richard begins researching time travel and self hypnosis, convinced that he can get back to her. When he finds his name in an 1896 hotel registry he knows with certainty what the change in Elise was. He was with her, now he just has to get back to her. Some of the time travel paradoxes in this are positively mind bending and you can't think about them too long for fear of brain explosions.

As I mentioned the writing changes as soon as Richard finds himself in1896 (yeah he does) becoming more formal and detailed. It is explained that he is now writing his accounts instead of dictating. Matheson's descriptions of the time are pure genius, not just taking into account the obvious like clothing but the social attitudes, the language differences, the size of people. Is everyone short and stocky? I loved the descriptions and Richards discovery of it all. The romance aspect here is beautifully done albeit a little soppy and with a hint of the supernatural, because as it turns out Elise was expecting him. Well not him but through a physic she's been waiting for someone mysterious to sweep her off her feet. Her over protective manager plays the antagonist here, trying in vain to keep them apart and while Richard should hate him he finds that he cannot because he knows how the man dies.

I suppose you can't change the past though and as much as I found myself cheering for our couple it was already written. Probably the most moving part of this book is in the afterward (provided by Richard's brother) which explains that his time travel was only that of a form of escapism provided by his tumour amassed brain. Robert Collier cannot however explain the love letters in Richards pocket or the antique (yet new) pocket watch or Elise McKenna's famous dying last words. He leaves it up to the reader to decide if it happened or not. I think it did. Cheers

Fantasy Lover
Fantasy Lover
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 9.87
84 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars OTHER THEN JULIAN AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?, April 24 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This was my first Sherrilyn Kenyon book and honestly it was a struggle to get through. All I could think was what am I missing? I mean the Dark Hunter series is SO popular there must be something wrong with me because this, well this was a grind.

FANTASY LOVER has its moments, the premise is unique and intriguing; an ex Spartan general cursed to spend eternity as a love slave trapped inside a book. He's released every so often to be the sexual plaything of whoever has called him forth but Julian is aware inside the book and therefore also anguished and claustrophobic. His mortal past is full of pain too and I enjoyed the flashbacks into it and all the Greek/Roman history. Truthfully he only reason I managed to finish this at all was because of Julian. Just tortured and sexy enough to peak my interest, unfortunately though he had to fall for a dip.... like Grace.

Grace Alexander would have to up there as one of my least favourite heroines ever. Anytime she spoke or we were in her head I ended up cringing. Even in the closing pages I was still rolling my eyes through every single bit of her dialogue Talk about cheesy, immature, silly and painful. With expressions like holly guacamole and greasy grimy gopher guts it was also unrealistic. And really, a sex therapist? She must not be very good at her job because she's got her own hang-ups is clueless about sex.

Julian of Macedon has been condemned to spend eternity within the pages of a mysterious book. Called forth many times over his two thousand years of confinement he definitely knows how to pleasure the ladies (his curse makes it mandatory) but he expects little else from his duties. When Grace's friend Selena presents her with the book on her birthday, on a drunken lark the pair calls forth the sex slave and because this is a paranormal romance what do you know it works.

Grace utters some ridiculous remarks when she finds a gorgeous naked man in her house and then to Julian's surprise she puts clothes on him and wants to talk. She doesn't want to have sex. What!? Actually neither would I because initially Julian is all suave and creepy bad one liners, like some desperate drunk guy at last call. Anyways, Julian has a month to spend with Grace and since she doesn't want to get laid they get to know each other instead, slowly falling in love and trying to find a way to break Julian's curse.

For some reason Kennyon includes a mini stalker plot which doesn't really go anywhere. There's lots of sexual tension but not much actual heat, we meet a couple other gods and goddesses all dressed as bikers, Julian gets a haircut, buys tight fitting jeans and fixes Graces' bookshelves (that part was actually very sweet) I just don't know if I'll be continuing on with this series, I still think I must be missing something and may give the next one a try but its going to have to get a lot darker and mature for me to finish. Cheers

When Darkness Comes
When Darkness Comes
by Alexandra Ivy
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
42 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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2.0 out of 5 stars A STRUGGLE, April 21 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
WHEN DARKNESS COMES is the first book in the Guardians of Eternity series and a lot happens in the first couple of chapters, maybe too much because I found myself going back several times, thinking I'd missed something. Abby Barlow is working in a mansion owned by an older woman named Selena. -I never did figure out what her actual job was but she seems to spend her days polishing (breaking) vases and flirting with Dante -I'm not sure that his job position was ever identified either? None of that matters though because before long there's an explosion, Selena is dead and Abby has been infused with the "Phoenix". As the physical holder of the chalice Abby also now has her own personal vampire bodyguard in Dante. He's willing to protect her at any and all costs, which is a good thing because Abby is clueless (see annoying) and demons are now trying to kill her.

Forced on the run it doesn't take long for Abby and Dante to start bumping uglies, (minus any form of sexual tension I might add) it does however take ages for Abby to come to terms with paranormal world she's been thrust into. Honestly by this point (other then the introduction of Viper) I had lost interest completely. Both the hero and heroine remained vague characters and the immature dialogue was driving me crazy. Dante as the "sexy" vampire just never did it for me, as far as vampires go he was very vanilla. And as I mentioned I had to keep backtracking, there were holes just left open in the story; Abby's terrible background which was mentioned over and over again but never revealed, why she was working for Selena in the first place. I think at one point Dante even says that's she was trapped or tied to Selena like he was. I never understood that, Dante was assigned to protect her Abby was what? A maid and she couldn't leave?

So sadly this was a DNF for me. That's not to say at all that it's unfinishable because some reviewers really liked it. It was more ICBBTFT (I can't be bothered to finish this) when I have so many other books waiting for me that I know I'll enjoy more and won't have to force my way through.

I hate not finishing a book though (especially when it's been sitting on my shelf for 2+ years and I've already bought the second and third ones in the series.) But at 120 pages in I was still struggling to care about the characters and the weak plot, to find something engaging to stop my mind from wandering from the page. Even when I started skimming for the juicy bits I was left under whelmed. ("Youza" really?!) It was then that I realized even if I managed to slog through till the end this was only ever going to be a 2 star read, so I gave up.

Anyways I hope others have better luck with this then I did. Cheers

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