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Moon Warriors, the
Moon Warriors, the
DVD ~ Andy Lau
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 65.77
6 used & new from CDN$ 19.96

3.0 out of 5 stars Not bad, but not great., July 2 2004
This review is from: Moon Warriors, the (DVD)
In my opinion, to say that this is one of the best martial arts movie of all time is an overstatement, but to say its one of the worst is hardly believable. The film was magnificently directed by Sammo Hung, an awesom martial artist himself with impeccable directing skills. He managed to make Andy Lau, Anita Mui (R.I.P.), and Maggie Cheung look like they actually know how to handle a sword. Now that's an accomplishment considering they're not all that great at martial arts,and there are several stunt doubles doing the more complicated moves. The story lies around an emperor who is running from his evil brother that is trying to kill him and permanently hold the throne. A village fisherman played by Andy Lau lends the emperor a hand and they become good friends. The emperor is on his way to retreive his supposed-to-be wife played by Anita Mui before she is killed by the brother. A complicated love story involving Andy, the emperor, Anita, and the emperor's bodyguard played by Maggie Cheung takes place. Interesting story indeed, but I have seen better films. The fights in this film are fast and well choreographed, and although there are some wirework present, its not too ridiculous. I enjoyed every fight in this film except the last one in the,its ridiculous. The film itself is pretty violent, but the fighters look so charismatic you sort of get distracted away from the blood. So the story is good as is the fighting and acting, so why only 3 stars? Well, I'd give the movie 4, but the DVD's sound is horrendous. The DTS track is a joke with sounds that just blast out of nowhere and it gets rather annoying. I dropped another star because the makers of the film really wanted the viewers to care about the characters, but during the whole film I didn't care very much at all. With all the mushy conversations, and there are many, it just wasn't enough to really praise this film. Plus I, along with several viewers, thought the inclusion of the killer whale was unnecessary. The scenes with the whale sort of ruined the film. To say that this film is better or close to the quality of Crouching Tiger is really going out on a limb. Crouching Tiger had wonderful cinematography, awesome action, a very good love story, and the characters were interesting. For an all round swordplay movie, Crouching was great, not the best, but great. Moon Warriors is ok, but not something to be praised so highly, and whoever did the sound on this DVD needs a new career. If you want the best version, pick up Moon Warriors from the Hong Kong Legends(HKL) distributors, but you'll need a regionless DVD player to play their region 2 DVDs. They're best for remastering video and audio elements of martial arts films. If you want to check out more swordplay films which I feel are better, then watch Crouching Tiger, Swordsman II (with jet li), Kill Bill (more action than story), and The Hunted (with Christopher Lambert). I know, you must be saying Christopher Lambert from Highlander????!! Take my word folks, this is his best film and the swordplay is awesome. Thanks for reading and check my other reviews for more martial arts recommendations.

Women on the Run
Women on the Run
DVD ~ Tamara Guo
Price: CDN$ 22.99
4 used & new from CDN$ 22.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great to see Kim Won Jin., June 16 2004
This review is from: Women on the Run (DVD)
The only reason I even decided to keep this movie is because of Kim Won Jin,an awesome kick master in all the movies he's played in. The movie itself is pretty bad and very degrading for women. Story? Tamara Guo comes to Hong Kong with her lover as a martial arts champion in hopes of finding success. Instead she gets placed in a life of prostitution, drugs(heroin addict), and betrayal from her lover. Pretty soon, serious legal matters put her in jail where she meets two cops who are having an affair, played by Benny Lai and Farini Cheung Yui Ling. Benny is a crooked cop working with an underground drug group leader KK played by Won Jin(he's always the bad guy, sigh).Lai convinces Cheung to go undercover to spy on KK and to use the prisoner Guo for help. Lai's plan is to frame the two women so that KK and Lai can break away clean with dirty money. Anyways the women will figure this out and plot revenge. Very twisted plot indeed. As I said, the only reason to see this is for Kim Won Jin because his scenes are awesome where he just kicks the hell out of everyone. This guy is so fast and so flexible, and I merely watched the film to see more of him. Guo and Cheung are just OK, but some of their moves were pretty impressive. The director Corey Yuen got the best out of the actors and actresses in terms of fighting and acrobatic capabilities. The problems with the film lies with the content...this is not for minors due to the nudity, sex, and mildly graphic rape scenes. Most of it was really unnecessary and extremely distasteful (especially the rape scenes). There's even animal brutality (suggested, not real) in the movie where there was absolutely no point for it. Bleh. I don't know why Corey Yuen,usually a great martial art film producer, decided to go Wong Jing style with all this women bashing. So why the three stars? Kim Won Jin. I would've given this only one star if he wasn't present. By the way, the way they ended this movie is total crap...good job Corey Yuen (pshh).Well, definitely worth a viewing if you can handle the sexual brutality because Kim Won Jin is awesome as usual. I wish he could've been the main character in this, but oh well. As of right now, there is one version of the DVD out and that's the one you see above. There's some subtitle and lighting problems, but one can manage, and besides, the movie is cheap. For more Won Jin films, definitely check out Operation Scorpio, where he also plays the bad guy (sigh). For other martial art recommendations, check out my other reviews. Thanks for your time.

Shanghai Affairs [Import]
Shanghai Affairs [Import]
DVD ~ Donnie Yen
3 used & new from CDN$ 13.86

4.0 out of 5 stars I enjoyed the movie, it's just a bad dvd..., Jan. 10 2003
This review is from: Shanghai Affairs [Import] (DVD)
First off, I'm a huge donnie yen fan and own just about everything he has, and I'm glad to own this movie. I agree that he has defintely done better, but this is an all round decent movie. The story sort of keeps your attention: Donnie is a doctor who opens a clinic in a very poor village with his assistant Bond. A gang led by the very underated Yu Rong Guang (the Iron Monkey in Iron Monkey) wants to clear out this village to open a casino. Of course, Donnie and his partner, who happens to be a pretty decent fighter, are protectant of the village people. Soon after, children from the village get kidnapped, and the reason for it is kind of silly in my opinion. Mainly though, it's the love story element involving Donnie that keeps you interested. Just watch it and find out. The fighting is for the most part pretty good. I mean I've seen much worse like Donnie's Legend of The Wolf (or New Big Boss), now that was bad. There are a only a few fights in the film due to more focus on story, but most of the fights are pretty damn good. Yu shows some of the best fighting skills I've seen from him, and this really surprised the time of this film, he is not a very young man at all, but he gave Donnie a run for his money. These 2 went at it very aggressively, and all their fights looked painful. They seemed equal in speed and strength, and knowing how fast Donnie can get...whew. I must say that the camera work is different, but far from bad...Legend of The Wolf was pathetic camera work cuz I couldn't see a least in Shanghai Affairs I could see the fighters' moves when I wanted and needed to. When Yu and Donnie go at it, it's pretty crazy and if you keep an eye on the background elements such as the leaves moving around, it's pretty surreal. The last fight is obviously the highlight with Yu pulling out an axe on a chain and using it with apparent skill. A complaint I have is there is one pathetic fight scene where Donnie, with a TREE BRANCH, takes out like 30 guys armed with axes....boooooo...very reminiscent of Legend of the Wolf. With the exception of this fight, the other scenes are very good. Another complaint are the horrible sound effects on the dvd, off point sometimes and just wrong sounds for certain blocks and attacks. But overall, this is a decent film as long as you're patient to wait for the fights, and the fights are something to watch. Great choreography and no doubles. It is defintely worth checking out folks if you're etchy about buying it, but it is pretty cheap. Seek out the Universe Laser version though, this above version I've never seen before and it doesn't look very impressive. The Universe is unfortunately the best version so far with mono sound and slightly blurry, but watchable video. The Chinese language is kept intact with english subs. Obviously this is nowhere near Donnie's best work, but Yu Rong Guang shines here. For better Donnie flicks, check out Iron Monkey, In the Line of Duty 4, Wing Chun w/ Michelle Yeoh, OUATIC 2 w/ Jet Li, & Tiger Cage 2 (awesome). Check out my other MA reviews too, thanks for reading.

Eastern Condors [Import]
Eastern Condors [Import]
DVD ~ Sammo Kam-Bo Hung
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 612.49
3 used & new from CDN$ 86.12

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of Sammo's best productions, Jan. 8 2003
This review is from: Eastern Condors [Import] (DVD)
As mentioned already, this film is loosely based on the classic American war film The Dirty Dozen, except there's only 10 (i think) individuals and it's a half martial arts (MA), half war movie. Sammo actually lost a lot of weight for this role and he and Yuen Biao were just awesome in this movie. The story is simple, the best prison inmates are given a chance to earn money and freedom should they accomplish a secret mission. They will not know anything about their mission or where they are going until they are at the goal. Sammo is one of the inmates alongside director Yuen Kwai and choreographer Yuen Wo Ping. The latter 2 provide some comedy to the film. The Dirty Pack soon realize that they're in Vietnam to destroy nuclear weapons that the Viet Cong have yet to know about. The premise here is if the Viet Cong find out about it, they'll use it. The rest of the film displays some really cool acrobatic warfare tactics. There is also shooting involved as expected in a war film. Yuen Biao and Sammo showcase some very awesome moves; I'm talking wicked and fast attacks. I must mention that this is the kind of film that builds up to be better; the beginning is not all that impressive, but later on into the movie is great MA. The end fight is as should be the and ouch...This must be seen because some of the greatest fighters are here doing some great stuff. Yuen Wah is the leader of the Viet Cong platoon out to get the Dirty Pack, and he shows some of his awesome kicking abilities, this guy is so agile and fast. The well known Thai-boxer Billy Chow (the superpowerful general from Fist of Legend) also has a part as once again a bad guy. He has an extremely brutal fight with Sammo that'll make you cringe. Chow and Wah are very highly overlooked. Biao does some crazy moves in the final fight as well...this just has to be seen...this last fight alone surpasses the worth of purchase. I only have 2 complaints: I wanted to see more, the fights here are all classic and awesome, but short. One hard hit and it was over...don't get me wrong, this looks very realistic, but I just wanted to see more of it. Also, Lam Ching Ying did not do any MA at all, and this guy is [amazing], you gotta see him in Prodigal Son. All in all, a very rare and classic HK martial arts/war film. The best version of dvd comes from the Hong Kong Legends distributors. You'll need an all-region dvd player to play their region 2 PAL dvds though, but they are known for remastering video and sound and providing awesome extras in their rereleased HK films. If you can't have the privelege of the dvd player, then stick with the Fox version above because the DTS track rocks. At least check this film out if you don't intend to buy, it's one of a kind. Check out my other MA reviews too, thanks for reading.

Last Hero in China [Import]
Last Hero in China [Import]
DVD ~ Jet Li
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 43.25
8 used & new from CDN$ 43.25

3.0 out of 5 stars Good movie, but get the right version...., Jan. 8 2003
This review is from: Last Hero in China [Import] (DVD)
For those buying this Deadly China Hero dvd, you are getting a [junky] version of the original film Last Hero In China. The distributors for Deadly.. are known for bootleggin movies and cutting scenes out, so look for the right one if you intend to check this film out. This film is the Jet's second to the last installment to the Once Upon A Time In China (OUATIC) series. It's nothing spectacular in my opinion, but it's not a bad film either. Tsui Hark, who did the original OUATIC series is not a part of this film; instead, the dirty Wong Jing directed this film, which kind of hurt it a bit. Yuen Woo Ping still provided the choreography, but I've seen better. Wong's aunt, or love interest, (Rosamund Kwan) is also out of this picture. Jet plays Wong Fei Hung once again, and he moves his school temporarily to a new location. The school ends up next to a brothel, Fei Hung soons discovers corruption and kidnappings of women taking place around the town. Officials want to get rid of him, and of course Wong wants to save everybody as usual. This is probably all you'd need to know about the story because it really is not that interesting. Right from the start, I could not take this film seriously at all. It was trying pretty hard to be funny, and sometimes it worked, other times it failed miserably. It felt like watching a parody of OUATIC. The MA were good, but not great; there was simply too much wirework and fake elements involved. It's one thing if the movements look real, but wirework was pretty bad in this film. There's a scene where a bad official slaps his hands on tiles, and this brings them up flying at Wong; all of a sudden the official decides to literally swim or glide across the ground afterwards...couldn't help thinkin what was the point of it was, but anyways. The bad official (Alan Chui?) also has one of the most annoying laughs you'll ever hear. There were bits and pieces of battles that stood out, but not one ENTIRE fight scene impressed me. The Shaolin Master Killer Gordon Liu(Lau Kar Fai) was also in the film as a bad guy, but director Wong Jing clearly wasted Liu's talents by not using them. In addition, the outcome of his final battle is pretty pathetic. There is a fight between Liu and Jet that starts off decent until the flying elements came into I said, bits and pieces. Cheung Man is also in the film, but her MA is strictly wire based and made her look like a ballerina...nothing impressive. As everyone already mentioned here, the last battle involves Jet in a chicken suit fighting a group of baddies dressed as a centipede. It's kind of silly, but the battle that follows between Fei Hung and the bad official is nice. There is still wirework done here, but this battle probably had the most REAL and serious MA. Sadly, there were many shots that made me realize that Jet was doubled for many of the'll also see Jet try to use the drunken style, though unconvincing, and some great moves came afterwards and probably is the base of my rating. Some of the moves here are pretty brutal, and they stayed in my mind even after the film. Overall, I would call this an average movie. OUATIC 1-3 totally outshines this film because there was more meaning to it and I felt more for the characters, plus the MA was far better. I can't really recommend you to buy this film, but since it is pretty cheap, why not. Besides, it's part of Jet's Wong Fei Hung history. It's definitely worth checking out, so you can make your own opinions. To me, this film is trying too hard to be funny, and sadly I found myself laughing at scenes in the film that probably weren't intended to be funny. Better Jet films are his original OUATIC 1-3, Fist of Legend (his best), Swordsman II, Tai Chi Master, Kung Fu Colt Master, Shaolin Temple, and more...hope this was helpful, check out my other MA reviews, thanks for reading.

The Prodigal Son [Import]
The Prodigal Son [Import]
DVD ~ Biao Yuen
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 169.15
3 used & new from CDN$ 49.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow....blew me away..., Jan. 7 2003
This review is from: The Prodigal Son [Import] (DVD)
For the age of the film (made in 1982), this film really surprised and pleased me. I wasn't expecting such intensity, but it is frequently said that this film started the modern fighting kung fu flicks of the 80's, which in my opinion is the best due to lack of wires and other digital tools that now invade the majority of the newer flicks. It was straight forward Kung (Gung) Fu skills. This film is somewhere up in my top 5 martial arts film of all time, and can rival any kung fu movie of any time. I have become a huge fan of Lam Ching Ying,Yuen Biao,Sammo Hung, and Frankie Chan because of this film. The story, as stated by everyone else here, focuses around Biao's character as the Prodigal Son who who is recognized around his town as the fighter who has never lost a battle. However, the townspeople know something that Biao himself is oblivious to, which is the fact that Biao's father is paying off challengers to protect his only precious son. One day, a true Kung Fu master (Lam Ching Ying) teaches him a lesson and Biao soon realize the truth afterwards. The rest of the film has Biao relentlessly following the master pleading him to become his teacher. The movie will start off slow with the beginning fight not being too impressive, but dont let that turn you off because it definitely gets better. Throughout the rest of film are amazing fights involving Lam, Biao, Frankie, and Sammo. This film displays probably the best view of Wing Chun seen in a movie. One of the best fights I have ever seen takes place between Lam Ching Ying and Frankie Chan with Lam using Wing Chun and Frankie using what im assuming some sort of Tiger or Eagle style that looks like Mantis-form (I am a former kung fu student). Folks, this fight is so fast and realistic, I cant help thinking its better than the fights from fist of legend or drunken master 2 (but of course, not quite). These guys are TRYING to hit each other, but at the same time the speed of the fight is insane. The hand movements and contacts are so quick, it's amazing that the fighters were able to keep up with themselves. This is true great martial arts at its finest. Biao and Sammo also show their usual great skills with some brilliant fighting from Biao in the last battle. However, it was Lam Ching Ying that took me away with his Wing Chun abilities. I've seen him in other films (Mr. Vampire), and he doesn't get quite as good as he did here. This man is extremely talented and totally stole the whole movie in my opinion. I was kind of let down when Biao didn't use wing chun very much if at all in the last battle, but the fight was still very impressive. Aside from the fighting, the movie is hilarious with great comedy provided by Sammo. Prodigal Son is one of Sammo's greatest works by far, and the many awards the movie has won would show that. Movies are never made like this anymore and for the greatest kung fu flicks of all time, this is no exception. There are at least 3 versions of the dvd I know of with the best coming from the Hong Kong Legends distributors. You'll need an all-region dvd player to play their region 2 PAL dvds. It's worth it tho folks, the video and sound are all remastered to the fullest and the extras are incredible. These distributors live to remaster kung fu flicks. There are also all-coded Universe and Megastar dvd releases too which are decent enough, but dont match to HKL. Either version is fine, but you gotta at least check it out and make your own opinions about it. Other great Sammo and Biao flicks are Eastern Condors, Righting Wrongs, and almost any movie alongside Jackie. Check out my other martial art movie reviews too, thanks for reading.

Game of Death (Widescreen) [Import]
Game of Death (Widescreen) [Import]
DVD ~ Bruce Lee
Offered by CAMusicFiendz
Price: CDN$ 38.93
12 used & new from CDN$ 2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars His Worst, but still decent..., April 5 2002
I dont have to complement anymore on how badly they did this movie which probably made Bruce turn over in his grave, but the fighting where Bruce was in the film is true magic. This film amazingly enough grossed out Enter the Dragon at the box office when released and set the record at the time for most extras in any film, haha. Yes the film was doubles galore with some being pathetically awful in every perspective (acting and looks). The story of Game of Death?...Bruce is an upcoming movie star named Billy Lo with a bright future and he has a gf whom is an upcoming singer. A mafia organization within the entertainment industry wants them to sign a contract to work for them,Billy and gf refuses,mafia threatens them,attempts to murder Billy,Billy fakes death and sets out for revenge. The leader of mafia happens to stay at the top of some pagoda tower with 3 floors, each floor being guarded by a great fighter. Bruce's intention with the film was a little different: Bruce plays a character named Hai Tien, a retired martial arts champion who is being harassed by some underground Korean mafia group to participate in "The Game of Death" where a contestant must accend a pagoda tower consisting of 5 floors with a fighter on each floor.The one who gets to the top gets some treasure.Hai refuses,his brother and sister gets kidnapped, he sets out for revenge and particiates in the "Game". Only the top 3 floors of fighting was shot before Bruce's death, but it was a masterpiece of filming. Robert Clouse changed the whole story and added a pretty decent musical score to it. There are two other fight scenes with the doubles in this film that are pretty decent, the one in the locker room with Bob Wall, and the bike scene. The main reason to own this movie is of course Bruce's signature fights with Dan Inosanto and Kareem. This is the only film where there is a nunchaku battle, and a great one at that. I feel sorry for those who are getting this horrible US Fox version of the film because the sound is pitiful. If you can play Region 2 PAL dvds, then the Hong Kong Legends platinum version of Game of Death is the masterpiece to own. This is the only dvd that has ANY of the surviving cut footage from the scenes that Bruce shot. Yes, the fighting scenes in Robert Clouse's Game of Death are cut, and if you want to see the entire scene the way Bruce intended, this is the only dvd that has it plus many other cut scenes. Plus everything on this dvd is remastered and unmatched. There are more than 4 hours of extras surrounding Game and this a 2-DVD Platinum set. Many have bought the dvd solely to see the cut footage. There is also a cut glasshouse fight scene with a Bruce double that is admittedly awesome. So do yourself a favor and get a regionless dvd player with PAL converter because this dvd is essential. The 5+ stars is for this dvd...I give the Fox version 2 stars, too watered down. All of Bruce's films are magnificent...Fist of Fury (not Fists, and it is Chinese Connection here), Big Boss (Fists of Fury here), Way of the Dragon (Return here), and Enter the Dragon...Had Bruce lived on to complete his script, it would have probably been his greatest film, the scenes he shot were mindblowing and just so far ahead of its time...he is a martial arts genious whose films and philosophy will live on forever...hope this and my other martial arts film reviews are helpful.

Huang jia shi jie zhi IV: Zhi ji zheng ren
Huang jia shi jie zhi IV: Zhi ji zheng ren
DVD ~ Cynthia Khan
3 used & new from CDN$ 63.02

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the Greatest fighting films!!!, April 5 2002
Out of the 5 In The Line of Duty films, this one stands out by far the best. All you need to know is that Donnie Yen, one of my favorite fighters, is in this and he shows some of the best stuff I've ever seen. Story???...Donnie Yen and Cynthia Khan are on a team of first class police officers undercover on some drugdealer case. Their partner happened to take pictures of a drug deal with some major people, and he attempts to arrest them. He fails, tries to get away with the picture negatives, but gets shot, and an unfortunate dockworker is given the negatives to bring in to the police. Police officer dies and dockworker ends up losing negative. Now he's a suspect for the murder of the police officer and he's being chased by the dealers men for the negative. Donnie and Cynthia are to protect the suspect in this crazy cat and mouse chase, and the fact that there is a bad heel within the police force is no help either. The fighting is the brutal modern style that'll make you cringe. There are tons of great fights in this film, and very very little wirework thank goodness. This is Yuen Woo Ping choreography at its best. This is the first movie I've seen where there are so many great fighters on screen. There must've been 4-5 fighters in here that I really liked regardless of them being bad guys. Of course, Donnie Yen still steals the show with his awesome kicking and boxing abilities, but watching the fight scenes that were without him were awesome too. Cynthia Khan is a great fighter as well as the dockworker. There is yet another classic fight between Donnie Yen and Michael Woods that is breathtaking. This film is a total MUST-OWN. If you want great action every 5-10 minutes, this is a masterpiece for you. Don't get me wrong tho, there are some "sentimental" moments in this, and you'd start believin all these fighters really can act. In my opinion, this is Donnie Yen's second best film with Tiger Cage 2 being the first (a lot of the same actors are in this one too). As for the dvd, there are 2 versions out there. If you can play Region 2 PAL encoded dvds, then you must get the Hong Kong Legends version entitled simply In The Line of Duty. The remastered video and sound is unmatched, and completely uncut. There are some interesting extras as well like a Donnie Yen interview and biography. If you can't, then get the HK version that is sold everywhere online. Point is, you gotta have this if you're a martial arts or Donnie Yen fan. Other awesome Donnie Yen titles...Tiger Cage 2, Iron Monkey, Wing Chun (with Michelle Yeoh), and OUATIC 2 (with Jet Li)...Hope this was helpful, check my other HK reviews too!!!

Chinese Connection (Widescreen) [Import]
Chinese Connection (Widescreen) [Import]
DVD ~ Bruce Lee
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 67.35
11 used & new from CDN$ 9.46

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome movie, but GET THE ORIGINAL!!!!!!, April 4 2002
Well, I'll be one of many to say it...the sound for this version of Bruce's timeless classic truly [stinks]!! Wow, Fox sure does not know how to remaster a great film. Anyways, the original name for this film is Fist of Fury (not Fists of Fury, which is the replacement name for The Big Boss). Now that the confusion is out of the way hopefully, this is about Chen (Bruce) who comes back to his martial arts school to find his master suspiciously dead. Japanese own the territory, and Chen suspects a murder. He finds out that a Japanese official was behind it, and fights his way to confront him. Thin plot, but the fighting was way ahead of its time. This is the beginning of what everyone remembers of Bruce. His amazing technique and the power that he puts in all of his attacks are mindblowing. Hands down, he is the best realistic fighter to be caught on film. What version to get?? Definitely not this one for the sound is completely mono and only an English dub is available. If you can play Region 2 PAL dvds, then the Hong Kong Legends version entitled Fist of Fury is the one to own. Awesome remastered sound (5.1 dbd Chinese and English) and video (shockingly clear) and uncut. There is also a DTS version which is pretty hard to find, but plays on any dvd player. I can't say much for this one, but DTS for an early 70's film can't be too much better than dbd 5.1. There is also a standard HK version of this film as well, which is still way better than this Chinese Connection release. Just look for the film titled Fist(not Fists) of Fury and you got yourself a classic. This film is such a classic that Jet Li did the infamous remake of it called Fist of Legend, which is probably my favorite martial arts movie of all time. This film is essential for any martial arts collection, and I urge all of you to own it. Actually, all of Bruce's films are a must own...Big Boss (Fists of Fury here in US), Way of the Dragon (Return of the Dragon here), Enter the Dragon, and Game of Death...Way of the Dragon (or Return) was my favorite, check out my review on that and check my other HK reviews too...Hope this was helpful.

Iron Monkey (Widescreen) [Import]
Iron Monkey (Widescreen) [Import]
DVD ~ Rongguang Yu
Offered by M and N Media Canada
Price: CDN$ 36.34
19 used & new from CDN$ 0.73

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic, but this US version is CUT!!!, April 4 2002
Why can't the people at Dimension Home video get it right for once??? They messed up every single martial arts movie release by not providing the original language tracks and cutting scenes. This time with Iron Monkey, they were wise enough to remaster the original chinese language track, but they still decide to cut. For me, cutting a fighting scene, especially if its the last one, is a no no...and I, like another reviewer here, love it when Wong Kei-Ying or Wong Fei Hung call out their special move (Shadowless Kick) before they actually do it. Anyways, for those that don't know, this movie was made in 1993 and it took long enough to come over here. This is a story of a Robin Hood like character who steals from the rich corrupt govt officials and gives to the poor towns people. He goes by the name of Iron Monkey (played by Rongguang Yu), a hero to the townspeople, and a wanted man by the officials. The officials are arresting anyone that looks suspicious. While in town to shop for medicine, Wong Kei-Ying (played by the awesome Donnie Yen) and his son, the very young Wong Fei Hung get in a quarrel with some thugs and get arrested for suspicion. The chief official learns of Wong Kei-Ying's great martial arts, and by force sends him to take out the Iron Monkey while his son Wong Fei Hung is held in custody. To make it simple, Wong Kei-Ying and the Iron Monkey will eventually team up and fight some interesting govt officials. Donnie Yen pretty much steals the show in this film as Wong Kei-Ying, and he is the reason why I watched it. His kicking ability and speed are just awesome. Yeun Woo Ping once again lends a hand in making a decent choreographed film. I must admit there is more wirework here than I would want to see, but thankfully Donnie saves it here. The kid that plays Wong Fei Hung (a boy?...I've heard it was a girl too) is pretty awesome in this movie as well. Basically, theres plenty of fighting action in this film to keep action fans happy, and the ones with Donnie Yen are the best. Now, to the dvd...quentin tarantino and Dimension is getting a lot of heat from me for the cutting. Folks, if you are able to play Region 2 PAL dvds...then the Hong Kong Legends version of Iron Monkey is the essential copy to own...completely uncut, remastered audio (Original Chinese and English) and video, and some interesting extras. If not, then get the Media Asia HK version (green box) for that is uncut as well, but not as crisp clear as the Region 2. I wrote this review in full support of Donnie Yen, he is one of the best martial artist to be caught on film. Check out his other greats such as In The Line of Duty IV, Tiger Cage 2, Wing Chun (alongside Michelle Yeoh), and OUATIC 2 (alongside Jet Li). For those that dont know, hes also the asian guy in Blade 2. Anyways, Iron Monkey is a classic and well worth your buck. Check this movie out and check my other HK reviews too...hope this was helpful.

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