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Jeremy Brackeen "themetalbeast" (Cameron, WI United States)

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Eaten Back To Life
Eaten Back To Life
Price: CDN$ 16.47
22 used & new from CDN$ 9.87

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5.0 out of 5 stars Monster Debut, Hell Yeah!!!, July 16 2004
This review is from: Eaten Back To Life (Audio CD)
Produced and engineered by the legendary Scott Burns,Cannibal Corpse's Eaten Back To Life is truly one of the greatest debut albums in death metal. Nothing but pure raw power, and if you love your music that way, this album is yours. Every song on here is so fast, they just hit you like a jackhammer. Vocalist Chris Barnes is a death metal legend. Guitarists Bob Rusay and Jack Owen just destroy with their raw fast paced riffs, The rhythm section of fast finger bassist Alex Webster who does a great job keeping up with his bass and mad freinzied monster drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz is amazing. Speaking of Paul, man that guy is just maniacal on the drums, you feel like you got the crap kicked out of you after getting his snare patterns stuck in your head. Skull Full Of Maggots, Bloody Chunks, Scattered Remains Splattered Brains, Shredded Humans, Born In A Casket, and Put Them To Death are the best songs. CC rules, hell yeah.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2
Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2
Offered by Past N Present Video Games
Price: CDN$ 15.95
68 used & new from CDN$ 10.25

5.0 out of 5 stars Mega Awesome, Mega Fun, July 1 2004
The Mega Man series was to me what The Super Mario Bros, Legend Of Zelda, and Final Fantasy series were to other video gamers. These are the games that I grew up with these games as a kid, and when I heard about this collection being released on the Playstation 2 (also availble on the Nintendo Game Cube and the Gameboy Advance), I was very excited. After waiting for three to four long months, I finally got my hands on it at my local Sam Goody Store. The tunes on each game and every level I play is like a song to me with some creativity added, unlike Super Mario Bros and Legend Of Zelda where they have the same tunes repeated all over again in every level. The 3rd and 4th Mega Man games are my all times favorites on here. The other games on are great as well. Long live Mega Man!

Psalm 69 by Ministry
Psalm 69 by Ministry
Price: CDN$ 16.91
55 used & new from CDN$ 2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Industrial-metal at it's best, June 28 2004
This review is from: Psalm 69 by Ministry (Audio CD)
Psalm 69 was the first Ministry album I ever bought, and it's a great album to start out with. After listening to it, I was so amazed by the muscicianship by these guys, they sure know their instruments very well. Songs such as N.W.O, Hero, and Just One Fix are just loaded with angry buzzsaw like guitar riffs that aim right for your throat, fast marching like drum hits, and plenty of angry vocals from Al Jourgensen. Jesus Built My Hotrod is another good fast paced song with some cool guitar solos, and also features Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers. Overall every song is just great, and this masterpiece is an absolute must have for those who like Ministry or metal in general. Long live Ministry. F*ck Evanescence and f*ck Avril Lavigne, they don't compare.

Price: CDN$ 12.52
44 used & new from CDN$ 4.34

5.0 out of 5 stars True and Pure Death/Thrash Metal, June 16 2004
This review is from: Arise-Remastered (Audio CD)
The Jungle Boys, also known as Seputura have done it again with Arise. I just get a rush whenever I listen to these guys. Like Morbid Visions, Schizophrenia, and Beneath The Remains, Arise is just a pure total slamming, headbanging death/thrash metal assault that is just loaded with brutal guitar riffs, insane solos, and bobbing drums that makes you wanna thrash in your room whenever you're not in the mood for any happy ass, everything's going to be okay bullsh**. Max Cavelera's vocals get more angrier every time, and his rhythm guitarwork is just fast and superb, while lead guitarist Andreas Kisser rips out solos that are just art like. Igor Cavelera is one of the best drummers in metal, and he give out a strong performance as usual, talk about sheer brilliance. Arise, Subtraction, Desperate Cry, Murder, Dead Embryonic Cells, and the cover of Orgasmatron (originally performed by Motorhead, another one of my favorite metal bands) are the best songs. If you want to start a Sepultura album collection, I suggest you start with this album and Beneath The Remains. Happy Headbangin! The Metalbeast.

None So Vile
None So Vile
4 used & new from CDN$ 33.27

5.0 out of 5 stars Heavy To The Max, June 15 2004
This review is from: None So Vile (Audio CD)
Cryptopsy's second full length album None So Vile is arguably one of the most sickest, heaviest, insane, and best death metal albums I've ever listened to. Every song on here is great. It has lots of awesome fast technical guitar riffs giving the album it's evil sound, and the solos are just mindblowing. Vocalist Lord Worm is so sick, and full of energy, his vocals will just drive you insane. Eric Langlois does some good slap bass on here, just listen to him on Slit Your Guts. Flo Mounier is just a monster on drums, man his jackhammering blastbeasts and double basses will just bust your spine in half. Cryptopsy rules. Also check out Deicide, Suffocation, Death, Malevolent Creation, and Cannibal Corpse too, they kick ass too.

Offered by fastmetalcds
Price: CDN$ 9.90
4 used & new from CDN$ 9.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Death Metal, June 14 2004
This review is from: Human (Audio CD)
Human was the first album that introduced me to arguably one of the greatest death metal bands of all time, led by the late great Chuck Schuldiner who passed away from brain cancer in late 2001. Speaking of Chuck, the guy wrote great lyrics, all about the struggles of human emotions, and his vocals on here are just amazing too. Now about the album, it packed with fast, complexed guitar riffs, ear piercing solos from Chuck(who also played lead guitar)and Paul Masvidal. Steve DiGiorgio's(who also played with Sadus and Testament) bass work is excellent, and Sean Reinert's double kick drum action will just kick you in the gut. Suicide Machine, Flattening Of Emotions, Cosmic Sea, and Vacant Planets are my favorite songs on here, hey the whole album is just perfect, and I'm hoping to get some more albums from these guys. Anyways, if you love true brutal death metal, you will love this masterpiece, get it now.

Great Milenko
Great Milenko
Price: CDN$ 15.97
37 used & new from CDN$ 6.48

5.0 out of 5 stars The Only Rap I Like, June 12 2004
This review is from: Great Milenko (Audio CD)
Unlike other rap, Insane Clown Posse are the only rap group I like. They are hardcore and very underrated. I get a good laugh when I listen to this album, cuz it's so full of wicked clown humor, something that your parents wouldn't want to hear. That's why I listen to them, because the lryics are so sick but hilarious. Great songs include Hokus Pokus (with some real funny ass lyrics), Piggy Pie (my favorite on here, just listen to the skit after the song, it is so hilarious), The Neden Game, What Is A Juggalo, House Of Horrors, and Halls Of Illusions (with some guitar riffs by Slash). This stuff is comedy to me. Screw Eminem, that jackass is way overrated and he sucks big time. ICP is the only rap I like, but I'am a true metalhead deep down inside period.

Enemy of the Music Business
Enemy of the Music Business
Price: CDN$ 18.56
9 used & new from CDN$ 13.06

5.0 out of 5 stars FAST AND HEAVY, the way I love it, June 10 2004
This is arguably my favorite Napalm Death so far, although I only got four of their albums, so I'm really looking forward to get some more. This album really kicks some serious ass, and will please any fan of death metal, grindcore, and even thrash metal fans like myself. Every song on here just kicks your ass so hard, it just sends you in a wiplash. Barney Greenway gives out one of his best vocal performances on here, just listen to him on the opening track Taste The Poison, talk about insane. Jesse Pintado and Mitch Harris's twin guitar riffs just rips right through your body like a chainsaw. Bassist Shane Embury adds a different sound to his bass which is a very good thing. Danny Herrera's heart pounding double bass drum blasts just hit you like a ton of bricks, man he is just sick. Great album, a must have for all Napalm Death fans. ND 4ever.

Altars of Madness
Altars of Madness
4 used & new from CDN$ 32.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Death Metal Classic, June 1 2004
This review is from: Altars of Madness (Audio CD)
Ahhh, classic Morbid Angel at it's best. Reminds me alot of Slayer at times. David Vincent's vocals are really good on here. Trey Azagthoth is an awesome guitarist, together he and Richard Brunelle pull off some real fast solos on here. Pete Sandoval is a freakin drum god, man his double bass is just non stop. Immortal Rites, Suffocation, Chapel Of Ghouls, Blasphemy, Maze Of Torment, and Visions From The Dark Side are my favorite songs on here. If you're a true death metal fan, you'll love Morbid Angel, get this classic now.

Price: CDN$ 10.27
37 used & new from CDN$ 6.41

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5.0 out of 5 stars Deicide at their best, June 1 2004
This review is from: Legion (Audio CD)
Legion is just as heavy as Deicide's self titled album, but it's a lot more brutal and insane sounding as far as technicality is concerned. Glen Benton's scary insane growls, Steve Asheim's fast sonic drum blasts, and insane guitar solos from brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman will just hit you like a ton of bricks. A must have for true death metal fans.

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