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Justice League: Starcrossed The Movie
Justice League: Starcrossed The Movie
DVD ~ Various
Price: CDN$ 14.96
32 used & new from CDN$ 0.96

4.0 out of 5 stars Good ending to current JL series!, July 19 2004
I just saw this episode this past week and I have to say I LOVED IT! Quite a twist to the Hawkgirl/Green Lantern romance to reveal that she was engaged to one of the Hawkmen! Also, seeing BatMan openly reveal some of his secrets to the JL was also surprising. I hope the next version goes deeper into the relationships as well as the action (particularly the budding relationship between BatMan & Wonder Woman).
While it may or may not be the best episode for JL (that's a debatable point), its definitely top 10 material. Would love if Warner would release all the episodes from this series as they are starting to do with BatMan: The Animated Series! Worth the buy!

Price: CDN$ 22.24
20 used & new from CDN$ 6.63

5.0 out of 5 stars Gangsta Rap With Soul!, July 18 2004
This review is from: Power (Audio CD)
Ice-T was in that group along with N.W.A. that would actually cuss and talk about things that most people didn't want to hear but was true! Granted, they may have gone too far sometimes but hey, the violence disscussed in their records was seen in the media everyday so who was the real hypocrites?!
Anyway, my joint used to be his ode to the old "Pusherman" song by Curtis Mayfield called "I'm Your Pusher." I still play that now! Definitely worth the buy if you want to hear how gangsta rap was done back in the day instead of the nonsense you hear now!

As Nasty As They Wanna Be
As Nasty As They Wanna Be
Price: CDN$ 25.54
16 used & new from CDN$ 17.79

5.0 out of 5 stars The Eddie Murphy's Of Rap Live!, July 18 2004
These guys were vulgar to be sure but their music had surprising soul and humor and was more fun than a lot of rap music of today! Not recommended for children though! DEFINITELY AN ADULTS ONLY PARTY!

Ralph Tresvant
Ralph Tresvant
Price: CDN$ 13.48
33 used & new from CDN$ 5.54

4.0 out of 5 stars His Only Success Outside Of New Edition!, July 13 2004
This review is from: Ralph Tresvant (Audio CD)
Ralph Tresvant was great as lead singer of New Edition but on his own his two CD's were probably the weakest. The self-titled debut was definitely the better of the two! "Rated R", "Sensitivity" (both versions), "Do What I Got To Do" and "I Love You" (in my view) were the gems of this CD! Still, I think this was the last gasp of the New Jack Swing movement as it began to wind down at this time.

The Very Best of
The Very Best of
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
Price: CDN$ 178.91
3 used & new from CDN$ 58.35

5.0 out of 5 stars A Definite Must Have, July 13 2004
This review is from: The Very Best of (Audio CD)
This has all the essential Al B. Sure! hits but would only recommend it to those that don't have his three previous releases! If you have the first three albums, then the only thing that would make this worth buying is the remixes of some of the popular songs. Overall, a good buy!
To the guy from London, this one DOES NOT have the Right Now Remix! But I do know of an international release that does called "Nite & Day - The Remixes" that has remixes of not only Nite & Day but of "If I'm Not Your Lover", "Missunderstanding" and that "Right Now" remix!

In Effect Mode
In Effect Mode
Price: CDN$ 16.83
16 used & new from CDN$ 7.25

5.0 out of 5 stars Must Have For Classic 80's R & B!, July 13 2004
This review is from: In Effect Mode (Audio CD)
Al B. Sure! was part of that class that was promoting "New Jack Swing" style made famous by Teddy Riley of the group GUY! Al B. was one of the better and more successful one's at this! I remember the first time I heard this album in tape form when I was around 14 and I loved it! "Nite & Day", "Oooh, This Love Is So" & "Rescue Me" was played to death in my neighborhood but "If I'm Not Your Lover" holds a special place in my heart from those days. Even its weakest track "Just A Taste Of Lovin'" is better than 90% of the so-called R & B/Hip-Hop that's out there now! Plus, the CD version has "Nite & Day" in Spanish as a bonus track so that's a plus!
If you are a fan from that era like I am or just want to know how R & B was like back then, then I'd highly recommend this album for you!

WWE: Royal Rumble [Import]
WWE: Royal Rumble [Import]
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 76.10
6 used & new from CDN$ 31.16

4.0 out of 5 stars Rumble Match & HBK/HHH Saves The Card!, July 12 2004
This review is from: WWE: Royal Rumble [Import] (DVD)
While I did like the 2004 Royal Rumble, it was the Rumble match itself that saves this card along with one other match:
The Dudleyz Vs. Ric Flair/Batista (RAW World Tag Team Title Match under Table Match Rules) - Very slow and boring match. Flair looked totally out of his element here! Thankfully it was short when Batista put D-Von Dudley through the table!
Rey Mysterio Vs. Jamie Noble w/Nidia (WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) - Good match but WAAAAAY TOO SHORT!
Eddie Gurrerro Vs. Chavo Gurrerro, Jr. w/Chavo Classic - Match was just about the right length. Was definitely more serious than their WCW encounters a few years ago.
Brock Lesner Vs. Hardcore Holly (Smackdown WWE World Title Match) - Was more than I expected but ended as I figured with Brock taking down Hardcore!
"The Game" Triple H Vs. Shawn "HBK" Michaels (RAW World Heavyweight Title Match under Last Man Standing Rules) - The second best match on the card! What keeps this from being THE match on the card is the suck-booty ending they gave us! It wasn't the greatest match in history but definitely a classic and better than what we had seen thus far until......
The Royal Rumble Match - Winner gets a world championship shot at WrestleMania XX! This match was great! Not the best Rumble but it pretty much saves the card along with the Michaels/HHH match! Benoit's performance has to be considered the top five performances ever in that particular match! Here is my ranking as far as performances in that match:
1. "Nature Boy " Ric Flair - Not only did he last over an hour in the 1992 version of The Royal Rumble but he won the WWF World Title as a bonus! True, he was number 3 but come on! What's two numbers! Coming in that low and winning was unheard of until 1992!
2. Chris Benoit - He's got to be considered next because he was the first man in years to start it and finish it! Not only that, he was the first man in years to last over an hour and win!
3. Bob Backlund - Though he didn't win the 1993 Royal Rumble (the winner of that one was the late Yokozuna), he was number 2 and lasted over an hour before being eliminated by Yokozuna and he was 43 years old at the time! That is a hell of a feat!
4. Kane - He didn't win the Royal Rumble either in 2001 but he did enter at number 5 and lasted nearly an hour before being the last man eliminated by the winner of that Rumble (which was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin). Now, considering that Kane is around 6'11" tall and weighs over 300lbs. of mostly muscle, the ods are really against him surviving that long! I am in pretty good shape (I am 6'2", 250lbs.) and I would have a tough time doing that. He shouldn't have been able too but he did!
5. Shawn Michaels - I only give him credit because he did start at number one and won it! Beyond that, his win at the 1995 Royal Rumble was totally overhyped! I totally agree with shinedownfan's opinion on HBK's win! I mean, that year the wrestlers entered every 60 seconds! Which means that he only had to wrestle 35-40 minutes tops! Impressive to be sure but his win was way overhyped!
Back to the Rumble 2004, in addition to the inspirational performance of Benoit, Randy Orton as well as The Big Show gave a good accounting of themselves. The surprise appearance of Mick Foley was an added treat as well! I give Randy credit because he showed as much endurance as Benoit and probably would've been there at the end if not for Foley (not that I was heartbroken that Orton got eliminated but got to give the man credit). TBS only gets credit because he was so dominant for the short time that he was in there though he ended up on the wrong end of signature moves of Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, RVD, John Cena and others!
Well, overall not bad. The last two matches saves it though!

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer - Season 6 [Import]
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer - Season 6 [Import]
DVD ~ Sarah Michelle Gellar
Offered by True Blue Vintage
Price: CDN$ 59.95
10 used & new from CDN$ 4.69

4.0 out of 5 stars Not The Best Season But Still Worth The Buy, July 1 2004
I am relatively new to the Buffyverse but I have seen most of Season Six and I will say that while it isn't the best season, it was interesting and has its moments.
"Once More With Feeling", without a doubt, was this seasons' gem! Seeing these people fight in verse was hilarious!
"Tabula Rasa" was a very entertaining! Seeing the gang loose all their memories and acting different towards one another was amusing. Especially between Giles and Spike thinking they were father and son (though they certainly could've passed for it)! Also, seeing a straight Willow for one episode was nice as she thought her and Xander were a couple (which I always thought they should've been).
Other angles was the break up and reunion of Tara and Willow, which results in her death and subsequent rampage by Willow. Xander leaving Anya at the alter, Dawn feeling neglected and becoming a clepto as a result and Buffy's sudden sex craze with Spike! By the way, this season also produces one of the most disturbing scenes as Spike attempts to rape Buffy after Buffy soon after ends their sexual relationship. While this was used as motivation for Spike to make a change with himself, I am not so sure this type of scene was needed to accomplish that.
By the way, is it just me or should Dawn had died in Season 5? I know having Buffy killed had big impact but having Dawn die would've been just as affective since Buffy had grown so attached to her "sister." She probably would be the same Buffy we see here in Season 6 had that happened.
Anyway, its worth a look.

All Nite
All Nite
Offered by detroit whut (5 STAR SELLER- FASTEST SHIPPING)
Price: CDN$ 61.83
7 used & new from CDN$ 11.99

4.0 out of 5 stars The Only Worthy Single From Damita Jo, July 1 2004
This review is from: All Nite (Audio CD)
Damita Jo is a flop in my view but it did have a couple of decent singles and one hit making one. All Nite is that one in my opinion as it is the classic dance music that Janet is known for! Actually, she didn't really need to sing on this one as the music alone is the real star of this one! I haven't heard the other remixes but from the other reviews, they give it a thumbs up! I would recommend this single rather than the album that spawn it.

Angel - Season 1 [Import]
Angel - Season 1 [Import]
DVD ~ David Boreanaz
Offered by OMydeals
Price: CDN$ 54.99
22 used & new from CDN$ 1.29

5.0 out of 5 stars This is strictly on the episodes only!, June 30 2004
This review is from: Angel - Season 1 [Import] (DVD)
I don't own this set but I have seen most of the episodes of Season One! This is what I am basing my rating on:
- City Of... - This picks up where Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Three leaves off with Angel coming to L.A. and meeting up with a half-human/half demon named Doyle and a familiar face in Cordellia Chase from BTVS.
- In the Dark - Excellent episode which continues the feud between Angel and former ally Spike! This also shows Angel out during the daytime for first time that I can recall!
- The Bachelor Party - This sees Doyle nearly get killed at the hands of his ex-wife's fiance!
- I Will Remember You (Guest Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar) - The most heartbreaking episode on either BTVS or Angel and a bittersweet chapter in the Buffy/Angel romance.
- Hero - The final appearance of Doyle. Ironically and tragically, the actor that played him died two years later from a drug overdose. RIP.
- Parting Gifts - Cordellia gets a new power while Wesley Wyndham-Price from BTVS shows up and joins the team after a brief encounter with Angel.
- Expecting - Cordy suddenly gets pregnant!
- The Prodigal - An old protege from the past returns to kill Angel.
- The Ring - Angel goes undercover into an illegal fight ring.
- Eternity - A struggling former child actor tries to seduce Angel into making her a vampire but instead unleashes Angelous!

- Five by Five - Rogue Slayer Faith is hired by Wolfrham & Hart to eliminate Angel.
- Sanctuary (Guest Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar) - Buffy hunts Faith to settle a score (see Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 4 for the reason)
These are the episodes that I have seen. But, I did enjoy them so I am certain that the others are of good quality as well. On a personal note, I will probably purchase this item soon myself just for "I Will Remember You" alone! While I am more of an action guy, this heartbreaker even had me nearly in tears! Its that powerful and it is one of Sarah Michelle Gellar's best performances as Buffy in my view! Season one is worth the money!

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