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WWE: Wrestlemania XX [Import]
WWE: Wrestlemania XX [Import]
DVD ~ Paul Levesque
Offered by M and N Media Canada
Price: CDN$ 100.37
11 used & new from CDN$ 15.99

5.0 out of 5 stars WHERE IS ALL BEGINS AGAIN, June 18 2004
Speaking as someone who was there is show was amazing & you wouldn't be disapointed in buying the DVD set as aside from the standard extras you will also get two brilliant documentaries. One of which was the much hyped 'film' made around wrestlemania 19. While the Goldberg, Lesner (Stoned Cold ref) match was let down by outside circumstances (it is still worth seeing just to see how the reality of a poorly booked match can be let down by the reality of politics). With the return of the Deadman getting the biggest pop of the night (simply breathtaking to witness - even if the match was fairly standard - who cares), and possibly the second best ever wrestlemania match of all time occuring in the form of the mainevent what more could you ask for?

Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Hollywood Hulk Hogan
by Hulk;Friedman, Michael Jan Hogan
Edition: Hardcover
43 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Hulkamania is running outta steam..., Jan. 8 2004
This review is from: Hollywood Hulk Hogan (Hardcover)
I would reccommend this book to anyone who has loved the thrill that Hogan supplied to wrestling when they were kids. Its nice to know where he came from & where he feels he is today. But the writing is weak & Hogan's self-importance is evident throughout to the point that it becomes annoying. But there is no denying that he changed wrestling forever & will always be a great in my mind.

The Pianist (Widescreen) (Bilingual) [Import]
The Pianist (Widescreen) (Bilingual) [Import]
DVD ~ Adrien Brody
Offered by megahitrecords canada
Price: CDN$ 27.99
26 used & new from CDN$ 0.67

4.0 out of 5 stars ADRIEN BRODY INTERVIEW, Jan. 8 2004
Q: What was the specific appeal here?
In this case I wanted to feel that I was being honest with myself. Sometimes I see something that I've done that I didn't necessarily feel that I'd nailed it. But what's important is that I move me, the journey would be less interesting for me if I didn't. I felt that I had a real responsibility in this case more than with most roles because I was playing an actual historical figure, and of course because of the personal historical nature of the film for Roman Polanski, the director.
Q: He has a reputation for being quite a hard taskmaster, did he live up to it here?
He did give us a rough ride, but I don't think it was unfair. I think he expects a lot from everyone, and I expect a lot from myself too so I identified with that. I can also understand how he would have expected a lot from me in particular in this film because this is the most personal film he's made. It was a huge honour for me, and I felt a great deal of pressure but at the same time he treated me with a great respect and regard to my work.
Q: How much research did you do for the role?
Quite a bit. Roman was very helpful in that his office lent me a lot of documentary footage and I had some literature that I had read. And Wladyslaw Szpilman's memoirs were very helpful as it was first hand information. But at the same time I was given a lot of leeway with the physicality of the character, because although he was known he was no so known that people remember how he looked and behaved.
Q: Was playing the piano a crucial component to the character for you, too?
It helped my connection with the character, which I wouldn't have known prior to doing the work. As opposed to acting as if I was playing the piano, I started to not only know the notes but control the levels of emotion and the subtlety within the music which gave me a greater understanding of the story within the music.
Q: Did you ever feel that your own discomfort was as nothing compared to what the characters in the story went through?
It was minuscule compared to the level of real suffering that exists in this world currently, and has obviously existed in the past. I felt that I owed that much, at least, to go there. It was awful really, there's an emptiness and a longing that you experience when you're really starving that I hadn't experienced until now. I couldn't have acted that without knowing that pain. As an actor you can call upon similar emotions and try and conjure up these past feelings and torment yourself into re-experiencing them in a sense. I wanted to know the desperation that comes with hunger, and also it was very important to Roman that there was a very clear difference in my physical appearance. I lost 30 pounds in six weeks.
Q: Was the diet closely supervised?
Well they supplied me with someone who was supposedly knowledgeable in the field but part of it was telling me not to drink too much water which I agreed to, but I'm sure that's not too healthy. It looked good. It felt terrible, but it looked good. And in doing that it became very real. I had no energy for anything else but that, for piano lessons, dialect lessons, rehearsal and thinking about food.
Q: Were you never concerned about putting your own health at risk?
I have mixed feelings about risking my health, because I hadn't really done that before. I didn't realise at the time what a great story it was that I had lost 30 pounds for the role, at the time I was just doing it out of necessity. I didn't see far ahead, I tried to take each day and do all I could for that day and then go to sleep and wake up the next day and see what I could do. Aside form anything else it's made me see things clearer, and also made me very aware of how much pain and suffering exists for so many people.
Q: How easy was it to put the weight back on when you needed to?
It was strange because it totally screwed up my eating habits. I was so consumed with thoughts of food for so long that I had this insatiable appetite. I had to slowly start eating a bit because it was supposed to be very unhealthy to eat a lot, but within the first week I had to do a scene where I had to devour all this sausage, and he kept shooting the scene because he wanted something different. With each take I had to eat a tremendous amount of this sausage, and I was literally sick because my body couldn't metabolise it.
Q: Wasn't that a little worrying?
It concerned me at first because it changed the way I metabolised food and my body reacted differently for a while. I looked different, in my face and appearance, I gained the weight differently and I thought I'd completely screwed up my system because it reset me into a kind of storage mode.
Q: After all these serious roles are you looking to lighten up with something in the future?
Yeah, I need a break, I need a little lighter journey. I'd like some romance at some point, if it was well written. That would be great. It's a different process, but it's somehow less fulfilling. I don't like to suffer but somehow I find some kind of greater connection to the work when I do.

Ghost Ship (Widescreen) [Import]
Ghost Ship (Widescreen) [Import]
DVD ~ Gabriel Byrne
Offered by Permaculture Solutions
Price: CDN$ 25.00
27 used & new from CDN$ 1.84

1.0 out of 5 stars A ONE STAR CLASSIC (go figure), Jan. 8 2004
In Brief
When Canadian Air Force pilot Jack Ferriman (Harrington) recruits the salvage crew aboard the tugboat Arctic Warrior to investigate a mysterious vessel he has spotted adrift in a remote region of the Bering Sea, they discover the remains of the fabled Antonia Graza. Thought lost at sea for more than 40 years, once onboard the eerie cavernous ship, the crew discover that the decaying vessel is anything but deserted. It's home to something more deadly and horrific than anything they've encountered in all their years at sea.
There is something knowing in this films charm. Yes its decidedly corny, but as it opens with 1940´¿s period credits, one can´¿t help but think its always giving you a sly nudge and wink throughout. Unlike other horror films, this doesn´¿t rely on over the top MTV editing but rather classic jumps and scares, building a solid if what somewhat flawed 90 minutes of entertainment.
Opening with one the most original mass killings that I can recall, it is hilariously disgusting throughout. And while, the story slows briefly to introduce everyone, it picks up apace and has beautifully depicted montage to Mudvayne´¿s latest song. Captain Sean Murphy (Byrne) is a slat weathered old hand, and lends the story some weight while team leader Maureen Epps (Margulies) and First Mate Greer (Washington) engage with the basic script aplomb.
Hidden within this film, is a twist that will have you kicking yourself, and while the haunted house concept of Ghost Ship has yet to produce a classic, its filled with moments that bring it close. The premise may be unoriginal but Ghost Ship is still worth a look, if only for a chance to laugh at an ending that is as knowing as it is ridiculous.
The Verdict
Ghost Ship provides a fun night out; its not necessarily going to scare you ridged, but how many films really do that in our desensitised days? It is gruesome, making me laugh on plenty of occasions, and with the talent on display here you have to conclude that they knew what they were creating. The Sun would call it, ´¿A fun filled thrill ride,´¿ I´¿d call it ´¿A hilariously disgusting B movie,´¿ either way check it out!

Hope Springs
Hope Springs
DVD ~ Colin Firth
Offered by OMydeals
Price: CDN$ 40.52
18 used & new from CDN$ 1.28

4.0 out of 5 stars A CLASSIC ROMANCE, Jan. 8 2004
This review is from: Hope Springs (DVD)
In Brief
When British artist Colin Ware (Firth), discovers that his fiancée Vera (Driver), the love of his life, is going to marry another man he gets on a plane for America and ends up in a tiny town called Hope. Distraught, he soon finds more than a shoulder to cry on when his innkeepers introduce him to Mandy (Graham) a beautiful nurse. But no sooner has Colin forgotten about his old flame than Vera shows up.
Romantic Comedies usually have that mix of candy floss content that makes you think you can eat a whole one, as how hard can it be to eat sugar whipped in air? Yet when you attempt it you realise that while there really isn't anything to it, you cant finish as its sickly sweet and forcing yourself to throw it away you are left feeling very unsatisfied. Now while that analogy may make you cringe you'll be thankful to know that Hope Springs certainly won't. Indeed this is one of those rare hybrid films that feature an Anglo-American crossover romance and succeeds in mixing sass and irony very well so that both sides of the Atlantic may appreciate its story.
Following in the footsteps of Notting Hill and Four Weddings this slice of American apple pie sets the story in the ideally named small town of Hope, where a typically English gent (Firth) has escaped his long-term fiancée to find himself anew. Mandy (Graham) is the tonic everyman desires, and while its beginning to become a familiar story of estranged love finds new passion, both play their roles with a freshness that really lights up the screen.
Steenburgen and Collison are perfect as the comedy cupids that help steer true love on its path. While the local residents of the small town all have a part to play in both hindering and helping the pairing of Mandy & Colin. Indeed, the local mayor played by Oliver Platt is a brilliant encapsulation of the small time business man turned big time thinker, and he brings a slightly toned down but nicely timed comic turn throughout.
Like all romantic comedies the only major downside are their predictability. They all share the same fate, yet its an example of good filmmaking if the story can be remoulded as if to give the impression that its slightly original or at least engaging. Unfortunately Hope Springs is not original, but it does its job well and passes 90 minutes without temptation to make itself something far greater than it should be.
The Verdict
This is the ABC of romance, told with such a sincerity by all members of the cast that you cant help but enjoy it. Colin Firth may have moved on from the wet shirt days of Pride & Prejudice and though he may no longer be Mr. Darcy I don't believe he will disappoint. A delightful pairing with Graham works well, and Hope Springs is enough to give anyone that 90 minute dream we all need sometimes.

City of God (Sous-titres franšais) [Import]
City of God (Sous-titres franšais) [Import]
DVD ~ Alexandre Rodrigues
Price: CDN$ 19.35
25 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars GROUNDBREAKING AND DISTURBING, Jan. 8 2004
In Brief
Based on Paolo Lin's shattering novel Cidade de Deus, City of God traces dozens of intertwined stories of love, humour and struggle that reveal the real people inside Rio de Janerio's drug riddled neighbourhoods. The focus of the film is based around two boys growing up in this violent world and how the different paths they take couldn't have been further from each other as one becomes a photographer and the other a drug dealer.
Based upon a true story the film is told from the perspective of Rocket, a poor child who is too frail and scared to become an outlaw but also too smart to be content with an underpaid job. He is the complete opposite to Lil Dice, a child of similar age who becomes Rio's most dangerous drug dealer and as the film progresses the differences between them become startlingly obvious. Set over three decades this film provides some of the hardest imagery I have had to watch in some time. Yet in no way is any of the content of the narrative or mise-en-scene gratuitous, but rather shocking in the way that it will make you feel.
There is something very strange about seeing a child with a gun, to most of us there is nothing new about this image as we have all seen children playing with toy firearms and indeed have ourselves at some point in our life. Yet to watch a child in a film who although is acting with a fake weapon, doesn't detract from the intense shock value of seeing a small boy murder and even enjoy it with an intense smile upon his face. I suppose this comparison does highlight how gang culture is bred from playing as we watch the same boys in a ball game later highjack, become drug pushers & murders with a callous carefree attitude as if it were all still a game.
While the film opens with some flashy digital editing that has already become dated since its overuse in Guy Richie's films, there is no denying that the story is the most powerful thing on display here. It is delivered through some very strong performances from the children, teenagers & adults involved but it the natural rhythm that the narrative provides that makes the daunting task of telling a 30 year story flow with such an ease that makes one want to learn the how the predetermined outcome will and has been affected by the past.
The Verdict
This is a beautiful work from a director that was recognised by Cannes in 2002. It is not for the weak of heart as the shocking reality on display here is told without many of the conventions that make a gritty film gritty. Yet the story is as clear as much of the stunning photography: a single cell or still may provide a postcard view of Rio but the narrative shows the flip side - the true side - and how much of life is a fight with fate in the City of God.

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (Widescreen) [Import]
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (Widescreen) [Import]
DVD ~ Greg Stebner
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 62.79
11 used & new from CDN$ 6.56

2.0 out of 5 stars HOKUM, Jan. 8 2004
In Brief
Set in 1940's Jazz filled New York, Woody Allen stars as an ace insurance investigator named C W Briggs. A man who prides himself on his ability to crack any case finally meets his match when he himself becomes the crook under the hypnotic spell of an evil mastermind. Can he break the spell before its too late, or will the new efficiency expert (Helen Hunt) break him first - or is she under a spell too?
This, like many of Allen's films are finding it harder and harder to get a distributor. The Curse of the Jade Scorpion in particular was made and released back last year and it is only now that it finally has reached our shores. So why is one of the greatest auteurs of the 20th Century being shunned? Well like any athlete in the Olympics, once you've won gold your judged on the standard of that championship win and not how well you have performed on the day, this is the same for Allen. An audience has a certain expectation about a Woody Allen picture, and unfortunately The Curse of the Jade Scorpion does not match up.
As always the wry sharp dialogue of Allen is spot on, and while the performance constructed by Aykroyd grated it fitted the persona of Briggs' shallow boss perfectly. Hunt was steamy, strong and as Allen's leading lady, you couldn't have asked for more. Yet the farcical nature of the narrative was as irritating as the music that indicated that this was a 'crazy' slamming door farcical moment. Most surprising of all was the amount of shots with the boom in view - one realises that it is the job of the projectionist to mask these but the fact that an auteur of Allen's standard allowed them to reach the final negative is shocking.
One of the greatest strengths in the film comes in the guise of the environment that has been created in making a believable 1940's New York City. The Rainbow Room party scene looks as if had been taken straight from the period. It isn't an overstated stylised forties, and this is to Allen, Santo Loquasto, and Suzanne McCabe's credit, people look normal, dressed down, simple forties style, the only glimpse of glamour coming through Charlize Theron's sassy Laura Kensington. While the jazz soundtrack had many a toe tapping in the audience, creating a beautiful sense in the mind of a dirty but sexy city. Indeed the dirty wallpaper & lighting in Briggs' apartment fascinated me as it was as brilliant statement of character as the acting itself.
The Verdict
This is essentially the work of a great man on autopilot - hopefully he will steer out of these nose dives in the future, as the novelty of Hollywood talent queuing up to work with him will wear thin. Only then we will be faced with the bare truth that there really isn't much to a film like this. It's harsh to look at something that is reasonable fair in such a manner, but judged he must be and we all know that he can do so much better.

Orange County (Widescreen) (Bilingual)
Orange County (Widescreen) (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Colin Hanks
Offered by MidwestMediaOverstock
Price: CDN$ 19.99
29 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

2.0 out of 5 stars COMMERCIAL RUBBISH, Jan. 8 2004
In Brief
Shaun Brumder is a surfer dude from the sunshine state, whose outlook on life takes a U Turn following the death of a friend and the discovery of a book on the beach. Realising his desire to become a writer, he sets his board to one side and pursues acceptance at Stanford University. A straight-A student he should have been a shoe-in but a series of obstacles block his path as he sets out on a journey of personal discovery.
Though the marketing department behind Orange County would like us to believe that this film is a laugh out loud riot, unfortunately it is not. This is a weird breed of filmmaking as it is essentially a feel good movie for teenagers. Now that's not to say that this film isn't funny, but the comedy gems are spread out and generally come courteously of Jack Black.
Black, for those of you who don't know, is part of the comedy genius behind Tenacious D (the satirical folk metal band) and the man who memorably stole the show in High Fidelity. Here he plays Shaun's older stoner brother to perfection, but criminally his total screen time is short and one can't help but wish he featured in the film as heavily as he does in the promotional posters and press releases.
Like Black's performance the strength of the film comes through its attention to the very small character traits or idiosyncrasies (or should that be inconsistencies) of teenage life. The ironic focus on relationships and finding ones path in life is unfortunately overshadowed by hardcore Californian mush. Remember California Dreams from 90's morning TV, well its not that bad! However if one were to lift a plot from said TV Show and add a shiny new 12A rating, thus creating more ... jokes before leaving to soak in a syrup of sentimentality, you would be closer to the quality that is Orange County.
That said, this is not a bad film, its weakness is that is not memorable, it is pleasant, and pleasant does not memorable make. While any film featuring Chevy Chase isn't hard to dislike, I can't fault Orange County on its use of classic comedy actors. Their presence, if anything, lends a thin story some comedy kudos. However one can't help but feel slightly cynical about a movie that stars the children of Tom Hanks, Sissy Spacek and Lawrence Kasdan - as you imagine that the kids wanted to make a funny film and they got mom & pa's pals to come and be in it.
Its not easy to make a good teen flick, as one can go too far either way, but viewing the movie with some perspective you can't help but feel that the creator was looking back on their life through rose tinted glasses. This is not a slacker movie to the quality that Kevin Smith has shown us and nor is it a caper along the lines of American Pie or Road Trip. Getting this one right was always going to be hard, giving the warm glow treatment to the teenage market just doesn't feel right, I'll settle for Jay and Silent Bob any day: Snoochie Boochie Noochies this ain't!
The Verdict
Orange County is worth seeing as it's a nice film, but its use of 20% plot concentrate, 20% comedy and 60% watered down feel good factor is not gonna make me want to see it more than once.

Bowling for Columbine (DVD, 2003)
Bowling for Columbine (DVD, 2003)
Offered by Warehouse105
Price: CDN$ 7.49
45 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars A DANGEROUS DOC, Jan. 8 2004
In Brief
Is America a nation of gun nuts or are they just nuts? This is the question that the press release for Bowling for Columbine asks us and Michael Moore's new film goes some way in exploring. Taking the Columbine High School shootings as its focal point, this documentary looks at the aftershock this massacre has had, paralleling it with the gun culture and increasing violence seen both within the States at a domestic level & the murderous events perpetrated by said country on a world level.
Director, writer, celebrity, political activist, comedian; this is Michael Moore's first documentary film in 13 years since his debut Roger & Me, and it saw its premiere this Sunday as part of the Regus London Film Festival.
Since making his first film his political stunt style has developed through his television shows, The Awful Truth & TV Nation and his status as both celebrity and man of the people has been perpetuated through his written work: the most notable being his recent book Stupid White Men, which has been on the New York Times best seller list for over nine weeks! This was despite his publishers best efforts to make sure it never saw a bookshelf let alone made money and is a testament to the strength of his work that it is now in its 19th printing.
So while Moore is obviously a draw, especially to a disillusioned youth or general public, why does Bowling work so well? The answer is simple, it is honest film making - and his greatest tool is the truth which can be delivered in laugh out loud "its so scary you have to laugh" moments, which are equally surrounded by poignant seriously sad & intense segments that depict the awful state of affairs the States has found itself in.
From satirising American history through a farcical cartoon, that ironically makes sense, to looking at the FBI checklist of what is a potential teenage time bomb: Are you a depressed teenager? Do you wear black, feel alienated, use inappropriate humour, abuse drugs or alcohol? Any of that fit - maybe you could make some headlines next! His humour is pure genius, and this is an entertaining film that doesn't feel dry and wont leave you looking at your watch!
This however is not a film that will purely get a ripple of laughter and fill some seats in a cinema, it forces its audience to question itself. Indeed, it works well outside of the States as it makes you ask where our own country is going and how long will it be before we reach the level of public disturbance that is witnessed in the USA here. In 1871, the KKK was made illegal, a few months later a new organisation was formed calling itself the National Rifle Association (NRA), its purpose was to promote gun ownership to whites only. Until the 1950's the gun was used to keep so-called free blacks in their place, now it's the right of every citizen to carry arms. America was once an open prairie of wild expanse, an individual needed then to protect themselves, some say that it is still wild but now a different sort of jungle. Times change and Bowling for Columbine addresses the current 'status quo' well, but it is up to the public address what is to be done today.
The Verdict
Creating a nice narrative progression that works well in a cinema - this film does seem to have an entertaining beginning middle and even a climax. But being based in reality there is no end that can be said without being done and one man cannot do that alone. It dares to ask questions that others have yet to put to a mainstream audience but in comparison to his written work, you feel that Moore is pulling his punches in order to make this product just that little bit more commercially appealing. Nevertheless this is another fantastic film that should not be missed from the auteur that excels in exposing American absurdity.

28 Days Later (Widescreen Special Edition) (Bilingual)
28 Days Later (Widescreen Special Edition) (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Cillian Murphy
Offered by WonderBook-USA
Price: CDN$ 2.00
57 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars BELIEVE THE HYPE, Jan. 8 2004
In Brief
Imagine waking up to find that you are alone, there is no one - you walk the streets of London searching and when all else fails you turn to the church where you encounter for the first time the horror of what has happened. The RAGE virus, transmitted in a drop of blood and devastating in seconds has within 28 days overwhelmed the country. The population is devastated, those infected are ripped apart from the inside both physically and mentally, leaving them in a permanent state of murderous rage, now only a handful of survivors are left. They begin to salvage what remains of their lives only for the nightmare to turn into a terror they cannot escape, as they realise its not only the virus that threatens them now.
Danny Boyle is back on form, lets choose to ignore what I thought of The Beach and continue. This film will do for the Zombie flick what An American Werewolf in London did for that genre. What first strikes you about this film is that it is shot entirely on DV, yes that's right and its obvious! The degradation in the picture quality as opposed to film works magnificently giving the work an eerie dreamlike quality on one hand, while juxtaposing that with a gritty harshness that strikes home with the inescapable nightmare of what is happening. Indeed, the use of tilted shots from high angles gives the work a contemporary feel, creating connotations of CCTV camera footage while at the same time adding to the suspense that the central characters are always being watched and are never really alone. Add to that the intense horror, fast camera work & editing and this is a movie that one should not miss as it is sure to spark a stream of copycat films as Blair Witch did previously.
This is not American, only British filmmakers and actors could have made this and stripped that sense of saran-wrapped packaging that is typically attached to these sorts of films. This feels real, and the pacing works well, it isn't one corpse after another, there are lulls that make the sudden impact of horror believable. The cast play their respective roles effectively, portraying what within the space of this film, are tangibly real people. While it is on occasion graphically nasty, it's the horror of humanity, or should that be horror in trying to rediscover ones humanity, that Murphy, Harris & Eccleston et all deliver so well.
From the frame enhanced shots of fire that recalled in my mind old atomic test footage & the movement of the virus victims, to the simplicity of the signs of lost loved ones around Eros in Piccadilly, that invoked parallels with September 11th, this film works well on so many levels. In my opinion the most striking of sequences involved Murphy discovering his parents dead; prior to entering the bedroom where they lay he is bathed in golden sunlight through opaque blinds that block the outside world, as if to remind us that life continues whether it be here or somewhere else.
So didn't anything about this film annoy me? Was it really that perfect? To be honest it was that dam good and I don't say that very often. However I will say this: that on occasion the music did seem to date the picture to era of BBC television made films from yesteryear, and at one particular moment a speech by the young actress Megan Burns seemed undermined by the soundtrack making what should have been a poignant moment quite corny. The only other grating issue was the overwhelming amount of product placement within the film - I guess films have to be made somehow - though any film that involves the irony of a virus that wipes out mankind from the streets of London but leaves the pigeons ought to be forgiven for that I guess!
The Verdict
Only Exodus or Revelation's have come as close as the apocalyptic horror of this new text. In the light of recent events this film becomes all the more frightening due to the reality principle that works so well, but at least the distributors on this occasion haven't feared releasing something that in my opinion really should not be missed. It may be a horror film but that doesn't mean it has to be crap - This time Danny Boyle has proved that.

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