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More Jesus, Less Religion: Moving from Rules to Relationship
More Jesus, Less Religion: Moving from Rules to Relationship
by Stephen Arterburn
Edition: Paperback
31 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars An interesting book..., June 20 2003
The book More Jesus Less Religion is a pretty good book. Its not the best book, as some of what is being said has been said before in several other books I've read. Still the authors give their own opinion and their own struggles (and stories of the struggles of others) as examples. By this the reader is able to be more personable with the authors and what the authors want to express on their own journeys.
The book also has a firm foundation of the Bible, there are many references and quotes from the Bible that are used correctly. I appreciate this I was kinda unsure if I wanted to read this book at first as I was a bit weary thinking this was one of those liberal Christians (who aren't really Christians) and Jesus Seminar kind of writings. Luckily for me it wasn't and it was a true spirited Jesus believer sort of book.
Its one of many books out there, its not something that I will say "You have to read" but still it is a good book. Nothing new, but still well written and well developed thoughts on being a Christian.

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars Not a major movie but still..., June 18 2003
Ok. I am a Christian and I might not like everything said or done in a movie...but still...
There have been a lot of bad reviews about Matrix Reloaded, and what two points I see the most often are dealing with the sex scene and the rave...I can understand that parents might be concerned about their children watching an R rated movie...but ponder these points...
*It is an R Rated movie. If you go to an R Rated movie, you are going to have Adult Themes. This is not a movie for under teenage kids. You would not take a kid to see this kind of movie despite its really cool premise, if the kid is under 13.
*Though yes there are toys out there, those toys are not your average Star Wars toys you play with, they are instead collector's action figures. So the industry is not pandering to children, they are giving the collector's what they want.
*The sex scene. Yes well they did not have to have it in the movie. But. It really was not that offensive. It is not like you see any specific body parts. There are much worse movies out there with sexual themese that kids go to (such as Freddy Got Finger or American Pie) with their parent's blessings (or ignorance, one or the other).
*The dance scene. Yes well you have to look at it as a more religious action than just a dance club rave. There are many religions--the Christian religion, the Jewish religion, and the Muslim religion to name a few--that have dancing in their ceremonies. It wasn't just to show bodies dancing, it was a religion expression in the formation of dance movements.

Fear Dot Com [Import]
Fear Dot Com [Import]
DVD ~ Stephen Dorff
Offered by polski_film
Price: CDN$ 8.36
45 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Actually its not a bad movie, June 18 2003
This review is from: Fear Dot Com [Import] (DVD)
I am a horror movie buff. I have seen most of 'em throughout the past twenty some years. From zombies to haunted houses, I have enjoyed some, hated others. Thus I think that in some small way I have a knack for seeing the quality of a movie (or rather lack-there-of).
In this case the movie is Fear Dot Com. Yes a lot of people will say it is a lot like The Ring, another excellent movie of terror. I have to say while yes it does have a lot of nuances from The Ring, it still has its own mysterious horror that would be enjoyable.
First off I like the characters. Yes they are the usual cliche detectives and investigators in the horror movies, but the actors play their parts rather well. I felt that the people really put their all into who they were acting out...from the detective to the psycho murderer. The scenes from the mundane to the mysterious are executed rather well in my opinion.
Second the premise is enjoyable. The scenes are disjointed at times, yes, but that adds to the vertigoish feeling of falling into a private hell of the murdered victim who haunts the world through the website Fear Dot Com. As is pointed out in a few of the reviewers of this movie, some things are not understood and have to be presumed later, this is because one might even call this a William S. Burroughs kind of murder mystery/ horror. The pieces and clues from one scene to the next are out of place like any puzzle, but they are put back together again as time rolls on and the characters move through the labyrinth maze. By the time the movie is over, and you see how all the pieces fit together, you will be amazed and glad you saw the movie.
All in all its not a bad movie to buy or have. If you like a good horror movie, pick it up. It is worth its time.

Stephen King's It
Stephen King's It
DVD ~ John Ritter
Price: CDN$ 5.88
31 used & new from CDN$ 3.88

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3.0 out of 5 stars Well this is...Hm. How to say it?, June 17 2003
This review is from: Stephen King's It (DVD)
I would first like to let one and all know that I love the book, Stephen King's It. The book, It, is probably one of the best books he has ever written. Yes it is long, about as long as his redone version of The Stand. The reason for this is the complexity of the storyline. One chapter, then one section, leads to the next, growing more and more frightening and yet also funny, endearing, and charming. I love the book and would give it five stars no holds bar.
The movie. Well the movie. Its not bad, I mean it is not pathetically bad, at least the kid's part of it. The kids fit the part and Pennywise is powerfully done. The problem though is this, they spent too little time with the kids. The heart of the novel was the kid's adventure...concluding with the grow up version of the kids and their climatic battle with the "It".
What would have been good is if the producers had four nights worth of the movie. Yes that doesn't work with tv executives because they are evil pointed hair bosses (forgive my mentioning someone from the Diblert comic strip). Two days worth of the kid's story, two days worth of the adult version. There would have been a whole better story. The true complexity of the story would have been wonderful.
The adult section is where the problem is found. They are all, all, really really bad actors. They stumble along as if trying to remember each and every word of the script. They do not convey the power of the adult version of the characters. You may agree, you may not.
If you dont want to read 1100 plus pages of a novel, then go have at the film in its cliff note version. It has a few good scares, and I really like the kids part if nothing else. It is the kid's part that really touched me from the book, and the first part of the tv version is good enough to make me smile. Thus the reason I gave it 3 stars.

Cries From the Cross: A Journey into the Heart of Jesus
Cries From the Cross: A Journey into the Heart of Jesus
by Erwin W. Lutzer
Edition: Hardcover
40 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars A true blessing of a book., June 14 2003
I picked up this book about a week ago. The past few weeks have been hard on me and in life in general. My relationship with God was, to say the least, unhinged. There was a lot of disapointment on my part, a lot of that produced be honest...I was letting my will rule me instead of bowing to God's will.
Yet this book helped me get past the depression on so many respects. It is not a book for deep theological study, but it is a comfortable reading that helped me out while studying all the sayings of Christ Jesus on the Cross...
Those sayings are:
*"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" Luke 23:34
*"Today you will be with me in paradise" Luke 23:43
*"Dear woman, here is your is your mother" John 19:26-27
*"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Matthew 27:46
*"I am thirsty" John 19:28
*"It is finished" John 19:30
*"Father, into our hands I commit my spirit" Luke 23:46
How Lutzer explains and examines each of these sayings of our Savior and Lord upon the cross really helped me realize just how much God cares for me and just how much...even if I dont feel worth in this world...on the grand scheme of things...I have humbled worth because Jesus died and rose on the third day for my that I may be with the Lord God.
I suggest anyone and everyone to read this book. It will truly help you grow closer to our Lord.

M (The Criterion )Collection
M (The Criterion )Collection
DVD ~ Peter Lorre
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 43.75
14 used & new from CDN$ 18.99

5.0 out of 5 stars This beats Silence of the Lamb and other such films., June 8 2003
This review is from: M (The Criterion )Collection (DVD)
In this day and age, psychological drama is a dime a dozen. I can think of several. Seven. Silence of the Lamb. To name two. Yet way back when...even before I was a twinkle in my parents eyes...or a crash on their credit cards and wallets (lo those many years ago)...there was this little film, M.
M. is one of the greatest of dramas, of a psychotic killer the story moves along...though he is unbelieveably evil in his killings of and I as a audiance grows to have an interest in. Peter's character in M. makes Hannibal look weak, because Peter is able to derive out of you so many emotions...anger, fear, sorrow, anquish. Who is the real villain in this? Yes Peter's character must pay for his crime, for in any logical and thought driven society such actions as he does call for punishment. Yet the way the avengers in this film, the hunting crime bosses and their hate them for the way they deal with Peter's character in the end. You can't help it, you want to see Peter's character pay, but the way the criminal syndicate makes him pay for the crimes, you will be left tormented as the credits roll.
I have to think that Lang was probably gaining some of the feelings and attitudes of this movie by the horrors of the growing Nazi party and their sinister evils that were only shadows in the background of Germany's rush for nationalism after the toils the country had to pay for in reperations toward the Allies after W.W. I. I of course could be wrong, but that is my assessment anyway. Take it or leave it.
If you want a true scare, get this. If you enjoy thought provoking movies, get this. If you enjoy period movies, get this. It is just that simple.

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I
Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I
by Monte Cook
Edition: Hardcover
29 used & new from CDN$ 15.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Promises a lot...but..., June 7 2003
For my background, I will let you know that I have enjoyed the world of roleplaying games for many years. I have still my white box set of D&D from Gary Gygax, I have my first edition stuff, second edition stuff, and now third edition books. I have also roleplayed many other games such as Chivalry & Sorcery, RuneQuest, just to name a few.
When I started playing the new 3rd edition, I of course got on the bandwagon. In my game shelves, I think I have most of the books that are published by WotC for D&D. I really love the rules, and I really enjoyed the games at first.
Yet some things cropped up along the way that have made me a bit shy back from 3rd edition to the point that I am roleplaying a 1st edition game now. The rules themselves are great, do not get me wrong, I love the 3rd edition rules. The concept of Prestige classes are awesome. I like the fact that the new edition tosses away THACO, along with a few other things. I also like how they simplified savings throw into just having three basic concepts of Savings Throws. The classes are well described and have a lot to tinker around with so that even if two people have fighters, those fighters will be different from one another.
What has become a bothersome to me are some of the darker aspects of the game. First, with the core rules themselves, the monsters are far darker in their apperance and construction. They appear, not in the threatening but quant stock of the old Monster Manuals (from 1st to 2nd edition). Instead they resemble something out of the White Wolf's World of Darkness (which I myself dont care for as a roleplaying gamer). These monsters are more sinister, sadistic, and while that is not inheritantly bad, they seem to bleed into one another in a gothic bad guy sort of way. By the time you get the book, Fiend Folio (after the first two monster manuals), the bad guys seem the same. All being a gothic monster bad guy.
Secondly, there are the supporting manuals for the Core Rule books trying their best to be as evil as can be (such as this review being under the 3rd edition player's handbook). Foremost in these there is the source book called the Book of Vile Darkness. This book has necrophelia, rape, and other really really sickeningly bad things to examine. Yes I know this book is to be used to show "these are bad guy traits". Still, how could you as a Dungeon Master and you as a group of players really roleplay a rape scene? Do you realize just how disturbed that would be, I myself have known a few women in real life who have been rapped. That is not pretty, that is not interesting, that is just plain disturbing and evil. Its not playable, neither is a whole lot of other things in that book. So scrap that book, that is not needed. Could a person really enjoy roleplaying a bad guy campaign with such choices? I know for a fact I would never ever allow a rape or child molestation, or what not to be roleplayed out in a game, like this book suggests. That is just not good.
Third, and while is not that bad, it is still an annoyance. The rulebooks themselves and then two sourcebooks have the game originally placed in the GreyHawk world setting, my personal favorite setting. However after the first two sourcebooks, there has been the reprint of the Forgotten Realms world setting and that in itself has received a multitude of sourcebooks, all of them more or less good, depending upon which one you are using. Still, I want more in line with the GreyHawk world. I would love to see more sourcebooks about it and how it has changed up to date.
Fourth, as mentioned before but more shapped out here, there is the gothic concepts behind all the worlds. From Forgotten Realms to Oriental Adventures, there are now very dark gothic, as in World of Darkness from White Wolf, aspects of the world system. This is hard for me to swallow because 2nd edition was very high fantasy, as in the sets like City of Splendor and Dragon Mountain. Yes Planescape was gothic, but it worked for that because of the nature of the Planescape worldsystem. However with playing Forgotten realm, going from high fantasy of 2nd edition to suddenly "I'm a gothic like fighter, man" worldview of 3rd edition, I just dont know how to meseh them all together. Not that I'm a fool of a Dungeon Master, but the way it has been laid out, what a headache!
Lastly, there is the D20 system in and of itself. What angers me is that a multitude of other companies are jumping in on the open licence of D20. There is the EverQuest books that use the D20 system. There is the game Engel using the D20 system (which is interesting because the original company who published Engel did not use D20, but when it was published in American and such, it was transformed to D20). There is also the Shattered Lands, Call of Cthulhu, etc. etc. etc. COME ON companies. Where is the originality in all that? Where is the fun in learning a new set of rules, guidelines, and character creations? Stop copying the D20 system and work your own way around in your games. Or if you are already established under one rule system already (such as Call of Cthulhu), stick to that original rule system.
It is because of these and many other problems that I gave this book a one star. Again, the rules themselves in the core books are fun and enjoyable, the modules that were published are also enjoyable (but not enough of them, however, which kinda stinks). However despite the enjoyment of the rules of 3rd edition, the way the publishers and writers are trying to be as evil as they can be in their bad guys and as gothic as they can be in their world systems, perfect example is the new Forgotten Realms, the core rules are just not saved. I myself have gone back to 1st and 2nd edition.

The Gunslinger
The Gunslinger
by Stephen King
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
29 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars This is one of those kind of novels., June 1 2003
Sometimes something grabs you about a book. You are not sure what, you are not sure how. Somehow a writer just is able to captivate and create something that is awe inspiring. I remember the first time I heard whispers of the Gunslinger. This was during middle school and I had read so many of Stephen King's books by that time. Yet this one was not anywhere to be found. Yet long and hard I searched, thought of, dreamed of, this mysterious book called the Dark Tower: The Gunslinger.
Finally Plum came out with a trade paperback edition of this book. I got it RIGHT AWAY. I looked at the picture of the front. There, the man, Roland, the Gunslinger and that bird on his shoulder. I dont know how it caught me, but it did.
My parents and I got into the van and started back home, a fifteen to twenty minute drive. During those fifteen minutes I was silent, a ghost, in the back seat, reading the first part, the Gunslinger, of this novel (the novel itself is a collection of a group of short stories S. K. wrote for a magazine and then was published as a limited edition hardback by Donald M. Grant publishing company).
"The Man in Black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."
That was/is the first sentence of this novel. It was like reading the Bible for me (as a Strong Christian, I am one who will hang on every word or at least strive to as I read the Bible), it was that captivating, it took me into a world that I had only fantasized about. Of course unlike the Bible, this book is fiction (which is too bad since after reading this book my friends and I started a Gunslinger reading club and we all wanted to be like Roland). A fantasy realm that is in my opinion just as good as the Lord of the Ring series. In fact, I will stand up and say very proudly and with much ernest that out of the whole 20th century, the only two series that are worth anything are LotR and the Dark Tower.
King and Tolkien are the two masters of the 20th century literature. And I would fight the hounds of hell against anyone who thinks otherwise.
Stephen King created a universe, that slowly but surely was connected to most of S.K.s other books. The Gunslinger is probably the greatest Male figure in all of literature of the fantastique. He is strong, but he is a romantic; he is intense, but he knows how to crack a smile; he is heroic, but he is not without his achiles heel. This is how a man should be, in life and in soul.
If you want to read a book that with captivate you, that will bring you into a ghostly realm of action, adventure, romance, betrayal, theology, philosophy...then read the Dark Tower series, starting with this book. Your breath will be taken away and you will be launched into one of the second greatest epics known to literature.
I will let you know that Stephen King has come out with a redone version of the Gunslinger. You can keep or take it, I really love it, but I also have to say...I love the haunting mystique of the original version that I got so long ago. The new version is somewhat changed here and there, there is a new way of introducing the first chapter of the first part. There are new revisions of characters. I said...that one version so long ago...was what really captured me and made me see that the Gunslinger is the greatest novel of the 20th century.

Why Believe?: Exploring the Honest Questions of Seekers
Why Believe?: Exploring the Honest Questions of Seekers
by Greg Laurie
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 16.80
42 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is a truly WONDERFUL book, buy it!, May 26 2003
Christian books are a dime a dozen, as the cliche goes. Go to any bookstore, especially Christian bookstores, and you see a multitude saying "this about God" or "that about God." Yet most of them, while they have a good heart to them, dont click with me. I'm very narrow in what I want in a Christian book. I want intelligence. I want feeling. I want honesty. I want revelation. I want a book that will speak to my heart and soul and help me through my heart and soul to continue on fighting the day by day struggle we all go through. I want one that will help me think and will help me grow as a Christian.
Some of the books in the past that have helped me and have lived up to my expectations are Mere Christianity, Sacred Romance, No Wonder They Call Him the Savior, How Now Shall We Live, Messy Spirituality, and Disapointment with God. Yes that's quite a list, but considering the fact that a multitude of books come out each get my drift...
Now I can with satisfaction add Why Believe by Greg Laurie to that list. He does not pull the punches, he does not give false expectations. He speaks from one seeker of the Lord to another. He looks at many of the questions you might ask and I know I ask at times. He then examines them, not just with his own thoughts but with a firm backing by the Bible. He doesn't just throw a verse or a psalm here and there, no, he gets right into the very thick of what the Bible...the TRUE word of God...says.
Even more this is not what one would call a giant book. It doesn't have to have hundreds and hundreds of pages to explain itself. Its actually tight, very specific, and very productive. I suggest anyone who has a willingness to ask the questions, to see that the Bible is the word of God and that salvation is by the Cross...only by the will find a life jacket a life savior a life preserver here waiting for you.

Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Collected Best Volume 1
Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Collected Best Volume 1
by Clive Barker
Edition: Paperback
23 used & new from CDN$ 14.61

3.0 out of 5 stars I've seen the movies and read the comics, April 10 2003
Clive Barker is one of the more amazing writers that have come out of the 20th century, and into the 21st century. His imagination is dark and fertile, something to be admired even if you dont personally read every one of his novels.
Hellraiser is an intriguing mythos, something darker in a more sexual sense than a mythos say by H. P. Lovecraft or Stephn King. The first movie was a new version of the old haunted house routine. The second one, however, was amazing, a new cosmos of hell. The movies after that were watchable, but I think they did not do justice by excluding the universe of hell itself instead of having Pinhead come around the corner every so often and tearing some poor fool apart.
The stories of the Hellraiser comics were fascinating at first, dont get me wrong. But, but the main problem is this. What was so at heart about the movies is the reaction of the humans to the inhuman, the heroes male and female toward the damnation around them. This was not so in the comic book series.
You see the Centobites are important to the hellraizer universe, but they are a part of the "sentence" not the "punch line" if you get my drift. Salvation for characters like Cirsty is what is important, at least for me, from the original two movies. The Centobites in these comics, though well drawn and having personalities which yes is a good point, they come in, say some "relavent" concept toward damnation, then kill the poor sods. Again. And Again. And Again.
It does grow tiresome. There is now in my eyes a throw toward the other side, you see hell so much it does not become shocking anymore. It doesn't have the punch as it did when you first saw Laviathin in Hellraiser 2.
I want to see the human heart succeeding or failing against the growing odds. Yes I dont think every story should have a happy ending, but if you read the same ending...after just grows tiresome. So that is why I stopped reading the Hellraiser comics.
Now yes there are some very good short comic book stories in this collection, if you really enjoy the artwork which is VERY good, then yes by all means get the book. Just dont read it in one sitting or you will grow ... in my opinion ... bored.

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