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Tears of the Sun [Import]
Tears of the Sun [Import]
8 used & new from CDN$ 5.80

5.0 out of 5 stars Saw it twice, bought the soundtrack and cried., June 11 2003
I was deeply moved by this movie. Here in NYC its 10 dollars to see a movie and I saw this twice and bought the soundtrack----a [big]investment. I do like Bruce Willis as an actor and Monica Belluci who I first saw in Under Suspicion, here and now in the Matrix Unloaded is a total knockout, not just because she's pretty but because you can see her thinking. Much the way Catherine Zeta-Jones acts in flms----you can see even if this person is pretending they are thinking about this scene as if it is relaity and their characters are infused with the hesitation, the deliberation of intelligent people who don't blurt al they know or suspect.
Willis as always is yet another shade, another degree, another facet of an accomplished actor who is striving for a versatility that is ingratiating.
The film was incredible because it so accurately dealt with the murky complexity of war. Suddenly on a simple mission to snatch 4 missionaries out of a hospital village that is in the line of the now killer spree military, Willis' small force finds themselves with loads of moral dilemmas. Belluci won't go without her patients, three of the missionaries refuse to go at all so strong is their commitment to the African people they tend. To get them moving Willis lies to Belluci and then can't live with the lie when they leave behind dozens of helpless people. What drove me in this film is what would I do, what is teh military's responsibility, what is a human being's responsibility to another? Do we just abandon each other on "orders" or political ties that may not even touch us personally or is every life valuable.
When this film came out, the Iraq attack was on and people were literally screaming in the streets about kill, kill, kill.
War is an abomination. It is literally the raping of the human race as an action to take against another. And yet we not only do it but produce it as entertainment. What made thsi film stand out, I generally don't go to war films nor gangster films, is that the very message of this film is about the people who are caught inbetween all of this drama. People who are just drinking a glass of water, raising their families, tending their fields.
The film also demands a conclusive answer to a central question, a presupposition of war----you must be able to kill women and children. Put a gun to their heads or allow them to die. And there comes a point when the soldiers can not do this, nor watch it be done. That's what makes thsi film stand out and why I heartily reccommend it to people who don't get off on war, on gore, on watching the pantomime of people dying.
I cried during the movie because I knew that a few thousand miles to the East people, just normal folk, were being slaughtered much as the people in the film were, simply for being caught between two armies/ideologies.
Aksua Busia plays one of the rescued villagers, she was Celie's sister in the Color Purple and did a heavy re-write on Beloved the screenplay. She is a commendable actress though her part here has to embody such positive African sentiment that it does seem maudlin, or too "cloying" of gratitude. She is an excellent actress and the best twist of all is how Belluci's character makes it infaticly clear, without regards to race, that these are HER people and she will not be safe if they aren't safe.
And it soon becomes apparent during the film that she will even lie to the American soldiers to protect her adopted people. That form of not simply heroism but diverging from the norm stance----a character willing to die, to put it all on the line without even having a weapon for the racial "other" is wondorous thing to see.
I also recommend the soundtrack which is moving and haunting and foreboding and as lush as the jungle these people move through. I enjoyed Fuqua's direction, particularly the African military being portrayed as a force so intent, so massive that literally the only thing that saves anyone from them is a deux ex machina.
The title Tears of the Sun literally refers to the final ten minutes of the movie when the whole world has gone to hell and a battle breaks out that can't be won.
I also like a good chase film, where someone is being chased and must compensate for the fact that they are outnumbered or outgunned.
This is a classic film and I don't use that lightly----particularly for the timeframe that it's come out in.

Numerology Demystified
Numerology Demystified
by Alan Oken
Edition: Paperback
18 used & new from CDN$ 4.76

5.0 out of 5 stars Bought it, Love it, June 8 2003
This review is from: Numerology Demystified (Paperback)
I have some numbers that have been floatign through my life for awhile now. I've won money with them, seen them countless times in their variants all around me (ex. I'll glance at the clock and it will be THE number, a car passes by it's the license plat, whacky stuff like that). I had mentioned it to my mother but never the number specifically. FInally in teh course of conversation I did and she tells me that it wa steh number that my dead aunt used to play----amazingly enough my aunt always told me that I could figure out Lotto and win---I had never made teh conenction before. My mother then pointed out that within teh number was teh date of my aunt's death and my grandmother's, she sugegsted I get a numerology book to figure otu what the number meant to me as the same thing has different meanings to people (my experiences with my number have always been overwhlemingly positive or alerting).
So after working out last night, I went and got this book and working out the name chart----no lie---came out to my NUMBER!
This is a fantastic book, that I picked up randomly , it was even out of place at the bookstore because I didn't want to get confused as to what numerology book to try. I'm sending not only my mother but friends copies of this as well.
The book itself is simple, to the point and very concise with examples that lead you step by step to uncovering a host of numbers regarding your name, birthday, etc.. and the year things occured in, in the past, present or will in the future.
This was suppose to be my budget---NO NEW BOOKS----week and it so floored me in the store that I bought it.
I don't give high recommendations often but this one is worth it! BUY IT!

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Edition: Paperback
161 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it, April 29 2003
A great book with lots of sound practical advice! I've been very lucky over the years, by that I mean that I've had the opportunity to explore being an entrepreneur. I started when I was 14, a national magazine on a small scale and what I learned from that I would later articulate in other projects for publishing and even now on Amazon. I went to the Rich Dad seminar in New York this past November. I expected there to be an exhaustive push to purchase the various products available through his company but instead it was a full on lessons in business. We were actually given workbooks and situations culled from the audience to look at how systems work and their business potential.
I will tell you what all of this has helped to congeal in my head. One, money does not exist. Now this may seem to be contradictory to the entire concept of what Kiyosaki's books seem to extort on the surface but it doesn't. Again this is a radical concept, but I think that after a certain number, money is simply a concept. The majority of people think of working from paycheck to paycheck and what can be done with that money (after taxes usually 50% of one's annual number salary), unless you make a staggering amount you can't get ahead.
What I think the RDPD series gives one the insight to do is recognize all of the systems you're in. First what your money is, doing a spreadsheet on yourself and your worth, figuring out your goals and so forth and then the legal areas that affect your money. Most people know how much they make weekly, what that number should be annually but we rarely keep track of WHY those numbers are affected as they are. The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich understand the power of their tax contributions and how much they absolutely have to make and how much they don't.

Rich people also think about money for sport not only for survival. Here's a mental game I've learned to play: I imagine what businesses I would build in a neighborhood I'm in, what I can see that would work, what wouldn't, etc..---cost analysis evaluation of places. I also regualrly look at Lotto prizes and figure out exactly how much that money is----10 million after taxes, withholding= 4 or 5 million really isn't that much.
This is where it becomes interesting and the book delves into this: How to make money make more money?
We all assume that getting a job is the easiest way to make money and then we assume that a business is so difficult to manage that we don't have the ability to do so. And yet amazingly, I started my first business when I was 7 selling papers, I would buy Sunday papers for 50 cents and sell them for 75 cents because I delievered the Sunday paper early in the winter.
Most people want answers. Answers the way your boss tells you to sit there, do this this way, deliver it by this time and then go home. Thats what people miss in this book----being told what to do. But ultimately they want to be TOLD what to do, become rich and then they will have the freedom to be "free to do whatever they want". Being free is everyone's greatest desire and fear. We have become a society that values conformity over creativity.
People want to read this book and be told, put 5 dollars in a red box for ten years and you'll be a millionaire. Do this the right way and your life will be perfect. This isn't the way to be successful. There are ways of educatingone's self----first books like this. I recommend making a study of the entire Rich Dad Series. You must make a study of first money, then yourself, then what to do with both.
I further recommend Tony Robbins Personal Power, Getting the Edge, Awaken The Giant because you must articulate what you want in the Universe. What if money is similar to the concept of the Matrix? What if the difference between me and John D. Rockefeller is a Universal expression of my potential in material manifestation? Visulaization, understanding what money is, how to use it, how to grow, what real estate is, learning to think.
I think I will end this lifetime as affluent. Why? because not only have I maintained studying these kinds of books but because my video "games" are, Entrepreneur PC game. I think that Kiyosaki SHOULDN"T answer questions such as numbers of what to do or how to do because life isn't about hand holding in the concept that people want it to be and honestly every person is different in terms of commitment level and ability. Did Obi Wan teach Luke how to transcend death or lift an X Wing fighter the first time? No.
You have to understand business, law, taxes. Really considering my investment future, what to do with money I may receive NEXT year in my tax returns, looking at my 401k plans and realizing that I could invest the money better, avoiding mutual funds and then designing an exit strategy for invested money---a concept pushed from the get go in RDPD----Enter Strategies, How Much You Need For the Lifestyle You Want and Exit Strategies.
Thinking ahead.

by Laurell K. Hamilton
Edition: Audio Cassette
3 used & new from CDN$ 45.98

4.0 out of 5 stars I really liked it, April 22 2003
My past reviews of the Anita Blake series have been back and forth between one and three stars because the series was developing, finding it's footing and developing of the character. There are still flashes of the old problems here but it's far more under control. This book was not only good in the places but pretty much as a book as a whole. Though I will say I hedged my bet by buying it for 60% off and I will admit that there is still a lot of conversational psycho analyzing going on in the character's interactions.
There is a really interesting point of Anita having to open herself up sexually beyond simply a puritannical/Christian sense of one woman, one partner which is an interesting dynamic. Also the concept of fluidic sexualities within the sphere of people she's around, there is a true pushing towards omnisexuality. That's a great element of this book and how everyone's powers---vampires, werewolves, wereleopards, etc.---is so intrinsically linked to sex and emotional intimacy. And that the literal focal point of all of this is someone who has prudish values to such free love and sex.
While Richard, teh werewolf king may seem like the stick in the mud to them truly being a team, the ultimate kind of family, I think he is the most human of them all. He doesn't like what he is, what's around him, what he's been forced to become----there was no choice in it for him and I realized in his hesitations and depression and anger he is the most human of them all. Unfortunately everyone else has made it so mandatory that he accept this whole lifestyle eventhough none of them else have regular lives outside of all of this weirdness. It would be nice if the inherent selfishness of the group is explored in that it's ok that someone doesn't want to be a part of this world.
Onto the villainess, Belle Morte!
I'm glad she didn't get a bullet in the head and is being saved as another problem for the future and this whole Mother of All Darkness is very interesting and it looks like it's part of Anita's destiny to be a link to all of these supernatural tribes to deal with this evil. What I do find interesting is how everyone is pushing in their "vampire worlds" this ultimate Uber Evil (Angel, Buffy, here) and at the same time here in the book the government (rightfully so) is taking an interest in all of these factions and using them for their own means. It's about time.
I hope thatteh series doesn't shut down after a book or two because their are international dilemnas out there. It's also a pet peeve of mine that for all of their talking and constant emotional analyzing they never TALK to each other. They talk abotu themselves and push and pull but there are a couple of times in the novel where it would've been nice for Anita to pull Jean Claude aside and sit for a couple of hours to understand the vampire rules. Sometyimes her ignorance is used as a device to tell the reader things that we don't know about this world but it also serves to keep the exposition going on for tooooooooo long.
As always the criminal investigation of the book doesn't get underway until page 100-125 which if you pay attention to the pacing of previous novels is how it always happens, the predictability caused the loss of one star. The hitman aspect of this was a little thin, thinner than most of the criminal plots of the book and more of harked back to characters that appeared in the beginning of the books to wrap up the end. That was the weakest aspect of the book in that this whole other sub-plot was developed as something that I expect will ultimate appear in future books.
I was very pleased with this book, it has much more polish and isn't as reliant on Anita being able to shoot anyone and anything to beat it. That showed a maturity of the work and it's nice to see Anita enjoying and accepting having so many varied lovers and the bonding of being part of a pack. As I was reading the book, aside from the romantic part of this and the erotica, it was great to see Anita growing and questioning why she loves as she doesn, why she pushed people away. It would be nice to see another female in the book to give another perspective on her---what ever happened to her best friend?
The children vampires, Valentina and Bartolome are an excellent addition to the cast of what is turning into a very unique "family". I was thinking that this sort of village living and loving would be a great thing.

Thirteen Ghosts [Import]
Thirteen Ghosts [Import]
7 used & new from CDN$ 5.99

3.0 out of 5 stars I enjoyed the house, April 9 2003
This movie nabbed me one day on cable, I was half following it while cleaning. I enjoyed teh visuals and concept of the house being made of glass and transparent but other than that the plot was a little thinner than the special effects made it seem like it shoudl be. Lots of interesting concepts of demons/ghosts being trapped in this house by the words on the walls. The house itself being a spell.

To Die for [Import]
To Die for [Import]
5 used & new from CDN$ 10.80

5.0 out of 5 stars She's a four letter word and it starts with a C---Cold., April 7 2003
This review is from: To Die for [Import] (VHS Tape)
Ileana Douglas delivers this incredible line that sums up this amazing film when I knew that Nicole Kidman was a force to be reckoned with. She is an amazing actress who so succinctly pulls off an incredibly hateful character. To watch her scheme and manipulate to further her TV dreams is amazing. As the script and director show the warping that TV creates and the insane frenzy to be on Tv people laugh but all of the reality shows prove this to be true. People will do anything to get onto television, even destroy themselves or the sanctity of marriage or relationships.
This insight into the minds of such people isn't so fictitious.

Offered by TUNESUS
Price: CDN$ 13.14
31 used & new from CDN$ 4.81

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb, April 3 2003
This review is from: Thriller (Audio CD)
One of the greatest things about Michael Jackson is his versatility. Also I think his fame is a symptom of the strangeness that surrounds him. He's not going to be a "normal" person by the standards by which we measure others. And I think the fault of most people is that they try to look at him as being someone who should be logically accessible as well in our concepts of our own worlds. I really liked this cd and recommend this highly for the beats.

Offered by Variety Chest
Price: CDN$ 29.99
20 used & new from CDN$ 3.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Really great, April 3 2003
This review is from: Bad (Audio CD)
One of the greatest things about Michael Jackson is his versatility. Also I think his fame is a symptom of the strangeness that surrounds him. He's not going to be a "normal" person by the standards by which we measure others. And I think the fault of most people is that they try to look at him as being someone who should be logically accessible as well in our concepts of our own worlds. I really liked this cd and recommend this highly for the beats. Prince opted out of a duet on Bad when the dispute came to the line of who would say, Your [...] is mine! LOL Prince said there's no way you're saying that to me.

Off The Wall
Off The Wall
Offered by Round3CA
Price: CDN$ 6.88
31 used & new from CDN$ 6.54

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, April 3 2003
This review is from: Off The Wall (Audio CD)
One of the greatest things about Michael Jackson is his versatility. Also I think his fame is a symptom of the strangeness that surrounds him. He's not going to be a "normal" person by the standards by which we measure others. And I think the fault of most people is that they try to look at him as being someone who should be logically accessible as well in our concepts of our own worlds. I really liked this cd and recommend this highly for the beats.

Blood on the Dancefloor
Blood on the Dancefloor
Price: CDN$ 15.00
23 used & new from CDN$ 0.66

4.0 out of 5 stars Good, April 3 2003
This review is from: Blood on the Dancefloor (Audio CD)
One of the greatest things about Michael Jackson is his versatility. Also I think his fame is a symptom of the strangeness that surrounds him. He's not going to be a "normal" person by the standards by which we measure others. And I think the fault of most people is that they try to look at him as being someone who should be logically accessible as well in our concepts of our own worlds. I really liked this cd and recommend this highly for the beats.

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