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Harvey J.Satan "Harvey J.Satan" (Among The Garden Gnome,Friar Park)

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Thirty Three & 1/3
Thirty Three & 1/3
Price: CDN$ 20.44
33 used & new from CDN$ 14.50

5.0 out of 5 stars "Sounds More Like Rescue Me!", March 12 2004
This review is from: Thirty Three & 1/3 (Audio CD)
Released on his thirty-three and a third birthday!( Well originally,thus the title.)
This is my FAVOURITE George solo album.( So pardon my biased review ). Why? Because George seems to have had a lot of fun making it.( See the liner photos,of the band playing frisbee at Friar Park,some of the Friar Park statues,George & his Dad among the Garden Gnomes,etc.). The album starts off with "Woman Don't You Cry For Me",which can only be described as "country-funk",if such a thing exsists!( It's funky,it's got some wild slide guitar,and is tight!) The album has some nice "love songs",such as "Dear One",and "Learning How To Love You". It has one slightly preachy song..."See Yourself",but it's a George album,so you expect that....but,it's also a good song! George does a very amusing "update" of the song "True Love",and keeps tongue firmly in cheek with,"It's What You Value","Crackerbox Palace" and "This Song" ( which features Python-pal Eric Idle! ).
And the beautiful tribute to Smokey Robinson,"Pure Smokey" is also here.( And yes it's about Smokey Robinson,not your liner notes people! ). Overall it's great to hear George and friends having a good time. It's great George has his voice,unlike the "Dark Horse" album,and that he's in a happier place here,unlike "Extra Texture". A must have in your George Harrison library!

1976-1992 Dark Horse Years
1976-1992 Dark Horse Years
Price: CDN$ 126.48
23 used & new from CDN$ 124.95

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars "Beating My Head On A Brick Wall!", March 12 2004
Why must the music industry continually attempt to rip-off the fans??
This box set is an ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF!
Thankfully,each album IS available seperately. As for the DVD,read below.
The good news is some of the discs include new/original art concepts. "Somewhere In England" now uses the original photo collage cover. "Cloud Nine" uses an alternate back cover photo.
The "bonus" tracks,on each CD,are nothing more than DEMOS. What happened to the known unreleased songs? Such as "Flying Time","Lay His Head" & "Sat Singing"? Where are "Cockamamie Business","Poor Little Girl",and "Cheer Down" from the "Best of
Dark Horse" album? Where is "I Don't Want To Do It" or "The Pirate Song" ? What about some of the music from "Time Bandits"?
As for the DVD it too is INCOMPLETE. Spending more time on "Live In Japan",and being sure to include BOTH versions of "Got My Mind Set On You"...instead of including "True Love","Blow Away","All Those Years Ago",and "Dream Away".Why not just release a Harrison Music Video DVD? ( and include the pre-Dark Horse videos too! )
I love George's music,particularly "33 & a 1/3",but this set leaves a lot to be desired,especially considering the cost! Buy the discs individually,at your leisure,and give the karmic finger to those who wish to rip you off!

Live in Japan Rocked & Roaded 2000 [Import]
Live in Japan Rocked & Roaded 2000 [Import]
2 used & new from CDN$ 257.05

5.0 out of 5 stars Stuck In An Actual Pagoda!, Feb. 15 2004
So,how does one get their favourite band to play in their homeland? Well,as this video shows,you send them a letter.Leonard and Stan balked,saying, "Yeah,yeah,buy us plane tickets". Well,be careful what you wish for. Their bluff was called,and the band found themselves in Tokyo...and this was the end result.
Not only does this video contain excellant live footage of The Dickies playing three shows in Japan,we see and hear the various tales behind the scenes. The band are in great form,with one of their better line-ups. The Dickies are also seen interacting with fans,giving their views on Japan,and generally having a good time. It's a great mix of music and behind the scenes,and some general goofing off.( Such as Leonard getting their interpreter to tell a robot joke on stage. ). Fans of The Dickies MUST own this,and should EVERYBODY else,what the heck!

Alice in Wonderland (Masterpiece Edition) (Bilingual)
Alice in Wonderland (Masterpiece Edition) (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Kathryn Beaumont
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 47.74
26 used & new from CDN$ 8.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Delight For Cabbages & Kings!, Feb. 15 2004
Alice in Wonderland,has always been a favourite book of mine,and this Disney musical version is a brilliant adaptation.Not to mention the beautifully done animation.This new release retains the original's greatness,and throws in numerous extra goodies for children and adults alike! For example....if you like to listen in French or Spanish,the ENTIRE soundtrack is in those languages,including ALL of the songs! Kathryn Beaumont,the voice of Alice,also makes an appearance and looks as wonderful as she does in the archival footage,and leads you through some of the archive materials. For the "kids" there's a "Mad Tea Party" interactive video game,a "match the cards" card game,sing-a-long videos,and an escape from Wonderland quiz game.For the "adults" there's the rare "Thru The Mirror",Mickey Mouse cartoon,( Which inspires many Card routines for "Alice" ),and the very first Disney Television Show ("An Hour In Wonderland" with Walt Disney, Kathryn Beaumont,Bobby Driscol,Edgar Bergen,Charlie McCarthy,and Knucklehead Smith ). For "the collector" there's the trailers,numerous art galleries,a collection of song demos,storyboards for a couple of deleted scenes,"Operation Wonderland" ( A 1950 behind the scenes featurette ),a rare original "Alice" comedy from the 1930's,Walt's two televsion intros. from 1954 and 1964,and Kathryn Beaumont & Sterling Holloway performing selections on "The Fred Waring Show". Also of note,"An Hour In Wonderland",a black and white show featuring excerpts from previous Disney movies,cuts to colour when those parts are shown.( Also of note,this DVD features the FIRST release of an excerpt from "Song Of The South"! See Uncle Remus sing "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah" in all it's glory!).
The one disappointment is the highly touted Cheshire Cat song "I'm Odd". Firstly,the Disney folks wrote nearly 100 songs for this film.( It was planned as far back as the early 40's.)."I'm Odd" apparently got lost,the music score anyways. So,this DVD contains a NEW recording of that other words it's NOT sung by Sterling Holloway,nor is there any lost animation to accompany it. It's even less of an "artifact" than the original song demos included,and frankly is a poor selling point.( This DVD would've sold without that sort of hype to begin with.) But,this is a small problem. This DVD is BRILLIANT! It's FUN! And Children,Adults,& Child/Adults can all enjoy it,alone or together!By all means,join this Mad Tea Party,and give yourself an Un-Birth Day Gift!

Let It Be Naked
Let It Be Naked
Price: CDN$ 23.18
71 used & new from CDN$ 8.12

4.0 out of 5 stars Is This Trip Really Necessary?, Feb. 15 2004
This review is from: Let It Be Naked (Audio CD) IS The Beatles,so you know the music is good. But once you start re-arranging the songs from the "classic" pattern,things tend to become "another mix tape". The "Let It Be"/"Get Back" sessions have always been an interesting time for Beatles music,and this album shows them trying their new ideas out. BUT,this new version actually removes part of the original Beatles plan ( to take the listener into the studio with them ),by deleting all the "fooling around" bits. Now it sounds like a studio album with less Phil Spector overdubs.( And frankly,this album would've been more "naked",if I hadn't heard these version on the "Anthology" video.) I've noticed also a few things:
1) Every song is SHORTER than the original release.(This includes the non-overdubbed songs too.)
2) If this album is supposed to be as The Beatles originally intended...where is the song "Teddy Boy" ? ( They managed to put it on Anthology 3... ).
3) The "Fly On The Wall" disc.,besides being no more exciting than any of the bootleg albums of this session...contains different versions of "Maggie Mae" & "Dig It". It also includes "Child Of Nature" ( John's original take on "Jealous Guy" ),and several unreleased songs.....but in you feel genuinely teased.
I've given this album 4 stars for the music alone,but to tell the truth,if you took your "Anthology 3",and the original "Let It Be",you could make your own mix and feel just as "naked".

Mojo Box
Mojo Box
Price: CDN$ 20.56
21 used & new from CDN$ 16.58

5.0 out of 5 stars Gaurenteed To Cure What Ails You!, Feb. 15 2004
This review is from: Mojo Box (Audio CD)
The SCOTS return with a little black box fulla cures and potions that'll make you wanna get up and dance! The SCOTS have been following a natural progression of sounds,and continue down that path. Last time out,on "Liquored Up",we heard them get a little more "garage",while still keeping in touch with their hillbilly side.Well....let's just say this one is a notch more garage.( Sprinkled liberally with some surf,funk,hillbilly,rockabilly, soul,etc...the usual brew. ). But,no matter how you slice the sound,or it's roots,SCOTS keep it fresh and new,and well worth your listening. ( Check out the Amazon samples,and YOU call it. )
SCOTS fans....well,y'all know ya gonna buy it,no matter what I stop wastin' yer time dawdlin',and fork out those Washingtons!

Liverpool Fantasy: A Novel
Liverpool Fantasy: A Novel
by Larry Kirwan
Edition: Paperback
23 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

1.0 out of 5 stars "Writing Wrongs", Feb. 7 2004
If Larry Kirwan had decided to write a book that was just a socio-political-rock'n'roll soap opera about an unknown Liverpool based band,and the trivialities of re-grouping after 25 years,this story probably would've worked. But instead,he had to make that band The Beatles,which,let's face it,will sell more books.
But the major stumbling block in this idea,seems to be that the authors Beatle knowledge was cribbed from "The Cliff Notes Version of The Cliff Notes Version of Beatles For Dummies",and a handful of Beatles airport interviews.
When I first heard about this book,I was enthuised by the premise, "What if The Beatles,on the verge of being kissed by fame itself,suddenly broke up,and never were. And then,tried to re-group 25 years later.?" Good idea,badly presented.
The author worries more about presenting us with the political backgrounds of Liverpool,then the Beatles themselves. The Tory's have now been overturned by the fascist group "The Front",whom intend to take over power in Britains Parliment by raising up an army of unthinking sheep in the lower class regions of England.( Oh,and John & Ringo still live in Liverpool. )
In this re-write of history,some things work,most don't. The Brits all talk like a poorly written Hollywood film,and the Americans all talk like a bad U.K. soap opera interpretation of Americans.( No one wins. ). Paul McCartney is now a burnt out Las Vegas lounge lizard "Paul Montana" with a string of hits and just as many ex-wives.John Lennon is nothing more than a drunken unemployed bum.George Harrison is now a Catholic Priest. Ringo is a drunkard Teddy Boy,whom still plays drums occaisionally,sitting in with Gerry & The Pacemakers.John,Paul & George all suffer,for reasons unnamed,moments of delusion,paranoia,and schizophrenia.( George to the point of paralizing catatonia.)
Paul...sort of works. You could see him that way.But I'd've used an actual Hamburg alias,"Paul Ramone". Why? Because that name inspires The Ramones,and the author could also blame Paul for the Punk Invasion. ( Reality check: Joey Ramone actually was inspired by that name.).It would also have been better to have had Paul married to Jane Asher,who would now be a famous B-Movie actress that supports him. If the author wanted to have John as a drunken womanizer,why not leave his artistic side intact and make him a Liverpudlian Picasso? ( Rather than take away his creative side completely.). Ringo works,for the most part. But associating him with hair salons ( run by wife Maureen ),is a rip off of Rutle proportions! George as priest is a tired joke,so much so that Mad Magazine did it in the early 1970's. George's background dictates several directions,his first job was as an electricions apprentice,his dad was a bus driver,and he always had a keen interest in motorsports. So how do you write George? Either as a hardware store owner,or a burntout mechanic whom now drives a Liverpool bus.( Throw in George's love of formula one racing,make him responsible for a famous racer's death,and he's forced back home.)( Reference George's "Faster" song.) See,how easy this is? And those were off the top of my head!
Numerous Beatle Associates are left in the lurch. If Paul must have a roadie/body gaurd,why not the always dependable Mal Evans?Brian Epstein,in this story,continues as Paul's manager,but we never know what exactly happened to him. George Martin,spotter of talent,manages to let all 4 Beatles get away?? Pete Best,makes an obvious appearance as the Ghost of Beatles past,for about four pages,then fades off into the fog.And on the political end,why not have Hamburg days friends Klaus Voorman & Astrid K. visiting in Liverpool and comparing The Front to Nazism? ( Since it's already implied in the story.)
Apparently history radically changes too,due to The Beatles not becoming famous. Spiro Agnew is the U.S. president,and Queen Diana rules Britain.Although none of this is ever given background,or fleshed out,thus making the passing references irrelevant to the story.
The biggest mis-step,is the easiest idea the author had. If the Beatles didn't make it,and yet the world was still watching Liverpool....why not have EVERY band,but the Beatles, hit the big time? Imagine that Liverpool? Imagine John,Ringo,Paul & George having to live in a world they created,but were the black sheep in. The Pete Best Combo are world famous,with a string of hits ripped off from McCartney & Lennon.Cilla Black is the Liverpool Cher. Gerry & The Pacemakers spawn The Monkees! Now that,would be a tale to tell!
But those are my thoughts. As a Beatle fan,I was underwhelmed by it all.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Bilingual)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Graham Chapman
Offered by torontomediadvd_com
Price: CDN$ 28.88
19 used & new from CDN$ 9.85

0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars "EXTRA SUPER SPECIAL RIP-OFF EDITION!", Feb. 1 2004
Yes,we all know that the film itself is the "Sgt.Pepper"of their career.( I say that with all affection ). We further know that the 2 Disc. Set is the best version ever released! ( Even if it doesn't have the full Japanese soundtrack like the original Critereon version...SHHH! )
So....why is it,that less than two years after the original 2 Disc. release,did THIS version get released? And why would you buy it?
The Discs. are EXACTLY the same.( Not to mention the original release 2 disc. set is STILL available.)
The Script Booklet? ( The original is still available,and WITH all the cool photos.)( And,not to mention,if you put the English captions on,it's the same as having the script book! )
The Film Cell? ( It's not even a unique image. It's the Knights at the Castle of Guy DeLombard,looking up at the French Taunter. )
The Pretty Black Box? ( It's not THAT pretty,and not as black as say,the cover of "Smell the Glove" )
Basically it's a tarted up rip-off aimed at unsuspecting Python fans! Buy the original 2 Disc. Set and save your money!

The Pythons
The Pythons
by Graham Chapman
Edition: Audio CD
13 used & new from CDN$ 31.52

3.0 out of 5 stars "Well,At Least It's Fresh Puke", Feb. 1 2004
This review is from: The Pythons (Audio CD)
( mind you,I am reviewing the AUDIO CD not The Book,but there still seems to be book reviews written below. )
Well....the Audio CD,leaves much to be desired. I'd recommend it for the extreme Python fan,who must absolutely have EVERYTHING Python. Why? Because a lot of the interviews are badly recorded! For example:every interview snippet of John Cleese,sounds like it was recorded in a railroad tunnel. The Michael Palin interviews are done in someone's office,presumably Michael's since every time the phone rings,the interview is cut short,and the audio fades away. A lot of the interviews get snipped short,just as the interesting bits are getting under way. Eric Idle gets distracted and drowned out a few times due to outside noises. Granted,these are all problems of interviewing in general,but it makes for a boring listen.The bits from the television show and the general Python ouvere,are never let run completely,never a whole sketch or song,just sound bytes. Terry Gilliam & Michael Palin do a few playful things with Bob,at the begining and end of the CD's,which there isn't enough of. ( The Python's all should've conspired to add a few little special bits,to entice buying.). Not an absolute waste of your money,but be sure you really really really really really must have it.

Ladykillers (Widescreen) (Version française)
Ladykillers (Widescreen) (Version française)
DVD ~ Alec Guinness
Offered by M and N Media Canada
Price: CDN$ 53.30
9 used & new from CDN$ 13.75

5.0 out of 5 stars Natural Born Klutzes!, Oct. 26 2003
Alec Guiness IS Alaistar Sims As Professor Marcus! ( Yes,that's what the funny teeth are all about.). But I digress...
This film is one of those great dark comedies,that could only ever be made in Britain.An American version would fail outright. Alec Guiness is in top form as a clever conman,and his gang of off beat cronies. Alec Guiness takes up residence at the home of the kindly Mrs.Wilberforce,convincing her he's a director of a string quartet. ( a.k.a.his gang.).That's the basic premise. What happens from there is evil comedy! Is Mrs.Wilberforce a criminal accomplice or an unassuming one-woman police force? Eventually,she will have to be dealt with....but who's going to kill the sweet old lady? There,is where the real problems begin!
It's great fun,but be aware,it's a very meticulous comedy. That is to say it's not a "wacky" sort of comedy.It's a thinking sort of comedy,it's more like a Charles Addams cartoon humour.If you are a Peter Sellers fan,you may be a little disappointed,it's his first film,and he's not given a lot of lines as the teddy-boy thug.( But he does have a few silly moments.). This might also be Peter Seller's first team up with future Pink Panther co-star Herbert Lom (Inspector Dreyfus ),whom is the scariest member of "the gang".
Over all a brilliant Alec Guiness vehicle,and wonderful support performances all around.

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