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May 7, 2019
Seems he's at it again. The author came in to my workplace peddling his book under the guise of being a local independent writer. As someone who dabbles in writing myself, I have supported many independent authors over the years and have been happy to do so. Today however, I was swindled. He seemed a nice enough guy at first. Said he had spent years writing for a paper out west and this is a collection of his essays. He mentioned his book is very hard to find because Indigo pulled it from their shelves. Made it a typical "big company is a bully" sob story. I asked if it was on Amazon and he said no, he was thinking of trying that but hadn't yet. Well, well, well....imagine my surprise to find it here...on AMAZON. It took mere minutes for me to understand why stores may have pulled it, as it is full of narrow minded intolerance. That impression was formed based on a quick sampling of a few random pages within the book. I can't even imagine what else is in there. I'm actually disgusted that I was talked into buying this piece of garbage. I'm even more disgusted that my money went towards supporting someone with these kinds of views. The only thing this book is good for, is perhaps causing an increase in sales for No Soliciting signs as I urge all business owners to get one after this experience.
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