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January 29, 2018
The other book that every DM needs for 5th Edition. There's really no way around this one; well I guess you could get something from a different publisher that's intended for 5E, but you'd still be missing a lot of the basics that most players have come to expect.

Now if Wizards of the Coast would release a PDF version of this, I'd recommend that hands down. Having a big hardback book where you really only need a couple sheets for a gaming session is a pain. I do miss the old 2nd Edition binder.

GIFT GIVERS: Perhaps you're looking for a gift for someone you know that plays D&D. If they haven't specifically asked for this then it might not be the best gift. This is intended only for the Dungeon Master, so most people don't need to buy it. On top of that, a single group could share this book with a couple different DMs and avoid buying multiple copies.
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