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October 11, 2003
Lyrically & musically marilyn manson foudn a peak with his 98 release of mechanical animals now i'll tell you my opinions of the songs below
Great Big White world 9/10 - a great start to the album a fan favorite at his concerts
the dope show 7/10 - the media says its the best off of mechanical animals i disagree its good but nothing great
mechanical animals 8/10 the title track for this cd is a good one The chorus is incredible, co-written by now ex bassist twiggy ramierez
rock is dead 9/10 - a great single definetly goes deep into the 70's glam rock style of this cd.
dissasociative - 10/10 I think thats how you prounounce the song if its wrong i'm sorry spelling is my only bad subject but back to the song this is a great song the song has awesome guitars by John 5 and manson's vocals are great
Speed of pain 20/10 this song is incredible one of the best off of Mechanical animals.
posthuman 8/10 I think the lyrics were intelligent ( could have been a bit better) but the drums guitars & electroics arethe best on the album and i think its really cool how the electronc vocie comes on it end of the song saying " presenting omega & the mechanical animals"
I want to disappear 8/10 another very glam rock song not my favorite but still decent
I don't like the drugs ( but the drug's like me)9/10 Another single the lyrics are intelligent ( you might not think they are from the title of the song} the chorus is good and ginger fish comes through on the drums in this one.
New model num 15. 9/10 - I thought this could have been a single for the overall sound, sounds like a radio hit
user friendly 10/10 - Its a great song but fellow teenagers like myself might want to keep the parents away from this song
Fundamentally Loathsome 5/10 The lyrics ar decent but the guitars don't fit with the rest of the song there makes it sound bad.
The last day on earth 25/10 - WOW! an awesome song every part of this song is perfect, the chorus, the lyrics, guitars,drums,bass, electronics its incredible!!!!!!!!! but not the best on this album........
Coma white 10000000000000/10 - We have come to the end of this cd and the best song on this cd hell! the best MM song of all time in my opinion. just amazing i love this song, you can relate to it, its perfect and has something for everybody even parents.
IN conclusion if you love manson buy this now! If you are a new Marilyn manson fan you will liek this but you are not readt for it, you aren't used to his style ye so buy the golden age of groutesque then buy mechanical animals.
i leave you with this quote
" I don't say to be like me, i say to be like you and to make a difference." - Marilyn manson.
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