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May 14, 2017
Have both the 1 output (91213) and the 2 output models (58910). Worked ok for 1-2 seasons. Put it away indoor for the winter and found both leaking in the spring.
A significant drip from one of the two holes at the bottom. Looks like an internal leak. Opened it up found leak from solenoid fitting. Actually the one on the left was cross threaded, surprised that it didn't leak from the beginning. Put some teflon tape on both and reassembled seemed to solve the problem.
As for the rating, for <$50, of course it is made in China. But the question is like in people management, is it worth the cost and is it worth keeping. I work a day job so I rather not have to spend 15 minutes everyday to water the plants. It solves my problem. A little bit of headache with the leak, but hopefully people find this useful and not have to toss it out.
The fitting is sealed by a rubber seat which the white screw fitting pushes up against. After some use, the rubber gets compressed and no longer seal against the white fitting. The teflon tape seals the fitting with the housing, which is ok. But I would guess at some point, the plunger of the solenoid will not seal against the rubber seat and it will start to have a leak where the timer is off but water may leak through to the plants. So may have to keep an eye out for over watering and high water bills. This leak won't be from the housing.
Four stars for saving me time at a decent cost, but poor manufacturing and some material durability issue. Maybe manufacturer can offer the rubber seat separate as a maintenance item.
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