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May 1, 2019
Even if you are usually a devoted Helena Hunting fan, as I usually am, you are probably going to wat to skip this one.

The heroine is unlikable. Like seriously, beyond just annoying, Wow what a bad person level unlikable.

This book made me angry which romance novels almost never do. Particulatly not the light rom com style books Hunting usually writes.

I don't know if it was attempting to go darker and heavier in the plot than she usually does but it really didn't work. The hero suffered a life changing loss and the heroine's reaction was purely petty and cynical.

There is a backstory about a percieved wrong doing that negatively coloured her view of him but it did not involve the death or maiming of her family members or pets. It didn't kill her career or ruin her life. She just didn't get the extra gold star she was expecting and the insignificance of his slight against her in constrast with how she views him at his lowest point shows how immature and selfish she is.
How can anyone be expected to cheer for her to have a happy ending? No one deserves to be stuck with someone like that.
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3.9 out of 5 stars