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June 1, 1999
This book make FW a bit less obscure. First he narrows his focus to the ten 100-letter Thunderwords in FW and shows that, like DNA in a chromosome, each Thunder contains all the themes of its section in microcosm. (find the Joseph Campbell on Finnegans Wake video and hear him read the first thunderword for the full effect) Second, he fits FW in the genre of Minippean satire, so its disorderly mess has a bit of company on the bookshelf. Hey, "Every artist creates his own precursors", Borges wrote. When I went to school, it was Horatian and Juvenalian, nice and nasty, Garison Keillor vs Howard Stern. Well, now there's room for Tristram Shandy and Frank Zappa, too. A good entree to the subject.
trivia: The author's dad was the guy Alvy Singer produced to silence the movieline bore in Annie Hall.
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