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December 25, 2010
The 4 Hour Body isn't a front to back read, rather, you choose the pieces that are of interest to you. There is something for everyone. I'm 49 and have been going to the gym for cardio and weights for 2 years. After reading parts of his book, I've incorporated his exercises for abs and dead lifting into my routine. This has brought new life to my workout. I also enjoy the interviews with professional weightlifters and coaches and the Michael Phelps discussion. I'm not able to do most of what they propose but I find it interesting to hear their ideas about training. Much of what is contained in the book, I'm not going to do myself. I'm not going to start taking cold showers to lose body fat for example, but some people who are more serious than I may decide to do it. I like the fact that he challenges our ideas about weight loss and just about all conventional wisdom. It's thought provoking...I have no idea if he is right but I get the feeling he is. The proof will be in the results I achieve by taking his advice. I would like to see more direction in his book. But the book isn't targeted to any specific group so it would be hard for him direct everyone as we all have our own goals. That's ok since I can take what is pertinent to me and put into use. Tim is accessible so if you have any questions you can ask him and he'll probably respond. I really like the book, I think it is an important book and I'm sure it will spur much debate. I think it supports and adds to the Mike Metzner/John Little workout philosophy and supports the Paleo diet literature out there. The existence of so many diet and exercise books written is evidence that we have alot to learn about how to improve the human body through exercise and diet. Tim's book calls into questions many of our assumptions which is why it's so important. There is something in this book for everyone. Maybe I should have given it 5 stars?? I really like it and I gave 2 copies to friends for Xmas. I look forward to his next book.
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