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June 11, 2019
A meet cute between a fangirl and her childhood celebrity crush is bound to end perfectly...well think again. For Kailyn, would she has always dreamed of (and let's face it, fantasized about) doesn't really happen exactly as she planned. Bumping into her childhood celeb crush, Daxton Hughes, on her first day of law school is something she never dreamed would happen - especially fingerling that hard in Dax's arms. But what was astonishment and excitement over their meeting and quick friendship turns into something sour and broken over a betrayal she never expected, much less from Dax himself.

Fast forward eight years and Dax reappears into her life, with his parents in tow, asking for legal advice in regards to setting up a trust fund for his younger sister. Kailyn though wary, still holding her grudge towards Dax from law school, develops a professional relationship with him. When he suffers a huge loss and everything he knows changes instantly, Kailyn is there for him every step of the way. From enemies, to friends, to definitely something more. Their relationship faces rollercoasters as they try to balance life, love, and loss in this moving story.

From the blurb to the cover, I was expecting something more along the lines of a fun, light, flirty romantic comedy. With that being said, Meet Cute did not really meet the comedic part of a romantic comedy. It felt like more of a dramatic fiction with romance sprinkled on it really than a rom-com. It was a lot more emotional and heartbreaking than I was expecting, especially once their stories began to evolve more fully. I mean I couldn't help but root for both Kailyn and Dax to end up together - even through all of their messed up actions and decisions.

With all of that said, there was a sense of predictability when reading this story. You can easily tell who were going to be slapped with the label "villain" and the schemes they tried to pull off was something I could definitely see a mile away. It made the characters feel unrealistic and more exaggerated than they needed to be. I also was unsure about the enemies-to-lovers concept of this story because it felt pretty up in the air for the majority of the book (are they, aren't they).

Overall, I did like Meet Cute but it did fall a bit short for me. I think my expectation of what this book was about did ultimately affect my view going into this book. While the romance was there, the comedic part of a rom-com was not.
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3.9 out of 5 stars