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March 31, 2016
I am happy with my Fitbit Charge HR. First I would like to say that it is not perfect, but I never expected it to track everything perfectly. The step tracking feature is very good. I have gone on walks and counted my steps and the fitbit tracking is dead on. However when I play my guitar it did could strums as steps. To remedy I changed my arm that wears the fitbit from my right dominant to my left arm. I also noticed that it tracks steps when sweeping the floor or raking leaves. I am just going to live with that or put it in my pocket if doing a lot of those activities. It also missed some steps if I just get up and do 20 steps or less. So it is not perfect but I think the step tracking is very good. The heart rate is also very good. I originally had the fitbit on my right dominant arm near to my wrist and it tracked well when below 110 bpm, but was very poor at higher bpm. When I switched to my left arm (to stop guitar strumming) I wear it high on my arm, on my forearm as I also wear a watch. In this position the heartrate tracking is almost perfect. I also use a Garmin forerunner with a chest strap to monitor heart rate zones and the fitbit worn on my left forearm compares closely with the Garmin. Also I use a rowing machine for exercise and the fitbit does not log this at all. However after the exercise I manually enter the time and all the data is correct. Finally the sleep monitoring is good. In the morning I have to manually enter my bedtimes, but once that is entered the data is good. I have to note that I am a horrible sleeper so I probably move so much that the fitbit does not log me as in bed.
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