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March 30, 2011
In my opinion, since the beginning of time man has been focused on one thing..... seeking a higher standard of living. The definition of just what a higher standard may be, is not something agreed upon unanimously. However, in Canada we live in a nation that operates on a model of capitalism where the majority rules, health and education are highly valued, and ownership of property has rights associated with it. Although far from perfect, it remains with us until something better comes along. This model comes with many costs...as does everything. One of the most pressing costs is the negative effect upon the global ecological environment. However, when looking at viable solutions, I do not believe it is a popular belief to have our standard of living reduced (although if we fail to change we may have no choice). This means that in order to both have a continually rising standard of living, while at the same time reducing our impact on the environment (although mutually long term linked) we need to be focused today on what we buy, how it is produced and how we dispose of it.

The Consumer Republic illustrates the power we have today to ensure that this happens. Because of the high capital invested in Brands and the value of future earnings associated with them we are in a unique era. Through the social media expansion, and the power it instills within the consumer, we can influence the so called corporate cows" to ensure the Brands they create and nurture, focus on sustainable methods......while at the same time still provide us with the goods and services for us to seek a higher standard of living. I embrace the message that Bruce Philp brings to the consumer. Buy brands responsibly, scrutinize every purchase, vote with your dollars, voice your opinion (however not recklessly) on the goods and services you buy via the social media platforms, and continue to press and change companies to do better for the world we all live in. In return the brands should respond, not because they want to, because they have to in order to survive. At a time when much of the green movement focuses on why we should not be using x or y, but at the same time not providing any viable alternative, this book shows us what we are doing wrong, but then also provides a solution how to change it...and one that is viable. I really enjoyed how he has shown us that our time of action is now, and things can change one purchase at a time.
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