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November 7, 2012
I like this author, pen-named 'Casey Daniels'. Amongst an array of series, often similar despite being numerous; this one is original. Even the theme of ghosts is approached in the delightfully bizarre setting of graveyard tourism! Casey created a lead character 'Pepper', who is uneducated about the afterlife. Readers learn as she does. She is a fashion-conscious daughter of a ritzy family, made relatable due to their fall from financial grace. More people see eye to eye with her struggle to support herself. The opening premise is that in her privileged upbringing, she didn't develop career skills with self-sufficiency in mind. Graveyard tourism was 'better than nothing' in her situation.

She suddenly finds herself able to communicate with an old time mobster ghost, who wants his murder figured out. The twists and second-guessing in this novel are fantastic and even when we know who is behind Gus's death; there is an emotional history that reaches several people. Poignancy was rare and the tale should have ended on that note, instead of introducing the next volume.

I find the protagonist's attraction to men exaggerated and shallow. I don't go nuts over accessories and clothes and thus, there are a few areas in which I don't relate to the heroine. I'd love to work in a historic location! However I appreciate enough about the character to care about the outcome of the plots. One often grows more attached after another book, in a setting with increasing familiarity as well. I don't find the paranormal atmosphere scary or enchanting enough, perhaps because it takes Pepper a long time to confirm she was seeing a ghost and isn't insane. I think the novels would be stronger with more mysticism and wonder and I look forward to seeing if Casey Daniels adds such a tone.
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