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November 16, 2018
I was so excited for this game and it turned out to be a hugest let down....

For a serious Pokémon player like myself I was expecting that you would be able to battle wild Pokémon with your own Pokémon to train them and bond with them. Instead the game play is all Pokémon go.

This made the game a huge disappointment for myself because instead of battling wild Pokémon you can only capture them with poke balls like the app of Pokémon Go.

To make matters worse you have to train your Pokémon through the same methods as pokemon go (it becomes boring very quickly since you can only capture Pokémon not battle with them against wild Pokémon.)

They made the battling to basic with training Pokémon (as a serious and competitive Pokémon player who has played through all the games) I was dissatisfied that there do not appear to have IV or EV training which takes away all the hard work put into training your Pokémon.

I was also disappointed that I could capture all the Pokémon (including the starter Pokémon). At first it seems great, but when your Pokémon mean that much to you and you work hard to train them and take care of them your Pokémon lose thier value when anyone and everyone can capture the same one you have.

This gameplay of this game basically takes away the value of all the Pokémon (which normally would be a special challenge to find). It doesn’t allow you to battle wild Pokémon to train your Pokémon against. And in short they are really making you pay a huge sum of money for a switch version of the Pokémon go app. So instead of just downloading thier app of Pokémon go for free they make you pay 80 dollars for the same thing on the switch expect in the Pokémon universe instead of reality.

I was very disappointed and not impressed. Instead taking out important fundamentals of gameplay keep them in because as a very experienced Pokémon player this is very disappointing.
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