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January 10, 2011
I never write reviews for anything, but I respect this author greatly and his refreshing change of pace that I felt a need to respond with a short rebuttal to the claims of someone's review who I will not name ( darkshadow77, oops ).

First Statement:
"First, it's not really a book, but rather a series of independent chapters that the author says can be read independently. As such, the book doesn't really flow, and there's no real end goal."

My response:
I don't understand the comment "No real end goal". THis book is laid out and explained to be used as a guide depending on your personal goals. For example if you need to lose fat then read the book with the chapters that would help you accomplish this. If you need to gain muscle or strength then read those corresponding chapters. The author even provides a simple reference as to which chapters you can read for those chapters and how many pages you will need to read. If memory serves me correctly if your goal is lose fat, then you only need to read 98 of the 400+ pages provided. After you lose weight then you may want to work on gaining muscle, so you then read those pages. This is a very easy concept and well laid out. I do not understand the confusion here with "no real end goal" since the book is meant to be used for your personal needs and goals.

Second Statement:
"Second, I really can't tell who the target audience is, but a lot of the book appears to be geared towards people with very serious athletic ambitions. Want to run marathons, fix previous injuries with plasma injections, or lift more than 3x your weight?"

My response:
hmmm, I am beginning to feel like someone only read the back promotional cover and not the actual book itself. This book can apply to everyone, this statement above is a very small fraction inside the book and not sure why they were singled out. To be honest, the statements the author makes such as running a marathon, fix injuries, etc..are actually explained very well and informative. He actually makes you realize that if you do in fact want to run a marathon, it is not out of reach if that is your goal.

Statement Three:
"Another problem I have is that the majority of the links that the author uses in the book appear to be affiliate links where the author makes money when someone purchases an item. Given that I can't seem to find any disclaimer that this is the case, I personally feel like it undercuts the serious message in some of the chapters, especially with the chapter on how to lose weight. How does one know that those supplements aren't being recommended simply to make money off of them? It's a conflict of interest, and it undercuts the message. "

My response:
Yes, now I am sure this person barely read any of the book, because if they did they would have seen in the very first introduction chapter that the author notifies us that he has ZERO monetary gain from the affiliate links in the book, and that in fact he donates all procedes to charity. Embarrassing.

Statement Four:
"The author also has spent a lot of time doing medical experiments on himself, the results of which are used to reinforce some of the ideas in the book. Unfortunately, a experiment with one person is completely useless statistically. All it shows are the results for the author, and nothing else can be inferred from their presentation. In fact, there's one series of data that the author presents, but then spends far more time discussing all the problems with how he did the experiment than the time spent discussing the actual results. If the experiment was so bad, why not revise the methodology, or exclude it completely? It just seems hastily put together. "

My response:
Actually their are case studies from numerous people, including the findings of more than 100 PhDs, NASA scientists, medical doctors, Olympic athletes, professional sports trainers (from the NFL to MLB), world-record holders, Super Bowl rehabilitation specialists, and even former Eastern Bloc coaches. The author also explains how he absolutely encourages you to be skeptical of everything ( Inside and outside of this book ), but to at least try the techniques before you knock them, otherwise you should have no say in the merits of any claims if you did not do them yourself ( darkshadow77 ).

My final thoughts:
I love his first book and I love this one. I believe everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions and views, but at the very least, please make factual statements instead of assumptions created by your lack of skills to retain information or pure laziness where you skim through the book.
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