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May 13, 2017
Awesome machine, vacuums very well and is easy to handle. I was impressed with the powerful motor. We have an old wooden floor and I was surprised with the amount of dust it sucked out from between the tightly laid wooden strips. My previous machine was clearly not as strong..

It makes a sturdy impression and the different pieces of the wand are well stuck together (i read in review for another machine how their handle keeps getting lose from their stick, sounds annoying). The extra pieces (the thin mouth and a brush head) are neatly clicked in the curve at the top of the wand, but you can remove them all if you want to reach into the corners and crevices of your car, for example. I was afraid i wouldnt be able to reach so well when cleaning under and around the car seats because of that weird installation, but it was no problem since everything came lose easily.

It doesn't take as much place as i feared (we live in a small apartment) with it's telescopic wand, however, unfortunately the wand and the machine don't stick/clip together when you put them away.

The mouth piece is a bit high, which means i have to remove it and just use the stick whenever i want to reach under cabinets and other narrow places. I was used to a thinner mouth piece so it annoys me a bit.

One downside is that the handle is on the wrong side of the machine. When you want to pick it up for whatever reason (storage, moving to another part in the house), and you put it back on the ground, the tube close to the mouth of the machine will hit the floor first because the handle is on the opposite (back) side of the machine. I wonder within how much time the tube will start to show signs of wear because of this. I now carefully pick it up with both hands (juggling with the 'wand' and the tube while i do that) and it's a bit of a hassle. Not a game breaker though, if I'm careful i think i will get many years of pleasant use out of this thing. Might be annoying once i have a bigger house with multiple floors, forcing me to pick it up more often.

When i shopped for vacuum machines, I read here and there that the handle is too short. I am 1.77m / 5'9" and i dont find it too short at all. I could easily stand straight while vacuuming, its just that a lot of people (me included) take a bad posture when we use vacuum machines.

I thought that having one of the larger contents for the dirt cup would be handy, but i would not let it be too big of an issue if i were you. With 2 long-haired people living in this house, there is a lot of hair getting stuck around the filter and most of the content of the dirt cup stays empty before i have to already remove the contents because of all this hair bundling together and blocking the air. I'm not complaining though, emptying the dirt cup is easy enough and ive only done it twice since i bought it over two months ago, while vacuuming a bit more than once per week.

Dont go for machines with shorter cords than this one (20 feet); its already quite short, despite it being the longest of those that i compared. I already plug it in an extension cord at the start of my cleaning session, so that i dont have to bother with plugging it in a different wall whenever i change room.

All in all, im very happy with this machine. I love canister vacuum machines, i dont know why they arent sold more (for normal prices like this one) in North America. My biggest annoyance is the placement of the handle, it makes you wonder if the designer ever even tried to use the thing. My vacuum machine doesnt have to look pretty, it has to be handy.
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