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What Is Digital Copy?

Digital Copy What is Digital Copy? It's a product (DVD or Blu-ray disc) that includes an additional digital file of the film or TV show. You can transfer the file in just minutes onto your computer or portable media player.
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FAQ & Technical Support

Q. Do all Digital Copies work on all portable media players?
A. Unfortunately, not all Digital Copies are created equal. Most Digital Copies from 20th Century Fox will work on iPods, and Digital Copies from Sony Pictures will work on PSPs. See the links above for studio-specific questions.
Q. Do the copies expire?
A. Many do. Check your packaging for dates. The Digital Copy on The Dark Knight, for example, expires on December 9, 2009, one year after the DVD/Blu-ray was first released.
Q. Does "expire" mean that the Digital Copy will no longer be watchable after that date?
A. No, it means that you can no longer download it to your computer or handheld device after that date. The copy isn't what's expiring; it's the download code.
Q. I have a Blu-ray disc with a Digital Copy on it. Can I only download it to a computer with a Blu-ray drive?
A. No, the Digital Copy is on a standard DVD rather than the Blu-ray disc, so it should be readable on any computer with a DVD drive. Q. Will my Digital Copy play on my iPod?
A. Digital Copy compatibility varies by studio. For technical support, visit the following sites:

For more FAQ, go to