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Postal Codes Ineligible for One-Day and Two-Day Shipping


T0A through T0G
FSA Postal Code Range
T0A T0A0A0 to T0A0E9
T0A0J0 to T0A0J9
T0A0M0 to T0A0R9
T0A0T0 to T0A0T9
T0A0Z0 to T0A0Z9
T0A1B0 to T0A1E9
T0A1M0 to T0A1M9
T0A1P0 to T0A1S9
T0A1X0 to T0A2B9
T0A2E0 to T0A2G9
T0A2J0 to T0A2L9
T0A2P0 to T0A2V9
T0A2Y0 to T0A2Z9
T0A3B0 to T0A3G9
T0A3J0 to T0A3M9
T0A3T0 to T0A3T9
T0B T0B0A0 to T0B0C9
T0B0H0 to T0B0M9
T0B0P0 to T0B0R9
T0B0T0 to T0B0X9
T0B0Z0 to T0B0Z9
T0B1C0 to T0B1C9
T0B1G0 to T0B1K9
T0B1M0 to T0B1N9
T0B1R0 to T0B1S9
T0B1X0 to T0B1X9
T0B2A0 to T0B2G9
T0B2J0 to T0B2K9
T0B2P0 to T0B2P9
T0B2S0 to T0B2S9
T0B2X0 to T0B3C9
T0B3H0 to T0B3K9
T0B3P0 to T0B3V9
T0B3X0 to T0B3Y9
T0B4B0 to T0B4B9
T0B4G0 to T0B4G9
T0B4K0 to T0B4K9
T0B4R0 to T0B4S9
T0C T0C0B0 to T0C0B9
T0C0E0 to T0C0E9
T0C0N0 to T0C0N9
T0C0R0 to T0C0S9
T0C0X0 to T0C0X9
T0C1A0 to T0C1A9
T0C1G0 to T0C1H9
T0C1K0 to T0C1K9
T0C1M0 to T0C1M9
T0C1R0 to T0C1R9
T0C1W0 to T0C1X9
T0C2A0 to T0C2A9
T0C2C0 to T0C2C9
T0C2E0 to T0C2E9
T0C2N0 to T0C2N9
T0C2S0 to T0C2S9
T0C2V0 to T0C2V9
T0C3B0 to T0C3B9
T0E T0E0A0 to T0E0A9
T0E0C0 to T0E0H9
T0E0K0 to T0E0L9
T0E0N0 to T0E0N9
T0E0V0 to T0E0W9
T0E0Y0 to T0E0Y9
T0E1A0 to T0E1A9
T0E1K0 to T0E1K9
T0E1S0 to T0E1S9
T0E1W0 to T0E1Z9
T0E2B0 to T0E2B9
T0E2H0 to T0E2H9
T0E2K0 to T0E2K9
T0E2M0 to T0E2M9
T0E2Y0 to T0E2Y9
T0G T0G0A0 to T0G0A9
T0G0C0 to T0G0C9
T0G0G0 to T0G0H9
T0G0K0 to T0G0S9
T0G0V0 to T0G1K9
T0G1M0 to T0G1M9
T0G1R0 to T0G1T9
T0G1W0 to T0G1X9
T0G1Z0 to T0G2K9
T0G2M0 to T0G2N9
T0G2W0 to T0G2W9
T0H through T9W
FSA Postal Code Range
T0H T0H0A0 to T0H0L9
T0H0N0 to T0H0P9
T0H0S0 to T0H0T9
T0H0W0 to T0H0Y9
T0H1A0 to T0H1N9
T0H1R0 to T0H2J9
T0H2L0 to T0H2R9
T0H2T0 to T0H2W9
T0H2Y0 to T0H2Y9
T0H3A0 to T0H3J9
T0H3M0 to T0H4A9
T0H4C0 to T0H4G9
T0J T0J0A0 to T0J0A9
T0J0E0 to T0J0H9
T0J0K0 to T0J0L9
T0J0N0 to T0J0R9
T0J0T0 to T0J0T9
T0J0W0 to T0J0X9
T0J1E0 to T0J1H9
T0J1K0 to T0J1N9
T0J1R0 to T0J1R9
T0J1T0 to T0J1T9
T0J1W0 to T0J1W9
T0J2A0 to T0J2A9
T0J2G0 to T0J2G9
T0J2J0 to T0J2M9
T0J2S0 to T0J2S9
T0J2X0 to T0J2Z9
T0J3B0 to T0J3E9
T0J3J0 to T0J3J9
T0J3M0 to T0J3M9
T0J3P0 to T0J3P9
T0J3W0 to T0J3W9
T0K T0K0A0 to T0K0A9
T0K0G0 to T0K0G9
T0K0V0 to T0K0V9
T0K1B0 to T0K1B9
T0K1E0 to T0K1E9
T0K1K0 to T0K1K9
T0K1R0 to T0K1R9
T0K1Y0 to T0K1Y9
T0K2K0 to T0K2K9
T0K2R0 to T0K2R9
T0L T0L0B0 to T0L0B9
T0L0L0 to T0L0L9
T0L1G0 to T0L1G9
T0L1L0 to T0L1L9
T0L1P0 to T0L1P9
T0L1Y0 to T0L1Y9
T0L2B0 to T0L2B0
T0M T0M0C0 to T0M0C9
T0M0H0 to T0M0H9
T0M0M0 to T0M0M9
T0M0R0 to T0M0R9
T0M0V0 to T0M0V9
T0M1C0 to T0M1C9
T0M1K0 to T0M1M9
T0M1V0 to T0M1X9
T0M2E0 to T0M2E9
T0M2H0 to T0M2H9
Other T0P1B0 to T0P1C9
T0P1G0 to T0P1J9
T0V1A0 to T0V1A9
T8S - all postal codes
T8V2Z7 to T8V2Z7
T9W - all postal codes
T9W1M3 to T9W1M3

British Columbia

V0A through V0K
FSA Postal Code Range
V0A V0A1B0 to V0A1B9
V0A1E0 to V0A1H9
V0A1L0 to V0A1M9
V0A1T0 to V0A1T9
V0B V0B1A0 to V0B1B9
V0B1A0 to V0B1A0
V0B1B0 to V0B1B9
V0B1E0 to V0B1E9
V0B1L0 to V0B1L9
V0B1S0 to V0B1S9
V0B1X0 to V0B1X9
V0B2B0 to V0B2C9
V0B2G0 to V0B2G0
V0B2L0 to V0B2L9
V0C V0C1B0 to V0C1B9
V0C1C0 to V0C1G9
V0C1K0 to V0C1L9
V0C1N0 to V0C1N0
V0C1R0 to V0C2B9
V0C2E0 to V0C2E9
V0C2H0 to V0C2L9
V0C2N0 to V0C2N9
V0C2R0 to V0C2V9
V0C2X0 to V0C2Z9
V0E V0E1H0 to V0E1H9
V0E1S0 to V0E1T9
V0E2A0 to V0E2A9
V0E2G0 to V0E2G0
V0E2L0 to V0E2L9
V0E2S0 to V0E2S9
V0E2W0 to V0E2X9
V0E3K0 to V0E3K9
V0G V0G1A0 to V0G1E9
V0G1J0 to V0G1K9
V0G1M0 to V0G1N9
V0G1R0 to V0G1S9
V0G2B0 to V0G2C9
V0H V0H1A0 to V0H1A0
V0H1B0 to V0H1B9
V0H1E0 to V0H1H9
V0H1J0 to V0H1J0
V0H1M0 to V0H1N9
V0H1T0 to V0H1V9
V0H1Y0 to V0H1Y9
V0J V0J1A0 to V0J1A9
V0J1E0 to V0J1E0
V0J1G0 to V0J1H9
V0J1K0 to V0J1K9
V0J1R0 to V0J1R9
V0J1T0 to V0J1T9
V0J1W0 to V0J1X9
V0J2A0 to V0J2C9
V0J2G0 to V0J2J0
V0J2P0 to V0J2T9
V0J2W0 to V0J2W9
V0J2Z0 to V0J2Z9
V0J3B0 to V0J3B9
V0J3G0 to V0J3G9
V0J3J0 to V0J3J9
V0J3M0 to V0J3N9
V0J3S0 to V0J3T9
V0K V0K1B0 to V0K1G9
V0K1J0 to V0K1K0
V0K1L0 to V0K1P0
V0K1S0 to V0K1S0
V0K1X0 to V0K1Y0
V0K1Z0 to V0K1Z0
V0K2G0 to V0K2G9
V0K2K0 to V0K2L0
V0K2R0 to V0K2S0
V0L through V8G
FSA Postal Code Range
V0L All postal codes.
V0N V0N1E0 to V0N1G9
V0N1K0 to V0N1K9
V0N1M0 to V0N1P9
V0N1S0 to V0N1S9
V0N1V0 to V0N1W9
V0N1Y0 to V0N1Z9
V0N2B0 to V0N2B9
V0N2G0 to V0N2J9
V0N2N0 to V0N2N9
V0N2S0 to V0N2S9
V0N2V0 to V0N3E9
V0N3J0 to V0N3L9
V0P V0P1B0 to V0P1B9
V0P1J0 to V0P1L9
V0P1P0 to V0P1X0
V0P2A0 to V0P2A9
V0R V0R1A0 to V0R1B9
V0R2B0 to V0R2B9
V0R2Y0 to V0R2Z0
V0T V0T1C0 to V0T1C9
V0T1H0 to V0T1J9
V0T1M1 to V0T1M9
V0T1P0 to V0T1T9
V0T1W0 to V0T1Y9
V0T2B0 to V0T2B9
V0V V0V1A0 to V0V1G0
V0V1H0 to V0V1H9
V0W V0W1A0 to V0W1A9
V0X V0X1C0 to V0X1C9
V0X1G0 to V0X1G9
V0X1K0 to V0X1K9
V0X1N0 to V0X1N9
V0X1W0 to V0X1W9
V0X2L0 to V0X2L9
Other V1J4H5


Postal codes beginning with the following:

R0A0 to R0A2
R0B0 to R0B2
R0C0 to R0C3
R0E0 to R0E2
R0G0 to R0G2
R0H0 to R0H1
R0J0 to R0J2
R0K0 to R0K2
R0L0 to R0L2
R0M0 to R0M2
R4H to R4L

New Brunswick

E1X through E6E
FSA Postal Code Range
E1X E1X0A5 to E1X0A5
E1X3W4 to E1X3X8
E1X4R7 to E1X4R7
E2A E2A6Y9 to E2A6Z1
E2A7H2 to E2A7J3
E2S E2S0A2 to E2S0A2
E2S1Y5 to E2S2E7
E2V E2V0B2 to E2V0B2
E2V0E2 to E2V0E4
E2V0E7 to E2V0E8
E2V0G6 to E2V0H1
E2V2X6 to E2V2Y4
E2V2Y6 to E2V2Y6
E2V2Y8 to E2V3M6
E2V3M8 to E2V3N0
E2V3V9 to E2V4H7
E2V4C8 to E2V4H5
E2V4H6 to E2V4H7
E2V4J1 to E2V4J4
E2V4J6 to E2V4J6
E2V4J8 to E2V4J9
E2V4K3 to E2V4K4
E2V4K6 to E2V4K7
E2V4K8 to E2V4K8
E2V4L4 to E2V4L6
E2V4L8 to E2V4L8
E2V4M1 to E2V4M3
E2V4P5 to E2V4P5
E2V4R7 to E2V4R8
E2V4S4 to E2V4S4
E2V4V5 to E2V4V6
E3A E3A0L3 to E3A0L3
E3A0M6 to E3A0M6
E3A0R7 to E3A0R7
E3A9G9 to E3A9H5
E3A9P9 to E3A9R1
E3B E3B0A1 to E3B0A1
E3B0A6 to E3B0A6
E3B0A8 to E3B0A8
E3B0B3 to E3B0B3
E3B0B6 to E3B0B6
E3B0B8 to E3B0C3
E3B0G9 to E3B0H0
E3B0H9 to E3B0J0
E3B0J8 to E3B0K3
E3B0K6 to E3B0L2
E3B0M8 to E3B0M8
E3B0N3 to E3B0N3
E3B0N5 to E3B0N5
E3B1A6 to E3B1A6
E3B7H1 to E3B7H1
E3B7H3 to E3B7H3
E3B8T8 to E3B8X1
E3B8X5 to E3B8Y1
E3B8Z8 to E3B9E7
E3B8Z9 to E3B9E6
E3B9E7 to E3B9E7
E3B9G9 to E3B9H3
E3B9H9 to E3B9J1
E3B9J3 to E3B9J3
E3B9M8 to E3B9M8
E3B9N3 to E3B9N3
E3B9N9 to E3B9P0
E3B9R1 to E3B9R2
E3B9S8 to E3B9S8
E3B9T3 to E3B9T3
E3B9W2 to E3B9W2
E3B9W8 to E3B9W8
E3B9Z4 to E3B9Z4
E3B9Z7 to E3B9Z7
E3L E3L0B6 to E3L0B6
E3L3E8 to E3L3E8
E3L3G7 to E3L3H1
E3L3H5 to E3L3H5
E3L3J4 to E3L3J4
E3L3N1 to E3L3W6
E3L3Z1 to E3L4A0
E3L4N3 to E3L5A3
E3L5A5 to E3L5E0
E3L5E5 to E3L5H0
E3L5J1 to E3L5Y5
E3L5Z2 to E3L5Z2
E3N E3N5C8 to E3N5E0
E3N6E9 to E3N6G4
E3N6H1 to E3N6H6
E3N6J4 to E3N6L3
E3N6L9 to E3N6M4
E3Y E3Y0B7 to E3Y0B7
E4A E4A0A0 to E4A0A0
E4A0A2 to E4A0A9
E4A1B6 to E4A1B8
E4A1M4 to E4A1M5
E4A1N6 to E4A1R5
E4A2L7 to E4A2M6
E4A2R9 to E4A2S1
E4A2S7 to E4A3M1
E4A3M3 to E4A3M4
E4A3M7 to E4A3M7
E4A3M9 to E4A3N0
E4A3N2 to E4A3N2
E4A3N9 to E4A3P1
E4A3P3 to E4A3P3
E4A3P7 to E4A3R2
E4A3R4 to E4A3Z9
E4A4A0 to E4A4A0
E4A4L7 to E4A4L7
E4A7V8 to E4A7V8
E4A9Z9 to E4A9Z9
E4B E4B3X9 to E4B3Y0
E4B3Z1 to E4B3Z1
E4B4A2 to E4B4A2
E4C E4C0A0 to E4C3J5
E4C3J7 to E4C3J8
E4C3J9 to E4C4T1
E4C3T2 to E4C3T2
E4C4T3 to E4C9Z9
E5A All postal codes.
E5B E5B0A4 to E5B0A4
E5C E5C0A5 to E5C0A5
E5C0A8 to E5C0A8
E5C0B1 to E5C0B1
E5C1B3 to E5C1J6
E5C1M6 to E5C1M8
E5C3T7 to E5C3V0
E5C3T9 to E5C3V0
E5C3W3 to E5C3W3
E5E All postal codes.
E5G E5G0A0 to E5G1J9
E5G1L0 to E5G2J9
E5G2L0 to E5G4M2
E5G4M5 to E5G4M7
E5G4M9 to E5G9Z9
E5J E5J1M3 to E5J1N8
E5J2N7 to E5J2P2
E5K E5K4B7 to E5K4G2
E5L All postal codes.
E5M E5M0A9 to E5M0B5
E5M1A0 to E5M1S8
E5M1T8 to E5M1T8
E5M1W8 to E5M1X6
E5M1X9 to E5M2J6
E5M2R8 to E5M2R8
E5M2S4 to E5M2S4
E5M2S6 to E5M2S7
E5M2T4 to E5M2T4
E5M2W4 to E5M2W9
E5M2X1 to E5M2X3
E5M8T8 to E5M8T8
E5M9Z9 to E5M9Z9
E5N E5N2N7 to E5N2N7
E5N3B4 to E5N3E3
E5N3Y8 to E5N3Z8
E5N8B6 to E5N8B6
E5N8C8 to E5N8E0
E5P E5P0A3 to E5P0A3
E5P1A1 to E5P1B5
E5P1B8 to E5P1C5
E5P1J9 to E5P1K2
E5P1R6 to E5P1R6
E5P1R8 to E5P1T3
E5P1T5 to E5P1T6
E5P1Y1 to E5P1Y3
E5P1Y9 to E5P1Y9
E5P2A1 to E5P2A2
E5P2A7 to E5P2A7
E5P2B2 to E5P3A1
E5P3A3 to E5P3A5
E5P3A9 to E5P3C4
E5P3C6 to E5P3C6
E5P3C8 to E5P3E1
E5P3G2 to E5P3G2
E5P3G5 to E5P3G5
E5P3G7 to E5P3H6
E5P3H9 to E5P3J0
E5P3K0 to E5P3K2
E5P3L5 to E5P3M6
E5P3M8 to E5P3N1
E5P3N3 to E5P3R6
E5P3R8 to E5P3S5
E5P3S7 to E5P3S8
E5P3T6 to E5P3V6
E5P3W7 to E5P3X5
E5P4E4 to E5P4E5
E5P4L5 to E5P4L5
E5R All postal codes.
E5T E5T1E2 to E5T1E5
E5T1J1 to E5T1J1
E5T1J5 to E5T1J6
E5T1J9 to E5T1K1
E5T1K5 to E5T1K5
E5T1K7 to E5T1K7
E5T1K9 to E5T1L3
E5T1L5 to E5T1M9
E5T2N5 to E5T2P2
E5T2P4 to E5T2P7
E5T2W2 to E5T3K4
E5T3R4 to E5T4A8
E5T4B0 to E5T4L1
E5T4N3 to E5T4N5
E5T4R2 to E5T4S5
E5T4S7 to E5T4S9
E5T4T5 to E5T4T5
E5T4Y6 to E5T4Y8
E5T4Z4 to E5T4Z4
E5T5B2 to E5T5B3
E5V E5V1A1 to E5V1B4
E5V1C0 to E5V9Z9
E6A E6A1V3 to E6A1V8
E6B E6B0A2 to E6B0A2
E6B1C5 to E6B1C6
E6B1C9 to E6B1C9
E6B1E2 to E6B1E2
E6B1G8 to E6B1H6
E6B1J3 to E6B1J6
E6B1L8 to E6B1L8
E6B1M4 to E6B1M4
E6B1M6 to E6B1N5
E6B1N9 to E6B1P7
E6B1R1 to E6B1S2
E6B1S9 to E6B1T8
E6B1X2 to E6B1Y6
E6B2B0 to E6B2B7
E6B2J8 to E6B2J8
E6B2K0 to E6B2K1
E6B2K7 to E6B2K9
E6B2L0 to E6B2L1
E6C E6C1Y6 to E6C1Z4
E6C2H5 to E6C2H5
E6E E6E0A1 to E6E1A0
E6E1A1 to E6E1B3
E6E1E7 to E6E1J5
E6E1J9 to E6E1K3
E6E1K5 to E6E1M8
E6E1N0 to E6E1N6
E6E1N8 to E6E1T5
E6E1T7 to E6E1Z9
E6E2A9 to E6E2B7
E6E2H2 to E6E2I9
E6E2J2 to E6E2J4
E6E2J8 to E6E2J9
E6E2L8 to E6E2L8
E6E6E6 to E6E6E6
E6E7L8 to E6E7L8
E6E9Z9 to E6E9Z9
E6G through E9C
FSA Postal Code Range
E6G E6G1J2 to E6G1N3
E6G1S2 to E6G1T4
E6G1Y9 to E6G2G5
E6G2G7 to E6G2L6
E6G2L9 to E6G2M7
E6G2N4 to E6G2N4
E6G2N6 to E6G2N6
E6G2N9 to E6G2N9
E6G2P5 to E6G2R6
E6G2R9 to E6G2S2
E6H E6H0A1 to E6H0B2
E6H1A0 to E6H1B1
E6H1B6 to E6H1C7
E6H1E1 to E6H1E1
E6H1G3 to E6H1H3
E6H1J4 to E6H1J4
E6H1J8 to E6H2L4
E6H2L6 to E6H2P5
E6H9Z9 to E6H9Z9
E6K E6K1G0 to E6K1H4
E6K1H7 to E6K1H8
E6K1J3 to E6K1J3
E6K1V0 to E6K1V1
E6K1X7 to E6K1X9
E6K1Y0 to E6K1Z9
E6K2A6 to E6K2A6
E6K2A8 to E6K2A9
E6K2B0 to E6K2C5
E6K2J0 to E6K2J3
E6K2K4 to E6K2K4
E6K2L7 to E6K2L7
E6K2S6 to E6K2S6
E6K2Y9 to E6K3C3
E6K3E5 to E6K3E6
E6K3G2 to E6K3H1
E6K3H4 to E6K3J3
E6K3K4 to E6K3K4
E6K3K6 to E6K3K7
E6K3L3 to E6K3Q9
E6K3R8 to E6K3R8
E6K3T0 to E6K3T1
E6K3V6 to E6K3V9
E6K3W2 to E6K3W2
E6K3W4 to E6K3W5
E6K3W9 to E6K3W9
E6K3X2 to E6K3X7
E6K3X9 to E6K3Y5
E6K3Z7 to E6K4A6
E6K4A8 to E6K4A8
E6K4B4 to E6K4B4
E6K9Z9 to E6K9Z9
E6L E6L0A5 to E6L0A6
E6L1K2 to E6L1K3
E6L1M4 to E6L1N6
E6L2Z0 to E6L2Z1
E7A E7A0A6 to E7A0A6
E7G E7G1G5 to E7G1G5
E7G1K2 to E7G1K3
E7G1L6 to E7G1L6
E7G1M0 to E7G1M9
E7G1W3 to E7G1W4
E7G2J5 to E7G2J6
E7G2L3 to E7G2L5
E7G2R0 to E7G2R1
E7G3A9 to E7G3B6
E7G3C5 to E7G3H5
E7G3H9 to E7G3J5
E7G3K3 to E7G3M7
E7G3Z0 to E7G3Z2
E7G4A2 to E7G4A4
E7G4B8 to E7G4B8
E7G4H6 to E7G4H6
E7G4J0 to E7G4J1
E7G4J7 to E7G4J7
E7G4K6 to E7G4K6
E7G4L0 to E7G4L2
E7H E7H0A4 to E7H0A4
E7H0A8 to E7H0A9
E7H2J8 to E7H2M6
E7H2M8 to E7H2P8
E7H3A3 to E7H3A5
E7H3L9 to E7H3L9
E7H4K5 to E7H4K5
E7H5J8 to E7H5J8
E7J E7J1G8 to E7J1G8
E7J1H5 to E7J1R5
E7J1R7 to E7J1R8
E7J1S0 to E7J1V2
E7J1V4 to E7J1V4
E7J1W4 to E7J1W5
E7J2A0 to E7J2A2
E7J2L3 to E7J2L8
E7J2M3 to E7J2N1
E7J2N6 to E7J2N6
E7K E7K1A1 to E7K1A3
E7K1A7 to E7K1B5
E7K1B8 to E7K1B8
E7K1C5 to E7K1E4
E7K1E7 to E7K1G0
E7K1J4 to E7K1J8
E7K1K0 to E7K1K2
E7K1L5 to E7K1L5
E7K1M2 to E7K1M2
E7K1M4 to E7K1P4
E7K1P6 to E7K1P6
E7K2T0 to E7K2V1
E7K3C7 to E7K3C8
E7K3G5 to E7K3G5
E7L E7L0A0 to E7L0A1
E7L0A5 to E7L0A7
E7L1A5 to E7L1B1
E7L1B3 to E7L1W6
E7L1Y3 to E7L1Y3
E7L2H4 to E7L2H4
E7L2H8 to E7L2J0
E7L2P8 to E7L2P8
E7L2R1 to E7L2R1
E7L2X1 to E7L2X1
E7L2Y2 to E7L2Y2
E7L2Z9 to E7L2Z9
E7L3M0 to E7L3M2
E7L3M4 to E7L3M7
E7L3N2 to E7L3N5
E7L3S2 to E7L3S3
E7L3S5 to E7L3S6
E7L3S9 to E7L3V3
E7L3V6 to E7L3V6
E7L3V9 to E7L3W1
E7L4K6 to E7L4K8
E7L4M3 to E7L4R7
E7L4S3 to E7L4S5
E7L4S7 to E7L4S7
E7L4S9 to E7L4T1
E7L4T4 to E7L4T4
E7L4V1 to E7L4V1
E7L5S5 to E7L5S5
E7L5S7 to E7L5S7
E7M E7M3N2 to E7M3N2
E7M3R5 to E7M3R5
E7M3T7 to E7M3T7
E7M4S7 to E7M4T1
E7M4T6 to E7M4V1
E7M4X0 to E7M4X1
E7M4X3 to E7M4Z7
E7M5K8 to E7M5L3
E7M5M0 to E7M5M1
E7M5M3 to E7M5N2
E7M5N6 to E7M5R2
E7M5R6 to E7M5S8
E7N E7N0A4 to E7N0A5
E7N0A8 to E7N0A8
E7N1M3 to E7N1M5
E7N1V1 to E7N1V3
E7N1Z3 to E7N1Z4
E7N1Z6 to E7N1Z6
E7N2A0 to E7N2A6
E7N2B0 to E7N2B9
E7N2C5 to E7N2P0
E7N2P8 to E7N2R2
E7N2S0 to E7N2T3
E7N2Z8 to E7N2Z8
E7N3A0 to E7N3A2
E7N3A9 to E7N3A9
E7N3B5 to E7N3B5
E7N3C9 to E7N3E1
E7N4E1 to E7N4E5
E7P E7P0A0 to E7P0A1
E7P0A3 to E7P0A3
E7P1C8 to E7P1C9
E7P1J2 to E7P1J2
E7P1P6 to E7P1P8
E7P1R0 to E7P1R3
E7P1R5 to E7P1R5
E7P1T2 to E7P1V2
E7P1V5 to E7P1V6
E7P1W3 to E7P1X1
E7P1X3 to E7P2B8
E7P2C0 to E7P2E4
E7P2E6 to E7P2E6
E7P2E8 to E7P2G1
E7P2H3 to E7P2J2
E7P2N8 to E7P2N8
E7P2R2 to E7P2R2
E7P3G6 to E7P3G6
E7P3G8 to E7P3G8
E7P3H9 to E7P3J2
E7P3J6 to E7P3J6
E7P3K9 to E7P3K9
E8B E8B1Z0 to E8B1Z4
E8G E8G1G1 to E8G1K4
E8G1K6 to E8G1N8
E8G2Z0 to E8G2Z1
E8T E8T0A5 to E8T0A6
E8T0B0 to E8T0B3
E8T1C7 to E8T1C7
E8T1V9 to E8T2B1
E8T2B3 to E8T2G8
E8T2X2 to E8T3A6
E8T3G2 to E8T3G2
E8T3G8 to E8T3G8
E8T3P5 to E8T3P6
E8T3P9 to E8T3R1
E8T3R3 to E8T3R4
E8T4P2 to E8T4P2
E8T4P8 to E8T4P8
E8T4R4 to E8T4R4
E8T4S8 to E8T4S8
E9C E9C1K6 to E9C1K6
E9C1K9 to E9C1L2
E9C1L5 to E9C1L5
E9C1L7 to E9C1L8
E9C1M2 to E9C1M2
E9C1M4 to E9C1M7
E9C1N0 to E9C1N1
E9C1P6 to E9C1P6
E9C1P8 to E9C1R4
E9C1S0 to E9C1S1
E9C1V3 to E9C1V6
E9C1W0 to E9C1W1
E9C1W4 to E9C1W4
E9C1X5 to E9C1X5
E9C1Y4 to E9C1Z2
E9C2J4 to E9C2J4
E9C2K5 to E9C2K9
E9C2L3 to E9C2L6
E9C2M8 to E9C2M8
E9C2N0 to E9C2N1
E9C2N3 to E9C2N3
E9C2N5 to E9C2N5
E9C2N8 to E9C209
E9C2P2 to E9C2P2


All postal codes.

Northwest Territories

All postal codes.

Nova Scotia

Postal codes in the following ranges:

B0E2P0 to B0E2P9
B0M1A0 to B0M1A9
B0M1E0 to B0M1E9
B0M2A0 to B0M2A9
B1A6T8 to B1A6X1
B1A6Y3 to B1A6Y3
B1B1N2 to B1B1N9
B1B1R8 to B1B1T0
B1B1T1 to B1B1T8
B1J1N5 to B1J1P9
B1J1R1 to B1J1Y3
B1J2A4 to B1J2B9
B1J2C7 to B1J2C7
B1J2E1 to B1J2E1
B1J2E3 to B1J2E3
B1J2E5 to B1J2E6
B1Y3K5 to B1Y3P1
B1Y3X2 to B1Y3X2
B1Y3Y2 to B1Y3Y4
B2C0A1 to B2C0C4
B2C1A0 to B2C1B8
B2C1E8 to B2C1E8
B2C1H3 to B2C1J3
B2C1N8 to B2C1P1
B2C1P3 to B2C1P3
B2C1P5 to B2C9Z9


K0H through P0M
FSA Postal Code Range
K0H K0H1L0 to K0H1L9
K0J K0J2R0 to K0J2R9
K0L K0L1G0 to K0L1G9
K0L2M0 to K0L2M9
P0J P0J1A0 to P0J1A9
P0J1G0 to P0J1G9
P0J1J0 to P0J1J9
P0J1L0 to P0J1M9
P0J1S0 to P0J1S9
P0K P0K1C0 to P0K1G9
P0K1M0 to P0K1R9
P0K1W0 to P0K1X9
P0L All postal codes beginning with P0L1.
P0L2B0 to P0L2H9
P0M P0M1K0 to P0M1K9
P0M1T0 to P0M1T9
P0M1W0 to P0M1W9
P0M1Z0 to P0M1Z9
P0M2H0 to P0M2J9
P0M2P0 to P0M2P9
P0M3G0 to P0M3G9
P0N through P9N
FSA Postal Code Range
P0N P0N1A0 to P0N1A9
P0N1C0 to P0N1K9
P0R P0R1J0 to P0R1J9
P0S P0S1A0 to P0S1B9
P0S1G0 to P0S1G9
P0S1K0 to P0S1K0
P0T P0T1A0 to P0T1C9
P0T1G0 to P0T1G9
P0T1J0 to P0T3C9
P0V P0V1B0 to P0V3H9
P0W All postal codes beginning with P0W1.
P0X All postal codes beginning with P0X1.
P0Y P0Y1A0 to P0Y1A9
Other All postal codes in the following FSAs:


G0C through G0X
FSA Postal Code Range
G0C G0C1A0 to G0C1A9
G0C1G0 to G0C1G9
G0C1T0 to G0C1T9
G0C1X0 to G0C1X9
G0C2V0 to G0C2Y9
G0C3B0 to G0C3B9
G0C3G0 to G0C3G9
G0G G0G1A0 to G0G1Z9
G0G2B0 to G0G2G9
G0G2L0 to G0G2L9
G0G2N0 to G0G2R9
G0G2T0 to G0G2W9
G0G2Y0 to G0G9Z9
G0H G0H0A0 to G0H1H9
G0H1M0 to G0H1S9
G0J G0J1A0 to G0J1A9
G0J1N0 to G0J1P9
G0J1X0 to G0J1X9
G0J2C0 to G0J2C9
G0J2M0 to G0J2M9
G0J2P0 to G0J2R9
G0J2T0 to G0J2T9
G0J2W0 to G0J2W9
G0J2Y0 to G0J2Y9
G0J3B0 to G0J3C9
G0J3G0 to G0J3G9
G0J3J0 to G0J3J9
G0J3N0 to G0J3N9
G0K G0K1A0 to G0K1C9
G0K1K0 to G0K1M9
G0K1R0 to G0K1R9
G0K1T0 to G0K1W9
G0L G0L1W0 to G0L1W9
G0L2L0 to G0L2M9
G0L2V0 to G0L2V9
G0L3E0 to G0L3E9
G0L3K0 to G0L3K9
G0L3P0 to G0L3P9
G0L3V0 to G0L3V9
G0L3Z0 to G0L3Z9
G0L4B0 to G0L4B9
G0L4G0 to G0L4H9
G0T G0T1A0 to G0T1A9
G0T1E0 to G0T1G9
G0T1K0 to G0T1K9
G0T1P0 to G0T1P9
G0T1X0 to G0T2A9
G0V G0V1H0 to G0V1H9
G0W G0W1C0 to G0W1C9
G0W1H0 to G0W1H9
G0W3B0 to G0W3C9
G0X G0X3M0 to G0X3M9
G0X3P0 to G0X3R9
G4R through J9X
FSA Postal Code Range
G4R to G4T All postal codes.
G4Z All postal codes.
G5B to G5C All postal codes.
G8J G8J1A1 to G8J1A3
G8J1Y3 to G8J1Y4
G8P All postal codes.
H0M H0M1A0 to H0M1A9
J0K J0K1M0 to J0K1M9
J0M All postal codes beginning with J0M1.
J0W J0W1A0 to J0W1A9
J0W1G0 to J0W1G9
J0W1K0 to J0W1K9
J0W1N0 to J0W1P9
J0W1S0 to J0W1S9
J0W1V0 to J0W1W9
J0W2C0 to J0W2C9
J0X J0X1C0 to J0X1E9
J0X2J0 to J0X2J9
J0X3M0 to J0X3M9
J0Y J0Y1A0 to J0Y1A9
J0Y1E0 to J0Y1E9
J0Y1H0 to J0Y1H9
J0Y1L0 to J0Y1L9
J0Y1R0 to J0Y1T9
J0Y1W0 to J0Y1X9
J0Y2A0 to J0Y2B9
J0Y2E0 to J0Y2G9
J0Y2J0 to J0Y2J9
J0Y2L0 to J0Y2M9
J0Y2S0 to J0Y2S9
J0Y2X0 to J0Y2X9
J0Y3B0 to J0Y3C9
J0Y3H0 to J0Y3H9
J0Y3M0 to J0Y3M9
J0Z J0Z1A0 to J0Z1A9
J0Z1C0 to J0Z1H9
J0Z1L0 to J0Z1L9
J0Z1N0 to J0Z1N9
J0Z1R0 to J0Z1S9
J0Z1X0 to J0Z1X9
J0Z2E0 to J0Z2E9
J0Z2J0 to J0Z2L9
J0Z2N0 to J0Z2N9
J0Z2W0 to J0Z2W9
J0Z2Y0 to J0Z2Y9
J0Z3A0 to J0Z3A9
J0Z3G0 to J0Z3H9
J0Z3K0 to J0Z3L9
J0Z3N0 to J0Z3N9
J0Z3T0 to J0Z3V9
J9L J9L3G3 to J9L3G3
J9L3G6 to J9L3G6
J9X J9X5A3 to J9X5A3


S0A through S0H
FSA Postal Code Range
S0A S0A0A0 to S0A0R9
S0A0T0 to S0A0Y9
S0A1A0 to S0A1G9
S0A1J0 to S0A1N9
S0A1R0 to S0A1S9
S0A1V0 to S0A2H9
S0A2K0 to S0A2K9
S0A2M0 to S0A2M9
S0A2R0 to S0A2X9
S0A2Z0 to S0A3L9
S0A3N0 to S0A4M9
S0A4P0 to S0A4V9
S0C S0C0A0 to S0C1G9
S0C1K0 to S0C1N9
S0C1R0 to S0C1R9
S0C1T0 to S0C1T9
S0C1W0 to S0C1W9
S0C1Y0 to S0C2S9
S0E All postal codes beginning with S0E0
S0E1B0 to S0E1B9
S0E1E0 to S0E1W9
S0G S0G0A0 to S0G0B9
S0G0H0 to S0G0L9
S0G0N0 to S0G0N9
S0G0R0 to S0G1C9
S0G1G0 to S0G1M9
S0G1P0 to S0G1S9
S0G1V0 to S0G1V9
S0G1Y0 to S0G2B9
S0G2E0 to S0G2E9
S0G2H0 to S0G2J9
S0G2N0 to S0G2S9
S0G2X0 to S0G3E9
S0G3J0 to S0G3K9
S0G3M0 to S0G3N9
S0G3R0 to S0G3V9
S0G3X0 to S0G3X9
S0G4A0 to S0G4A9
S0G4C0 to S0G4H9
S0G4L0 to S0G4S9
S0G4V0 to S0G4V9
S0G4Y0 to S0G5A9
S0G5C0 to S0G5H9
S0G5K0 to S0G5M9
S0H S0H0A0 to S0H0G9
S0H0K0 to S0H0M9
S0H0P0 to S0H0P9
S0H0T0 to S0H0T9
S0H0W0 to S0H1B9
S0H1G0 to S0H1J9
S0H1L0 to S0H1R9
S0H1T0 to S0H1Z9
S0H2B0 to S0H2E9
S0H2J0 to S0H2K9
S0H2P0 to S0H2Y9
S0H3A0 to S0H3A9
S0H3G0 to S0H3J9
S0H3L0 to S0H3M9
S0H3P0 to S0H3R9
S0H3T0 to S0H4H9
S0H4K0 to S0H4M9
S0J through S9X
FSA Postal Code Range
S0J All postal codes.
S0K All postal codes beginning with S0K0.
S0K1A0 to S0K1A9
S0K1C0 to S0K1M9
S0K1T0 to S0K1W9
S0K1Y0 to S0K1Z9
S0K2B0 to S0K2S9
S0K2V0 to S0K2X9
S0K3B0 to S0K3K9
S0K3N0 to S0K3N9
S0K3S0 to S0K3W9
S0K3Y0 to S0K3Y9
S0K4A0 to S0K4M9
S0K4P0 to S0K4T9
S0K4W0 to S0K4Y9
S0L S0L0A0 to S0L0C9
S0L0G0 to S0L0L9
S0L0N0 to S0L0N9
S0L0R0 to S0L0V9
S0L0Y0 to S0L1B9
S0L1E0 to S0L1E9
S0L1H0 to S0L1H9
S0L1L0 to S0L1M9
S0L1R0 to S0L1R9
S0L1S1 to S0L2L9
S0L2N0 to S0L2T9
S0L2Y0 to S0L3B9
S0L3H0 to S0L3H9
S0L3L0 to S0L3M9
S0M S0M0A0 to S0M0C9
S0M0G0 to S0M3H9
S0N All postal codes.
S0P S0P0A0 to S0P0J9
S2V All postal codes.
S7K S7K1M2 to S7K1M2
S7K1N2 to S7K1N2
S7K1P3 to S7K1P3
S7K3J5 to S7K3J9
S9X All postal codes.


All postal codes.

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