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Inventory Reports

Individual sellers: This feature is for Professional sellers only. Learn more

Request and Download an Inventory Report

To request an inventory report, follow these steps:

  1. On the Inventory link, select Download Inventory File.
  2. Under Request an Inventory Report, select a report type from the drop-down list.
    See "Types or Reports" below for descriptions of each report type.
  3. Click the Request Report button.
  4. Under Check Report Status & Download, you can view the report status and availability. When the report is ready for download, a Download button becomes available.
    Typically, reports take 15 to 45 minutes to generate. If you have a very large number of listings, it could take more time.
  5. Click the Download button for the report you want to download.
    The most recently requested reports are available for 30 days, after which they are removed from the list.
  6. You will be given the choice of opening the file or saving it to disk. We recommend you save the file to your local hard drive, giving it a unique name.
  7. Open the report in any spreadsheet or database program, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

See How to Read an Inventory Report for information about field types.

Types of Reports

Active Listings Report

This report provides a snapshot of all the products you have listed on at the time the report is run. This report includes all of your product listings, including those with zero (0) quantity. It also provides you with information about the products your listings are matched to on, including the product title and product identifier.

In most cases, the ASIN is returned as the product-id for the listing, but the product-id may also be the industry standard identifier, such as the ISBN, UPC, or EAN.

The Active Listings Report includes details about each listing, including condition, item-note, and BMVD shipping settings. If you are enrolled in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the report includes an additional column for the fulfillment channel: seller fulfilled or Amazon fulfilled.

This report allows for easy restocking by showing SKUs with zero (0) inventory. If you continue to sell those items, you can restock your listings without resubmitting product data for the SKU or creating a new SKU. If you don't expect to offer the item again and want to eliminate the SKU from your report, you can delete it via the Manage Inventory tool or by using an inventory file upload.

You can use the Active Listings Report if you have up to 50,000 listings. If you have more than 50,000 listings, you must use the Inventory Report.

Open Listings Report

This report contains any current open listings available for purchase at the time the report is generated. The file can be opened in any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Listings can then be modified and updated within the spreadsheet, and uploaded at any time using the Inventory Loader.

Open Listings Lite and Liter Reports

We also provide scaled-down versions of the standard Open Listings Reports so you can quickly update your online inventory. The fields for each report are as follows:

Open Listings Lite Report

  • seller-sku
  • quantity
  • price
  • product ID

Open Listings Liter Report

  • seller-sku
  • quantity

Cancelled Listings Report

This report contains all listings that were cancelled by It does not include items that are out of stock, purged with the Inventory Loader, or cancelled by the seller.

Sold Listings Report

This report contains any items sold via the website. You can request a report for listings sold in the past 7, 15, 30, or 60 days.

Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report

When your listings are missing information, it becomes more difficult for buyers to find, evaluate, and possibly purchase your inventory. When required information is missing, your listing information will be suppressed from the website until you provide the missing information. Use this report to find and fix listings with missing, invalid, or poor-quality information. For more information, see Find and Fix Listings .

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