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Manage Your Orders Frequently Asked Questions

Handling Orders

Order Management Tools

A buyer has contacted me about an order, but I never got a "Sold, ship now” email from Amazon. What should I do?

We encourage you to check Manage Orders in your seller account regularly to ensure you are aware of all incoming orders. Do not rely on the "Sold, Ship Now" email notification alone to identify shippable orders. You also can check for shippable orders using the Unshipped Orders report.

You should only ship orders that you can verify in Manage Orders. All orders listed as "Unshipped" in your seller account can and should be shipped promptly in accordance with Amazon policies.

Note: If you do not confirm shipment of an order within 30 days of the order date, we will automatically cancel the order and will not charge the buyer, even if you already shipped the order.

A buyer contacted me with their shipping address but the order isn't in my account. What should I do?

If you are logged into your seller account and the order is not appearing in the "View your orders" section with a status of "Unshipped," you should not ship the item. You should only ship orders that you can verify through your online account, and you must use the shipping address provided by You will not find buyer shipping or contact information for pending and cancelled orders in your account. will not provide you with buyer shipping addresses via e-mail. If you receive an e-mail message that appears to be a shipping notification from that does not match order information in your account, please consult our page on Identifying Spoof E-mails.

My item was sold to two buyers! What happened - and what should I do?

We ask that sellers monitor their completed and pending orders and keep their listings updated to reflect real-time inventory. However, there are instances when inventory management issues may lead to multiple sales for a single item. To understand how this may happen, take a look at your orders to see if the Listing IDs are the same.

If the Listing IDs are different: The most common error that leads to duplicate listings happens when a seller clicks the final "Submit" button multiple times when creating a listing; this may be related to ISP difficulties. It's also possible that the same item was listed or relisted multiple times. Duplicate listings with different Listing ID numbers were not created by

If the Listing IDs are the same: The listing was available with a quantity of two, which is why two buyers were able to submit payment for the same listing. While you may not have initially created the listing with a quantity of two, you may have edited the listing when a sale was pending for the item.

For example, when a buyer initiates a purchase for a single-quantity listing, the listing may appear in the "View your current inventory" area with a quantity available of "0" while payment is processing. If the listing is then edited, this will add a quantity of "1" and bring the total quantity available for purchase to two. At that point, two buyers could submit purchases for the listing in two different orders.

If you have only one item available, you will need to tell the second buyer that the item is unavailable, and then cancel the order you are unable to fulfill.

A buyer wants to cancel an item they ordered. What should I do?

When a buyer asks you to cancel their order, if you have not yet shipped the order and confirmed the shipment, you can cancel the order in Manage Orders.

If you have already shipped the order, you will need to let the buyer know the order is already on its way and request that they return the package to you when they receive it. Upon receipt of the return, you should issue a refund for the order if you had confirmed the shipment. If you had not yet confirmed the shipment, you would cancel the order instead, since the buyer would not yet have been charged.

It's worth keeping in mind that both cancellations and returns are a normal part of most sales operations.

A buyer wants to return an item they ordered. What should I do?

All Marketplace sellers are required to accept returns. You should work with the buyer to arrange for the return of the item they ordered, and issue a refund when you receive the return. In cases where you are responsible for the return, you may issue a concession to the buyer for return shipping costs. Learn more about handling returns, including the standard return window and exceptions based on the merchandise ordered.

A buyer contacted me saying they did not receive their order. What should I do?

Work with your buyer to reach a mutually agreeable solution in regard to this transaction. How you decide to proceed in this circumstance is ultimately determined by you and your customer service policy, but all sellers are expected to demonstrate a high level of customer service.

You may want to consider:

  • Refunding your buyer. This is generally the most customer-friendly resolution.
  • Shipping or drop-shipping the order at your cost. While this may be a financial loss for your business, it is generally a customer-friendly solution.
  • Asking your buyer to wait a bit longer for their order to arrive. If you choose this option, please be aware that your buyer may file an A-to-z Guarantee claim. Learn more about the A-to-z Guarantee.

Regardless of the option you choose, your buyer may still leave you feedback for the transaction.

When will I get paid for my orders?

Every 14 days we will initiate a disbursement to your checking account. Your disbursement is based on a 14-day cycle from the time you were approved to offer Marketplace Payments by Amazon.  It normally takes 5 business days from the disbursement until the money is shown in your bank account.

Learn more about receiving payment through Marketplace Payments.

Can I manage all aspects of my orders through Manage Orders?

Manage Your Orders provides you with a complete view into what the buyer has purchased and paid, and allows you to manage these transactions with the buyer. Your Payments account allows you to view fees, reimbursements from Amazon, and net earnings from your transactions.

How do I access Manage Orders?

You can access the Manage Orders tool from the same page that you access other seller tools, your Seller Account page ( Under Manage Your Orders, you can click on links to "View your orders" and "Issue a refund for an order."

How do I find shipping information for a buyer?

Sellers have two options available for managing orders and obtaining shipping information for buyers:

  • The Manage Your Orders section of your Seller Account
    Locate individual orders to ship an item or refund your buyer.
  • Order reports (available to Pro Merchant subscribers)
    Receive order fulfillment information for multiple orders by running a single report.

When an item is sold, we will notify you via a "Sold, ship now" e-mail. However, since e-mail can be subject to delivery problems that occur outside of’s systems, we recommend that you also regularly check for new orders using one of the methods listed above.

Can I print a packing slip using Manage Orders?

Yes, you can print both a packing slip and an address label for each completed sale. We suggest that you cut off the address label, place the packing slip inside the package, tape the label to your package and then add your return address. The address label is not a pre-paid shipping label. You will need to purchase postage to ship the order.

What is a pending order?

Orders in pending status indicate an issue with the customer's payment method. Those orders are not in a shippable status, and should not be shipped, even if the buyer contacts you directly. Pending orders will not have confirm and cancel buttons in Manage Orders, and they will not appear in either the Order Report or the Unshipped Orders Report.

Once an order is in a shippable status, the confirm and cancel buttons will appear in Manage Orders and the order will appear in both the Order Report and the Unshipped Orders Report. At that point, the order should be shipped and the shipment confirmed in Manage Orders or with a feed.

Note that Amazon assumes the risk of buyer non-payment for every order in your Unshipped Orders Reports or that has confirm and cancel buttons in Manage Orders. Of course, just as now, there may be circumstances where payment may later need to be refunded, for example when the buyer does not receive the order, or it is not as described.

Please see order timeline for more information.

Why is there a search option to include pending orders on my "View your orders" page?

It's important for sellers to respond to inquiries from buyers even when orders have not yet been completed. Buyers will often contact you rather than Amazon if they have a problem with their shipping address or if they're uncertain about the status of their order. Although you will not be able to take any action on pending orders, you can provide the buyer with information and options to help them complete the order. If you're not sure how to respond, consult our Help pages further or contact us  for advice.

Sellers also need to reconcile their inventory levels in relation to both pending and completed orders. When an order is pending, the quantity on the listing is decreased but the listing itself will continue to appear in the "View your current inventory" section, in some cases with a quantity of "0". We recognize that this may be confusing, especially to newer sellers. We want you to be able to match a "0" quantity listing to a pending order. In most cases, pending orders are resolved within 7 days after the order has been submitted by the buyer.

Why are there cancelled orders in my "View your orders" list?

Although no action is possible on cancelled orders, Amazon provides sellers with basic details about these orders so you will have a complete record of buying activity for your items and the ability to manage your sales and inventory levels effectively.

Cancelled orders are "completed" in the sense that the "pending" stage has been resolved. While some orders will be cancelled by a buyer before they enter the processing stage, other orders are cancelled by after hours or days of processing time. You may have correspondence with a buyer up to the point that their order is cancelled. If the buyer has questions after their order is cancelled, please direct them to contact Customer Service.

Once an order is in "Unshipped" status, you must either ship the item and confirm the shipment, or cancel the order. Keep in mind that buyers can leave feedback for orders that have been cancelled by sellers.

If there are two or more items in a single order, can I refund for only one of them?

Yes, the Manage Orders tool will allow you to refund individual items in a multi-item order.

Can I manage my inventory using Manage Your Orders?

No. You should use Manage Your Inventory on your Seller Account page to manage your listings, and Manage Your Orders to manage your sales.

Can I use this tool to leave feedback for my Marketplace customer?

Yes. When you view an individual order, you will see a "Leave buyer feedback" button on the Order Details page.

Seller Support

Please use the e-mail address associated with your Seller account.