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Charge When Ship FAQ

Charge When Ship main Help page

Check out our short Charge When Ship video and 14-minute recorded webinar.

What does a shipping notification from Amazon to the buyer look like?

To view a sample of our current buyer shipping notification, please see How to Confirm a Shipment.

What happens if a customer's payment is declined, either before or after the seller confirms an order?

As long as you confirm that the order was properly shipped, you will be paid in accordance with the Marketplace Participation Agreement. Orders in pending status should not be shipped, even if the buyer contacts you directly. Those orders will not have a confirmation button.

Of course there may be circumstances where payment may later need to be refunded, for example when the buyer does not receive the order, or it is not as described.

How soon will I be paid after I confirm shipment?

After you confirm shipment of an order, Amazon completes the transaction and deposits the funds in your seller account. Payments reports are updated periodically through the day. Recent transactions may not be included in the list when you view your report.

It may take several hours after you have confirmed shipment before you will see the funds reflected on your Payments Account Summary and Transactions pages. For more information, see Getting Paid.

Is it possible for large sellers to confirm shipments for more than one order at a time?

If you have a Pro Merchant Subscription, you can confirm shipment for multiple orders at once. For detailed instructions and to download the shipping confirmation template, please see How to Confirm Shipment of Multiple Orders at the Same Time.

Is tracking information required?

Tracking information is not required for feeds or Manage Orders, but, based on buyer feedback, we highly encourage providing tracking information. Buyers prefer to track their orders, but we realize that not all shipping methods support tracking.

So the confirmation button allows you to enter the tracking as well?

Yes, the "Confirm shipment" button will bring up the screen where you enter the ship date, carrier, shipping service and tracking information. When you provide a tracking number for a shipment, be sure to also enter at least the carrier's name (Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, etc.) in the Shipping Service box. For example, enter "UPS Ground" or "UPS" (not just "Ground") or enter "FedEx Standard Overnight" (not just "Standard Overnight"). Though this is an optional field, if you provide a tracking number without entering the carrier's name in the Shipping Service box, the tracking button will not appear in the buyer's account.

How does Amazon provide tracking information to the buyer after I confirm a shipment?

Once you confirm a shipment, we display the shipping information in the buyer's account, and we also send the buyer an e-mail notification with all of the shipping information.

Note: When you provide a tracking number for a shipment, be sure to also enter at least the carrier's name (Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, etc.) in ship-method (for feeds) or Shipping Service (in Manage Orders). For example, enter "UPS Ground" or "UPS" (not just "Ground") or enter "FedEx Standard Overnight" (not just "Standard Overnight"). Without the carrier's name as part of the ship-method or Shipping Service entry, the tracking button will not appear in the buyer's account.

What happens if we don't ship and confirm shipment with Amazon by the expected ship date?

If you don't ship and confirm shipment of an order by the expected ship date, we send late shipment e-mail notifications to you and to the customer. If the order is still not confirmed as shipped after 25 days, we send you another notification reminding you to confirm the shipment. However, timely shipment and confirmation of orders is solely your responsibility and you should not rely on receiving these notifications to manage your orders. After 30 days from the order date, if shipment has not been confirmed, we will cancel the order and send you and the customer notification of the cancellation. If you know you cannot fulfill an order on time, be sure to cancel it immediately so we can notify the customer. It is important to show this consideration to customers so they can decide whether to purchase the product elsewhere.

For customized orders, the shipping would probably be more than 2 days. How do we deal with this?

Per our Community Rules, you should only list items you are able to ship within 2 business days.

Are sellers going to be charged a fee for refunding rather than cancelling?

Refund processing will remain the same as before: for a partial refund, we retain a portion of the fees we collected from you for the order; for a full refund, all fees are credited back to your seller account.

So the only one who can issue a refund is us?

Refund processing will remain the same as before; you can initiate refunds through your account, and refunds can also result from chargebacks and A-to-z Guarantee claims.

What happens if we ship the order at 1 pm and the customer requests to cancel the order at 1:15 pm? The customer gets the product and a refund?

Buyers are not able to cancel orders after we've made the orders available to you. With Charge When Ship, however, you can cancel orders on behalf of buyers instead of confirming shipment. If you agree to refund an order after you have shipped it, you can ask the buyer to return the product.

Will there be issues in uploading cancellation files where you cancel only one item of a multiple item order?

It is important to keep enough inventory on hand to fulfill all orders on time. However, in those rare cases when an item is not available to ship, it may be necessary to partially ship an order.

To cancel one item in a multi-item order, first confirm shipment of the items you are shipping. The buyer will be charged for the entire order, including the item you cannot ship. Next, refund the item you cannot ship. When you initiate the refund, include a memo in the message field, explaining that the refund is for an item you cannot ship, and be sure to note which item it is.

When you follow this process to refund an item, the item will continue to appear in the Unshipped Orders Report. Compare the Refund Processing Report and the Unshipped Orders Report to determine which items should be shipped and confirmed, and which items were successfully refunded and therefore should not be shipped and confirmed.

If an order cannot be fulfilled, it needs to be cancelled on the third business day to avoid a late status?

Yes. However, buyers want to be informed quickly if you are unable to ship an order, so please confirm shipment or cancel the order right away.

How does Amazon notify the customer when I cancel an order?

In addition to updating the order status in the customer's account, we automatically send an e-mail message to notify the customer when you cancel an order.

What happens if I cancel my entire multi-item order after I ship one item?

If you ship an item in a multi-item order, but do not confirm shipment, you will not be paid for any of the items in the order. (Note that when you confirm shipment of an item, we charge the buyer for the entire order, not just for the one item.)

If you've already shipped part of a multi-item order, but are unable to ship all of the items, don't cancel the order. Instead, confirm shipment and then issue a refund for any item you are not able to ship.

How will I know if Amazon had to cancel an order because it was more than 30 days old?

We will send an automated e-mail notification to the address in your Seller Account. If you believe you will have a high volume of Amazon-initiated cancellations, we recommend that you initiate your own cancellations at day 30 rather than waiting for Amazon to cancel them.

Can we enter future ship dates when we upload feeds to confirm shipments?

Ship dates must be the date you are uploading the feed, or an earlier date. A future ship date will prevent the shipment from being confirmed and you will get a feed error for that shipment.

Can buyers leave feedback on cancelled (will not ship) orders?

Buyers can leave feedback on all seller-cancelled orders, whether or not the seller's account has Charge When Ship functionality.

Charge When Ship main Help page

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