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Hot New Releases in Internet Marketing

  1. #1
    Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe
    Roger McNamee
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: Feb. 5 2019
  2. #4
    Starting from Nothing: How to Develop an Internet Marketing Campaign
    John Roberts
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: Feb. 16 2019
  3. #5
    Social Brand Marketing: How to Build and Grow Your Influence on Instagram Fast!
    Online Brand Supremo
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: Feb. 16 2019
  4. #8
    Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music
    Maria Eriksson
    Release Date: Feb. 19 2019
  5. #15
    YouTube Marketing For Dummies
    Will Eagle
    Publication Date: Feb. 12 2019
  6. #28
    B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results
    Ruth P. Stevens
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: Feb. 3 2019
  7. #32
    Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language
    Gretchen McCulloch
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: July 23 2019
  8. #36
    Adobe Analytics For Dummies
    David Karlins
    Publication Date: April 2 2019
  9. #46
    Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader
    John Rossman
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: May 3 2019