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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 20, 2016
I didn't think that it could get worse, but it did. This book feels like it is written by a child. The author uses simple sentences, and repeats the same phrases throughout. I think a thesaurus would have been extremely beneficial during the writing of this "novel". The actual BDSM portion was very disappointing to me - everyone ranted and raved about how hot, steamy and risqué this book was. It's not! My husband and I have a much more adventurous sex life than what this book goes into - disappointment. The author's limited vocabulary means that this book lacks description and detail. To be honest, I didn't waste my time finishing the book. Do yourself a favor - if you feel the need to finish the trilogy, borrow it from a friend or the library.
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on August 22, 2014
I started reading this and started hating it as soon as I turned the first page. And after being introduced to Christian Grey, I started wondering, where have I seen this gonad before? And then it hit me. He's James Taggart from _Atlas Shrugged_. And Anastasia is Cherryl Brooks. And they are clearly attracted to each other for the same reason that soap bubbles are, because they are both essentially hollow. Ick.

The book is exceptional in how quickly I grew to hate everybody in it, and hope for a huge car wreck involving a fiery plunge into an icy river.
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on February 16, 2013
This is really just a sweet love story wrapped up in overtones of bdsm sex. What's not to like about an emotionally wounded gorgeous rich hunky guy who knows his way around a woman's body and who starts healing with the love of an innocent, pretty young woman, but not a vixen, who is stronger and spunkier than you and she expects? I had read that Christian was an older man and had expected a revolting story about a forty something seducing the university graduate,but making Christian 27 makes him enough older to be worldly compared to Ana, but not creepy. 7 years difference is not at all unusual. This certainly isn't literature, but the story line is good and James does a good job of pacing, building up both the plot and sexual tension and then providing the necessary cathartic moments to move the story along. Had never read a romance novel before, but I would def. insert 1 or 2 a year into my heavier reading list for a fun break. Like any romantic, sexy movie or song these hot and heavy books inspire you to rev up the magic in your own relationship when daily life keeps you stuck in survival mode. It's very relaxing to have a diverting romantic page turner that in its own over the top way is believable.
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on February 6, 2015
I can't believe more reviews don't emphasize the sheer amount of ABUSE in these books. Christian is not a hero or a romantic anything, he's abusive. He's not a responsible dominant in a consenting BDSM relationship, he is just ABUSIVE.
This book was not sexy, it was an insult to domestic violence victims everywhere.
When a woman says no and a man doesn't stop, that's rape.
When a man threatens a woman with violence, that's abuse.
When a man stalks you, and your family, that is beyond creepy.
When you tell a man it's over and he still won't take no for an answer? Obsessive, abusive, and creepy.
These things are happening to real women every day and they are not finding it sexy. This is scary stuff when we are letting this writer teach our daughters that abuse is romantic.
I'm not a prude. I love erotic lit. I love an assertive male hero. But there is a difference between assertive and abusive and Christian Grey crosses that line all the time.
Stay away from these books.
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on December 5, 2014
Page turner. Although not everyone has a taste for this trilogy, I am a cooped up house wife with a fun spirit, so it offered some interesting reading and I had trouble putting it down. I doubt that they will be able to offer the same insight and details in the movie, so I am hesitant to see it and ruin what the book had to offer.
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on June 12, 2012
Yes, this book is full of erotic sex, but she could have developed the main characters in one book, if she was a better author. Every sex scene starts off the same way in all three books, she bites her lip, he pulls back her pony tail... It becomes so repetitive that by the end of book one you end up skipping five pages to see why the main character is the way he is. The only reason I bought all three was to figure out what made the main character tick.

It's all hyped up in the media... Better novels out there.
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If I could sum up this reading experience in one sentence it would be: "It's like reading Berenstain Bears with a sadomasochistic twist."
The thing that will turn most readers off isn't her limited vocabulary, it's the repetition of words/phrases that she's confined herself to.

"Holy crap." This is mentioned about 23 in the first three chapters.

"He cocked his head." One time, this is used three times on the same page. If he cocked his head anymore, it would snap off.

"Dios mio!" Her knowledge of other languages is frightful - and overused.

All this mixed with a writing level aimed at young adults made it really hard for me to finish this book. At the start of the novel, she thanks about 5 people who contributed to the book. Did none of them tell her that it was like reading a children's book?
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on October 29, 2014
The worst of the three, I found myself skipping the sex scenes (oh they're doing it again, yawn). It's mostly a really long epilogue that I had to force myself to finish.The actual epilogue really detracted from the story. Hard to explain why this one was so bad without spoiling it all, but I didn't enjoy this entry.
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on June 23, 2012
I found the three books boring and predictable. It was very corny (not horny). Even the sex became boring since it was always the same thing.

I knew from the beginning what the end was going to be. Give me a break, his own jet, helicopter, oh Christian, blah blah blah.

I would not tell anyone to buy these stupid books.
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on August 31, 2014
What you're in for: Explicit content. An extremely innocent girl (who has never even held hands with a guy before). A rich and powerful man (who is the opposite of innocent). Sex. Rules. Limits. Punishment and rewards. Control. Power. Domination. BDSM. Multiple personalities?? Annoying main character. "Red room of pain" (a.k.a. the "playroom").

My Thoughts:
There are so, so many things I hated about this book. Ugh, it was just not a good read for me at all. I have had many conversations (more like venting moments) with others about this book. Do I ever have a lot to say! I will try to make my review as concise as possible and try not to ramble, but it will be hard!! I'm also going to try not to make it sound like I'm bashing the book, because I really don't want to do that. I'm just giving my honest opinions!! Here we go...

Christian. I had very mixed feelings about Christian Grey. He seems to have a sensitive side, considering what he did/how he seemed to feel when he found out Ana was a virgin.

I honestly feel like Christian has multiple personalities or something. That's the only thing that makes sense with this character. I mean, he wants to control Ana in pretty much every way possible, and he wants to physically punish her when she does something as minuscule as roll her eyes in front of him (by the way, that scene -- I would think that would totally mess a person's head up about sex. Think Pavlov's dog/bell conditioning). Then, he's this sensitive guy who smirks and teases Ana and wants to meet her dad and wants her to meet his mom and OMG he's totally changing his ways for her. Except NO! Newsflash! He's not changing. He still wants her to sign the contract. He still wants to control her in every way imaginable (if he had it his way). But then he takes her suggestions into consideration and changes parts of his contract...aww isn't he sweet? And then he physically abuses her and doesn't even bat an eye until it's over and he asks her if she's okay, she says she is, and he leaves only to return awhile later to her crying and then he comforts her............
Doesn't this sound like two completely different characters????? Does he have multiple personalities????

I did not like Christian's character. I did not like him one bit. I don't care how much other people love him or whatever. He's a controlling d-bag. So what if he is kind of changing his ways for her? He still wants to control her and abuse her and treat her like she is an object, not a human. All the time. Okay, I get that people do the whole role-playing thing sometimes. But, this is not that. This is complete domination and control of another person all the time (or, at least, that's what Christian wants it to be). This is not acceptable behaviour. Especially if you care about someone. Argh!

Ana. I found it completely unrealistic that she would agree to such a thing as a virgin. I mean, how can someone who held onto her virginity for so long and someone as innocent as Ana ever think that entering into this arrangement would be a good idea? I just don't see it happening like that in real life.

Annoying main character! God, did she annoy me with her thoughts and her actions. For example, look at how she perceives something Christian says early on in the book:

"Do you have a girlfriend?" I blurt out. Holy crap -- I just said that out loud?
His lips quirk up in a half smile, and he peers down at me.
"No, Anastasia. I don't do the girlfriend thing," he says softly.
Oh . . . what does that mean? He's not gay. Oh, maybe he is! He must have lied to me in his interview.

Ana's reaction here is so freaking dumb. I don't care how much experience you have with men. If a guy says that he doesn't "do the girlfriend thing", honey, he's not gay. That phrase is a warning! It screams: Warning! Warning! Dude's a player! He likes women, but does not do relationships! How do you not get that? How do you get gay from that? ARGH!!

Writing. The writing is extremely poor. The descriptors are bad and there are tons of repetitions (and not in a good way...just in the way that the author couldn't think of any different words to use). The words and phrases used just aren't good for a novel. They are distracting and constantly jerked me out of the story (when I even was able to get into it). Sometimes, it honestly seemed like the author was just trying to sound smart by choosing bigger words; it just didn't feel natural and didn't flow well.

The author needed HELP! The writing felt very unpolished. It was like I was reading a manuscript draft (not a first draft, but maybe second or third). Which means that the editor/publisher did not do their job! I think you know how much things like this frustrate me by now. Grr!

Story. The story sucked. There really wasn't much of a story at all. It was difficult to get into (which was partly because of the poor writing). I don't have much experience with reading erotica. I think the only other erotica novel I read was Tears of Tess and it was much better than this (and not nearly as popular).

Overall. I don't get it. I do not understand all the hype. I do not understand why so many people have even read this book or how it became so popular. There is nothing great (or, really, even good) about this book, in my opinion. It should not be in the spotlight as much as it is. It's just not good. I will not continue the series. I'm not sure whether I will see the movie, either. I mean, there is no freaking story, so how can they make a movie off this book? It will basically just be a porno. Don't you think??
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