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on June 18, 2017
Because this book made so much sense to me I developed the confidence to purchase a fixer upper. It was practically a rescue home one stage away from being a demo. This was the only deviation I made from the book, as the author recommends doing easy projects first to get your feet wet. But, with my first project I was able to triple the appraised value of the home, refinance and rent it out, and get all the money out that I put into the project (which-by the way-wasn't my own money either), and make a nice cash profit to boot. I can't wait to find my next property!
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on August 21, 2012
After having read this book from cover to cover, I liked how the author flipped from tips to real life scenarios and that helped him along his way in his real estate investing and renovations. The main message in book is to take action. Many books just say it like it is, but leaves the reader with little motivation. This book is different in that it helps me to think that I can do this too. In fact, I will do this too! Investing in real estate is more than handing a key to a new tenant after a 30 minute segment. This book breaks down the processes to create the perfect home for the tenant living in the space created for them. The tips from how to secure investors, why developing relationships with your 'dream team' is important, to what types of renovations are most important, to setting up systems and when do what renovation was extremely helpful. This is a well written, detailed focus and with real-world examples that any investor, from a novice to a pro will learn tricks of the trade to better an investment property.
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on March 24, 2013
Amazing book! Would highly recommend it to anyone in the reno industry looking to improve their business. It teaches how to do the *right* renovations rather than expensive renovations. He also talks about proper project management and finance, which are keys to success in any reno project.

Just a day after reading this book I used a couple simple techniques from the book and was able to save a couple thousands on an upcoming project. I wouldn't attribute it solely to the book, but it did **significantly** help. As you can see, from this stand point, the book has already delivered on its promise. I can guarantee that if you use his techniques, you'll also save the same.

For those who think renos and real estate is a "get rich quick" business, Ian in his book also dispels this myth by going through the ins and outs of what a professional renovator needs to know to be sucessful. At the end of this read, you'll either be equipped to do a proper reno job and structure your reno business properly, or you will be convinced that renovations is not your calling and decide to do something else instead. Either way, the book will be useful if it helps you make that *informed* decision.

One critique I have of the book is that I wouldn't call it a basic introduction book for a true beginner. The author assumes that you have some understanding of handiwork renovations and finance, so he doesn't break it down for the very beginner. For example, he talks a lot about joint ventures, but does not define it. This may be a standard concept in real estate investment, but for the true beginner, it can be a bit confusing. Also, the book offers so many things - I wish there could have been some summary chapter at the very end which itemizes the process (as described in the book), so as to sum up all the gems the author talks about. Since this is not done, make sure you have some highlighter and bookmarks or you may forget some details hidden between the pages.

Another thing I would have liked is for him to talk about the pros and cons of delegating a project to contractors vs. doing the job oneself. However, the book did not really detail the best ways to structure a business. Also some information on "when to sell" would have been useful (e.g. immediate flip vs. long-term investment).

Those are some nit-picky critiques. Nonetheless, I would still highly recommend this book as it has of invaluable tips. Book reads nicely as well, in regular everyday conversation.
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on August 24, 2012
Are you doing renovations? Are you going to do a renovation in the next year? If yes, GET THIS BOOK.

I didn't even do a good job putting his tips into place and our last two major renovations were EARLY and UNDER budget. This is after years of doing renovations that were usually over budget and barely on time ... sometimes late.

He explains how to get organized for the project, how to plan and oversee it in a systematized way and how not to get burned out by it. I think most investors or renovators know how easy it is to put every waking thought into a project and almost start to hate it because you're SO tired of thinking about it and working on it ... and he just lays it out so clearly how to avoid that. And because you're organized from the start thanks to his systems and tips you actually can avoid it fairly easily. I actually felt relaxed on the last renovation and it was the most under budget & early of all the ones we've done in almost 11 years!

I know for a fact that by simply tracking the materials we use, watching for them on sale and buying in bulk when the price is good saved us thousands of dollars. And while it sounds like a simple thing we were basically JUST IN TIME buyers. When a project required flooring, we'd go buy the flooring. When a project required appliances, we'd go buy the appliances but by watching for the sales on the stuff we use on all the renovations we saved so much.

Simple tips like that were what we put into place and it made a HUGE difference.

Whether it's a home renovation or a rental property - you'll be glad you read this before you did the project.
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on August 21, 2012
This is truly a great how to book taking you through the entire house flipping process. There are so many great tips in this book that can help you easily increase the value of your property, you will definitely find it useful for homeowners as well as investors.
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on September 25, 2014
This book is front to back full of good information. I would have liked to see more about Reno for sales than Reno for rentals but there is so much good information I can overlook that. Loved the book!
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on October 17, 2013
Uncomplicated, simple, unpretentious.....sticks to the facts. I love this book and use a lot of what I learned from it in our real estate business. Worth every penny!
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on January 18, 2015
One of the best books out there if you want to get into the flipping or buy and hold rental market. Ian Szabo is the real deal and he is all heart!!
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on December 12, 2016
Great book with excellent insight into renovating intelligently . This book provides great ideas on how to renovate properties for making money.
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on January 3, 2013
This easy to read book provides a step by step system for making your renovations count. Ian is an expert at helping people maximize their ROI by saving them thousands of dollars and pointing them in the right direction of what type of reno's give the most bang for the buck. Can't get this book back from my husband as he is busy dog-earing almost every page as we plan our spring reno on one of our rental homes.
Diana Young Author of #1 Amazon best-selling book Financial Fitness for Beginners - Canadian edition.

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