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4.7 | 599 customer reviews
568 of the 599 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently purchased this organizer as I had some things in the trunk of my SUV that were just kind of there and pushed to the side- but would definitely move around while driving. Ie; cleaning products, gym bag, small tire pump, emergency roadside kit.
This organizer is sturdy, and easy to set up. Good quality, large and spacious and I would definitely recommend purchasing.
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By Amazon Customer
Great product, I use it in my Rav4 to keep all my fluids and other items organized, the tie-down straps really help to keep it secure from sliding around.The quality is strong and very well made, Im sure it will serve me well for many years.
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By Mark G
One of the tie-down straps was manufactured with missing stitches, making tie-down straps unusable. Vendor promised replacement but then replacement went missing and cannot track down the missing package. No response from support after promising to look into it.
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By Wilson Simon Lee
product price
4.7 | 323 customer reviews
309 of the 323 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think this is one the better seat protectors on the market. I've read so many reviews online and have looked at many of these in store, but eventually decided to order this one from Diono. I was not disappointed.

This is a one-piece seat protector which hangs from the head rest of the seat. Its thick for good protection but not too thick where it endangers the child car seat from sliding off. There is also the bonus pouches on the bottom for some toys to keep storage but it works well to save the seat from your child's dirty feet kicking.

All in all, a great product and would recommend. Parents, please please tie down your car seat tightly as you normally word. Just check your car seats every time to ensure they haven't come loose.
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By Sal
Great product. It's a little expensive, but it does exactly what I need it to do. Fits great in a CX-5 and a Santa Fe. I remove the headrest when the car seat is in, so I didn't have anything to loop the top strap around. However, the pressure from the seat itself holds it in place.

Plenty of room for the UAS latches. I LOVE the bottom section. I don't think the pockets will be very useful, but it hangs down and protects most of the bottom part of the seat, which most mats dont.

Hopefully it holds up. Loving it so far.
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By M. Corkum
I bought this to put in my mothers car, as she had a new car with leather seats, and I didn't want the car seat I had bought for her (for when she has my daughter) to damage her new car seats.

While it works, it still leaves deep impressions in the seat. The bottom (seat) portion needs to be (in my opinion) a much harder/firmer design, to help prevent this.
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4.6 | 1,031 customer reviews
923 of the 1,031 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great unit to keep your battery charged, but avoid using this in severe cold weather as I found out.
I left my unit in the trunk and when I went to plug it in the wires snapped and cracked revealing the copper inside.
This does not survive -25C, otherwise it's a good unit.
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By Stchow
Seems to work great but, you have to know exactly what you are buying, which I did'nt and I think the specs were not that precise on what this item can do. This charger CAN NOT charge a battery with more than 30 Ah capacity. It will keep it in charge as a "maintenance charge", but will not charge it if is empty. A regular 12v Marine battery has at least 60 Ah, so juste be aware to know what are your needs.

For an 80 Ah battey like mine, the "Genius" brand is very expensive compare to other brands that do the exact same thing. I bought an other brand after returning that one and saved 100$. But, this brand has the reputation to be the best long term investment. Just be sure to evaluate your needs.

Great service when returning the item, easy and
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By Client d'Amazon
As previously mentioned in various reviews, this item worked great until in got below the freezing point. The insulation snaped like a 4 year old candy cane. Pas pour le Québec!
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By Daniel G.
product price
4.6 | 602 customer reviews
526 of the 602 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are great for cleaning just about any surface inside the house. We use these for glass, faucets, stainless steel, wooden floors and mirrors and they leave a nice lint free shine every time. Just throw them in the washer when you’re done and they come out as good as new again.

In the garage is a different story. If you use these to detail your car they work just as well as inside the house although if you get some grease or brake dust on them, they will permanently stain. I’ve tried just about every cleaner to remove the stains and they don’t come out. They are still usable, rubbing the stained spot after washing on a piece of paper doesn’t leave any marks so it wouldn’t dirty your car using them again, they just don’t look clean. A best practice is probably to
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By Stephen B
Laundry symbols decoded: Wash at 40ºC. Hang to dry. Do Not Bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry-clean.

For the price, this is an excellent product for car care (e.g. drying car after carwash, removing dust and cleaning dashboard), for your TV, computer monitor, countertops and other household surfaces (e.g. cabinets, faucets, stainless steel).

Microfiber towels are typically rated in GSM which stands for grams per square meter or gm/2. Unfortunately, Amazon does not disclose that information for this product. However, considering that there are thicker, plushier, and softer options out there, it is fair to assume the GSM is not high, probably within the 200-350 range. Another determination of quality is the blend ratio of polyester to polyamide. These towels are 90% polyester and 10% Polyamide. The polyester provides the structure of the towel and the introduction of polyamide to the towel increases density and absorption. This blend is on the
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By Amazon Customer
Good deal depending on what you use them for. They have so much fluff and lint that comes off of them fresh out of the box that I had to actually wash all 144 of them before using them to detail any cars. It can be extremely frustrating when you have to keep going over areas again because your towel that's supposed to pick up lint and debris keeps leaving it behind.
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By anthony
4.6 | 448 customer reviews
414 of the 448 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought this to use for a 2-day road trip with our 21/2 yo. It was a life saver as it gave a place for him to watch movies but not able to hit buttons. This was great so we didn't have to continually "fix" it for him. The extra compartments were handy for snacks and toys to be organized but he couldn't reach these things himself so he needed help to switch out toys. It did keep most of the clutter off the floor though! The reason I'm giving it 4 stars is that I would love to see space or some sort of opening to fit the headphones and/or charger into the ipad while its in the holder.
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By EllieMay
This organizer was purchased for a pickup truck with large front seats and a Crew Cab style full back row. I have had it for a little while now, and can make an assessment based on real usage on trips to/from a family cottage (about 2.5 hours each way).

- Lots of storage compartments included to hold children's items
- Top secures neatly around the headrest mount
- Materials appear durable; will likely last a long time

- Tablet hold is way too low to be really useful for a child in a car seat. The angle at which the tablet is held effectively points it downwards on any seat imaginable. I noted this was purchased for a fairly large truck, and it has quite large front seats, yet this is still a problem. Smaller cars will only exacerbate this issue.
- Mounting strap for the bottom of the organizer goes around the front seat
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By Brian Bentham
This company has contacted me several times to write a product review through email, so I'm giving them their wish. It didn't fit the backseat of our truck, which has standard seats. When it was installed, the top would wrinkle because the straps are too far apart, so when you tighten it, the plastic screen wrinkles and leaves it unusable. You can't make out the picture with the plastic sitting oddly. I'm pretty sure the head rest bars aren't any closer together than any other vehicle, so I'm pretty sure it's a design flaw. Keep that in mind when purchasing this product!
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By Melissa Rose
4.8 | 127 customer reviews
123 of the 127 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was so fed up of my trunk looking like a teenager's room. I decided to take matters into my own hand. I was a little reluctant to buy this organizer because there was other less expensive but I am very happy with my purchase.

Quality is insane
This bin is sturdy. But I mean, sturdy. The quality is really good; it feels heavy and tough, which I like.

The shape and use goes along your space and needs
You can use only half of the box, with or without cover, and split (or not) the large compartments. I love how flexible the options are.

Great attention to details
There are pockets on the side, and velcro at the bottom to prevent the bin from traveling side to side while your car is in motion. I love how the handles are sturdy making it easier to carry around. The attention to details on this item is
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By AnnaKarenina
As soon as I opened the box, my first impression is this trunk organizer is really made for heavy duty. Every part of it is designed nicely and useful. I have to say it totally exceeded my expectation. I didn't notice they even put Velcro under knees. Once I place it in the trunk, it doesn't move anywhere. Size is perfect for my car. This is a very happy purchase. I would recommend this product to you guys.
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The organizer came with other packages today, and I was surprised by the weight. The organizer is as described. It comes with dividers that attach to the velcro VERY firmly. The bottom also has velcro, making it stick in place in the back. I don't know how the handles are described but they are a tube of strong metal (I don't know what kind of metal). The fact that it collapses to a smaller size is also great for when I don't have a lot of stuff. I would buy this again and would definitely recommend it to anyone that would like to keep their car organized.
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By Customer
4.6 | 343 customer reviews
304 of the 343 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Paired with OPACC Adjustable Foam Cannon. Works great! Lots of thick foam :) smells great and really gets the loose dirt off. Don't think you'll get to skip the wash mit, but it does what it's designed to do, get rid of the thick dirt so your paint doesn't get scratched. I'm happy and will be ordering more Chemical Guys products!
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if you’re as obsessed with your car being clean as I am this stuff is for you!
I wash my car weekly and wanted something that was safe to use often.
I bought my first bottle in March and have just opened a new bottle in September. I wash my car once a week and use a capsized amount in foam cannon.

This stuff does not disappoint, I’m not a huge fan of the smell but the shine it gives to my car is worth the time I have to spend with the smell.

I definitely recommend this product. I use this product and the chemical guys butter wet wax, when doing a detail to my car.
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By Aimeé Helgren
This is the first product I ordered from Chemical guys, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was buying the usual stuff they sell at Canadian Tire which didn't foam well, and was nothing special. For $8.50 or so, this little bottle of suds is amazing value. It's highly concentrated. I used a power washer to really foam up my wash bucket and then put this stuff to the test on my Audi. The Suds are insane, and the best way to describe the level of lubricity, is it feels as if you have doused your car with cooking oil along with the soap mix. It really provides slickness as you wash your paint surface. I will be trying the Citrus Wash next, but will make this a staple in my car cleaning supplies. Will probably buy the 1 gallon jug next!
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4.5 | 592 customer reviews
526 of the 592 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These mats are big in size that can cover the entire back of our Odyssey's seats. The material feels quite durable, and is easy to clean. With these mats, I don't have to worry about my kids' dirty shoes anymore! Thanks to the well organized pockets and bags, we now can store all the things that we need conveniently. These pockets and bags are easy to reach, and can secure things in place. I highly recommend these mats to families with kids/seat kickers!
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By Steven
If you have a one-year old busy seat kicker, this should be your “MUST HAVE” item. To my surprise, the material is very thick and feels durable, not a thin layer with flimsy feel. And the size of it can perfectly cover the entire back of the seat and the straps are not intrusive at all. My favorite is it gives you a lot of pockets and hooks. They are great with your little stuff and keep your space nice and organized. Ipad holder is just genius and keeps my kid busy all the way back home. Very happy with this!
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By littleJ
Received the mats today and one side of the bottom strap already ripped off when installing. Will be returning and getting other ones

***UPDATE*** - Updating from 1 to 4 stars. Seller contacted me after I posted my review and offered to send a replacement set, which I appreciated very much. I received them in a few days and the straps seem pretty solid this time aroung. I installed them and they look like they will work as I was hoping the first time. The mats themselves are good quality...the ipad holders are nice but may be a little below eye level for my kids, not a big deal. The tissue box holder is nice to have...wish there was a hook or velcro or something at the bottom so that it would lay flat against the mat instead of just dangling there, but also not
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By Jaime Lonzon
4.6 | 218 customer reviews
192 of the 218 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful soap. A little soap goes a long way. Ph neutral too. So I purchased a foam cannon and this soap.....filled the foam cannon with 2oz of soap and added the recommended amount of water. I cranked the foam cannon to heavy foam, this soap was wonderful it came out so thick it layered my car in what looked like shaving cream. It stuck to the car and slowly ran down grabbing all the dirt and debris with it. Once I rinsed the soap off my car looked like it had been freshly waxed. There is a reason why these guys make the best soap on the market. They know what they are doing.
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By Shawn M
Figured chemical guys was a big name and their products didn't follow suit but so far I love this soap!!

Paired with my matcc gun soap comes out thick and doesn't disappear off my vehicle without washing it off!!

Thanks for making a great product
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By Steve Pilipenko
One of the best soaps for using with a foam lance/cannon when cleaning a car.
When using a foam cannon many users complain that they just don't get a thick foam and only see soapy water coming out of their gun. The reason is usually related to the usage of soap that wasn't designed to be used with a pressurized gun. This soap is designed specifically to be used to create the nice thick soapy foam that is excellent for pre-soaking a car prior to a two-mitt wash.
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By Michael L.
4.6 | 213 customer reviews
191 of the 213 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The thickest, most absorbent microfiber towels I own (and I have over 50 of them in my car detailing garage). Use them to wipe-off water less wash, waxes and polishes. Absorbent enough to dry a car, but you would need at least two for a small car, 3-4 for larger vehicles. Best suited for removing wax/polish IMO, as one can wipe a whole car.

I included a picture to show the difference in thickness with a Chemical Guy's professional Grade MF. As you can see, there's about three times the thickness (and weight) to the Sinland towel. Both are great, just don't compare them on a cost basis.
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By Super GT
Like most I was looking for a good deal on a micro-fibre towel, I was about the get a Basics one until I stumbled up on this one. I'm very happy I ended up paying a bit extra for this. Does a great job of drying the car and a good job of removing dried-on wax. I don't doubt that it would be better with spray-on type waxes. There was a bit of lint at the beginning, but once you get passed that I have no complaints and I am planning on picking up a couple more of these. I don't know if this is the best absolute deal on a microfiber towel, but if you are hesitating between this one and another one at this price point, don't hesitate with going with this one
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By idno4856
Simply amazing. I don't why I never splurged earlier and bought some quality microfiber towels. If your into detailing your car at all, do yourself a favor and buy these towels. I was using those cheapo blue microfiber towels without GSM info. Let me tell you, GSM makes a big difference!! These towels are the highest GSM I could find for the price on amazon at the time of purchase. The moment I used one of these bad boys to remove polish, I realized there was a bit and day difference between the inferior quality towels. Very very soft and can easily remove caked on polish with minimal effort. Be careful which towels you use as the inferior towels can cause micro marring on the paints finish. These towels will protect you from that and are simply amazing. A must have for any auto detailing enthusiast!
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By kryptonshen
4.8 | 93 customer reviews
88 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought a shiny, new, black, 2017 Chevy Cruze Hatchback, & was wanting to keep it nice & clean all the time, weather permitting. But my driveway is too small to allow car washing with any type of effeciency & I don't feel like going to the car wash all the time, so I figured I'd try something for 'inbetween' car washes. 1st saw a 'water-less' product at Canadian Tire, but I didn't like the $22 price tag for a 16 oz bottle. So I gave trusty ol' Amazon a try.

After hunting around, I found this offer here to be about the best deal available. Had enough good reviews to warrant a try out. Only used it out once so far, but wow, got the car clean & showroon shiny! I followed the instructions & used the product as specified to the best of my ability.

Ok, it wasn't
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By Blooz Guy
Amazing product.
I have already told all of my RVing friends that this is the product that they need to start using to clean there RV’s from now on. My RV shines more now than it did when I bought it new.

The kit come with enough product to thoroughly wash and wax my 36’ RV (4-5 times) possibly more because I was using too much product for about half the time just getting used to how much it covers (and it covers a lot of area with very little product). Unlike many waxes I have used before this product does not leave swirls, or it is just easy to wipe them off, either way your vehicle will look great when you are done and your arm won’t fall off from all of the wiping (Past Experiences with other products).
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By Charlie Bastien
I intentionally purchased and Aero Cosemetics Wet Or Waterless Car Wash and Go Clean Waterless Carwash
Given these are both highly rated, I wanted to test each and see how they compared with one another.
Both go on equally easily and easily wipe off. I found I was able to use less of the Go Clean to cover the same surface area. However, I noticed that the Aero Cosmetics left a more glossy finish than the Go Clean I don't think you can go wrong with either one. If you are looking for something that will give you a more glossy finish go for the Aero Cosmetics. As far as how well they clean the car's surface, I would say they are both equal.
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By Scar Face
4.6 | 170 customer reviews
157 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this product, but I think I love the company that makes it even more! A day or two after it arrived, I got an email from the company checking to see if it had arrived, if I was happy with it, and if they had any questions I had that they could answer. I can't remember the last time I had such great customer service. The reason I bought this product is that I just got a new car, and all my life, my cars have looked like garbage bins because I had nowhere to put my garbage, and was usually too lazy to take it in the house with me when I got home. I am determined to keep this new car garbage-free. The cars of my family members have never been as littered as mine, but come next Christmas, I may
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By Amazon Customer
Great product. Arrived on time and without imperfections. Item came with 20 replacement bags and velcro stickers to affix if desired.
A garbage container for a car sounds simple enough but this company provides a really durable product and they have thought of a lot of extras - clips to keep bags in place, side mesh pocket for items (i.e. hand sanitizer), durable straps with adjustable clip, water proof interior to prevent leaks, easy wipe/clean material, etc.
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By Heather O'Holloway
This works great. We have a toddler and our cars are always a disaster - so we needed a bin. I bought for our car, and I love that it has a side pocket to hold the extra bags (it came with a pack of samples, but it would fit standard grocery bags). It has Velcro to attach to the console, and clips to hold the bag in place. Does what we need it to do! So far the car has been significantly cleaner- so I bought a second one for our truck.

A bit more expensive than some of the models here but it’s very well made and sturdy, and I like that it holds its square shape without collapsing like some of the cheaper models we saw in store. It doubles as a cooler too but I can’t imagine using it for that.
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By Lifefanatic
4.6 | 162 customer reviews
145 of the 162 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Heard this can be used to take off spray paint, bottom photo was from me sliding into another car, it took the paint right off (water and soap couldn’t take it off). As for the actual use, the top photo is from waxing the whole thing.
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By Tamara Joseph
Absolutely amazing product. I didn't believe it would work at first. I saw the chemical guys video on YouTube removing spray paint from a car. So I thought for the price it's worth a shot. I had black ashphalt undercoat spray paint the the wind picked up and sprinkled all over my brand new truck (metalic silver) and it was there for a few weeks. This product simply wiped it away without any effort at all. Also on my rims same thing no pressure just wipe it away like it was never there and wax your vehicle at the same time. Also smells good too. But honestly if you need to get spray paint or paint from a fender bender off your vehicle 110% this will work almost instantly. I'm still shocked at how easy it worked and I'm Telling everyone about it.
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By Jeremy Dunn
Once applied in multiple layers by hand or machine the shine is stunning. The major bummer is when foaming the car, I use chemical guys ph neutral foam soaps and the wax melts out. I have better things to do than waxing my car once a week. There's similar shine synthetic waxes out there for cheaper that will outlast this one easy. I guess that the pure carnauba price to pay down the end.

2 stars for the shine. Minus 1 for the time it last minus 1 for the lack of support and answer from the chemical guys regarding this issue, and minus 2 stars for the humongous waste of time I tried to make this work by hand or DA polisher. Marketing hype.
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By Hensai
4.9 | 64 customer reviews
63 of the 64 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ended up losing my last key for the previous LX club I owned so this was a replacement purchase. Took a very experienced locksmith 45 minutes to pick the lock. I used to live in downtown Calgary and it deterred the local meth heads from trying to steal my custom off-road truck. They would still break in to look for contents to steal but truck would be there in the morning for my drive to work. Been using it at work still, in the small town where I work now. Helps with the same issue with the local meth heads. Thanks for a great product I can trust.
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By Kevy
Unfortunately, my vehicle was stolen a while back - the police found it about a week late and it was a complete mess. I vowed never to let myself be put into this position again. I purchased a high end alarm, parking mode dash cam and this steering wheel lock. So far, it's fantastic - I lock my wheel in place and it only take about 10 seconds or less to add/remove. The materials are high quality and feels premium when you touch it - it comes with 3 key spares. It also comes with as $2000 guarantee if someone breaks/steals your car. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend this to anyone looking for added vehicle security!
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By Truthful Reviewer
This unit is well made and well finished.
Easy to operate and even easier after you learn a few tricks.
It is so far a great visual deterant for thieves to go steal one of the neighbour's truck instead!
Works very well in the cold, and doesn't leave a lubricant residue on any of the parts of your steering wheel.
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By Jim W.
4.6 | 143 customer reviews
125 of the 143 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
(My last review was removed for profanity so I will only mention the mico-fiber this time.) I use this specifically for car washing and its a great shammy. Cant beat the f'n price and fast shipping.
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By bEnJAmIn
These are good value for the money. Very thick and it will hold a lot of dirt. Wash these before you use them on windows or any surface for that matter. It will remove a lot of the fluff and lint. If you use it specifically for glass, you will find lint. Look elsewhere for glass as the tighter the knit, the better at leaving no residues or fluff behind. The fibers on these aren't a tight weave but they do a great job on windows.

I've used it on exterior windows. Used it in conjunction with Stoner's Invisible glass and it was able to clean the windshield well. Took off the bugs, and tree sap. Left it will a streak free finish. Wipe with one side and polish/dry off with the other side.
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The descriptions state this is a product that "cleans with or without chemical cleaners, leaves lint and streak free results". Unfortunately, as stated by other reviewers, it does not provide lint-free results. Imagine the surface you've just washed to have tiny scratches afterward. You panic, only to realise that it's not actual scratches but tiny pieces of lint from the cloth. Granted the former scenario would be more unsatisfactory, the latter is not acceptable either. If you intend to use it on anything valuable, I suggest you try another product.
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By Charles Shin
4.6 | 134 customer reviews
118 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These Jack Stands are good enough for my uses.
They seem very well constructed and you can't beat the price, originally I was going to get the 2 Ton Stands...but I opted for the 3 Ton Stands based on their popularity and for the added weight capacity for safety! Quick Delivery.
Thanks, Amazon!
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By Darrin G.
I've ordered the 12 ton and it's not the double locking model as described in the feature description - it seems that I received the older model. Ratchet handle on both jacks stand was very hard to open - had to use W40 and a rubber mallet to loosen and get to open and close. Was disappointed. Other than aforementioned issues, 12 ton stands are very sturdy and strong, despite the problematic made in china lack of quality control issues commonly found in the smaller jack stands and the some of automotive tools. FYI, I've have to return my two previous orders (automotive tools) due to poor quality control. Be aware you get what you pay for when buying made in china. However, the 12 tons stands are well constructed.
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Was working on my car and on one side the release lever stopped working, had to jack the car slightly higher and drag it out to find out that the pin inside the arm of the lever came out on one side. I bought these in November 2016 so they lasted just over a year, just past the warranty period. They also did not get to heavy use, I used them maybe once every other month to do car repairs.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 69 customer reviews
68 of the 69 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is as good or better than the industry standard “mat”. It comes packaged in sheets and is easy to apply. Make sure to get a roller tool so that you can apply the correct pressure to apply the kilmat. I bought the 50 sq ft package, which was enough to cover the entire floor of my GMC Canyon and still had enough left over for the rear wall and at least two doors.

Haven’t had a chance to get the truck on the road, but it made a noticeable difference in both the echo’s in the cab, and the sound coming off the sheet metal.

Overall a great product and would recommend to anyone looking to make their car quieter.
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By Sirmi
Real easy to work with, and the difference it made to the mid base on my Rockford speakers is unreal, I run Rockford p1675 mids and tweets in my doors fed by a Rockford r600x5 using high level input. I covered as much of the outer door skin as posible, and removed the vapour barrier on the inner door and sealed every hole up with the kilmat, now my doors have serious base.
Just as an install tip, I used a wallpaper edging roller, and a desert spoon to apply pressure for the smoothing out process, the spoon works well in areas were your roller won't fit.
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By steve weston
This stuff works very very well. I have an old (1995) regular cab truck and this stuff made my slim 12 go from sounding like a 6x9 to a proper 12" sub. Road noise was greatly reduced too. It was incredibly easy to use, first time I had used anything like it. I did both of my doors, the whole back portion of my cab and I still have over 10 sheets left.

I used the remainder to improve the sound quality in my girlfriend's hatch back car. I couldn't do a perfect job but remember that's what I had left over from already doing my truck. So what I have pictured is what I was able to cover with the single box. I'm impressed in every single aspect of this product!
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By Clint R.
product price
4.5 | 202 customer reviews
174 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hello: received these today and they fit pretty good, I must say. The pass'gr and back fit great.
The drivers side can fit a bit better, due to the rest pad on the left side of the floor but other than that, great fit and it will
hold water/salt/snow on all 4.
Great price and fast delivery
Fit my 2015 Escape
Thank you
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By G. P.
Amazing product.. better than what it looks like.. love them. Fits best for Honda Civic
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By Amazon Customer
Bought this over the other ones because I heard it fit the Civic perfectly and they were 90% right. You could get away with not cutting, but the driver side mat will cover the left foot area a little bit. Cutting that part off makes it fit a lot better. I like that it doesn't move around which was one of my worries since it doesn't use the built-in locks.

Only downside is that the rear seat mats were too small and left many areas exposed. If they were bigger, I could at least cut it down to size, but this will have to do for now. 4 stars.
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By Squall
product price
4.5 | 199 customer reviews
181 of the 199 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an amazing little lunchbox. It works awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone that has a long commute or spends a lot of time in their vehicle. I have reheated leftovers, made pork and rice, lamb spiedinis and rice, and a raspberry maple pound cake (cake was just to see if it could be done). I have a 1:15 commute to work and if I prep everything at home and plug it in when I get in the car, everything will be cooked between 45 - 60min in my drive.
I recommend using a loaf pan in it not the aluminum throw away pans, you will save some money and stuff doesn't stick to them as easy.
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By Brandon
This is a wonderful unit, if you want hot meals, heat up time is quick, usually 10 minutes or less. Some tips, line the inside bottom and sides with 2 layers of tin foil, makes clean up easy and distributes the heat more uniform. Also make sure you cover your pan, with a layer of tin foil
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By Iain Gunn
I drive a plow truck in the winter and this has been a life saver. Well, maybe not life, but definitely a money saver. I haven't had to buy a hot meal at a restaurant all winter, and still get all the benefits. We always have too much dinner left over, as our teenagers won't eat real food, so we freeze leftovers in those aluminum loaf pans from the dollar store. Plug in the oven about an hour before you want to eat and when the delicious aroma of beef stew fills the cab give it a stir and lick your spoon to see if it's ready. I shouldn't have to tell you how to cook food in your own oven, but if you need me to, just send me a message and I'll be glad to help.

As for the durability, it seems to hold up alright, except the little
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By Chris Bird
4.5 | 195 customer reviews
175 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cool little gadget. I own a 2015 VW jetta and I was a little surprized that when it comes to ports it had one ciggarette lighter port and a port that was only designed to connect to an iphone. Go figure..... 2 android phones in this house. Myself and my wife shared the phone charger that was plugged into the cig port while in the car but when I bought a dash cam I realized I had to find some other way to plug this stuff in. Cue amazon, the holy grail of gadgets.
I found this device and it works perfectly. The most I have had connected at one time is three devices. 2 cell phones and a dash cam but there is room for more. My experience is it charged my 2 phones and ran the dash cam without issue.
Overall it did what I needed to do and did
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Since I've been trying out Amazon Prime, ordered this without asking too many questions, knowing that if I don't like it I can return it. My second car needed extra cig lighter because of the dash cam and still needed extra ports for charging USBs. This was perfect. It came with so many ports I can literally charge my cell phone, tablet, bluetooth headset all at once if i wanted too. The wire that came with it was long enough for me hide the unit in the foot well off to the side and it is overall well built. Definitely keeping this unit. I haven't seen one at this pricepoint with this many ports to charge all your gear and gadgets.
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By Thomas
The product is very well made, seems to be very highy quality. Comes attractively packaged in eco-friendly packaging. Major pluses.

Major minus: the LED voltage readout is almost invisible in daylight unless you bend down and stick your nose a few inches away. No, I don't mean sunlight, I mean even on a dark overcast day.

As I'd like to see my charging system readout not only at night, I have to kind of call useless on that feature - which was a major reason I chose this particular product.

If it weren't for the pluses I mentioned above, I would have only given 3 stars.
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By Zacharias