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4.8 | 662 customer reviews
629 of the 662 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is our holy grail of baby toys. I wanted something small but that would get a lot of use and grow with the baby. We got it for our 6 month old and she was immediately drawn to it. It helped her to sit unassisted because it allowed her to lean on it for support. She flips it to all the sides and plays with every part. It asks questions like what animal/instrument makes this sound and you're suppose to press on the correct button but she's too young to understand that part of it yet. The songs can be mildly annoying but it's worth it to be able to sit back and have a coffee while I watch her play with it. The batteries that came with it lasted for about 2 weeks before we needed to switch them.
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Great travel size cube my 6 month old loves all the noise it makes from hitting all the buttons and sliders.
It’s on the smaller side if you expect some large activity cube I suggest looking at something else.
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By Montreal.TD
It is a fun toy, my little one seems to love it and is so cute when she danced with the music. However I'd say it may not be suitable for baby too small. Last night my 9 months old were playing with it and then start crying. I was sitting close to her and from my point of view she was just sitting in front of the toy with her little hands holding it. My instinct told me not to pick her up or remove the toy from her. When I look closer I saw some how her little feet got stuck in one of the bigger gaps on the side of the toy. She doesn't have the finesse to remove herself from the toy and she got scared. Won't say this toy only deserve one star but hopefully potential customer will read this and be awared of the
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By Kuan
4.7 | 978 customer reviews
906 of the 978 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was hesitant about buying a backpack to use as a diaper bag but I decided being able to use both hands outweighed any feelings I had about backpacks. The bag is cute and the storage inside is so easy to keep organized. With its many compartments and the way the bag fully opens up so you can see right to the bottom, you no longer have that “lost in the abyss” problem I had with my previous bag. I’ve had so many compliments on this bag. It can be used as a backpack, hold like a bag or clips on my stroller. The water proof factor is a great idea because hello, kids are messy. The insulated bottle holders are great. I also stuff snacks in there. Because the bag helps me organize all the crap I have to carry around because I have 2 kids I can easily
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By Sarah Sebastyan
This diaper bag is perfect for on-the-go needs, and it is exactly as described in the posting. When you open the top portion of the bag, it actually stays open and holds its shape rather than falling in on itself or collapsing as most diaper bags do. This allows me to place everything I need in there quickly without struggling to keep the bag open at the same time! The colour is perfect, and I can't wait to use this as a post-diaper bag as well, since it looks so much like a regular handbag/ backpack!
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By Brittany.N.S
Bag is a good size fits everything one needs for an outing with the little ones. It’s handy having the back pack straps.
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By Bradley C
4.7 | 771 customer reviews
722 of the 771 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It has TWO SPEED SETTINGS!!! Whaaaaa? Both my 2.5 yr old and 7 month old love this thing lol. What I ADORE about this, and have not seen in other walkers, is that this has TWO speed settings! One that makes the wheel go slowly, for "just learning" to walk. So many walkers go soooo fast, too fast. THANK YOU!
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By westcoastmama1234
My son adores this thing! He is starting to pull up but since he’s such a chunk, he tends to pull it over. I don’t think it’s a design flaw, it’s just physics which is why I’m still giving a 5 star rating. It has a wide base but when a very heavy baby grabs the edge and tries to pull himself up, it’s going to tip over so watch your kid. If I plan to leave him by himself for a few minutes, I just take the activity center off the frame and let him play with that. It really keeps him busy with all the noises and lights and music. I also have fun picking out tunes on the little piano keys so we al enjoy it.
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By Amazon Customer
Bought this for my 8 month daughter who just started to crawl and pull herself up in her playpen. I anticipate it wont be long before she tries to walk so I thought this would be ideal for her when she plays on the floor. Overall its a decent product but the wheels are the biggest weak spot which I will get to later.

Assembly is fairly straight forward, you insert the legs into the frame, and then insert the handle into the frame where the legs are which lock them in place. That's it, you're done. No screws.

The learning centre detaches from the unit and can lay flat on the ground or you can hold it on your lap while your child plays with it. Everything is attached via a hinge or string with the exception of the phone, it is the only item that
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By Stephen B
4.7 | 614 customer reviews
578 of the 614 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A must buy for a breastfeeding mom with a teething baby! You can make mom-sicles (frozen breastmilk) so easy. Just half fill an ice cube tray and wait a couple hours. The medium size takes about a quarter of a regular ice cube (fill tray halfway up and then use a knife to cut in half once frozen). I made 14 mom-sicles for babe with only 2.5oz of breastmilk. Baby loooooves them! I'm excited to try frozen fruit next. She will be starting solids soon. LO is 6 months old and medium size is perfect. Easy for her to hold, easy to clean. These things are gold and multi-purpose! We will get a lot of use from these. Also really glad to see you can buy new nipples without replacing whole feeder. Great design and the little push up button works great too. A+++
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By R Dickson
Amazing product, my 5.5 month old loves it (has been using it since she way 3.5 months), and I love that I know that any food I put in from bananas (including frozen banana) to steamed carrots she won't be able to choke on because she needs to squeeze it through the small holes. Much better then the mesh equivalent, as it is very easy to clean. Product itself also makes eating a lot less messy. Comes with 6 nipples, three different sizes, the 3 month size is perfect for babies 3-5 months as it is much much smaller and, as such, able to easily fit in their mouths. As said, I now put banana or other fruit in the larger nipples and freeze them then give them to my daughter as a frozen treat for teething. She loves it. I've already ordered a
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By Angelina S
This product is amazing and I love that it comes with 3 different sizes to keep growing with my son. I had a mesh feeder and although he loved it, I hated washing it and it was way too big for his cute little mouth. He's had frozen bananas and carrots with it. He adores it and seems to hold it very well on his own. Definetly recommend this product!
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By Josée Martin
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4.7 | 542 customer reviews
498 of the 542 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Baby is crazy about his rings! Best part is, you can also use them for some practical stuff, like securing a rattle to his stroller harness. So many different ways you can tie them up together to make a long chain or other shapes. Can serve as a rattle as well if you keep them on the big ring. Love it!
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By Rachel Côté
I don’t know if these are any good for babies, but my ferret loves them!
Ferrets love to stash toys, and fun, durable toys that can’t be destroyed by sharp teeth & a strong jaw are always a bonus.
When my Oscar feels like playing, I pull these out & clack them together to make noise, toss them for him to chase, and watch him collect them one by one and stash them in his “hidey hole.”
They’re simple, cheap, easy to clean & fun.
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By Amanda
So glad i bought these! Originally got them to clip toys onto the diaper bag but since then we use them for just about everything. I use a chain of a couple to suspend toys a little lower on babies play mat so he can reach them. Also always keep some handy around the house as he adores chewing on them. They also float in the tub so he can chomp away on them there too. Originally bought 3 packs but may buy a few more
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By A. R
4.8 | 313 customer reviews
303 of the 313 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
With all the baby stuff you end up accumulating, I love it when I can buy a product that is multi-functional. My son loves this play centre! I can plunk him in and he spins himself around and smashes away at all the activities. The keyboard is a major feature. You can have it mounted on the play surface so your baby can play on it by pushing the buttons OR (my son's favourite) you can mount it to the platform. Doing this allows your baby to bounce around and doing so sets off the keyboard music. He loves being able to watch the lights blink through the little window on the play top and it makes him squeal in delight.
The toys that come with it are all super cute, easy to attach/detach and keep him entertained. I love that it has a bit of a minimalist modern styling in
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By Kamalou Review
If you’re debating about this product — BUY IT!

First of all, it’s not as ugly as the other exersaucers. And it had a long life span. We bought this over a year ago and I’m sure we will be using for a couple more years.

The seat was great place to put our daughter while cooking or cleaning to keep her contained and entertained.

Once she outgrew the seat we purchased the matching chairs and now she uses this table everyday:for colouring, snacks, puzzles etc.

It is super easy to clean.

Highly recommend.
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By Colin E.
I really wanted to love this thing, and I do like the toys and style. But for me there were two major downsides that make me regret the purchase for the amount of money I paid for it. (1) My little guy often spit up and it got in the cracks around the peek through window. In an attempt to clean it we ended up scratching and breaking the window, and now it looks terrible and the keyboard no longer stays in it. Yes we broke it technically, but this is a huge oversight in design. The window should be removable for easy cleaning. I could not leave it the way it was. This has drastically reduced the value of it. (2) The piano has an off switch yet it still seems to turn off by itself after ~1 min even if you leave it turned on. You have
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By Courtney
4.7 | 474 customer reviews
449 of the 474 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A very nice fashion bag. It’s a diaper bag, also a backpack. Very easy to match with any clothes. It’s very big inside and has many pocket, can put a lot of baby stuff.
I like this diaper bag, the quality and design is very good. I love photography, so I made a video for it.
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By Numb
I bought this Conleke diaper bag in the grey colour, it's arrived super quickly and I have to say that it’s much better quality than I even expected! I love that this diaper bag is a backpack,which means it's hands-free when you're carrying it. Don't underestimate how annoying it is to have a large bag hanging on your shoulder/side when you're also trying to hold or manage a squirrely baby. Shoulder bags swing forward and get in the way when you bend over, but this one stays nicely out of the way.

In terms of appearance,this bag looks durable and wipeable,the design and color is neutral but still trendy,so my husband can also help to carry it around at all.The zips are made of metal which means they won’t snap off,it's seem very high quality and sturdy and the stitching is excellent. The back and straps feel very breathable and strong
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By Jessie
I recently purchased this bag. My review is based on my experience using this bag for a couple of days so it's too early for me to check its durability or water-resistance related functions. I hope my review can help someone making a decision!

- Spacious, but lightweight. I usually carry 3 baby bottles, a formula dispenser, 7-8 diapers, baby wipes, baby body wash, a clean bodysuit and a towel for "poonami" emergency. After transferring all these items, the bag is still easy to carry and lightweight, still I have lots of room.
- Many inner pockets make it easy to organize baby stuff. This was the main reason why I ended up with buying this diaper bag.
- It stands by itself. As you know, it can be very annoying if it doesn't.
- Inner anti-theft pocket: This was not an important factor for me. There is a small pocket on the back
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 394 customer reviews
364 of the 394 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super cute and love the design! There is a fold manufactured into the neck line that makes it crease less around baby's neck! So smart. Only complaint is that baby drool and spit up has started to stain the white bibs. Not their fault by any means just something to keep in mind. Will absolutely purchase more (just in other colours that aren't white!)
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By Erica
What I loved:
I love that it in’t plastic. It made washing it easier and it was much softer to use when wiping my baby’s face. Because it wasn’t plastic, bending it and folding it to get into every crease of my baby’s neck and around the mouth made was much easier. I love that it absorbs moisture really well and still stays dry on the other side. I LOVE the patterns too! I really liked the product so I bought another set in a different pattern.

What I didn’t love:
I wish it would fit around the neck a little bit better. I find that it constantly goes over my baby’s mouth because of how it bunches up. But that’s pretty much the only issue I have with it.
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By Wendy
These do the trick for me! They hold a lot of drool and it doesn’t soak through to the back. The only reason I didn’t give these bibs 5 stars was because the colours did fade a bit after the first wash and the back does get pilly. I wouldn’t use on a baby younger than 4 months however because they are a bit on the big side for a small baby. I do love them!
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By Tayler Christine
4.6 | 696 customer reviews
629 of the 696 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These spoons were just okay for us. As my girl is just over 6 months, with her two bottom teeth started coming in, and starting to eat purees, I wanted to try some soft spoons.

*Great amount of spoons for price
*Love the soft end on the spoon
*Beautiful colours (mine were white spoons, with a variety of brightly coloured bowls/handles)

*Spoon is too long for an "infant" - my girl likes to grab on and try to feed herself, these are way too long to do that - she ends up just looking awkward and dropping the spoon when she can't get it turned the right way
*Handle is a little too heavy, falls out of some bowls and also leads to baby dropping it.
*Bowl of spoon is definitely too deep, as others have mentioned. Baby always leaves food on, and I always have to overfill to get her to take some

These spoons are
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By SkippyAndJade
I like these spoons for an older infant, not for one just starting solids.

The spoon is pretty big for the mouth I think (we like the Playtex spoons for starting out) it is also deep. Think of Munchkin's white hot spoons for size and shape, but a deeper mouth piece. I have attached a photo comparing the depth of this spoon to the Munchkin White Hot.

I don't think these should be advertised for 3m+, more like 6m+.

However, you get a decent amount of spoons for the price, and they are the great quality you expect from Munchkin. These work for my 6 month old, but I know I wouldn't of liked them when he was 3 months.
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By Stacy
These spoons were great for a few months but our son out grew them very quickly. The spoon is very narrow so you can't pickup a lot of food with them. They work great when introducing solids to your baby but we quickly started getting looks like "That's it? Wheres the rest of my food."

We switched to the spoons that came with the Munchkin Love-A-Bowls set and still use them 1 year later. As a comparisson, the soft-tips on these spoons are quite hard. The handles are comparable to a tooth brush and the tips are not flexible at all. The spoons that came with the Love-A-Bowls set bend easily when you apply slight pressure to them, much softer in comparrison.

- Nice assortment of colours
- Quantity wise its a good value

- Spoon too narrow
- Soft-tip is much harder compared to some others
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By Stephen B
product price
4.7 | 375 customer reviews
342 of the 375 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They do what they are supposed to. Tip: Use these ones on outlets you won't be using often as they become difficult for even adults to pull out, buy the ones with the button on them for outlets you plan on using to vacuum and such!
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By Frugal Mumma
Our daughter started trying to put pencils and pens and even her fingers into the outlets. So, I had to buy this to plug them. I ended up using almost all of these because for some reason my apartment has a ridiculous number of power outlets. I think I only have 2-3 leftovers. These do a great job. There is no obvious place to pull these out from the outlets. So, the little one tries but fails each time. Even us adults need something to use as a wedge to take these plug protectors out when we feel the need to use a wall outlet. So, I'm very satisfied with this product. Plus these are cheap (only $4 for the 24 pack when I bought it).
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By Nat Hawthorne
I know the point is to be safe, but these are next to impossible to get out once plugged in.

I have since replaced them all(3 packages) with better quality ones
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4.7 | 348 customer reviews
316 of the 348 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A good price for the amount of wipes you get. It comes with a case for the wipes. I recommend storing the bags on their sides so that the wipes at the bottom of the bag aren't soaking wet and the ones at the top too dry.
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By Becki S.
I don't have a baby. Oddly, I use these for cleaning around the house & they work amazingly well (far better than proper household cleaning wipes). I had no idea just how big the box was and was shocked when it arrived. Such a great deal for so many wipes! Would absolutely order these again (though I think I have enough now to last me years!).
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By Madricka
I really like these wipes, but I have to admit, they are not my favorite... I prefer the kirkland brand! Because I feel that there is less plastic waste when buying the refills, I opted for these instead.
Having said that, in the description it said... “Huggies Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes, Sensitive, 6 Refill Packs and Clutch 'N' Clean (1056 Wipes)”
It clearly states that there is a clutch that comes with it and I was kind of counting on it... Now I am stuck with nothing to put them in for in my diaper bag. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Was I supose to get one and didnt receive it, or is the description wrong?
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By MamaOfTwo
4.6 | 546 customer reviews
498 of the 546 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
UPDATE: It has been almost 2 years that we’ve been using this diaper bag and it’s still in excellent condition. It doesn’t show dirt, and when it does, it’s easy to wipe. We also use it as an overnight bag at the grandparents’, we’ve also traveled with it. The only wear I’ve noticed were stitches coming undone near the top straps (but the design is so well done that it didn’t and wouldn’t have affected the functionality. All cosmetic and easily stitched up.

Exactly as advertised. Spacious, durable and well-made. I have been using it for 5 months and is holding up very well.

GREAT QUALITY. Quality was better than I expected. Fabric is very durable and easy to clean. Bag is sturdy. Straps hold up well and comfortably even when bag is packed full and heavy - worn on person or strapped to stroller.

ROOMY AND PRACTICAL. There is room for all
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This diaper backpack has saved me! It is absolutely fantastic! I was weary to buy something that I hadn't seen in person, but I took the chance and I am happy that I did. The pictures on Amazon show exactly what it looks like. There are many pockets inside and insulated bottle pockets as well which work wonderfully. I have twins and this holds everything I need with room for my wallet and my own necessities as well. I Love being able to throw it on my back when I'm carrying two car seats. Excellent materials and quality. Wonderful product and came with fabulous shipping as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone who hates a traditional diaper bag
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By Lisswastaken
We purchased this for our new baby in March - didn't really start using it till about July. 4-5 months later, it's falling apart. The magnetic clip on the front pocket has detached (choking hazard for a baby!) and the stitching around the shoulders is coming apart. It looked great, and I loved all the different pockets in it but it's definitely not durable. We don't even really use it roughly - it carries baby's stuff from the house to the car. Usually it sits in the car while we're out so the shoulder straps aren't even getting much use! Despite that, the seams are coming undone and I am not sure how much more use we can get out of it before it totally unravels. Sad purchase :(
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 313 customer reviews
293 of the 313 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Loving on Canada we are faced with the very cold climate, this Baby Car Seat cover has been a blessing and offers extra protection from the cold and wind for our little one! Easy to use, washes well and keeps its shape. Highly recommend this cover and also the little draw string bag it comes in also is perfect for extra diapers and wipes for on the go so you don't need to carry your entire diaper bag.
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By Lipp87
I love using this cover while traveling. My baby easily gets distracted while eating, especially in new environments and this blocks out the new surroundings so he can get a good meal in.

Similar, he doesn't like to nap when there's something or someone new to touch, look/smile at, etc. The best use for this is on airplanes. I cradle him, covering us with this (similar to as if I was nursing him) and he sleeps the entire flight.

The only thing I don't like about this cover is that it doesn't breathe, so baby gets very hot underneath.
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By Christine
I've wanted a fairly priced car seat cover and this was a great purchase. The colour/pattern is exactly as shown! The cover is made of a super soft material, and comes in a carrying bag made of the same fabric. My only issue is that it is a little loose when it's on my baby's car seat, but I do have a smaller than average seat so it's not that big of a deal for the quality and price. I'd definitely recommend this cover!
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By Sammie
4.7 | 310 customer reviews
283 of the 310 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is A perfect diaper bag. My husband did few days research on diaper bags before decide to order this one, this is a gift to me, and I'm so glad he bought a right one and I am so happy with it. Here are the best features:

1. It's a backpack, which means it's hands-free when you're carrying it. Don't underestimate how annoying it is to have a large bag hanging on your shoulder/side when you're also trying to hold or manage a squirrely baby. Shoulder bags swing forward and get in the way when you bend over, but this one stays nicely out of the way.

2. The design and color is neutral but still trendy, so my husband can help to carry it around at all. The heathered gray color, asymmetrical pocket, and leather details make this really stylish for something so functional.

3. The structured frame top
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By Jason osullivan
This is the best diaper bag and very good quality!! It’s more spacious than any other backpack diaper bag I’ve seen. It has many compartments to use for bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. I really enjoy the support for your back and it clips perfectly to my City Select stroller. It’s a fabulous colour and my husband doesn’t even mind wearing it - bonus!! The front pocket is perfect for my wallet, keys and phone. It can even hold much more than that! I have two kids and I highly recommend this product to anyone who feels like a regular diaper bag is too small! Well worth the money I paid!!
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By Alyssa
I Love this diaper bag. It looks classy enough I got compliments wearing it at a wedding in a long gown. It traveled to Disney World with us. It is the perfect size!

The seller was also amazing. I was sad when the straps came un stitched. I let the seller know and showed them pics,. They said they recognized the problem and right away sent me a reinforced new bag. I got it within a few days of the emails.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 990 customer reviews
839 of the 990 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Positives: This cup is so great! Since baby can drink from any part of the cup instead of one spout like a traditional sippy cup it's easy for him to pick it up and drink from it independently. I gave it to him at 8 months and he took to it and could use it independently within a few days of helping him practice and get the hang of it. Also since he has learnt how to use this cup it's helped in drinking form a regular open cup if we are out and forgot his cup, if I hold the cup he can drink from it.

Negatives: When he throws it on the ground some water does come out, but I don't imagine there is a cup that would prevent this, and I only put water in it so I'm not concerned about it, I mean we have
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By savyshopper
C'est un verre parfait pour bébé!! Mon petit de 5 mois allaité exclusivement le prend le téte, ça l'amuse en lui donnant le goût d'essayer de nouvelles choses (il refusait le biberon). Facile à nettoyer. On ne peut pas faire chauffer donc je fais chauffer le lait dans un biberon puis je transfère dans le verre. Pour les couleurs c'est surprise à l'arrivée, on ne peut pas choisir, moi ça ne me dérange pas puisqu'ici on n'attribue pas une couleur au genre. Aussi il faut transporter le verre vide, pas moyen de le laisser rempli dans le sac.
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By Paola
Good cups but a bit annoying when you have multiple. We have bought a total of five from Amazon over a period of two years and have only received orange and blue, which makes differentiating whose cup is whose a nit troublesome. The top coloured piece and the white handles are also slightly different between the cups bought recently and those bought about two years ago, resulting in the top leaking when the older and newer bits are mixed together. Since there is very little visual difference, it is a hassle for us as parents to always get the combination right.
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By Greg Reader
4.7 | 273 customer reviews
263 of the 273 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this Lekebaby diaper backpack in the gray colour, and I have to say that it’s much better quality than I even expected! Also, I love that this diaper bag is a backpack – it means that both arms can be free and you don’t have an over-the-shoulder bag sliding down your arm while you’re trying to hold your baby and unfold a stroller at the same time!

The zips are made of metal which means they won’t snap off, and won’t stick, which is great when you have to open the bag one-handed while holding a squirming baby! The materials seem very high quality and sturdy and the stitching is excellent. The straps feel very strong but they’re also soft so seem like they will be comfy to wear for long periods of time. The snap closures and buckles all seem strong and the buttons all look very classy.
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By Abby Bubiak
I really like the modern look of this diaper bag. I think it's unisex and stylish. Love that it's also a backpack because that is just so much easier (not sure why diaper bags haven't always been backpack style!). The zipper seems sturdy and the bag itself has some wire or something to make the top structured and sturdy. There are plenty of pockets and one of my favourite features is the interior side pockets are two tiered so some of the very important stuff can be so easily accessed. There's also an awesome zippered pocket entrance at the back bottom of the bag so you can get things right at the bottom as well. There's a small zippered wet storage area right behind this as well. There's insulated bottle pockets that fit my kids sippy and my baby bottles. You can actually fit a surprising amount of things in
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By Navybean
I just received this bag today but I love it already! I bought it because I'm expecting my second child in 3 weeks and I have a 2 and a half year old. My previous diaper bag was a Skip Hop with the shoulder strap and I found I had to dig for items lost at the bottom or the strap was constantly sliding off my shoulder, especially while carrying the bucket seat with my daughter as a newborn. The thought of trying to juggle that diaper bag, a newborn in her carseat and a toddler seemed impossible to me so it sent me in search of a functional backpack style diaper bag. I absolutely love how wide this bag opens up, the number of pockets on the inside, that it stands upright on its own and of course the ability to wear it on your back so as to
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 267 customer reviews
250 of the 267 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really nice quality. Great price and does not feel cheap. I like it alot! I use a thin coloured sharpie to mark his height. We also keep it rolled up held loosely with rubber bands because I just know my son will pull it down (just until he can be taught not to pull at it!) I plan to buy another for our next baby! Also love that it's portable if we move or something! Highly recommended!
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By Jasmine O
This is an awesome product that my daughter loved, and it also reminded me of how awesome it was to see myself grow when I was a youngster. The product is made out of high end materials that I would expect to see on items priced twice as much as this. The canvas is cut well and the lettering and measurements are well printed (and accurately measured).

Make sure you have a measuring tape when you install this, as you'll need to ensure the 10cm mark is actually 10cm from the floor. In summary, the joy that this has brought my daughter (and myself!) is well worth the money spent.
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By Zach Redeker
I got this product for my son. I opened it up and between 30 and 50cm, the ink on the numbers looked like the printer had run out of ink! So I ordered another one right away thinking it would be just a bad quality control. When the second one came, all the numbers were solid and had no ink issue. A good quality control prior to leaving for shipping would be recommended. Otherwise a solid product.
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By Jon
product price
4.5 | 882 customer reviews
783 of the 882 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Happy with this enclosure. Easy to put together and will keep my baby safe. Overall, a great buy at a decent price.

**I may purchase the extension set to fully cover my skiphop mat (also from Amazon).

EDIT: This gate has broke already where the plastic holds the metal pieces together. Hoping Regalo stays true to their 90 day warrenty policy.
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By Sarah
Set up was a breeze. We were able to set it up in a square shape (2x2). Probably not ideal to do that as each side is now a little flimsy. However, it seems our baby will not be able break the gates apart. If you're using the gate on hardwood or laminate, the gate may scratch your floor because it is easy to move to and fro. Since we have carpet, there is a little more friction and nothing to scratch. Additionally, we also have the option to set it up as a rectangle (2x1) by removing two panels or in the shape of a hexagon (6 panels) or octagon (all 8 panels). When the baby gets older, we also have the option of wall mounting the gate to section of the room so our baby will have more room to roam. The gate is relatively easy to open.
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By Jon
Does the job, however you HAVE to remove two sections at a time. If your measurements only call for removing one section you need to order a $20 adaptor from Regalo. Nowhere in their documentation online or in print does it say this, and when that's pointed out to customer service they basically say they don't care. Pretty poor CS. We managed to make it work with one section less (though it isn't as aesthetically pleasing), and it does the job of keeping our toddler and infant away from the wood stove.
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By Lana
4.7 | 250 customer reviews
237 of the 250 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I whole heartily recommend this product if you have a little one. I think this may be something I will be putting in baby shower gifts in the future.

I was skeptical at first when looking at options other than the snot sucking hard bulb to help my baby breathe better during his first cold, probably because this device has you (the adult) suck, like literally suck, the snot right from their nose into the bulb of the device via a tube connected to your (again the adult's) mouth. The thought is gross to say the least. However, listening to my little guy cough and sputter and try to breathe past the congestion, you kinda just do it. Like we parents do a lot of things, you just muster through it. I read the instructions first, which are fairly easy to comprehend, and went from there. Washing is with hot water
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By T.F.
Good product, easy to use. But it needs the saline drops to work well. It doesn't suck thick or slightly dry boogers. I ended up getting the saline mist from the same brand. I apply it to each nostril and then suck the boogers out. They come out much easier. The saline vials are pretty useless compared to the mist spray because you can only use a bit of the content of the vial and whatever you don't use you have to waste as there is no way to close the container once it is opened. Also, the spray pushes the saline solution deeper than what you can do with the vial. I noticed considerably more boogers coming out with the spray than with the vial. The actual sucking machine is pretty good though.
The other issue is the filters. I find wasteful having to dispose of one every time I
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By Anisa Carrascal
People have raved about this product and honestly, it was a fizzle for me. The part that goes into my baby's nose is way too big so I felt like I was forcing it up there (which he HATED) and the sucking motion honestly made me sick to my stomach and wasn't super effective. I was able to get much more mucous out by putting him in a steaming bathroom with the shower running. I am giving this a 3 star review because it does work, it just didn't work for me.
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4.7 | 244 customer reviews
231 of the 244 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These wipes are really good for cleaning a newborn's sensitive bottom. My baby is now 8 months old and I am still using these for diaper changes, and wiping down his hands and face. Other wipes have a lot of extra ingredients that seem unnecessary and may cause irritation, depending on how sensitive the baby's skin is. I like that this is "99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. However, note that there's also trace BAK (benzalkonium chloride) which is a preservative. Having said that, this is still much less preservative than any other baby wipes on the market.
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I love this wipes. They are so soft and watery, great for my baby bum. They last forever after open. The only bad thing is that you have to pull each one out individually as they separate from one another. This is very difficult when you're using only one hand. They should be more like Kleenex where you easily pull one at a time.
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By Lorena
I have been ordering these wipes for about a year now. However, the last order was a little disappointing - they were more expensive (probably due to the exchange rate these days) but the packages have become smaller which don't preserve wetness very well anymore. I liked these wipes cos they're pure and very wet in the past. But now they tend to be dryer so I will start looking for something more wet.
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By TorontoPucca